punch me in broski @darrionslife

scratched that first M off the list today 🖤

back to bitness @qncy_ #linkinbio

keep goin. @4got10mag 🤞🏾

like I never left 🖤 thank you @illanoize_

“Sacrifice” video out now #GLORY2 available on all platforms run it up @swervioo100 @_ljayprod

“Same” video out now #GLORY2 out everywhere @qncy_

count out loud 🗣 rubber band it, spread it ‘cross the dresser

I do this shit the best so nigga naw it ain’t no pressure🥱I ain’t een finna be here long so naw I ain’t gon stress her #ISSUE out now link in bio @_ljayprod

glory road ain’t no complaints

I do this shit the best so nigga naw it ain’t no pressure 🤷🏾‍♂️

all the sudden errbody so shiesty🥱

that’s opinion based the facts is I put 90 on the interstate

she don’t fuck wit flex no more n that’s some shit I’m fine wit

🅾️k then I’m back in “Without You” out now link in bio @_ljayprod #Season8 let’s go

200 comments + shares & I’ll drop some new shit ina morning wassup

but of course she does @goldxhaze

you got finessed that’s yo fault 🖤

You capable too. If not more.

no way this many gangstas ina world somebody lyin 🤨🧢 “Passenger” out everywhere

Hoe you shouldn’t een sing that😭 “Mobb Boy” prod by @_ogmicwill Out Now 🎥 @qncy_

never off beat, consistent👌🏾

shot 1000 videos this one felt the best 🖤 “Found In Me” OUT NOW 🎥 @qncy_ @o.visualz

my shorties stayin up out them streets that’s what’s hatnin😅gang🤝 @bossgreat2x #MobbBack 🅾️

Feed the streets 🖤

I never can find the shit👨🏾‍🦯👨🏾‍🦯

“Find yo purpose or you wasting air, fuck it tho y’all niggas scared.” 🏁