ravel morrison


We was so comfortable in the first half and should of really killed the game off.

Some decisions didn’t go our way, but 2nd half we slowed down and let them back into the game. Another point on board, now time to rest and get ready for the next.. thanks to all the Fans today some atmosphere 🐏

Few brothers from the other side ❤️ ( Good vibes only )

solid performance from everyone last night great attitude shown after a difficult one to take on the weekend, thanks to all the travelling fans we appreciate you

3 points ⭐️⭐️⭐️

believe & achieve,

last nights antics,thanks you for all the love & support,

Happy birthday mum ❤️

“” you never meant it they say.. 😂🙄🤷🏽‍♂️


First Pre season game v Manchester United

20 min Run out after 5 months with no football.
Always a pleasure and honour Representing 🇯🇲



Gods timing

It’s a cold 🥶 world 🌍
But thanks everyone who supports me I love use all🤗

There’s always light 💡 at the end of the tunnel if you never Give up & that’s for everyone, just believe in yourself.

Good Graft with the lads, @theboroofficial

Stay Ready

Focus Focus Refocus Stay focused!

football..! Tiki-taka with my brothers @17alexsong



invincible..! No1 could stop us!


They had my back against the wall, I had to lean on myself

Almost made me put my dreams on the shelf


Football is life ❤️


@easportsfifa ridiculous graphics 😍 👏🏼

k has never seen a training Ground So I had to Show him the office..

work mode ⚔️ @sheffieldunited


Can never put in words how much you mean to me & my brothers..

you have been there through it all & played both roles Your the Real MVP to me Rio & zeon

Happy 50th birthday mum unconditional love 💙

God bless
Hope you have a nice holiday & enjoy your new car ❤️🌎
Love you mum.

@sheffieldunited @premierleague ⚽️❤️ The world works in mysterious ways
In God we trust

Family ❤️ @syncglobalsports

English soil 🤞🏼

Some work with my brothers ⚽️

⚽️ training @kelland98 keep them legs shut bro 😂

TB ⚽️ ⚒



training 🤙🏽

mis hermanos

working hard with my brother!

102 years & many more wonderful years to come it was a honour to be part of such a wonderful club.

🔴⚫️ Proud to put on the shirt an amazing experience in my life @atlasfc 🔴⚫️ 102 years🎈🎉

Never celebrated Father’s Day with No father mom played both Roles from birth love ya unconditionally 👑❤️ The real MVP

Sir Alex Ferguson ❤️

with the king of mexico


🛴 over here we Gucci..

had to Put it in Slow mode
Close them legs 😂
Some fun in Training today @atlasfc

@atlasfc recovery training

@atlasfc ⚽️ Goal..



Running with the condition masks is not easy


solid team performance Great game by every player it's a honour to be part of this family..

buen rendimiento del equipo Gran juego de todos los jugadores, es un honor formar parte de esta familia . @atlasfc 🔴⚫️ 🦊

Quality from every individual tonight on the pitch Hard work team work = Winners & respect to all the fans for the support 🔴🖤

Calidad de cada individuo esta noche en la cancha Trabajo en equipo duro trabajo = Ganadores y respeto a todos los aficionados por el apoyo 🦊


lights💡 camera 📷 action 🤷🏽‍♂️ flash 💥 #iwasntready

🦊 we keep going strong as a team @atlasfc


@bcfcofficial left our Right.. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Chip, another training moment ~> ⚽️❤️

today's training.. @James24perch IceSkating #Slideeee


@cauleydixon @pudz04_ho3

Goal.. last bit of preparation before the new season..



Gone with the Wind.. Via col vento..


@danny_simpson Double Trouble people would say..!!

But we're Just Chasing Dreams ⭐️ Party in the park ⭐️


⚫️🔵 / ⚪️🔵

One of the best times in my life never forget this Day #WHU 3-0 spurs away 🔨🔨 ❤️

Ravel 4

💧💧💧 ice bucket


That says a lot