hayyyy! tonight i’m joining my buddy @fake.jazz in the LBC (my first time!) come hang out with us at @alexsbarlbc & enjoy some bev while we select the very best y2k jams 🤓♥️🍓 9pm, cya later!

damn, i’ve always been a goofy ass, huh 😂😵‍💫 i love that for myself.

just wanted to share this note from lil me to make y’all laugh. “i don’t care what kind of dollar you give me” LMAO

we wasn’t supposed to make it pass 25, jokes on U, we still alive. 😝🥂🎉🎂

heyyy :]

baby spice ❤️‍🩹

it’s only right to have an existential crisis a week before ur bday? 😵‍💫

🆕🆕🆕 mix uploaded to my mixcloud for Non Bummr Summr 2021 mix.

today we have “out tha depthz mixxx” from @oddisy 😤‼️ link is IN MY BIO. go check it out and support the dude. i just got very stoned listening to it, issa vibe.


someone get the cameras, everything I do is a movie 😵‍💫🤩

2NIGHT! THE LASH! W/ @eazyuno , @ultragotdeals & el rey de los angeles! come thruuuuu.

surprise: i just posted the newest addition to the non bummr summr 2021 mix!

it’s a little leo szn mash up just for you all to enjoy, hosted by 66.6 FM >:) LINK IN MY BIO. part 2 coming soon & more guest DJ mixes!

current mood

#tb to playing around with @rockin.vintage ♥️🤠🏁

🤠 howdy

the only valid form of flirting with me is thru memes now. sorry. it’s leo szn, step ya game up.

👕👜⁉️ coming to some fabric soon…

hewwoooo. I make my return to @thecontinentalroom TONIGHT!

music starts at 9:30, pull tf up and kick it with ur favorite Leo ♌️🌷👋🏼🦁🌟♥️


choose ur fighter. ink flash sheet 11x15in.

new piece made for a friend ^__^ 11x15in on watercolor paper.

TONIGHT! my first time spinning for @lacitabar @el_meneaito_party ! starts at 9!

come thru, buy some drinks, wear ya mask! we turning up! see ya later ;)


*popsmoke voice* she like the way that i match, she like the way that i cue, she like the way that i mix, she like the way that i loop.

OK I DJ FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AT LA CITA THIS SUNDAY. PULL TF UP‼️🤪 i got some good stuff coming for y’all. & HMU IF YA NEED ME FOR A SET!

(₌ ꈍᆽꈍ₌) dark eye bags say hi (^つωฅ^)

brooklyn bar date with shima hehe #35mm

millennial art.

hello!!!! today is the day! @beachxbums put out a new album yesterday and today we going UP!

event is SOLD OUT, but y’all can live stream it on @lolipoprecords youtube channel! FUN FACT: my first ever “dj set” (just me slapping shit off spotify) was bc @jawntang let me join their halloween show lineup after i told them i wanted to DJ one day, on some 2018(?) shit! >:) see y’all l8rrrr. & go stream their new music!

*i am not on this event/lineup* HEY! another flyer i made for someone ^___^ hmu if u need something.

HELLO! NON BUMMR SUMMR MIX #2 IS UP! Usb Tour mixed by @audiencemember‼️ now live on mixcloud.

LINK IN MY BIO. go check them out in real life this friday night in LA for @wavelengthrcrds x @coldstar x @twochristsdotcom pop up rave ‼️😵‍💫 art by me :3

*im not on these events/lineups* hey! i make art :-] if u need something hmu!

hope y’all have a good day ^__^ <3

thank u everyone for pulling up and having a lit time. until next time ;) @holidaybarla 🔥

now i’m at holiday bar listening to satans wifey play cumbias and crazy frog.

TONIGHT! finally back at @holidaybarla & i get to dj with @messyenough 😎🔥 last day of pride month 😈🏳️‍🌈 pull up!

@aprilenaaa & @niiiiiiiiche holding it down allllll night. @tipsytacos3 will be serving up the grub! come thru, don’t be a coward. starts at 9! see u later ;) flyer by @aldubber

hi friends! tomorrow, june 30th, i’ll be returning to one of my favorite spots in LA, @holidaybarla !

spinning cumbia, reggaeton, perreo y mucho más! come hang out :^) party starts at 9! flyer by me. 😎♥️‼️

u don’t really love crazy frog if u don’t open up ur sets with axel f.

thanxxx for the love last night! hmu for some more dj sets 😤

2NIGHT. LA. DJing with @baileyjayyy & @bellaferrada for @222x22x Externalize art show & celebration for Angel Cisneros!

pull up and support! a bunch of sick vendors and artists will be hustling so bring some funds or at least some good vibes, let’s have some fun ^___^

don’t invite me to the trap if u ain’t gonna flex like this. thank u.

when 3 homegirls align 😅 lmao thanks for the video @aletamalee


we doing a secret show for @rockin.vintage with @fake.jazz 🤪♥️ 5PM!
SATURDAY i’m with @bruised_nalgas in whittier for the summer solstice pop up! event runs 1-6pm!
SUNDAY 12-4pm for @lokels.only in chinatown, buy a ticket to join the food competition OR come thru, buy some drinks and enjoy some music. no reason for u to be stuck at home! C YALL OUTSIDE! i missed this 😤🥺♥️

fujifilm disposable camera for the win. new york people, places n things.

follow @_passinoutpieces_ for my film photo dumps from now on! #35mm

18 year old. only one tattoo that u can’t see. black hair??? stussy shirt that i wish i still had.

& a bucket hat lmao.

HELLO! new mix posted on my mixcloud! and wanted to reintroduce a project that was meant for last summer, but it’s finally happening in 2021!

NON BUMMR SUMMR 2021: a compilation of mixes from LA DJs to enjoy during these warm days and nights. first in the lineup is mine. take a cruise down the Rosecrans Love Connection. LINK IN MY BIO. share and enjoy ^__^ next up is @audiencemember 👀🤭 artwork by me!

ive reached this point where i’m the most comfortable with who i am and know what i want from life.

feels good. i got all the keys, now i just gotta find the doors.

same shit, different city

favorite ppl in my favorite city

50k for a show


ok so 3 days ago i randomly decided to challenge myself to only listen to all of Kanye’s albums until i finish them and see how it would affect me.

so here’s my conclusion. i’ll try keeping this short, but 1) i didn’t realize Ye was a gemini and ive been having an intense gemini season. & 2) i totally didn’t intend to end this all on his birthday. Yeezus works in mysterious ways. i think Kanye is a true artist, and i’m only focusing on his music, when we all know he is a multi media artist as well. he’s one that never sacrificed his true self for his art, and that’s respectable. i think anyone who says they don’t like kanye’s music doesn’t realize that they most likely love something he was a part of, he produced some of the hardest songs in the early 2000s, stand up by Ludacris & you don’t know my name by Alicia Keys come first to mind for me. or everyone knows the words to American Boy by Estelle. SO here’s my final results. honestly, it has lifted my spirits. his confidence is contagious, & that’s just through his music. he also is a BPD king and doesn’t hide it. the album art work to Ye (2018) literally says “i hate being bipolar, it’s awesome”. and he doesn’t hide his dark self and his light self. his music is very era-centric, which means it takes u back to the year it was made. all the features are artists who were prominent in that year and years that followed. there were so many songs i forgot i really fucked with and ones i slept on. there’s people who only like his “prime” early era albums, and my top 3 albums were in that era. but honorary mentions that i really enjoy are Yeezus & Jesus is king. i respect anyone who can be as versatile and open about themself, because i can relate. we aren’t perfect, but we can strive to be better versions of ourselves. he’s invited us into his struggles and his mind, on his good days and bad days. if you need an ego booster, please do the kanye challenge. i feel unstoppable low key hahaha. so my current top 3 after all this?
1. college dropout
2. late registration
3. 808s and heartbreaks
it’s hard to limit to top 3, i honestly enjoy all his albums. thanks for letting me share this with y’all.

i miss u @animeexpo

senior yearbook 😅🤓

thanks for pulling up n supporting. hope to see y’all again soon.

more events lined up for y’all to catch some DJ sets.

hi friends. this sunday may 30th some friends n i are hosting the Pull up, Pop up Daytime Dance Party.

OUTDOORS. starts at 1pm, DJs @ 2. BYOB, we grillin n chillin n spinnin until we ready to call it quits. come thru n bring some good fucking vibes (and dance moves) OH, & it’s free ^___^ addy + directions will be released saturday. flyer made by me :+)

just found 3 original color illustrations, all fully framed from 2019.

all done with ink, first two with colored alcohol based marker, last one with watercolor paint. lmk $.

another revisiting of an old sketch. ink & alcohol based marker. 6 x 9 inches watercolor paper.

up for grabs $ lmk.

closing mix to the rec center rave

original ink illustration, up for grabs, hmu $

ink illustration, up for grabs. hmu $.

ok last DJ post. some fun mixes i did for a youtube live stream fundraiser last summer.

hmu2book or throw an event. ( @03greedo x @migos & the pack x @keem )

it’s officially DJ Satan’s Wifey season. u ready?

baby type beat 🍼

dead inside :)


thinking about her



hi people. i uploaded a chill mix from last year in early quarantine days.

link is in bio to my mixcloud! 😌

t shirt design for a friend :-) lmk if u need some work done.

photos from this time last year, probably the last week before covid shut everything down. #35mm

missing crown heights BK 24 degree weather sam.

hello friends n haters. i (finally) uploaded a new but old mix.

from @lolipoprecords’ BLM fundraiser which was live-streamed via @youtube. June 2020. it’s posted now for ur listening pleasure on Mixcloud! share with ur friends, or yourself, or whatever. lmk what u think! hope u enjoy. LINK IN BIO.

we being nostalgic today. found a short video i made from a night adventure to test a new camera i had just gotten with a friend.

2016 or so. i’ve came a long way, but i like the simple format so hope u enjoy.

2021 mood continued

commission piece for my homie milo, psychedelic surfing felix based off one of my fav albums, congratulations by mgmt.

🥳 thank u for the opportunity n can’t wait to see it tattooed! @dreamcastcowboy

day by day, eventually everything will be ok.

tell me u luv me

you was a star until you tried to play the moon. you broke my heart n turned me into a fuckin goon.

watercolor/ink piece i made in 2014(?) i don’t remember what i was so “over” at the time.

but i do know i made it thru whatever tf it was.

if u could plan ur final post, what would u post? the last thing before u can’t post content anymore?

mine would be these photos of me in NY for the first time. may 2019. this was probably the last time i was fully happy. and i miss her very much. #35mm #fujifilmdisposable

is it fair for those fixing themselves to deprive themselves of potential love?

to run away from affection because we are told we shouldn’t try to be with anyone else while we are “broken”? are u afraid of being too much? afraid that they’ll leave when they see how dark some days can be for u? do u find urself constantly questioning everything u do, bc u feel like ur illness is ruining everything? are u afraid of love? or do u embrace it even knowing that most people won’t be able to love u back?

duality (noun): the state of combining two different things. #35mm

is it hard for u to start ur day? hard to find a reason to be motivated?

do u feel the need to hide inside all day? or are u like me and need to escape as soon as possible. are u the type that forces themselves to be among others even when ur brain is pleading with u to hide? do people tell u to go home, and get some rest, but does ur “home” actually feel like home? or is it what ur actually running from? do u push people away because u don’t want to make them deal with u? because u know good things don’t last? because u feel u have nothing to offer? when u do find urself having a good day, do u ruin it too? #35mm

have u ever felt like u were stuck in some cycle? or actually, a roller coaster?

constant ups & downs, never any sense of control? have u tried desperately to get off this ride, at any cost? unbuckle ur seat belt & jump out of ur seat, to ur inevitable end of existence? does the thought of that end scare u? or sound sort of like relief? have u ever told someone u feel this way? or do u hide it deep inside and pretend it’s ok? #35mm

don’t be so hard on urself. stop punishing urself. let urself grow.

rebirth n renewal

2021 energy

don’t mind me n this “i miss being platinum blonde” nostalgia post 🥴☹️ (i do my own hair, diy legend)

^___~ (sold)

hi friends! tomorrow night i will be DJing in DTLA ^__^ come enjoy the opening night of @bombingsanfrancisco’s art show!

rsvp to attend. music, drinks and temperature checks on deck. (this joe cool doodle was made by me) starts at 7PM, rsvp @ bombingsanfrancisco @gmail.com

videos that make me :)

just a pic of me DJing on go sk8 day this year with my DIY dj set up (skateboard, computer speakers n a gas generator) n chilling with my squirrels.

what a life. pic by @lalalizzzo <3

remember 20-21 year old sam? ya, me neither 😅

when this all ends, i hope you don’t remember me just as an instagram page, but as ur fav professional bad influencer too 😔

a visual portrayal of my current political stance (sold)

hire me to paint something it’ll be cute

🥺 i’m soft.

spent the last 4 days painting this fridge that will be donated to become a community fridge!

:•) it will be somewhere in lincoln heights. i’m tired but grateful. (used acrylic paint n spray paint)

nostalgic for last summer

same shit, different city

strong femme energy only plz #35mm

thank u @rockin.vintage <333 thank u @hornitostequila <333


remember when :’)

SO MANY THANK YOUS! thank u to everyone who tuned in n donated!

@lolipoprecords received $1,170 in donations from y’all, & matched all of that + rounded up the funds so in total they will be donating $2,500 to Black Lives Matter ‼️ thank u @lilywatersmusic for letting me be involved with this, thank u @lolipoprecords for hosting us! IF YOU NEED A DJ FOR ANY EVENT FOR A GOOD CAUSE, BANG MY LINE. WILL DO FOR FREE :•) love u los angeles always ♥️‼️✊🏽 (the whole show is available via youtube!)


@lolipoprecords is matching ALL DONATIONS THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! i have a DJ set full of ghetto house n footwork/juke traxxx just for u! and i’m going before the homies @beachxbums ! what a treat 🤘🏽♥️😜 SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER AND TUNE IN TO THE LIVE STREAM ON YOUTUBE! DONT MISS OUT. epic line up put together by @lilywatersmusic ! let’s get funky n very radical >:) 🍭🥳‼️✊🏽♥️⚠️

heeellloooo‼️ this saturday, june 27th, i will be spinnin n groovin for y’all with some homies while also fundraising to help support Black Lives Matter Global Network.

ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED BY @lolipoprecords ‼️🥰 the party will be streamed online on youtube (go follow/subscribe to @lolipoprecords channel!) thank you @lilywatersmusic ✊🏽♥️ can’t wait to dance with y’all. if u need a DJ for events for good causes, plz contact me, i would love to help and will do it for free. thank u! 💪🏼🌈🥳💖💯⚠️

drew this because i love the pink panther n i love defunding the LAPD (and all police departments tbh) BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏽♥️ END THE POLICE STATE


VOL #1 of the Non Bummr Summr dance party mixtape is now ACTIVE. LINK IN MY BIO.

REC CENTER RAVE by DJ Molly Rancher (aka me lol) i really wanted to have a crazy smoked out rave at The Rec Center this summer, so this is what i would sound like. theres a ton of bass, beats and even a dash of LA punk & rap 🤔 remember, Black culture and music is the foundation of what became EDM & HOUSE music, never forget it!!! hope u enjoy, share if u can 💃‼️🔥♥️ artwork by me :•) #mixcloud #edm #house #ghettofunk #hardstyle #happyhardcore #losangeles

it’s been fuck 12 & it stays FUCK 12. #justiceforfloyd text FLOYD to 55156 to demand justice.


inspired by daniel johnston 👼🏻 & my simp ass feelings 🙇🏼‍♀️ #watercolor n #ink (sold)

hi friends. just wanted to introduce u to a lil DIY project that i’ve been putting together.

a multi-volume collection of diff genre summer dance party mixes, all chopped up n prepared for u by a lineup of los angeles DJs that i love and miss mixing with. the first mix will be released next friday, May 29th by me and then every following week we will release a new mix by a new DJ! well anyways, hope u enjoy. just a lil teaser for ya. thanks for supporting :•)

hey... u up? i just put a new mix on my soundcloud. raw n uncut version of my NTS dj set.

go run it up for me plz. luv u bye. & yes i drew the garf. i have a lil project coming up for u guys to enjoy, stay tuned for those details! share if ya can. thanks 4 supporting.

not my favs, but here they r. (all sold)

wake up from ur quarantine hibernation and get ready to stretch ur muscles and dance TONIGHT.

my first ever virtual DJ gig 🤪 go and follow 📲 @the_quarantine_stream 📲 we going live at 6pm (west coast time) tonight! spinning virtually alongside my friend ms. @aimeemyers ♥️ come hang! SHARE if u can :^)

SUNDAY night, back at @eldoradodtla and i’m bringing queen @ashsinden along to spin with me 🎶🥺⭐️😍 pull up, it’s free, 21+ & starts at 9pm.

end ur weekend the right way 😏 flyer made by @rogiebro !

heyyyyy :] this FRIDAY night in dtla, gonna have a special y2k b2b dj set with Latino Boyfriend for y’all to enjoy.

party for the homie’s bday, with all ur fav 2000’s bops n aesthetics. assemble ur top 8 n pull tf up. don’t forget to re set ur AIM away message before leaving the crib for the night. xOxO, RaWr ^.< [21+, full bar, 8pm doors] contact me directly to book me for future events.

happy valentine’s day, from my favorite movie.

sometime all tha time.

#cursed #kermit

xxxxmas eve i’ll be coming out of my mini hiatus to join the gang at @thecontinentalroom for a dance party.

come thru. calling out all the OC homies who never wanna post up when i’m around. pull up, bring me tamales n decompress all that holiday season stress. 👀🎅🏽🎄🎶💚🐥🤪 share this post for all the ho ho hoes to see lmao.


COSTUMES HIGHLY ENCOURAGED 🖤🌚🦇🕸🕷🎃👻 9PM/FREE/21+ let’s get hella spooky. video by sweaty me.


come out and celebrate the Halloween season with a night full of delightful frights and sights under the El Dorado disco ball, as our lineup of spooky DJs select the sounds of the night to keep your bones moving. invite all the ghouls and gals that like to turn tf up. WEAR COSTUMES. be ready to dance.🖤😈👻🎃

friday, sept 20th, DTLA. FREE PARTY. it’s hella homies bday n they all virgos. pull up n celebrate.

we going dumb hard. DJs all night. don’t say we didn’t tell U‼️

practicing everyday :) staying committed to things that make me genuinely happy n give back to me as well :) happy tuesday :)

y’all asked for it, u fucking got it. come thru and celebrate the best thing to happen all year.

get ready to meet your future ex shawty on the dance floor. stacked DJ lineup for the low. in my favorite city to ever exist. if you don’t pull up, ur a coward. (and there’s a free parking lot on site so no excuses) MORE INFO TBA. STAY TUNED.

something new. i’m in my van gogh blue period except it’s not blue i’m just fucking emo.

hi friends n haters, if ur feeling generous today and wanna waste some money on paper that u don’t

have to burn away (or u can if u wanna but after u pay for it), i have my DIY coloring book zines back in stock for a limited time! $10 will get u a mailed copy just for urself hmu today! support ur local independent hustler. thank you to everyone who has grabbed a copy and especially for sending the cute pics n videos. i also have prints and other merch if u wanna make a bargain bundle, & i’m currently open to commissions 👀‼️ sharing this post with friends or just in general helps n i appreciate it!

🐀🚨🚫NO RATS🚫🚨🐀

i’m making some goodies with this doodle for y’all :-) happy Cinco de Mayo.

hope u enjoy ur cervezas today! i might have one (or some) too 🥰

cya guys this weekend? tomorrow night at the smell, all ages, epic ass line up.

imma dj between sets come boogie. saturday night, 21+ ultimate ratchet activities going down for the king of HLP @zahara_r33ves bday. it’s gonna be an interesting weekend for sure! don’t miss out.

A Very DIY Coloring Book! now available to be purchased and adopted by loving parents.

I am accepting payments via VENMO & CASH APP for orders that need to be mailed ✉️ $10 for a copy! will include freebies too hehe. contact me asap before i run out! thank u to the friends and new ones who grabbed a copy last night! prints still for sale too! a single copy for $6, 3 copies for $15! hmu! pricing includes shipping fees! shoot me a DM if u want sumthinnn. share with friends if u can! have a good weekend!
#supportsmallbusiness #supportyourfriends #DIY #coloringbook #newmerch #newproduct #losangeles #losangelesart #artist #handdrawn #graphicart #cartoons #comics #vintagecartoons #anime #tattooideas #tattoos #ink #loveyou #thankyou #share #sharingiscaring


also got some fresh prints y’all been asking for. ill be posted up tonight in POMONA CA for @deathcluboc’s event at @dba256 !!! hmu for pricing info. SUPER FIRE SALE GOING ON TONIGHT SO PULL UP :-) cash and venmo/cash app accepted! scope my story for more details about the event tonight. thank u for the support!

remember DAT! coloring book almost done :) pre order info coming soon. thank you for supporting!!!

happy monday! I’m making a coloring book :) it’s going to include up to 15 original doodles by me that u can decorate n color all to ur hearts desire!

ill have pricing for pre orders and stuff soon (hopefully), if ur interested lmk tho! want to see how many i should expect to print. thanks for the support, always!!!! excited to share with you guys!

friends attending coachella wknd2, keep ya eyes peeled for a shirt with these designs on it!

just finished a fun commission for a rad friend of mine! thank you for the opportunity and support ❣️🥴

finally finished this for my sister :-) texture in ur face. prints or nah? keep ur can do spirit up!

im going to attempt to try new techniques of painting soon... yikes lol. thanks for supporting!

i might like the B&W version better than the colored one 🥴 but hey this is done (i think?) part 1 of a series i am currently working on!

sharing is caring :+) (sold)

i luv seeing original artwork from some of my fav artists up close, i made a new friend this weekend who had this OG hand doodled drawing of one of my fav characters in existence.

i geeked. if u dont know, u sleep.