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Psst… We are HIRING! 📣

We are looking for savvy, people-driven, and barre3-loving staff to join our amazing Front Desk team!

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, reach out to us! We are so excited to grow and diversify our team.

Email Mary.lytle for more information! ✨



To our amazing barre3 Seattle community —

In accordance with the Governor’s mask mandate and in the interest of keeping ourselves and our communities safe, we will now require masks to be worn at all times while you are in studio starting Monday, August 23.

In addition and also beginning Monday, 8/23, proof of COVID-19* immunization is required to practice in-studio at both barre3 Seattle locations. You are welcome to email a copy of your records or proof of vaccination to roosevelt or simply show our Front Desk team upon arrival and we will update your account. At this time, we will not be able to make any accommodations so please plan accordingly.

We have and will continue to provide a safe space for all those who want to move with us, and as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times know that your health and well-being remain our top priority.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding, and for sticking with us on this journey. 🧡

Your barre3 Seattle Team

Trust in the process of new beginnings. That’s often where the magic happens. ✨

Happy Monday, friends.

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Weekend plans? We got you — and AC. 😇

Move with us and sign up @ the link in our bio.


Happy 13th birthday @barre3 !! We are so grateful to be a part of this joyful, supportive, and growing community.

The barre3 legacy lives and breathes by our amazing members and to all those in our studio communities from coast to coast. We are grateful for YOU and acknowledge that what barre3 means to you is deeply personal but equally impactful.

Please join us in celebrating this incredible milestone in the comments below! How did your barre3 journey begin and where has it taken you?

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Balanced in body and empowered from within. 🧡✨

@barre3westvillage @barre3

Talk about a dreamy backdrop. 😍 Risi in Florence, Italy just practicing for her return to the schedule next week!

Tell us, if you could #barre3anywhere this summer, where would it be?

A friendly reminder to start the week — words matter. 🧡


Yes, your body needs breathwork — even on vacation! Here are a few reasons why:

✨ Breathwork helps bring your body back to a neutral state. After all the cardio and muscle-burning work in class, your heart is beating faster than its normal rate. Slowing down to stretch and breathe helps gradually decrease your heart rate and body temperature, bringing you more safely to a resting state.

✨ It’s relaxing, but also sneaky (and important!) muscle-work. Those deep inhales and extended exhales work the diaphragm, the intercostals, and the transverse abdominals—all muscles that are key to our wellbeing but often, thanks to our modern lifestyle, underworked.

✨ It helps us be and stay present. Most of us go through life in a semi-distracted state, constantly thinking of what’s next or replaying something from the past in our minds. When you focus only on your breath, letting thoughts come and go without latching onto them, you’re learning the power of presence—a skill that you can take with you into the rest of your life.

Harnessing our breath is a simple effective way to create ease, relaxation, and calm in our minds and bodies. So, did we convince you to stay for breathwork yet?

#barre3 #breathwork #empoweredfromwithin

We know a good place to start. Join us in-studio or online for a mindful, heart-pumping workout that will leave you feeling strong and balanced.


Sign up for your next class at the link in bio. You’ll thank yourself later.


Words for the weekend: Power. Joy. Strength.

Thanks for the Friday inspo, @lizwas ☀️🧡💪

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Thanks @barre3 for sharing this one — we know a few who can relate! 🙌

Speaking of job love, we are actively recruiting for our instructor team at both Roosevelt and Capitol Hill studios. Interested in learning more about the process? Join us on Saturday, 7/31 for an Instructor Info Session. Come ready to move and ask all the questions!

Sign up now at the link in our bio or on Mindbody online! Can’t make the event? Email crystal.schue for more info. 🧡


Tell us! If you could take an outdoor class anywhere in Seattle, where would it be?

Head to our stories and drop your dream spot in the question box! 🌅🏔🏙

Have you ever thought about becoming a barre3 instructor?

Join us for an Instructor Info Session coming up on Saturday, July 31 from 12 noon - 1pm at our Roosevelt studio. All are welcome to attend! Come ready to MOVE and learn more about the entire process from auditioning to getting on the mic.

Questions? Email Roosevelt for more info. ✨


There is nothing like step tapping to the beat, especially when surrounded our amazing barre3 Seattle community.

Looking for an energy boost today? Join us for class in-studio at Capitol Hill at 7:15pm with Risi OR Roosevelt at 6:15pm with Veronica.

Oh ya, and don’t forget your water and towels. 💦🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3

Join us this week for some heart-pumping, joy-filled movement in studio or on livestream.

We’re back starting tomorrow with a full schedule and even more class times available!

We can’t wait to see you. Link in bio to sign up.

#barre3seattle #barre3

Traveling or staying close to home? We’ve got you covered with a *modified* schedule this holiday weekend.

Head to the link in our bio to book your next class both in-studio and online!

✨ Friday at 9:00am, 10:00am with Meagan
✨ Saturday @ 9:15am, 10:30am with Rachel
✨ Monday @ 5pm with Risi
✨ Monday @ 6:15pm with Rachel
✨ Friday @ 3pm with Lily
✨ Saturday @ 8:45am, 10:00am with Lily

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere

That barre3 glow ✨

We’re now increasing in-studio class capacity to 12 at both Roosevelt and Capitol Hill.

Book your next class with us at the link in our bio.

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We still have a full week left of Pride Month!

Remember that this month (and every day) it is important to remember to take pause and care for your mental health, and to be mindful of friends, family and loved ones within the LGBTQIA+ community who are disproportionately affected by mental health issues and face far greater barriers to mental health accessibility.

Please join us THIS Saturday in-studio and on Livestream for three donation classes to benefit @seattlepride. Here are the classes and times:
🌈 9:00am @ Roosevelt (in-studio) with Angelina
🌈 9:00am @ LIVESTREAM with Risi
🌈 9:15am @ Capitol Hill (in-studio) with Rachel

When we prioritize our own mental health, we can show up for ourselves and others. 🧡

@thewell #pridemonth #happypride #empoweredfromwithin

Whether you’re joining us in-studio or on livestream, we’re here to support you.

Head to the link in our bio to book your next class with us and view our complete schedule.

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Today we’re commemorating the 156th year anniversary of Juneteenth by centering, sharing, and holding space to acknowledge this important day in history.

Juneteenth is a reminder and celebration of the work that’s been done to tear down systemic oppression, and to engage in the work that remains ahead. For more on the history and significance of today, read below!

What is Juneteenth?
Also known as “Freedom Day” or “Emancipation Day,” Juneteenth commemorates the day that enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, were told they were free. This news came on June 19, 1865, two years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and two months after the Civil War ended.

What is the Emancipation Proclamation?
Proclamation 95 was a presidential proclamation and executive order issued by President Lincoln on September 22, 1862, during the Civil War. The proclamation declared "that all persons held as slaves" within the rebellious states "are, and henceforward shall be free."

The Importance of Juneteenth Today
This is a day of celebration within the Black community. Celebrated with parades, music, and prayer, Black families and communities come together to celebrate life and joy. Juneteenth is a day that celebrates freedom and achievement. As we wade into a new era of civil rights and equality, it has also become a day of rest and pause for the Black community.

Only recently did legislation get passed recognizing Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

Hi @barre3seattle 👋 studio owner Mary here! We’re taking you through our Capitol Hill studio to show you what to expect with reopening and your first class back in-studio.

Things to remember:

* Masks are required at all times until you reach your spot in class. Vaccinated and want to move mask-free? Bring your vaccination card to your first class back and we’ll make a note in our system.
* Bring a hand towel as we cannot provide studio towels at this time.
* Water fountains will not be available at this time, please bring your own water to stay hydrated while you move.
* Please limit the number of items you bring in-studio.

Grand opening is Saturday, June 19! ☀️Book your class at the link in our bio.

In celebration and observance of Juneteenth, proceeds from our Saturday 9:15am class will be donated to the Loveland Foundation. See the link in our bio to make a donation individually.

#barre3seattle #barre3

So. Many. Colors. 🌈

The schedules for Capitol Hill and Roosevelt are LIVE.

Come take class and shop with us in-studio!


This really is the perfect combo.

Who are you most excited to move with this week? Tag them.


@dogsofnyc #barre3seattle

Mark your calendars! It’s finally time to reopen Capitol Hill! 💥🙌

A few things to keep in mind:
• We have spots for 10 people per class. Make sure you book early and keep an eye on the waitlist!
• Masks will still be required, unless you have cleared previously at Roosevelt. Please bring your proof of vaccination to the studio and we will take care of the rest so you can move mask-free.
• Email us with any questions! We are here for you.

Watch MBO for our full re-opening schedule! We’ll be posting classes within the next few days. Link in bio!


And just like that, SEVEN YEARS of teaching. 💥💥 Happy anniversary to our dynamite Nikki who is not only a rock solid instructor, but a beloved mentor and teammate.

We are honored to have you on this team, Nikki! Congrats!!

What is your favorite thing about Nikki’s class? Tell us in the comments 👇

Coffee is strong — and so are you.

@ale_illustrator #mondaymotivation 🧡

Reminder as we head into this week 🧡


Hands WAY up as we celebrate our very own Amy on TEN YEARS of teaching barre3! 🙌

Amy is such a solid, supportive, and bright presence on our instructor and mentor team. We love and celebrate her commitment to this community every day, but especially today on this incredible milestone!

Congratulations, Amy! 🧡


UPDATE: At this time, barre3 Seattle will continue to require face masks for all clients and staff.

However, we are more than happy to make exceptions for fully vaccinated individuals beginning today, June 1st. In general, fully vaccinated means at least two weeks after a 2-dose series or two weeks after a single dose vaccine.

If you would like to  be considered for an exception, simply bring in your vaccination card to the studio one time and we will make a note in your account so you are clear to move mask-free. Please continue to wear a mask coming in and out of the studio and in all community areas.

As always, we empower you to make the best decision for you. Please reach out with questions or concerns to roosevelt 🧡


Thank you to those who have served and continue to serve our country. ♥️🇺🇸

#memorialday #thankyou

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. ♥️


TFW you see new classes added to the schedule 🙌

We’ve got NINE new classes added to the schedule which means nine more chances to move with us! Here’s what’s coming:

✨Monday: 6:15pm with Rachel
✨Tuesday & Thursdays: 7pm with Veronica
✨Friday: 7:30am with Angelina, 9am with Meagan (45 mins)
✨Saturday: 8:30, 9:30am with Rachel (45 mins)
✨Sunday: 8am and 9am with Kelly (45 mins)

Keep an eye on MBO for schedule updates and additions! Book your next class at the link in our bio.


We had so much fun moving together OUTSIDE on Saturday! Let’s do it again soon, ya?

If you missed us last weekend, you still have plenty of options to move with us this week! Head to the link in bio to schedule your next class.

#barre3 #barre3together #barre3seattle

Who’s ready for a heart-pumping, joy-filled workout OUTDOORS? 🙋‍♀️

A few things to remember:
✨Masks must be worn at all times — vaccinated or not. Thank you for your understanding!
✨Bring your water, mat, and a towel if you need! No props necessary.
✨Check in with our staff before you place your mat - please keep a safe (6-foot) distance from your neighbor.

We can’t wait to celebrate all the things we love most: community, connection, and of course, movement. See you tomorrow!


Ok, Wednesday. Sound off! Drop yours in the comments below! 👇

✨We are HIRING!✨

As we get closer to opening our Capitol Hill studio, we are looking for front desk staff to join our team!

Do you love people? Do you enjoy making someone’s day brighter? Do you have a passion for sharing why barre3 is special?

If that sounds like you, or someone you know, reach out to us! We are excited to grow - and diversify - our team.

Email mary.lytle for more information!


Hey team! Wondering how the new CDC recommendations apply to in-studio and outdoor classes?

Short answer: Yes, masks are still required for the entire visit to any of our in-person classes, both studio and outdoor. We know things are shifting constantly, so we thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and support!

As always, reach out to roosevelt with any questions! We are here for you. 🧡

❗️Newsflash❗️ Getting the most from your workout doesn’t have to mean taking it turbo all the time.

You can get deeper in your muscles and build a strong mind-body connection by giving yourself rest and aligning with your body’s inherent wisdom.

First step to getting there? Creating space to listen to your body. Not pushing more when you can’t, not powering through negative pain, and not gritting your teeth to get to the end of a workout.

Maximizing your workout means you’re taking consistent breaks, drinking all the water, and getting clear on what you need — and how your movement can give you exactly that.

@barre3 #empoweredfromwithin #barre3seattle

☀️ Join us for barre3 Together! ☀️

On May 22nd, we’ll be joining barre3 studios across the country with a FREE outdoor-class event.

Come ready to sweat and celebrate our incredible studio community with heart-pumping movement, connection, and some much-needed FUN.

Click the link in bio to learn more about this event and how to sign up!

#barre3seattle #barre3together #barre3

Don’t you just love good news on a Monday? Starting this week, our in-studio class size is growing to 8!

This means more opportunity to join us in person, while still keeping healthy distance.

A couple reminders:
✨Moved off the waitlist? Yay! Let us know ASAP if you can make it so we can prioritize available spots.
✨Don’t forget to let us know at least 4 hours prior if you have to cancel class to avoid getting charged. 😊

This week’s class schedule is LIVE - so grab your spots now. Sign up for your I n-studio and livestream classes on Mindbody online in the link in our bio.


“Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” - Mother Theresa 💕 Thinking of you all and spreading LOVE heading into this Mother’s Day weekend.

Art by @bymariandrew // Inspo by @barre3austinfourpoints
#barre3 #barre3seattle #spreadlove #mothersday #motherlove

In case you needed a reminder, here it is. ✨ #balancedinbody #empoweredfromwithin

@shopsundae @barre3millcreek

Join us in wishing Kelly a big congrats on FOUR years of teaching with barre3 Seattle!

Kelly is one of our early birds who brings big, bright, infectious energy to every class she teaches. Whether it’s a “Hey, girl!” when you enter the room, or a glorious sumo to step tap transition, Kelly is your number one fan from the moment you meet.

Our instructor and mentor team and community would not be the same without you, Kelly. Friends, show her some anniversary love in the comments below! 🧡🙌

Mentally, we are here. Happy Sunday, friends. 🧡


Whatever your weekend has in store, we hope it brings you joy. 🧡

@bumblebizz #barre3seattle #balance

Yes, Livestream classes are still very much a thing!

We’re committed to meeting you where you are and still providing the same b3 love and support virtually. 🧡

Do you have some photos or stories about your barre3 experience at home? We’d love to hear them! If you’d like to share, send us an email at roosevelt

#barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #sharethelove

Move Happy: Studies show that movement can be an integral part of finding happiness in your day.

Swipe through to find out how.

Today is the last day to get 20% off class packages! Link in bio to shop.

Words @kellymariemcgonigal | Inspo @barre3portland
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After an exciting week, we hope you are getting some rest this weekend 🤍


Album dropping in 3...2...1...

Kidding, but it feels so good to move in-studio together again!

If you’re new to barre3 or have been wanting to try it, now is a perfect time to get the best deals on class packages AND join us in-person.

Here’s what you can expect:
✨ A full-body balanced workout in every class
✨ Expert instructor guidance to help you feel successful in your workout
✨ An inspiring community here to support you in your practice every step of the way.

Class packages are 20% off so grab them while you can! And your first LIVESTREAM class is free! Link in bio to shop and schedule. 🎉

#barre3seattle #semiannualsale

Note to self ✨ @ohverlee

Are you ready? 🎉

We are so excited that in just THREE days we’ll be opening our Roosevelt doors once again.

We know this is exciting for you, too, but may also be wondering what to expect.

As always, we are committed to carrying out the recommendations from both the CDC and the local government. Here are the preventive measures we are taking to provide a safe studio space where our community can practice.

✨Increased Cleaning: Between each class, we will disinfect all high-touch surfaces in the studio, and we will sanitize each and every prop.

✨New Class-Capacity Limit: We are temporarily capping class capacities to 6 clients to ensure an adequate social distance between people. 

✨Clean Air: You may notice an air purifier in-studio. This medical grade HEPA filter removes 99.6% of all COVID-19 microns and other allergens, dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, and viruses. The air filter circulates all air in the studio every 30 minutes.

✨Increased Time Between Classes: We have spaced out our classes to limit the amount of people in the studio space at the same time and to allow more time for cleaning.

✨Play Lounge Update: For the next month, our Play Lounge will follow the local school-closure policy and will not be open. As things evolve, this may change.

Email or DM us with any questions! We can’t wait to see you!

#barre3seattle #reopening

✨ Ready for a fresh start? ✨

The Semi-Annual Sale starts TODAY, and it’s the best time to invest in class packages and set yourself up with all the barre3 classes you need this season!

• 20% off on ALL class packages
• Shop brand new gear, online or in-studio
• New client? Your First Livestream Class is FREE!

Shop at the link in our bio, or head to MBO to get started 🧡 #barre3seattle


We are so excited to announce that we will reopen our Roosevelt studio for small classes on Monday, April 19th!

Class capacity will be limited to 6 clients in accordance with State guidelines and masks WILL be required at all times. 😷

Be sure to check your email for additional details around reopening and precautions we’re taking for the health and safety of our community. Let us know if you’re not signed up for our newsletter and we’ll get you added to the list. ✨

We want to reassure you that wherever you choose to practice during this transition, you can continue to count on us to deliver the same remarkable class you love, in-studio and at home. 

As things continue to evolve, our schedule will, too. The schedule that’s live today will be in effect for the next two weeks, and we’ll continue to add classes to both our studio and LIVESTREAM schedules over the coming weeks. 📢

In-studio & LIVESTREAM classes, Monday through Sunday at our Roosevelt location are now available! Sign up on MBO now!🙌

#barre3seattle #barre3 #reopening #wemissyou

This is the podcast that’s going to make your Monday a million times better — and completely shift how you think about movement.

As we come into spring, our feeds might be filling up with messages of how to lose weight and tone up for summer. In conversation with @alex_elle on @theheygirlpodcast , barre3 CEO and Co-founder @sadielincoln discusses how we can reframe traditional ideas of fitness. Sadie shares how to stay present and connected to the truth of our body’s wisdom amidst all the harmful noise the diet industry promotes.

Instead of approaching our workouts with shame, Sadie invites us to connect to the truth of our motivation and learn how to move our bodies with joy.

@barre3felida #barre3 #barre3seattle #presenttruth #committedtoreal

If you were looking for a sign, this is it!

You don’t have to wait for the beginning of the week to start something new. Just remember, the hardest part of trying anything new is committing to begin.

Looking to try @barre3 ? Check out the link in our bio to get started from home! And soon, in studio. 🧡🙌


Looking for some dinner inspo? Pesto is one of those homemade sauces that packs in good-for-you ingredients and elevates any dish!

We’ve got an incredible recipe for you straight from the kitchen of our very own.

Check out Risi’s homemade pesto below! If you try it, tag us!

1. Basil ice bath
2. Roast your hazelnuts
3. Add nuts, basil, garlic, Parmesan, and goat cheese to a food processor or mixer and blend
4. Add salt to taste and oil, then continue to blend
5. Add ice water from basil ice bath and blend until creamy smooth
6. Voila! Enjoy ✨

Thanks, @rifilche 🧡
#barre3seattle #barre3recipes

Oh, we know this feeling. ✨😍

@barre3orencostation @mignonettetakespictures

Art by @thecreativebix ✨ Your weekly reminder

Find some magic in the in between ✨

Credit: @tatianasoash

We couldn’t let another day go by without acknowledging a major milestone.

Today we are celebrating Crystal for SEVEN YEARS of teaching with barre3 Seattle. Amazing!

Not only is she a powerhouse instructor, she’s also a mentor for many of our other instructors and leads our team in so many ways. We couldn’t be more proud to have her on our team.

Oh, and did we mention it’s her birthday today?! Show Crystal some love in the comments or in her next livestream class - Mondays and Thursdays at 6:15 and 7:30am!

Congrats, Crystal! 🧡🙌✨

A whole Sunday vibe

✨ @giselle_dekel

Repost from @legedzami • “1 year anniversary with @barre3seattle @barre3 This has been the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had with sport!

‘Unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, breath...’
Thank you ♥️”

At barre3, we are redefining how success in fitness looks and feels, and that means celebrating milestones, big and small.

Do you want to share your barre3 story with us? We would love to hear it and share! Email us at roosevelt 🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3

Credit: @aolanow • Today is a good day to tell someone you love them, smile at someone, help a neighbor, check in on a friend.


Hello Monday! Today we make space for: ..

✨: @barre3wesleychapel

#barre3 #barre3seattle #mondaymotivation

Happy Spring! Seems like the perfect time to recharge.

We hope you are finding some peace this weekend. ✨


We stand in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islanders and condemn the tragic violence and hate against this community.

We’re committed to using our voice to speak out and to provide and safe space and healing.

This Sunday at 9am, class will be donation-based with all proceeds going to @stopaapihate If you can’t join us for class or wish to take additional action, see the link in our bio.

#stopasianhate #barre3 #linkinbio

Oh, how we love a matching set! And those colors? 😍

Hellooo Spring!

Shop this gorgeous new fit online via MBO (linked in our bio) or in-studio (by appointment only)!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3signaturelegging

✨Happy ONE YEAR teaching anniversary to our instructor, Rachel!✨

Rachel joined our instructor team at a time when everything around us seemed unsure. But one thing we know for SURE to be true is how solid she is. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you, she brings the heat to every single class.

If you haven’t already, join class with Rachel and see for yourself! She’s on the livestream schedule Mondays at 10am, Wednesdays at 6:15pm, and Sundays at 3:15pm!

Congrats, Rachel! 🧡

Sometimes we need that extra reminder to schedule time for ourselves.

Raise your hand if you’ve already signed up for your classes this week! 🙌

#barre3seattle #linkinbio

With recent news about moving into Phase 3 of the Healthy Washington plan on March 22, we know you likely have some questions about what that means for @barre3seattle.

Stay tuned for updates from our team in the coming weeks about a safe return to in-studio classes. Thanks for sticking with us and remember, we’re in it together. 🧡

We’re heading into the weekend feeling supported in all directions! What about you? ✨

Edited repost from @tiffany.millikan @barre3

Okay @sadielincoln , we loved this too much not to repost it!

Great reminder any day, but especially as we near the end of the week. Have you checked in with what YOU need today? Clear some space, take a big sip of air, and remember to be compassionate to yourself. 🧡

#barre3 #dailyreminder #compassion #selflove

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day by dedicating energy to reflect upon where we have been and the paths that have been forged before us, where we are today, and where we are going.

Most importantly, we reflect upon how we can support one another and keep showing up as individuals and as a community.

We believe that moving together can help us tap into our collective wisdom, power, and our most embodied and aligned selves. Barre3 is a movement, but this community is so much more. Happy International Women’s Day. 🧡

🎨: @snacky_jacky 📝: @barre3

Such a good reminder ✨

Congratulations to Meagan on 4 YEARS of teaching! Our team and our clients love you for your grounding energy and appreciation of a good beat drop.

Each of your classes leave us feeling motivated and strong!

Celebrate with Meagan by jumping into a livestream class with her at 11! And send her some love in the comments below. Link in bio to sign up. 🎉🧡

#barre3seattle #anniversary

Something new just arrived in-studio! Any guesses?

Head to the link in bio to shop all new tops, leggings, accessories, and more 😍🧡 + see our stories for info on how to shop B3 gear online!

Prefer to shop IRL? Email us to secure a time slot for private in-studio shopping at Roosevelt or Capitol Hill!

#barre3seattle #barre3

✨Important reminder✨ 🎨: @oliviaherrickdesign

As we head into a new week, a new month, remember to show up for yourself. Today is your day. Create it to be better than yesterday — more mindful, more loving, more YOU.

#barre3seattle #barre3 #mondaymindset

Okay let’s do this. You can only choose one prop for the rest of your workouts, which do you choose?

🟠 Core ball
🎀 Resistance band
🏋️‍♂️ Weights
⚫️ Core sliders

Comment below! 👇

Crystal, Olive, & Jam are bringing us home on our February Friday takeovers!

These have been a weekly reminder to us that self care can take many forms — loving on your pets, taking a walk, even your morning coffee ritual. But enough spoilers...

Set your alarms because if you’re a loyal 6am-er, you know her day starts early. Tune in to our stories all day tomorrow for a day-in-the-life with Crystal! 🎬

#barre3seattle #barre3 #instructortakeover

The things we think about during a mid-class cardio burst.

What’s your current fav cardio burst right now? Burpees, lunges, step-taps ..? Tell us in the comments!

outpaigeous on Twitter

This month we are leaning into love—for ourselves and for each other. 🧡


Remember this Friday is your final chance to bring a friend for free to class! Tag your virtual workout buddy in the comments and email us to sign up!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere

We’ll take one of each, please.

#selflove #barre3seattle

Trying to find some calm in the chaos 🙏✨🐶

Are you joining us on livestream this weekend?

Pets welcome.

@barre3ph @cecelinamarie @barre3
#barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #barre3livestream

Gearing up for our next Friday Takeover — this week with the Queen of Pop! No, not Madonna.

Follow our stories tomorrow as Laura K takes the ‘mic’ and guides us through a day in the life.

BTW, you can join her live tonight @ 6:15pm for a heart-pumping, joy-filled 60 minutes. Link in bio to sign up!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #instructortakeover

Are you ready?!

The list is long…perks, unlimited classes and support whenever and wherever you need!

If you loved your new client special and are looking for more, now is the time to become a barre3 Seattle Member.

Link in bio to register and receive:
⚡️Unlimited studio & livestream classes
⚡️First month of membership for $99
⚡️Free first class for a friend
⚡️Subscription to barre3 Online
⚡️20% off retail and gifts
⚡️ Invites to exclusive events, perks, and programs including this month's access to move with members from all over the nation in a barre3 class taught by master trainer, Alison Beam

The barre3 Membership is designed for you to get every moment out of your movement. Questions? Email or DM us. 🧡

Fridays just got a whole lot sweeter because Meagan is back on the schedule!

Catch her and Maizy Mae at 11am every Friday morning for a 45-minute burner that is sure to start your weekend right.

All throughout February, members can bring a friend to class for free on Fridays! Tag your workout buddy and email us to sign up. 👯‍♀️💕

#barre3seattle #barre3

President’s Day weekend is a great time to reflect and learn more about our nation’s history and the people who have contributed to it.

Especially during Black History Month, we believe that history should be celebrated and shared.

If you’re in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, stop in at Elliott Bay Book Company and check out their Black History section. Their shelves are lined with so many incredible, important books we can all learn from!

What are you reading right now? Let us know in the comments!

@elliottbaybookco #blackhistorymonth #celebrateblackhistory #presidentsweekend

“When you truly love someone, you want the best for them, you see the good in them, and you accept their flaws.

You believe in them and their capacity to change, and you’re willing to do things that support their health and happiness. Self-love is all of these things, just directed toward yourself. It’s a relationship with yourself where you accept who you are, you see your capacity for change, and you’re willing to invest in yourself.” - Kelly McGonigal

Wishing you a day full of love for yourself and all those around you. We love you and all that you bring to this community!

#happyvalentinesday #barre3seattle

Our thoughts exactly @barre3

Also add, “Omg is it snowing outside?!” to this list ❄️ Stay warm with us this weekend and book a livestream class in between snow angels.

Thank us later.

#barre3seattle #snowday

Hands wayyy up for another Friday takeover tomorrow!

This week Kelly is carrying you around in her pocket and sharing what lights up her world. Hint: Two adorable little girls might make an appearance.

Kelly is also on the schedule for TWO full-hour livestream classes - 7:30am and 3pm. Head to the link in bio to start or end your day with some 🔥🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3 #instructortakeover

Us, every morning. 💯

Looking for a closet refresh?

Shop our leggings, hoodies, tops and props in-studio! We’ve got all your favorite brands - Spiritual Gangster, Beyond Yoga, DYI, Girlfriend Collective, and more.

Email us to shop in person or DM us to shop virtually.


Members... Mark your calendars for 
Monday, February 22 at 11:30 am for a sweet surprise!

Join hundreds of your fellow barre3 studio members nationwide for a 45 minute class taught by barre3 Master Trainer Allison Beam from our Corporate Headquarters.

This class is designed to celebrate YOU — the members that have supported barre3 Seattle. Your collective energy has helped us to move through challenging times and toward a bright future ahead of us.

Visit the link in our bio to register for class via Mindbody. 🙌

#barre3seattle #barre3

What better way to start your week than with your favorite barre3 class, brought right to your home!


Have you scheduled your classes for the week ahead? Follow the link in our bio to reserve your spot through Mindbody. Head to our stories for this week’s schedule.

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Every day is an opportunity. #barre3

Quick dance party because Instagram takeovers are back! 🙌

Self love is a deeply personal journey for each of us. In the spirit of sharing and celebrating those experiences, every Friday this month one of our instructors will take you through a day in the life and share their own practices of self love along the way. 🧡

First up is Nikki! Follow along in our stories for some BTS content tomorrow, or join her for class at 9:15am! See you there.

#barre3seattle #barre3 #instagramtakeover #fridayfeeling

Self love isn’t selfish.

In every barre3 class, we encourage you to tune in, listen to your body’s cues, and respond to your needs.

Whether that’s modifying a posture or deciding to take the day’s workout turbo—when it comes from a place of truly honoring what your body is asking for, the next step you take will be in the direction of self-love.

Throughout the month, we are empowering each other to practice self love. We know movement is one of our favorite ways, but tell us: What are some other ways you practice self love?

Comment below or head to our stories to share! 🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3 #selflove

Hello Monday! We’re glad you’re here.

It’s the start of a new week, a new month, and we have some exciting things coming your way!

Beginning this week and all month long, members can bring a friend to class for FREE on Fridays! Tag your buddy and sign up for either a 7:30am, 9:15am, or 3pm class. Email us with your friend’s info to sign up!

February is also Black History Month, and to celebrate we’ll be highlighting some of our neighboring Black-owned businesses, ways you can support, and some community-sourced learning resources.

Stay tuned and follow us here for all the updates. Let’s have a great week, team!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #balancedinbody #empoweredfromwithin

Feeling good + celebrating where we are in our bodies is what we’re all about.


Why does a morning stretch feel so good?

Stretching is our bodies’ instinctive way of realigning our muscles and waking up the nervous system.

It also increases blood flow and relieves stress, so no matter what your day has in store your body is ready to show up for you — and that’s why we work it into every barre3 class.

10/10 recommend.


Stop scrolling and pause. What are you grateful for right in this moment?

Whatever it is, acknowledge it. Honor it. Hold space for gratitude, and hold space for yourself.

Moving forward is challenging, but have you ever looked back and regretted your growth?

Keep going.

@mantraband @barre3portland

A consistent fitness practice is an important factor in helping you feel strong in your body and mind.

In this final week of the January Challenge, we empower you to own your strength. Celebrate how far you’ve come!

Have you been moving with us every week? Reminder that when you take 16 classes this month, not only will you be entered to win an amazing self-care prize package, but you’ll also set yourself on a journey of lifelong health.

Keep sharing your journeys with us online! Head to the link in bio to start your practice with us. ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #januarychallenge

Intuitive exercise is key to redefining your relationship with fitness. What is intuitive exercise?

It’s a way of moving that supports you on all levels: your body, your energy, and your mind—and that’s exactly what we practice at barre3.

We are nearly 3 weeks into this years January Challenge to celebrate what your mind and body can do. And it’s not too late to sign up! Head to the link in our bio to join us.

#barre3 #barre3seattle #januarychallenge

You are so strong — physically, mentally, emotionally. Trust your strength.

@barre3westvillage #barre3 #barre3seattle


As a woman-owned, woman-led company, we are filled with gratitude for this historic day.

This morning, Kamala Harris was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States, becoming the highest ranking woman in American history.

She is the first Black person, the first person of South Asian descent, and the first woman to hold this office—a powerful moment in history worth celebrating. Our heartfelt congratulations to Vice President Harris! #iamher #veep #barre3

@bijoukarman @kamalaharris

At barre3, we’re focused on working out to celebrate what our mind and body can do, and a key part

of that focus is creating an inspiring space that energizes and motivates you to consistently come back to your practice.

The good news? Curating a space that supports your barre3 routine doesn’t require a total overhaul—here are a few tips from the b3 experts to transform the feel of your space:

1. Choose your spot (and your view) with care — a view free of distractions and maybe a little natural light! Risi set her space up with a custom painting by her friend @kevin_kuh
2. Have all your props ready—and visible
3. Set the mood with scent — a candle, essential oils, anything to help set and stick to your intention
4. Keep it clean — start each new work out fresh by wiping down your mat

What are your home studios looking like? Leave us your tips in the comments!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3blog #barre3anywhere

Today, we reflect and remember the great example of Martin Luther King Jr.

May we carry his words and put them into action every day.

Artwork: @ziaink

Self care isn’t selfish.

@briapaints @barre3westvillage

Our weekend vibe. But also kind of an every day vibe. 🙌

Happy Friday, team!


#barre3 #barre3seattle #fridaymood

And yes, sometimes being strong means asking for help. What do you need today?

@oliviaherrickdesign #barre3seattle #barre3 #yesyoucan

It’s normal to feel a heightened sense of stress right now, especially with all the uncertainty in our world.

The push and pull between chaos and resistance can leave us feeling powerless. We are right there with you.

Today, we empower you to lean into the unknown. Trust the journey unfolding before you. Grant yourself the ability to take one step forward. And maybe crack a smile along the way.

Team, in case you needed the reminder today, you got this. 💪🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3 #calminthechaos #trusttheprocess

We miss it, too. 🧡

With the new Healthy Washington plan going into place today, we are taking this time to put together a plan to return to our in-person classes.

As always, the health and safety of our @barre3seattle community is top of mind. We will get back to our Roosevelt and Capitol Hill studios as soon as we are able, so stay tuned on our social media and emails for all of the details surrounding schedule and updated safety protocols. We thank you for your continued patience. In the meantime, we’ll see you on Zoom!

#barre3seattle #barre3

Nearly one week into the January Challenge. How are you feeling? What is something you’re proud of?

What’s something you could do differently next week?

Throughout the month, we are here to support you as you celebrate strength in body and mind. And one way we’re doing that is by adding NEW class times! Listen up:

Both Kelly and Nikki are joining the Friday lineup — 7:15am and 3:00pm with Kelly or 9:15am with Nikki. They’re all 45 minute classes, so you get all the same great benefits in a condensed amount of time. PLUS, we’re adding a Monday evening class at 6:15pm with Risi. 👏👏

Now, take a deep breath, set your intentions for the week, and head to the link in bio to book your classes. Thank yourself later. 🧡

@kellyallisonw @nikbee_
#barre3seattle #barre3 #januarychallenge #livestream

Celebrate every little (and big) moment. Practice. Patience. Progress.

#barre3seattle #barre3

“When I first found Barre3 in 2013, I had been looking for an exercise option that I could stick with.

I had never been comfortable in gyms, and after the first day of B3 I knew I had found my tribe. It is a supportive, nonjudgmental and friendly community that encourages modifications and views them as smart choices, not a sign of weakness. With chronic back issues, this was a welcome philosophy.

I have really enjoyed the livestream experience. Whether I am able to catch our amazing instructors live or via a recording throughout my day, I have come to think of my time in B3 as a gift to me, not a punishment or part of a weight loss plan, which is how I used to view exercise. I credit B3 with this change of mindset and I am grateful for the impact it has made!” - barre3 Seattle Member Kate Bovey on her barre3 ‘Why’


#barre3seattle #barre3 #januarychallenge

In redefining what success in fitness means, we’re starting from a place of enough.

We’re starting from a place of truly believing that our efforts, our actions, and how we show up each day doesn’t need to be fixed—it needs to be celebrated.

We believe fitness should be a celebration of exactly where we find ourselves each day—in both body and mind.

What does enough look like for you this year?

#barre3 #barre3seattle

Build strength. Improve mobility. Celebrate what your mind and body can do.

Our January Challenge starts today! Join us for 28 days of mindful, intuitive movement to help build strength in body and in mind.

When you workout 16 times with us, you’ll be entered to win a self care package at the end of the month! Record your progress each week with our digital tracker — you can find them in our story highlights — and share them at the end of each week for a chance to be featured on our feed.

Whether you’re new to barre3 or a long-time member, we can’t wait to take this challenge alongside you. Join us at the link in bio!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #januarychallenge #2021

As we move into this new year, we’re focusing on feeling grounded, resilient and strong.

How do you want to feel and grow in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #januarychallenge #2021goals

Our team gathered for one last time in 2020 to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished this year.

Sure, it looked totally different (see last year’s holiday party post), but our sentiment remained the same. Grateful.

Grateful for our team - who pours their hearts into every single class, queue, conversation, and interaction on and offline.

Grateful for our community - who raises our spirits just by showing up, with grace, perseverance, and compassion.

Grateful for our minds and bodies - the strength they’ve shown us and the opportunity to expand even further into 2021.

Team, let’s move forward with open hearts and minds to all the potential that lies before us. We are so ready.

Sending you love and gratitude as we welcome a new year. Cheers to 2021! ✨🧡💪

#barre3 #barre3seattle #newyear #cheers #2021

Note to self: Every day has its own worth. You don’t have to do it all.

#barre3 #barre3seattle

2020 has undoubtedly challenged us. But through it all, your mind and your body have continued to show up for you.

As you reflect on the year and prepare to move into what’s next, take time to appreciate and celebrate all that you have accomplished. Take stock of the moments you’ve surpassed past expectations of what your mind and body can do. Did you surprise yourself?

This year’s January Challenge is all about celebrating just that. It all starts next Monday, January 4. Join us!

Sign up at the link in our bio.

#barre3seattle #januarychallenge #barre3 #balancedinbody #empoweredfromwithin

Oh what fun! 🎉 Crystal is popping on the schedule to sub tomorrow (Sunday) at noon.

Tap into your holiday spirit and let’s move!

@cdsp #barre3seattle #barre3 #b3strong

Merry merry, friends! Wishing you a warm, healthy, happy holiday from the whole barre3 Seattle family.


We have a modified schedule on Thursday, December 24th and Friday, December 25th.

Please check Mindbody for updates!


What if in 2021, with all that has unfolded, you not only set but accomplish your goal of truly celebrating what your mind and body can do? ✨

Throughout the month of January, we empower you to set a goal to take 16 classes each week. Wherever and whenever you decide to practice, we got you covered as we continue to add more livestream classes to fit your winter schedule. Each week you meet your goal, you will be entered to win our grand prize at the end of the month!

Plus, track and share your progress using the digital tracker in our January Challenge highlight! Throughout the month, we will highlight our favorite recipes, spotlight clients and testimonials to keep your self care on track! 

It all starts January 4. Link in bio to purchase classes and start taking class with us today!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

The holidays look different for most people this year, and in a challenging time, acknowledging

what’s hard and uncomfortable can help connect us with our resiliency and see the opportunities to adapt.

Swipe through for some ideas to help you find support this season. And remember, we are here for you. 🧡


Self care means honoring where you’re at, having the courage to know you are strong enough to do hard things, and giving yourself grace to know when to rest.

@barre3henderson #barre3seattle

Let’s reframe: What if we shifted our intentions away from how they look, to how they feel?

What do you want to feel in the year ahead? Comment below ↓

#barre3seattle #barre3 #januarychallenge

The sweetest moments. 🧡

@barre3southend #barre3

Intuitive exercising is key to redefining your relationship with fitness.

What is intuitive exercise? It’s a way of moving that supports you on all levels: your body, your energy, and your mind—and that’s exactly what we practice at barre3.

Join us for this year’s January Challenge to celebrate what your mind and body can do.

It all starts January 4! Details coming soon.

“I discovered barre3 when I first moved to Seattle.

I danced my whole life and needed a workout inspired by music — I tried just about every barre studio I could find in Seattle. After my first barre3 class I knew I found a home and community I wanted to be a part of. After 6 months or so I saw a sign saying they were recruiting instructors, jumped out of my comfort zone and auditioned!” Barre3 Seattle Instructor Laura Kuzel on how she discovered @barre3

If you’ve been thinking about trying a class, now is a great time. We invite you to step outside your comfort zone and maybe discover something really really great. ✨

Catch Laura K subbing tonight at 5pm — or join her Sundays at noon for a dance party... er livestream class. Link in bio to sign up!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #instructorspotlight

And yes, you can do a barre3 class in pajamas if you want to. 🧡


#happysunday #barre3 #barre3seattle

That post class feeling 🙌

Whether you start or end your day with barre3, always do it on a high note.

Link in bio to get started. #barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere

Plans this weekend? Mindful movement is a great way to show appreciation for your body in a way it understands.

Come move with us. 🙌

#barre3 #barre3seattle #happyfriday #mindfulmovement

We love to see a familiar (masked) face!

Stop by ROOSEVELT studio for retail hours this Friday 8:00a - 12:30p or next Wednesday 9:00a - 12:00p.

Cherise will be available for all your holiday shopping needs — or even if you just want to say hi. 😊

Shopping is still by appointment only for the health and safety of our staff and all of you! Please email roosevelt to set up a time with Cherise.

#barre3seattle #shoplocal #shopsmall

Team, this is it! Our Semi-Annual Sale ends TODAY and you do not want to miss our best-ever deals of the year.

Shop 25% off 10-Class Packages and you can also win additional prizes:

✨ONE 10-class package — Win a barre3 prop kit featuring our barre3 pomegranate core ball
✨THREE 10-class packages — Two lucky raffle winners will receive a new tank and leggings
✨FIVE 10-class packages — Win a $25 gift card to a local small business of your choice

Link in bio to shop. 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3sale

Sending you the coziest Sunday vibes. 🧡


Dive inward. Take a deep breath. The weekend is here.

✨ @barre3edmond #happyweekend

Ever find yourself living for Friday? Let’s flip the script.

Our challenge to you:

Sink one inch lower, stay for closing breath, push for 15 more seconds. See what happens when you trust your instinct and go that much further.

We promise it’s worth it. 🧡

#fridaymood #barre3 #barre3seattle

Between WFH and homeschooling, planning for class and actually tuning in can be challenging some days.

We got you.

Now, you can move with your favorite #barre3seattle instructors on your own time! Here’s how:

1. Sign up for the barre3 Seattle livestream class you would like to attend.
2. When you receive an email to your livestream class, reply to the email with a request for a class recording.
3. Once class is finished, our barre3 Seattle team will send you a recording of class.

And cue the collective sigh of relief. Workout ✅ complete.

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3livestream

“We are never alone in our struggles — and right now, we need each other more than ever.” @alex_elle

Team, we are here for you. Tag your workout buddy and get in on a livestream class together! Link in bio. 🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3 #selfcare #workoutbuddies #strongertogether

It’s not a selfish thing to take care of yourself—it’s a necessary thing.

Support your body and mind with our best-ever deals today! Link in bio to shop #cybermonday 🧡

#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3sale #shoplocal

Livestream or in-studio, it’s easy to rush through breathwork or skip it altogether.

This week, we empower you to stay. Allow your body space to ground and reset. Bring awareness to your breath. Let it take up space. What do you notice?

And when you’re ready, proceed with purpose. ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #breathwork #freshstart #newenergy

Hi everyone! Mary here - owner of Barre3 Seattle Roosevelt and Capitol Hill.

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to film something to say hi, I miss you, and tell you a little bit about WHY I love this community so much.

We started small and I could have never imagined all of the amazing people from clients to staff that have joined us here at our studios in Roosevelt and Capitol Hill.

Originally, I opened these studio because I fell in love with the community barre3 provided. And now, five years later, it’s that community—all of YOU—that keep us going.

We know that this is the time of year when so much of our energy is spent helping others. We’re all about community support, but we also know that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

We want to support you this season in taking care of your body and mind, just as you have helped to support us. You see, when you prioritize your mental and physical health in practicing barre3, you also support a group of people, their families, and this community we have built together.

Let’s continue to celebrate this community. This Small Business Saturday, connect with us via livestream class, send us a DM or a phone call, and take advantage of sales going on through Dec. 7.

Whether we’re moving with you in-studio or connecting in a LIVESTREAM, we can’t wait to see you.

Sending you all warmth and love, 🧡 Mary

Build connection to your body and mind with our best-ever deals.

Get 25% off class packages of 10 to use toward livestream AND in-studio classes (when that day comes) — but only for a limited time! Link in our bio to purchase and sign up.

📝: @barre3westvillage
#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3sale #blackfriday #shopsmall #supportlocal

Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours. May we all spend the day reconnecting with our breath, moving our bodies and feeling empowered from within.✨

From the bottom of our hearts, we are GRATEFUL for this #barre3seattle community. Thank you for supporting us and each other via livestream, in socially-distant outdoor classes, and in our community. YOU are the heart of what we do.

We appreciate every single one of you. 🧡

#barre3 #b3strong #thanksgiving

“I practice B3 to become stronger in my body and connect with my community.

I have visited B3 all across the US and love that where ever I go, the mission and formula is still the same!” - Seattle Instructor Kimberly Eng ( @kturne ) on her @barre3 ‘Why’

If you’ve ever taken a class with Kimberly, you know how attentive and grounding she is in her movement and her words. If you haven’t, now is a great time to use your discounted class packages to take class with her!

Kimberly is LIVE every Tuesday morning at 8am. Visit the link in our bio to purchase and sign up for classes!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #instructorspotlight #b3sale

Our BIGGEST sale of the year is HERE! The Semi-Annual Sale Starts Today and lasts through 12/7!

Shop our lowest-ever prices to help you take care, body and mind.

Now, for a limited time, take 25% off 10-Class Packages. PLUS, when you shop, you can win! Here’s how:

✨ONE 10-class package — You could win a barre3 prop kit featuring our barre3 pomegranate core ball!
✨THREE 10-class packages — Two lucky raffle winners will receive a new tank and leggings!
✨FIVE 10-class packages — Receive a $25 gift card to a local small business of your choice.

Give the gift of barre3 to yourself or someone you love this season. Not to mention supporting small businesses! Link in bio to access the SALE!

Questions? Email us Roosevelt 🧡

Join us for another donation-based class
THIS SUNDAY, Nov. 29 at 8am on livestream.

Sunday’s class will benefit the Why Not You Academy ( @wnyacademy )— a free, nonprofit charter public school dedicated to creating a diverse school community while expanding the college and career opportunities available to teens from underserved communities.

Head to the link in our bio to learn more about the Why Not You Academy, contribute a donation, or sign up for class.

Let’s give generously, together. 🧡

Gentle reminder ✨

#barre3seattle #barre3

Some weeks just feel longer than others, and that’s okay.

Find some gratitude for those moments in between.

Then unplug, relax, and be kind to yourself. 🙌✨

@tachineko.ym @beyondyoga
#barre3 #barre3seattle #selfcare #happyfriday

Give yourself grace. Wherever you find yourself today, know that you are enough, you are worthy, and you are loved.

@keeleyshawart @barre3edina
#barre3 #barre3seattle #almostfriday

“I first discovered Barre3 in the spring of 2013. I went to studio classes in Capitol Hill for a handful of months and then maintained my practice mostly from home.

In 2016, almost a year after having my first child, I reconnected with in-studio classes at our Roosevelt studio (big shout out to Crystal who was a huge source of support and inspiration to me) and my love for barre3 just grew. It’s been an integral part of my daily life ever since.” - Instructor, Mentor, and inspiration @kellyallisonw on her introduction to @barre3 🧡

Catch Kelly on livestream Wednesdays @ 6:15pm and Sundays @ 8 and 9am! She also sends a weekly pre-recorded class for Members! Email us if you’d like to try it out.

#instructorspotlight #barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere

Keep your squats low (depending on how your body feels today) but always keep your standards high.

@barre3westvillage @sosheslays
#mondaymotivation #barre3seattle #barre3

Sunday plans. How are you caring for yourself today?


#barre3seattle #barre3 #sundayvibes

During this time of uncertainty and change, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our #barre3seattle community.

This month, we want to extend that love and support to some nonprofit organizations in the community that we are passionate about.

Join us TOMORROW morning 11/14 at 10am for a donation-based class benefitting @communitypassageways. Amy will lead us through 60 minutes of heart-pumping, mindful movement focused on gratitude and intention.

Swipe ➡️ or visit the link in our bio to learn more about Community Passageways, donate if you can, and sign up for class tomorrow.

#barre3 #b3strong #seattlegiving #givegenerously

Bands, core balls, sliders — whatever you choose, our barre3 props help you to make choices that serve your body and help you to get the most out of your workout.

Missing some props? We’ve got you covered! Prop kits with the all new pomegranate barre3 Core Ball are in stock and ready for you!

Swing by our Capitol Hill Studio for in-store shopping (by appointment only) or shop b3 retail online through Mindbody! Link in bio to access the online shop, or email roosevelt to schedule your appointment.

#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3retail

Encouraging you to take a moment to be aware of where you’re at today. How does your body feel?

What emotions are you feeling? Where are you sending your energy?

You decide your happiness and where your energy flows. Choose happiness, choose peace, choose JOY.

Need a pick me up? Join us for class and get your endorphins pumping! We can’t wait to move with you. 🧡

Repost @barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3 #midweekmotivation

We are giving generously this November! Throughout the month, stay tuned for three special donation-based classes aimed at supporting some of our local nonprofits.

The first is THIS SATUTDAY, Nov. 14th at 10am on livestream as we support a cause we are passionate about.

@communitypassageways is a Black-led organization that creates community-centered alternatives to the carceral system for youth and young adults in King County. Their work is centered on love, compassion, and consistency, aimed to inspire positive, healthy choices and build a brighter future for young people, their families, and their peers.

Head to the link in our bio to learn more about Community Passageways, make a donation, or sign up for class. Let’s make it happen, team!

#barre3seattle #givegenerously #barre3 #b3strong

A new week. ✨ May we breathe easier, hug our loved ones closer, and reach that much farther toward things that bring us joy.

#barre3seattle #b3strong #barre3

Big Friday energy coming through. Who else needed this reminder?


When the world around you feels uncertain, it can help to turn inward and focus on feeling present and alive in your body.

We are continuing to offer classes all this week, plus adding two new times on the schedule this Saturday:
✨1:30pm (45 mins); and
✨2:30pm (45 mins) — both with Kelly.

And if you’re needing a little extra love from your favorite instructor, send us an email and we’ll give you a livestream recording.

Our instructors and staff are here for you. 🧡

Sending all the virtual hugs. Tag a friend who needs this kind of energy today. 🧡


In barre3 classes, we practice finding calm and inner pause so that we can take these lessons into our everyday.

Swipe through for ideas on how to find calm today, tomorrow, and each day moving forward.

We have two livestream classes on the schedule today - 11am and 5pm. If you’re looking for a previous class/instructor on demand, DM or email us and we’ll send you a livestream recording. 🧡

Starting our week balanced, focused and mindful. It’s a great place to be (if only at times 😜)

Reminder to connect with your community, check in on loved ones and take care of yourself this week, whatever that looks like. 🧡

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We’ve got some ideas about what you can do with that extra hour 🍂🎃🥧


Wishing you a safe and spooky Halloween from our boos to yours 🧡👻

Reminder to tag us in your spoookiest costume pics for a chance to win a free props kit!

Why use a Core Ball in your barre3 practice? As the name implies, the Core Ball predominately helps us target our core.

It acts like a “magic pillow” that allows access to your abs on a deeper level while still protecting your back, neck and shoulders. Plus, it’s soft and squishy which makes it easy to place behind your back or between your thighs to add instability without discomfort.

Looking for more tips on how the Core Ball can take your favorite moves to the next level? Head to the b3 Magazine via the link in our bio.

If you’re missing a Core Ball (or other props) — we’ve got you covered! Prop kits are now available for purchase in-studio and in our Mindbody Studio Shop online! DM us with any questions. 🧡

“Whether it’s sinking another inch in Power Leg or choosing Sumo instead of Narrow Athletic V,

listening to the inner voice encouraging a modification strengthens our connection to both our body and our mind.” @meghangieber for b3 Magazine

Micro-changes can lead to big results. What feels intuitive to you today? ✨🧡

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Let's pumpkin spice it up, team!

Halloween may look different this year, but we are still DYING to see your fab-BOO-lous costumes! To get into the Howl-oween spirits, we're hosting a virtual costume contest! All our boos can enter for a chance to win a a free props kit, which includes our new pomegranate core ball.

Today through Halloween night, post a pic or video of you and your pumpkins in costume and TAG us on Instagram. We'll crown our Hallow-Queen (or king) the next day in a random drawing. If you've got it, haunt it. Sorry, we can't Reese-ist a good Halloween pun!

Got a spook-tacular pun for us? Leave your favorites in the comments! 💀

“Eleven years ago, we launched @barre3 with a singular vision:

to redefine what success in fitness means. For so long, we’ve been conditioned by society to exercise to achieve an unrealistic physical “ideal.”

Together, we’re shifting the paradigm. Instead of exercising to get there—to that imagined ideal—at barre3 we exercise to be here in this moment, empowered and present in our bodies just as they are.” - @sadielincoln

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You have arrived. ✨🧡

Save this post for when you need a moment of peace.

Thank you for sharing with us @herfirst100k

We don’t know who needs to hear this but... 🧡


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Don’t worry, we still love you, 60-min classes. It’s just nice to have a shorter option!

Our 45-minute class includes the same components as our 60-minute class, including strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness, but in a condensed and efficient format — ideal for when you’re pressed for time. And our 60-minute version? It’s the same remarkable class you know and love.

Tonight at 5:45pm, Kelly is teaching a pop up 45-minute livestream “happy hour” class! If you haven’t tried the 45-minute option, here’s your chance.

Head to the link in bio. You know what to do.

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We are 12 days away from Election Day. Your voice matters. #vote

Repost from @barre3: “No words, just love 🧡”

#barre3seattle staff member @annhvu on Twitter

Reminiscing the days when we’d fill this space with bodies, movement, and joy. ✨

But for now, it is full of retail! Leggings, tops, bras, props — we’ve got them all.

Book a private shopping appointment with us. We’re at the Capitol Hill studio every Thursday from 10am-2pm and would love to help you shop (from a distance). Email us to schedule!

#barre3seattle #b3retail

“Her mountains did not break her, instead, they only shaped her, and gave her an all new hope to see.

She is stronger than she ever thought she’d be.” @morganharpernichols

Amy took her #barre3 practice to Sun Valley, ID and is bringing back some fresh energy to the schedule. ☀️

Join her for a livestream class TONIGHT at 5pm or this Saturday at 10am.

#barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #b3strong

Your purest intuitions are always on point. 💯 @spiritualgangster

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Be enough for yourself first. The rest of the world can wait. 🧡


Need a reason to happy dance? Here’s two:
1) It’s Friday 🎉

2) Rachelle is back on the schedule to guest teach a very special pop-up livestream class tomorrow!

Rachelle makes every class equal parts fun and challenging and will leave you feeling strong, energized, and ready to conquer your day. 💪✨

Saturday @ 8:45am - Book now at the link in our bio! See you there.

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Sometimes the best way to release tension and stress is to surrender yourself to what is coming in your direction.

Embrace what this current moment needs, and create a mindset that flows with it, instead of against it.

Give yourself permission to surrender. ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

The beauty of a livestream class? Zero commute time!

You’re just a couple clicks away from an amazing workout that will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for the rest of your day.

It’s never too late to grab your spot in a livestream class. So log off, tune in, and get ready to move. We’ve got you covered the rest of the way. ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

Wishing our Roosevelt Studio Manager Cherise the happiest of birthdays today!

Cherise is our number one gal behind the scenes who makes it happen whether we’re in the studio together or going live from our living rooms. Cherise, thank you for the laughter and light you bring to this team.

Give our girl some birthday love in the comments below. 🎂🧡✨


We may be missing the summer sun, but we can still find ways to brighten even the darkest days.

Here’s how:

☀️ Move your body
☀️ Connect to your community
☀️ Share your light with others

Find us on livestream all this week, OR, join us outdoors this Wednesday morning at 9:30am for a 45 min burner.

See the link in our bio for this week’s schedule.

@barre3 @k.nelson.a
#barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

It’s been a tough year. Check in with friends, family and loved ones, and be sure to check in with yourself.

What do you need today? ✨


Let’s be real. Some days you just don’t have time, or even the energy, to press play on an online workout.

Here are three b3 moves to start your weekend energized, present, and ready for whatever the day brings. ✨

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OH YA, who else needed this reminder?

Take a deep breath, then go on with your day. 🤍

@alex_elle #barre3 #barre3seattle

Dear our empowered barre3Seattle community, your voice matters.

Today we’re encouraging our team here at barre3 and community to get out and vote.

Click the link in our bio to make sure you are registered to vote. The last day to register online and by mail in Washington is October 26.

Mondays can sometimes feel like too much screen time, not enough me time.

Here’s your reminder to make some time for YOU today. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a livestream class, try a barre3 online workout. 10, 30, 45, or 60 mins, we’ve got you covered! Head to to check out our free 15-day trial.

@justinevidovich @barre3laderaranch


✨Sunday mood✨

Speaking of waking up early...

Starting this week we’re adding TWO early morning classes to the livestream lineup. Mondays and Thursdays at 6:15am.

We love to start our days with you and we’re so excited to add an earlier option. 💪 Link in bio to sign up!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

More time in the day for you. New on the schedule: 45-minute Classes!

🕗The same remarkable barre3 class in just 45 minutes. Sign up for class via link in bio.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below! ⬇️


Our powerhouse instructor / mentor Crystal is owning our IG tomorrow!

Tune into her 7:30am livestream and then follow along the rest of her day. ☀️

@cdsp #barre3 #barre3seattle

We are stronger than we think, and even feel sometimes.

All that matters is that we keep moving forward. ✨

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Good morning, sunshines! We are soaking up every last bit of clear fall weather while we can.

Join us for outdoor classes every day this week:

☀️Tuesday, 11:00am with Meagan
☀️Wednesday, 9:30am with Nikki
☀️Thursday, 10:00am with Amy
☀️Friday, 9:45am with Crystal
☀️Saturday, 8:45am with Lily (45 mins)
☀️Sunday, 3:15pm with Lily (45 mins)

Head to the link in bio to reserve your spot!

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Allow yourself to sink into the truth of all that you are and all that you can be.

We can welcome softness just as we can welcome strength. Each can exist beautifully within us, together.

@barre3 #barre3seattle

There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but this—this we know for sure...

@alex_elle @barre3
#barre3 #barre3seattle

We know that mindset is incredibly influential over how we experience life.

For many of us, it feels like our lives have been put on hold. Trips have been cancelled, weddings postponed, major milestones missed out on.

How can we shift from a perspective and a period of waiting to committing to living our lives in the present moment?

@barre3portland #barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

How we feel about outdoor b3 classes 🧡

We are in full swing with our outdoor classes with lots of chances each week to join us!

With the temperatures starting to drop and crisp fall air, there’s no better weather to practice in!

But that also means rain. is. coming. ☔️ Be sure to watch for changes to the schedule and be prepared to switch to a livestream should weather keep us indoors.

Book your classes online or in the Mindbody app - and always reach out with any questions! We’re here for you, rain or shine #barre3seattle

#barre3 #barre3anywhere #b3strong

Keep showing up. You got this. 💪


#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

Bring some balance to your week, Seattle.

We’ve got classes — Livestream AND outdoors — and we can’t wait to see you.

Book your classes for the week at the link in bio. ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #balancedinbody #empoweredfromwithin #b3anywhere #barre3outdoors

Could Sunday PAWSibly get any sweeter?

Yes. Grab your workout buddy and join us online for a livestream class!

Three opportunities to move, stretch, and breathe. Link in bio to sign up!

10:00am with Nikki (60 mins)
12:00pm with Laura K (60 mins)
3:15pm with Lily (45 mins)

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere

“Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” RBG ✨💪

@barre3edina #strongwomen #notoriousrbg #b3strong

Our incredible instructor Kristen N reminding us of blue skies and clean air. Sighhhh.

While we wait for smoke to clear and to return to the comfort of some normalcy, we are so grateful to our community for standing with us—with each other. We make each other stronger by staying connected, and through connection there is hope, positivity and release.

Lean into love, and each other (digitally, of course). We’ll be right here for you. 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong #barre3anywhere #barre3outdoors

Take your time. ✨


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We talk about modifications a lot. But it’s those modifications that allow us to check in with ourselves and recognize when we feel great — or when we feel off — and adjust accordingly.

The modification mindset allows us to accept and honor both states of being, because it’s all a part of the journey toward balance — and everything we feel, both the ease and the challenge, make up our authentic selves. #barre3

Credit: @barre3

#barre3seattle #b3strong

Your daily reminder that it’s ok to just be where you are, no decisions necessary 🤍

@barre3boulder @morganharpernichols
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Praying for the rain to come. In the meantime, hop online and join us for a livestream class!

We are here for you, Seattle.

Link in bio to sign up. New to b3? Email us and we’ll get you set up.

📸: @sarirybar
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Monday reminder ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

Hands up for the long weekend! Happy Labor Day!

In observance of the holiday, we do not have classes scheduled today. But catch us in classes all this week — both livestream and outdoors.

Link in bio for this weeks schedule and to claim your spot. ☀️

#barre3 #barre3seattle #laborday

Waitlisted for our outdoor class this morning? Grab your workout buddy and join us on livestream at 10am!

We are still bringing livestream classes to you 7 days a week. Head to the link in our bio to sign up!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

Pause: What needs your energy today? ✨


#barre3seattle #barre3

Reminder!! We have retail hours happening 10am - 2pm.

Give us a call or email us to schedule your appointment.

We’ll be here every Thursday so you can shop your favorites. 🤩 Capitol Hill location only!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3retail

“Friends! the past 6 or so months, I've swayed between the place of before and what could be and in that journey missed out on being 100% present.

As we're faced with distractions (literally because we are outside!), try to keep focus on what you need in the moment.

For your body to push deeper, to take pause or to simply enjoy your hour away, these 60 minutes will be just for you. I am so grateful to get to spend that time with you! bring your ball and weights if you have them- let's do this!” @nikbee_

Join Nikki for outdoor classes every Wednesday morning, 9:30am at Maple Leaf Park. ☀️

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #barre3outdoors

“Balanced in body and empowered from within.” ✨

Our sweet instructor Kristen taking #barre3anywhere to Hole-In-the-Wall at Rialto Beach. 💪

After a weekend of adventuring, we are ready to start our week strong. Livestream and outdoor class schedule is LIVE - head to the link in bio to book!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3outdoors

OK nothing beats barre3 with a side of sunshine.☀️We’re offering barre3 classes on various weekdays AND weekends.

New classes are being added all the time, so keep checking the schedule and right here on Instagram for updates.

Click the link in bio to sign up for class and make the most of what’s left of our summer sun!

Questions? Email or DM us and we’ll get you set up. 💪

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #barre3outdoors

Repeat as needed.

@herfirst100k @barre3
#barre3seattle #barre3

As you would a meeting, a workout, or any other to-do: Challenge yourself to schedule rest.

#barre3 #barre3seattle

MOOD when it’s Friday and you see more outdoor classes added to the schedule!

Meet us at Maple Leaf Park and let’s MOVE together:
☀️ Sunday, August 30, 8:45am - with Risi
☀️ Sunday, August 30, 10am - with Risi
☀️ Tuesday, September 1, 4:15pm - Kimberly
☀️ Tuesday, September 1, 5:30pm - Kimberly
☀️ Wednesday, September 2, 9:30am - with Nikki

What to bring: Water, mat, towel, & mask!

Sign up on Mindbody online - link in bio!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #barre3outdoors

“It is no small thing to be grateful for the simplest things, for this too, is a pursuit of peace.” @morganharpernichols

Be here, now.✨

We are now offering in-studio shopping!

We’ve got items from your favorite brands including Humble Warrior, Beyond yoga, DYI, Emily Hsu, & Spiritual Gangster — all 50% off.

Shop our in-studio sale this ‪Thursday (tomorrow), August 27th 10am - 2pm‬ at the Capitol Hill location!
Can't make ‪it this week‬? No worries!
We’ll be here for appointment-only shopping every Thursday between ‪10am - 2 pm‬.

Email at roosevelt to book your appointment.

#barre3seattle #barre3


Noticing how we feel in the present empowers us to make decisions that are right for us, push unattainable measures of success out the door, and make room for a definition of success that aligns with our goals.

Challenge yourself to tap into your present truth and make choices to honor it. Being present in mind and body can unite us all. ✨

#makeityourown #honoryourtruth #barre3 #barre3seattle

SURPRISE! Members: You may have noticed a familiar face in your inbox this week.

Nikki shares a 60 minute burner that is sure to start your week strong, wherever you are.

We love that we can share these weekly workouts with you from our homes to yours. 🧡

If you’re not a member and want to get on the list, email us at roosevelt and we’ll get you connected. Questions? We are here for you.

#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3strong #barre3anywhere #moretogetherthanalone

💥Good news, Monday!💥

We still have spots left in both outdoor classes tomorrow with Michelle!

Back to back classes (10am and 11:15am) and plenty of space to move together.

Are you in? Grab your spot on Mindbody online, or head to the link in our bio! 💪

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere #b3strong #barre3outdoors

Speak gratitude into existence today. ✨


#barre3 #barre3seattle

Oh, hi! Happy Friday!

We loved seeing you last weekend for our first outdoor class @chophouserow.

And because we’re feeling the love, we’ve added MORE outdoor classes to the schedule.

Join us next TUESDAY, 8/25 at Maple Leaf Park for not one, but TWO more outdoor classes! Head to the link in bio to grab your spot. 💥

Can’t wait to see you!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3outdoors #barre3anywhere #b3strong

Have you checked out our online retail shop lately?

Some of our favorite items are still in stock, including the barre3 Signature Leggings, tanks, and branded water bottles!

Click the link in our bio to shop barre3 Seattle online through Mindbody, or check our ‘RETAIL’ story highlight for step by step instructions. Happy shopping!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3strong

Rise, shine, and go with your own flow today. If you feel like taking it slow and gentle, then do.

If you feel energized and inspired to get busy, then do. - @laurajaneillustrations

Whatever you do, let’s agree to have a great week, Seattle. 🧡

Here’s our livestream lineup:

8/17, Monday, 7:30am — with Crystal
8/17, Monday, 11am — with Meagan
8/18, Tuesday, 9:30am — with Laura S
8/18, Tuesday, 5pm — with Kristin B
8/19, Wednesday, 8am — with Risi
8/19, Wednesday, 12pm — with Michelle
8/19, Wednesday, 5pm — with Rachel
8/20, Thursday, 7:30am — with Crystal
8/20, Thursday, 5pm — with Kristen N
8/21, Friday, 8am — with Risi
8/21, Friday, 12pm — with Meagan
8/22, Saturday, 8:30am — with Veronica
8/22, Saturday, 10am — with Amy
8/23, Sunday, 9am — with Risi
8/23, Sunday, 4:30pm — with Laura K

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere #b3strong

Our modern lifestyles leave key muscle groups suffering from lack of daily use.

Barre3 workouts focus on functional movement to help you strengthen your body, and to further deliver on our mission: to teach you to be balanced in body and empowered from within.

How are you finding balance this weekend? Let us know in the comments 👇 or by tagging us in your posts. 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #b3strong

The barre3 practice isn’t just about moving — it’s also about practicing presence and honoring what feels right for you.

Whatever you’re feeling today, that feeling deserves love, gratitude and acceptance.

Hand on your heart, deep breath, proceed with purpose. 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

Ready to move together again? US, TOO.

First outdoor class is coming this Sunday, August 16 at 10am!

We are so thrilled to partner with our friends @chophouserow and @cloudroomseattle for this one. Beautiful open space and plenty of room to (safely) move together.

☀️Sign up for class via Mindbody Online (just like you would any other class!)
☀️Grab your mat, mask, towel, and water!
☀️Get ready to move!

#barre3seattle #barre3outdoors #barre3 #barre3anywhere

TIP TUESDAY feat. Power Leg!

This b3 staple brings a LOT of heat to the front of your thighs (read:

quads) by keeping your heels lifted and parallel, knees tracking over your ankles, and hips forward. The positioning of our joints in Power Leg shifts your weight to the front of your body bringing that deep heat and intense shakes.

There are tons of mods for Power Leg, too. Swipe ➡️ to learn more!

Power Leg is a tried and true b3 posture for a reason. Let us know in the comments how you modify. 🔥

Art: @janedepgen

#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3strong #tiptuesday

IT’S HAPPENING. 🙌 We are taking our classes outdoors!

We heard you loud and clear and are so excited to finally make this happen. To ensure we are adhering to local mandates while still offering amazing classes, check our story highlights for details on preventative safety measures.

Space will be limited to 10 members — make sure to reserve your spot soon. We are working on adding more outdoor classes in the future, so check back here and on Mindbody Online for updates! And, we will still continue to bring you plenty of Livestream classes in the meantime. ✨

Click the link in our bio to book your spot and join us for a class outside. We can’t wait to see you!

#barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #b3strong #barre3

Monday mantra✨ Balance is not something you find, but rather something you create.

@barre3edmond #barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #b3strong

“Even here, you free to exhale. Even here, you are worthy of the release.

Being in the unknown will ask a lot of you, but there is freedom within it, too... to slow down and notice what’s around you and how even here, the Light pours through. Find freedom in letting go of the need to always know. Dare to trust there is room for hope and healing, no matter what is unknown.” @morganharpernichols

Happy weekending, Seattle.✨

#barre3seattle #barre3 #b3strong #barre3anywhere #yougotthis

A great reminder to get us through the rest of the week. How are you taking care of yourself today?


#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

Credit: @lyndseyfifield

Looking for a way to switch up your livestream schedule? Us too!

Tomorrow, August 6th, barre3 online + @barre3nashville instructor @cheeto_charo will be leading a LIVE 30-minute workout with @outdoorvoices on the @barre3 Instagram.

Swipe up in the @barre3 highlight to RSVP and come get your afternoon sweat on!

It’s TIP TUESDAY! Next up: Narrow Athletic V 🔥

NAV fires up your outer glutes, with some bonus heat in your upper thighs and abs as they work to keep you stable in the posture.

Tips to take it deeper: Squeeze your heels a little tighter, fan your knees out a little wider, sink an inch lower, or try closing your eyes for an added balance challenge!

Swipe ➡️ for a full breakdown and mods!

Bottom line: Listen to your body and honor where you‘re at in the present moment. ✨🧡

#barre3 #b3strong #barre3seattle #barre3 Art: @janedepgen

Who’s ready for a month of summer fun? We’re thinking of more ways to connect with you and bringing you lots of opportunities to sweat it out together!

We are so grateful for our community. 🧡✨

Here’s this week‘s livestream lineup:
8/3, Monday, 7:30am — with Crystal
8/3, Monday, 11am — with Meagan
8/4, Tuesday, 9:30am — with Laura S
8/4, Tuesday, 5pm — with Kristin B
8/5, Wednesday, 8am — with Risi
8/5, Wednesday, 12pm — with Michelle
8/5, Wednesday, 7pm — with Rachel
8/6, Thursday, 7:30am — with Crystal
8/6, Thursday, 5pm — with Kristen N
8/7, Friday, 8am — with Risi
8/7, Friday, 12pm — with Meagan
8/8, Saturday, 8:30am — with Veronica
8/8, Saturday, 10am — with Amy
8/9, Sunday, 7:30am — with Rachel
8/9, Sunday, 9am — with Risi
8/9, Sunday, 4:30pm — with Laura K

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

Are you seeing this message when you try to schedule classes with the @mindbody app?

Not to worry - MBO is aware of the issue and is working on a fix!

In the meantime, try deleting and re-downloading the app, booking on a desktop, or send us an email and we’ll get you into class.

We’re here for you! 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #seattefitness

Remember your kindness 🧡

Image: @werenotreallystrangers

We get this question all the time: Is barre3 cardio?

Our answer? Yes!

Barre3 gets your heart pumping and promotes cardiovascular health. Even during powerful holds, you’re asking your muscles to stabilize, which requires the heart to work hard. Whether you’re joining us for a 60-minute class or pressing play to a 10-minute online workout, barre3 does amazing things for your heart.


#barre3anywhere #barre3seattle #barre3

Thursday mood ✨

#barre3 #barre3seattle #seattlefitness

TIP TUESDAY: Bridge Lifts!

Bridge Lifts is a back-body specific core posture.

It combines an emphasis on the glutes with core control for a sneaky ab burn! Start on your back in a neutral spine, feet pressed into your surface beneath you, knees over your ankles, shoulders and rib cage rooted down and hips lifted.

Wanna spice it up? All of our props can be used during Bridge Lifts to bring extra 🔥 to this versatile posture. Prop-less? Try a heel lift, leg lift, or arm lift!

Swipe ➡️ for a full posture breakdown and modifications!

Art: @janedepgen

#barre3 #barre3seattle #tiptuesday

Start this week with a new outlook ✨

Join us for one of our many available livestream classes.

View the schedule and sign up for classes on Mindbody online at the link in our bio. See you soon!

#barre3 #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

Looking for a break from the heat? Crank up the AC, book a class with us, and get your sweat on right from your living room or wherever you take your Livestream practice!

Sign up for your next class through our link in bio!

This week‘s lineup:
7/27, Monday, 7:30am — with Crystal
7/27, Monday, 11am — with Meagan
7/28, Tuesday, 9:30am — with Laura S
7/28, Tuesday, 5pm — with Kristin B
7/29, Wednesday, 8am — with Risi
7/29, Wednesday, 12pm — with Meagan
7/30, Thursday, 9:30am — with Crystal
7/30, Thursday, 5pm — with Kristen N
7/31, Friday, 8am — with Risi
7/31, Friday, 12pm — with Meagan
8/1, Saturday, 8:30am — with Veronica
8/1, Saturday, 10am — with Amy
8/2, Sunday, 7:30am — with Rachel
8/2, Sunday, 9am — with Risi

#barre3 #barre3seattle

Movement is not an indulgence—it’s a necessity. You deserve every joyful, heart-pumping second of your workout.

Bring some joy to your step taps and remind yourself why you pressed ‘play’ today. 🧡✨

Happy Friday!

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Exciting news! Now you can shop select @barre3 items we carry in-studio from anywhere!

Just log in to your Mindbody account, head to the B3 Studio Shop tab and select ‘Products.’

Purchases are available for studio pickup on Thursdays — just be sure to wear your mask! If you’d prefer, email us to schedule a curbside pickup. Questions? We’re here for you.

Click the link in bio to start shopping! 🧡✨

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We’re back with another TIP TUESDAY! This week we’re covering a b3 staple: Crescent Lunge

We often see this posture in warm up because it’s a great hip opener. The main goal is to heat up the body, especially when we pair it with an active flow. Crescent Lunge also helps open up our hip flexors, especially after a cardio blast and before heading into b3 core. Swipe ➡️ for the full breakdown!

Art: @janedepgen
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Sunday plans. What’s on your list? ✨

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Jumping into the weekend like... 🌊💦☀️

Here’s your weekend lineup, @barre3seattle !

Check Mindbody Online to sign up for classes.

Friday @ 12pm with Meagan
Saturday @ 8:30am with Veronica
Saturday @ 10am with Amy
Sunday @ 7:30am with Rachel
Sunday @ 9am with Risi
Sunday @ 4pm with Laura K

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Whether you’re new to barre3 or a longtime member, now’s your chance to stock up on class packages!

Get 5 classes for $75 or a single class for $18! Applies to in-studio and livestream classes.

Head to the link in bio to purchase or email us for more deets! 🧡

How many of you just felt a moment of relief?

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You are what you do.

By @harmonywillowstudio
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What b3 is all about ✨

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Being present in our bodies allows us to observe our feelings, rather than giving them control.

When we do that, we find calm in the chaos and gain strength, and create space and opportunity for positive change in our minds, bodies, and in the world.

Wherever you are today, find time to anchor in the present moment, take a full, deep breath, and proceed with purpose.

You got this.

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TIP TUESDAY: Horse Pose!

Horse pose is the widest we work in class with feet at 10 & 2 on an imaginary clock.

Horse pose allows you to anchor down through all four corners of your feet, open up your hips and strengthen your external rotators. Swipe ➡️ for a full break down of the posture and how to modify!

Art: @janedepgen

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Don’t underestimate the power of small daily decisions to improve your happiness and health. 🧡

Happy Sunday, barre3 fam!

Image: @bumblebizz @chronically_cheerful

Every step counts. ✨

Image @minna_so @barre3portland
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Haaaave you met Rachel?! Well if you haven’t, tomorrow is your chance!

Our newest instructor is taking over on IG stories. All. Day. Long. And we are here for it. 👏👏

OH ya, and watch for Rachel Friday morning for a ✨20 minute LIVE class✨ right here on Instagram! Don’t be fooled by that sweet smile, she’ll bring the heat.

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Hands on isn’t an option right now, but we’re still here to help you enhance your practice and connect to postures on a deeper level.

Introducing TIP TUESDAY, where every week we’ll break down postures and explore modifications that serve you.

First up, a crowd fave, Carousel Horse! Swipe ➡️ for the full breakdown and modifications!

Art: @janedepgen

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Let’s continue to support each other, be kind to each other, help each other, and love each other.

We are here for you. 🧡

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“You have a right to be exactly who you are.” @michelleobama

Happy Friday, team!

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OH HEY. Check out that weekend lineup!

Starting this weekend, join Risi LIVE on Sundays at 9am!

She’ll be ready to bring a little extra 🔥 to round our your weekend and start your week strong.
Sign up on Mindbody via the link in our bio!
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Make time for you today.
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" @aliciasokol writing from the heart:

7 years ago today, I became a @barre3 instructor.

I may not have been the first Black instructor, but I am the first Black barre3 studio owner - and was until recently alone in that distinction.

Barre was initially intimidating to me. I was not a ballet dancer nor am I particularly graceful. But I was not discouraged by the look or feel of barre because I have grown up in a White world. I did not let marketing images showing blond ballerina types stop me from setting foot into a studio to try class.

I have lived my life being the only ___ in the room. Woman, POC, Bi-racial person. I struggled with belonging as a kid, particularly in the turbulent adolescent years. I know the sting of feeling unwelcome out of fear and lack of acceptance. It's hard to be the only ___ in the room (fill in with whatever shows up for you). I loved my first class and quickly felt stronger and happier, with no pain in my knees and hips. I found @barre3dc when it opened in 2012 and became an instructor about a year later. I was turning 40 and itching for a(nother) career pivot.

I opened @barre3dc14thst in 2016 to provide a welcoming space to move, breathe and connect. I aimed for each person to feen an immediate sense of belonging. When we feel connected to something larger than ourselves, we become vulnerable, seek truth, face hard stuff and become more whole. Feeling supported, accepted and loved is where real change happens on an individual level. Isn't this how ALL change must begin?" Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful words, @aliciasokol. We are grateful to learn from you. 🧡

Breathe in what you need, breathe out what you don’t. Happy Monday. 🧡

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Gentle reminder that it’s ok to embrace change, to be uncomfortable, to not have all the answers.

This is how we grow.

credit: @spiritdaughter

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“You can’t separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has freedom.” Malcolm X 🖤

Juneteenth is an important holiday in the Black community to commemorate the day federal troops arrived in Texas to ensure the end of slavery — liberation for all. Today, our community is holding space to celebrate life, freedom and movement.

All proceeds from livestream classes today, June 19th, will be given to @campaignzero — an organization committed to ending police violence.

Follow the link in our bio to learn more about the organization, sign up for classes, or simply make a donation.
We hope you will join us!

#Juneteenth #liberationday #jubileeday #freedomday #CampaignZero #barre3seattle #barre3

Our favorite barre3 Signature Leggings are NEW in navy! 😍

Just a few reasons why we love them:
* Four-way stretch fabric
* High-waisted fit
* 7/8 length
* Comfortable compression

All four colorways are now available in studio! Be sure to shop our retail highlight, and DM or email mary.lytle for availability and purchasing details.
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Days might be looking very different with you and your little ones!

Here are tips to keep yourself grounded and your kids active and engaged:
* Make an indoor blanket fort.
* Play a board game—and let yourself get competitive.
* Have breakfast in bed.
* Let them join in on your at-home barre3 class 😉

We love seeing you and your @barre3 at home! Thanks to @mary_sparks_k and @eaneary for sharing these #committedtoreal moments.
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Taking a moment to wish four of our teammates BIG props on their recent graduations!

We are so proud and can’t wait to see them leave their marks in this world.

From left to right:
• Risi, instructor, law degree from UW
• Cherise, Roosevelt studio manager, MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga
• Elli, front desk, BA in Public Health from UW
• Miranda, front desk, diploma from Roosevelt HS

Show these incredible women some love in the comments below. 🧡🎓✨ #barre3seattle #2020graduates #congratsgrad

Here’s your reminder to take up allll that space today, friend.

We know that many of you will be participating in the @blmskc strike, silent marches, and day of action in support of the Black community today. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to cancel our noon Livestream class.

Opportunities to move with us this weekend:
Saturday @ 8:30am w/ Risi
Saturday @ 10am w/ Amy
Sunday @ 7:30am w/ Rachel
Sunday @ 4:30pm w/ Laura K

Link in bio to sign up.🧡 #barre3seattle #barre3 #takeupspace

A letter from our Co-Founders.
Read more on the B3 Magazine, “A Letter From Our Co-Founders:

Our Commitment to Change” at

Happy Monday, friends!

Exciting news. We know how much (some of) you are missing our 6ams — we hear you.

To fill the gap, each week we will send out free, prerecorded 45 minute classes that you can access whenever you have time, no livestream sign up needed.
Members will receive the link to a new class from taught by Kelly every Monday night. Our hope is that these will hit your inbox just in time for your Tuesday morning wake up call.

Not a member? Email at roosevelt and we’ll get you connected.
Questions? Let us know. We are here for you. 🧡

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“Engage in the long, faithful work.” @morganharpernichols
Let’s keep moving forward, together.

Art by @harmonywillowart
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We can not overcome what we ignore.

As individuals and as a business it can be hard to know the right words, but as active participants in our community we must listen, learn, feel, love and use our voices. When times are hard we often say, “we’re all in this together,” and now is a time to stand up together and participate in the world we live in. What’s happening in our communities is not ok, and silence is not an option. Our communities deserve to be full of love, hope and acceptance — not fear and brutality.
Black Lives Matter.
While we don’t have all the answers, we feel it is more important to show up imperfectly and broken hearted and use our voice. Because imperfect is so much more than not at all.
Now more than ever it is vital to stand up and take action. From signing petitions, to donating to reputable causes, to educating ourselves on true anti-racism — we can work together to fight injustice.
We’d love to tap into your collective wisdom and hear from you what organizations you are supporting that are fighting for lasting change. Help our community find ways to give and stand against overt and systemic racism.
Comment below 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle
@montanamakes via @barre3edina

As a company, we see the need in the world to change and we will continue to stand up to racial injustice.

We are in this together! We celebrate diversity in our community and embrace everyone with love always.

#barre3 #barre3seattle

We are going quiet on our social channels this week to honor and create space for BIPOC voices.

The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, along with the many black lives before them, are tragic and devastating.

Words have power, but actions have more. As a company we are fully committed to learning, growing, and taking action. We are using this time to hold space as a company for this incredibly important conversation and to begin to build both a short- and long-term plan for how barre3 will more boldly stand for diversity and racial inclusivity.

Short term, we will use this platform to share the resources we’re using to educate ourselves about racial justice. Black Lives Matter.

#amplifymelanatedvoices by @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd •
Image: @roandcostudio

With our feet rooted to the earth, we recognize the present moment is all we have. To see.

To listen. To learn. To feel. To love. To use our voices.
Our communities deserve to full of love, hope, and acceptance — not fear and brutality.
Black Lives Matter.
We are deeply saddened by the events that have taken place. And while we do not have all the answers, we do know this: what is happening in our communities is not ok, and silence is not an option.
We are actively having conversations about the system we live and participate in, and what change we can make within our company as well in the world to make a difference. While we don’t have all the answers today or perfectly crafted plans, we feel it is more important to show up imperfectly and use our voice at this time than not at all.
All of the proceeds from Monday’s classes will be donated in full towards Black Lives Matter in King County. We hope you will join us in supporting them in whatever way you can — even just by showing up.
Image: @cleowade
Caption: @barre3

Free your energy
Release your fear
Vibrate higher

✨ #barre3seattle #barre3 #b3strong

Our amazing Amy is celebrating her 9th anniversary with us this weekend!

We are so grateful for you and the supportive, thoughtful energy you bring to our community. 🧡

To celebrate, let’s pack her livestream class and show her some love! Join us Saturday morning at 10am for a killer start to your weekend.

Link in bio to grab a spot, or send us a DM and we’ll get you set up!
#barre3seattle #barre3 #joblove

You get to decide. 🤍

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Mary showcases new retail and current available items!

Email us or DM with any questions on pricing or availability!

Many businesses, and many families are being deeply impacted during these unpredictable times.

What this calls for is extending kindness and offering support in any way that’s available to you. Here are some steps you can take to support those around you:

✨Purchase gift cards from local businesses as a gift to a future you.
✨Donate to a local food bank.
✨Write reviews for the businesses you frequent.
✨Check in on friends, family, and your neighbors over phone or text.
✨Share about the local businesses you love on social media.

Remember: From the bottom of our small-but-mighty business hearts, thank you for weathering this storm with us. While we miss our time together in the studio, we’re staying connected and supporting one another. Keep connecting with us on social— every day we tune in and are energized by your movement. 📸: @barre3cherryhill
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Life, at times, feels like a push and pull between chaos and our ability to resist it.

But what if instead of pushing away, we leaned into the unknown and chose to trust the journey unfolding before us?

Start today by joining us for a livestream class. You can sign up via the link in our bio or email us & we can help you get registered for class.
📝: @barre3cherryhill
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Today we remember and honor those who have served and protected our country.

From all of us at barre3 Seattle, thank you. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

We continue to honor our military and veterans with a 10% discount on class packages. Email us for details.
📸: @barre3austinfourpoints
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You get to be someone you love. ✨🧡
swikey on Twitter
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“The key to your growth is to keep showing up.” @danielledoby

However you show up today, know that you are enough. ✨🧡 #barre3 #barre3seattle

Can you feel it? We’re sending you all the good vibes, from our homes to yours.

Happy weekending, barre3 Seattle! Let’s stay connected. ✨🧡 #barre3 #barre3seattle

With more time spent sitting at home, our hips are likely feeling tighter than normal.

Here are three barre3 moves that help open up your hips, increase mobility, and move with ease.

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

Whether they’re on your wrist or in your hair, scrunchies are back and here to stay.

Barre3 made their own and we. are. loving them!

The barre3 Signature Scrunchie is eco-friendly and cut from fabric remnants of the Signature Leggings. We also love that they are easy on your strands while still keeping your hair out of your face - whether you’re chasing your kiddos or doing an at-home workout.

We’ve got them in black, forest green, navy, and merlot. DM us or email Mary.Lytle if you want one, or two, or three!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3anywhere

Movement is the ultimate form of self care.
Head to the link in our bio to schedule time for you this week.

#barre3 #barre3seattle

Our faces when we see a new class time added to the livestream schedule ..

Starting this week, join us Mondays at 11am with Meagan! Now you’ve got 16 opportunities to move, sweat, and connect with us. 💪

Link in bio to sign up. #barre3seattle #barre3

It’s true: we’re better together. Tag your weekend workout buddy! 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle

“Barre3 helps me feel stronger and has taught me to love my body for what it can do instead of focusing on what it can’t.

My @barre3 community brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.” - @betterbelliesbymolly

You are all these things and more. Thank you for staying with us. 🧡

#barre3 #barre3seattle #b3strong

Give yourself some grace, and without expectation or judgement, remember that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.


By @morganharpernichols
#barre3 #b3strong

Happy 7 year teaching anniversary to our lovely instructor Laura S!

You are such a bright light on our team and bring that energy to your classes - both in-studio and on Zoom. ✨

And a very special happy anniversary to @barre3neworleans where Laura was a founding instructor! 🧡 Thank you for sharing her with us.
#barre3seattle #barre3neworleans #barre3

Celebrating our inherent strength—together.

We are halfway through Week 2 of the b3strong Challenge—feeling so grateful for this community that continues to show up for each other and for themselves.

We’ve got 10 more live classes lined up for you this week, so make sure to grab your spot and sign up at the link in bio.

And, join us for a 20 minute workout with Sadie Lincoln this Friday on @barre3 Instagram Live! 🧡✨💪 #b3strong #barre3seattle #barre3

Keep going. We’re right there with you. 🧡

Adrienne Barnes on Twitter
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Raise your hand if you’ve been online shopping, like a LOT.

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Add these to the list of “must-haves” because they are a serious game changer.

Introducing the NEW barre3 Signature Leggings! They come in black, green, and now merlot.

We also have the #b3strong tee available for purchase - perfect together or separate.

Check our “RETAIL” highlight for details. If you see something you like, DM us or email Mary.Lytle Happy shopping!

#barre3seattle #barre3 #barre3signaturelegging #b3strong

Monday: you did it. Here are three barre3 postures to help you wind down, focus inward, and prepare you for the week ahead.

Sweet dreams, friends! 💤

#barre3seattle #barre3anywhere #barre3

It’s a brand new week with 15 new chances to move with us LIVE!

Plus, check out that extra class time added on Wednesdays at 7pm! 🔥

Click the link in our bio, sign up for your classes, and let’s #makeithappen
#b3strong #barre3seattle

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the incredible moms, mother figures, magic makers, advice givers, hand holders, caregivers in our community, on our team, and of course in our own families.

Today we honor, celebrate and recognize all that you are and all that you do for us. You have our endless gratitude and love. 🧡

And a VERY special birthday shout out to our instructor, Anna! We are so proud to have you on our team. ✨💪🏼 @barre3 #b3strong #barre3 #mothersday

Happy Friday, barre3 Seattle! We may be apart for now, but you are never alone. 🧡

#barre3 | #b3strong

We designed the #b3strong Challenge to celebrate and lean into our community strength, and to provide tools to help you discover your inherent strength in its many forms.

As the week comes to a close, tell us, what are you celebrating? ✨

@barre3 | #barre3

Okay, how cute is this #tbt ! Can you tell who is who from these throwbacks?

Swipe to see all of our livestream instructors as little ones & leave your guesses below!

Check the comments on Friday to see names revealed. 😍

Today we are honoring National Nurses Day with a very special shout out to our amazing @ali.loechl.

We love you and appreciate you!

To all of our healthcare heroes who work tirelessly to keep us, our families, our communities safe, THANK YOU.
#nationalnursesday #b3strong 🧡

Happy Wednesday, friends! We are just loving this realness in art form, done by our very own @amywmasterson

Even when the days start to blur together, there’s always some magic to be found. Here’s your daily reminder: Yes. You. Can. 🤍

#barre3 #b3strong

Give yourself permission to rest.
To feel.
To breathe.
To just, be.


B3Seattle family, we love you! Thank you for joining us for LIVESTREAM classes & supporting our community during this hard time.🙏🏻

We are missing you terribly and can’t wait to fill our studios again. Until then, we hope you feel our love radiating out to you! ✨

When you join us for the #b3strong Challenge, you’ll set your own goals and shape your own mindset—celebrating your inherent strength with the barre3 community right by your side.

It all starts May 1!

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all through the challenge, barre3 CEO and Co-founder Sadie Lincoln, is teaming up with studio owners from across the country to give you LIVE movement and breathwork sessions on Instagram! 🧡

We’re proud to continue our efforts with @gourmondoco and 16 top women business leaders to provide over 1,000 meals to more than 100 at-risk youth.

It’s an honor to come together to support @youthcare and their mission to end youth homelessness. The work they do to help lift our youth up from the streets and provide them the education and job training they need to ensure their success in the workforce and their overall future is incredible. •
For those interested in donating meals as part of this program, please email donations or click the link in bio to provide a monetary donation directly to #YouthCare.💛🍽 #wegotthisseattle #supportseattle

Today we are shouting Happy Birthday to our sweet Ann! 🎉

We are so grateful to have Ann as part of our deep clean dream team! Ann joined the barre3 Seattle community in 2016, and has been dedicated to providing our community with a safe and welcoming space! Her positivity and generosity helps cultivate that ‘Everybody Matters’ atmosphere! 🧡

Ps. Trying to decide on tonight’s takeout? Ann is a member of the elite squad on yelp and you can follow her reviews here:

Happiest of birthdays to our queen of play lounge & front desk gem, Brenda!

🎊We love seeing your face for 6am’s and our B3 kiddos are so loved by you! We are so grateful for you! 🧡

Stay tuned for more information regarding our efforts to support our clients and our community!

Hoppy Easter, everybunny! ☀️🐰🍭

Good morning b3 Seattle friends! We are working on ways to stay connected to you, while staying home to flatten the curve.

We’ve created public playlists on our Spotify page, to share our favorite tunes with all of you. Check them out & start jammin 💃🏻

P.S. We really miss all of you! 🧡

Happy Birthday to Amy, one of our fantastic instructors & team mentors! 🎉

You make our community stronger and for that we are so grateful. Hoping today is all about you and that you feel the love & support you show our clients! 🧡

Cupcakes & planks in studio, as soon as we can!!

Happiest of birthdays to our wonderful instructor & mentor, Tara! 🎉

We wish we could be celebrating in studio with you, but loved starting our day with you in Crystals class this morning on zoom!
Hoping today is full of love and laughter at home with your family & that this year brings new opportunities your way 🧡

Friends! Please welcome our newest certified instructor Rachel!

We are so excited to have another strong & fierce gal on our team!

Outside of the studio, you’re likely to find Rachel studying, as she’s finishing up her 1st year of law school! Rachel also has a background in competitive hip hip dance and is a former barista - so if you need a dance party partner or coffee date, look no further!

Until we are back in studio, you can join Rachel on Thursdays at 1:00p on zoom for our LIVESTREAM classes! See you there! 🧡

Not our normal Saturday morning, but Tara is ready for you!

LIVESTREAM classes are the best way for us to stay connected with you during the Stay Home mandate. Classes are offered throughout the week at a variety of times!

Our Mindbody link is in our bio, and we can’t wait to connect with you! 🧡

Sending a virtual happy birthday to our amazing instructor @cdsp !!

Hope you celebrate with a giant zoom chat!! 📸: @paosanchezmedia

An image to show my plans for the week.... check out our LIVESTREAM schedule below, and sign up at the link in our bio for one of our classes this week!

🧡Monday : 7:30am, 5:00pm
🧡Tuesday: 9:30am, 5:00pm
🧡Wednesday: 9:30am, 5:00 pm
🧡Thursday: 9:30am, 6:00pm
🧡Friday: 8:00am, 1:00pm
🧡Saturday: 8:30am, 10:00am

“Getting outside every day is keeping us sane!” - @kellyallisonw ( also loving lola’s dress/pajama outfit!) How are you staying active during this crazy time!?

Tag us in your stories to stay connected and be featured on our page!

It brings us so much happiness to begin offering LIVE classes as of this MONDAY!

Check out the link in our bio to sign up! Join us at your home, we are all in this together!

Take this time to slow down! In the chaos, find your peace! #barre3seattle

The sweetest barre3 duo out there! Tag @barre3seattle in your posts so we can share them with the community!

Get your at home mat ready and join us for this LIVE workout!!

Love seeing how our staff and community are keeping barre3 going while we are temporarily closed!

Our amazing instructor @laura.kuzel has set up this dreamy little at home barre station! We would love to see what everyone is doing to stay happy and healthy! Tag @barre3seattle in your stories to share with the community!!

Dear barre3 Seattle community,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we will be temporarily closing our doors as of ‪Monday, March 16th.‬ We remained hopeful that we could move forward with continuing to serve our community, but with the health and safety of our clients and team members as our number-one priority, we have made the difficult choice to close.  As many of you know, we are a small, local, independently owned business with families and loved ones to consider, just like you do.  We cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of love you give us every day. We will all emerge stronger together, and will work hard to reopen as soon as safely possible.

We also know that in a time when staying healthy is paramount, maintaining a regular exercise practice is more important than ever. Despite our doors being closed temporarily, we are still committed to providing you with access to remarkable barre3 classes online. After all, exercise has been shown to boost your immune system, reduce stress, and strengthen your heart and lungs -- all key in light of current events.

We have each of you, your families, and your communities in our thoughts, and we wish you continued good health.

Regarding when we will reopen, expect to hear from us weekly with any updates.  We’re already looking forward to that day and are excited to welcome you back soon!

The barre3 Seattle team

Our newest trainee Rachel is off to Portland for training! Catch her FREE community classes on:

Sunday 3/15 CH (11:15/12:30), Monday 3/16 CH (3:15pm), and Friday 3/20 Roos (7pm)

It’s this wonderful persons birthday today!! Ali we love you and your thoughtful, strong, and inspiring classes!

Have the most amazing day!!

Two very exciting things!!!! 1. Veronica is officially on schedule at Roosevelt! 2.

Sunday afternoon classes are back! At roos!
Veronica will be teaching: Monday 4:30pm, Tuesday 7:00pm, and SUNDAY 3:15/ 4:30!

Happy International Women’s day!

Between our instructors, staff, and community, we feel so lucky to be inspired by all the strong, courageous, brave, and kind women that step foot in this special space every day!

Listen to your body - the journey towards balance begins by asking yourself what you need.

Giving a warm welcome to our newest instructor @a_dub45 !

We are so excited for her to join our incredible team and can’t wait for you to get into one of her classes! She will be teaching Monday nights (5:45/7pm) at Roosevelt, and Saturday mornings (8:45/10am) at CH as of NEXT week!

Happy birthday to the sweetest soul! You are truly such a light in our community!

Hope you are having the best day filled with all the Rufus kisses! We love you!

Our gals @sarirybar @kristin_mmb and @bowiecolada are in Portland for L2 Training!

So excited for all the new knowledge they will be bringing back after this inspiring trip!

FREE community classes!! Check out the schedule and join our newest instructor in training Veronica!

You may have noticed this ray of sunshine sweating next to you in class over the years... so we are so excited for her to be the one challenging you and making YOU sweat! -Check the Roos Schedule for her classes on: 2/28, 2/29, 3/3

Happy birthday to our incredible instructor @k.nelson.a !

Hope you are dancing around with sweet little Anders! Have the most wonderful day!

Our incredibly talented instructor @lauraann1244 will be at our CH studio on Wednesday February 26th to sell and sign copies of her book after ALL of our classes!

We are so excited to have her, and get the opportunity to share her book with our community! Check out her page @thefirstdatedressbook for more info about her book!

So much love for our b3 community! Happy 🤍 day!
#barre3 #morganharpernichols

Our lovely instructor @kristin_mmb taking #barre3anywhere to Camelback Mountain! We miss you!

Come home and bring that sunshine with ya!

✨New retail✨Check out all of our new cozy and cute retail in studio!

One of the most profound relationships you can have is the one you have with yourself.

#barre #selflove

Our amazing instructor @thefitpa is headed to Portland for mentor training!

We cannot wait for her to return with new knowledge and incredible support for our team!
#barre3 #barre3portland

FREE community classes! Please give a warm welcome to our newest instructor in training Anna!

Check out the schedule for her FREE community classes at our Roosevelt studio this Sunday (2/9), and next Saturday (2/15) and Monday (2/17)!

🌟Tuesday Takeover🌟 to wrap up our January challenge, Michelle will be taking over our Instagram tomorrow!

We cannot wait for you to tune in!!

Happy happy birthday to this amazing instructor, mama, teammate, mentor etc.

We are lucky to have you on our team!

🌟 Tuesday Takeover! Join @k.nelson.a for a day in her life on our insta stories TODAY!

Fingers crossed we will get to see that cute little Anders!!

✨Pop up alert!✨ Stretch 22 will be joining us at our Capitol Hill studio THIS Saturday!

Sign ups will be at the front desk, and we have 20 spots for the morning ! Go sign up before they fill up!! The perfect way to stretch out after your weekend barre class!

🌟Who is ready for another Takeover Tuesday!? Tomorrow you will be hanging out with @sarirybar !

Be sure to follow along on our stories!

Happy birthday to our instructor @kturne ! Hope your day is as bright and cheery as you are!

Happy Birthday to our sweet instructor Erin! Come join her for her 8:15pm class tonight at Roosevelt!!

🌟 Tuesday Takeover number 2! We can’t wait for you to be a part of our sweet instructor Erin’s day!!

Tune in tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to our incredible instructor @thefitpa !

You are truly such an inspiration and we are so lucky to have you! Now enjoy that adorable family of yours on your special day!

Tuesday Takeovers are back for the month of January starting tomorrow!

Look out for our lovely instructor Ali as she she takes us through a day in her life!

✨The January challenge starts TODAY!!✨ - What if fitness was about being alive and present in our bodies, rather than reaching an unrealistic fitness ideal?

How do you think that would change the way you move during exercise? - Join us for a month long challenge focused on changing the conversation about fitness from how you look, to how you feel. Join us.
#MyPresentTruth #barre3seattle

2019 was something special! We cannot wait to see what 2020 will bring!

So thankful for our supportive and strong barre3 Seattle community!

A little post holiday carousel horse to keep those merry feelings going.

Peep our Roosevelt manager, Cherise doing her best #b3anywhere at Cliffs of Moher in Ireland 🇮🇪🧡

When you hit a milestone, you celebrate! Michelle took her 300th class today- that’s 300 hours of self love, sweat and strength.

We love you, Michelle! 🌟 🎉

This gift guide- we can get behind it. 💝 📷: @morganharpernichols

Happy birthday, @bowiecolada ! 🎉 if you see this strong gal today, make sure she feels the extra b-day love.

Have an amazing and (hopefully) sweaty day 😬😅✨

Please give Risi a warm welcome! Joining us as our newest certified instructor, we couldn’t be more happy to have her join our team.

Want to get to know her a bit more? Check out the fun facts below! ✨I used to be a ballerina and cheerleader
✨My mom is from Italy so I speak Italian ✨I am OBSESSED with making pasta
✨I have my own crocheted bikini company
✨I am in my third year at UW Law (not really fun... but definitely a fact...) WELCOME RISI!!!

Hold space for you. To be yourself. To find yourself. To connect.

The feeling you get when you sign up for the January Challenge. Link in bio. Feelings in studio.

✨♥️ #mypresenttruth #barre3seattle

After 11 years of research, class evolutions, community, and thousands of client testimonials, we

have a deep understanding of what people are looking for from fitness, and we've designed our class to deliver just that. The barre3 class can help:
△ Reduce Stress
△ Build Strength △ Restore Balance
△ Boost Energy
△ Reduce Pain
A New Years Challenge focused on feeling good, in body and mind. Sign up for the barre3 January Challenge—linked in bio.
#MyPresentTruth #barre3seattle

Still feeling all the feels after spending time together as a team last weekend✨🥂

Happiest Birthday to our sweet Laura! We’re so lucky to have you on our team.

If you see this sweet gem, show her some b-day love ❤️🎂

In and out of the studio, we strive for you to feel balanced in body and empowered from within...even when we’re a little jealous of your beach vibes.

☀️🌴 #barre3anywhere #barre3seattle

Excited to introduce you to Hannah! Joining our team from @barre3menlopark.

Peep her on the schedule starting this week. She is a belly full of honey and heart full of fire and happiest when teaching or cooking for those that she loves. Sounds like a human you should get to know- please give her a warm welcome! ✨👋

Reaching the home stretch of our semi-annual sale. December 4th is the final day you can receive 20% off 10 class packs!

Don’t miss out! Link in bio or stop by the front desk! #barre3 #barre3seattle

Hey, Seattle! 👋 Have you ever thought about becoming a barre3 instructor?

Join us for a free info session on Saturday, December 7th at 11:45a at our Cap Hill studio. Email nikki.colton to sign up.

We’re so grateful for this community. To move with you. To create new friendships and family feels.

To keep empowering one another in and out of the studio. And of course, to sweat with you! We are truly grateful for all of it! Happy Thanksgiving!!

That moment you realize you’re not just grateful for the short work week, but for your team.

Your community. These connecting moments. ✨🙌 #barre3seattle

🍁Don’t forget about our modified holiday schedule.

We’re still here for you, but grab your spots soon as the waitlists are growing. 🍁
✨We also have new retail (new @heidihulldesigns !!) in stock, as well as our 20% off 10-pack sale happening NOW! ✨
#barre3seattle #seattlefitness

Sweet Risi is currently in Portland soaking up all the #barre3 knowledge at new instructor training.

Catch her this week in her FREE community classes. Sign up through MBO or call the studio to reserve your spot.
Mon 11/25 CH 1:30 & 2:45pm
Tues 11/26 Roos 4:30pm
Sat 11/30 Roos 12:30pm

If you’ve been waiting for a discount to get in the studio, now is the time:

save 20% off 10 class packs through December 4th. 💥 #barre3seattle

Celebrating our Kimberly’s return to the mic. Our ray of sunshine is back on the schedule- to support you through 60 glorious grounding minutes.

We’re happy to have her back!

Tomorrow @salualingerie will be in studio from 8:45-11:15a.

Come on by for a little shopping pre or post class!

This group of women spent the day learning and growing with master trainer, Allison Beam.

We’re so thankful for a community like you that helps set the tone for what we do. Our love of learning goes beyond the studio walls and we’re so grateful to help empower you to feel that balance & strength every time you step foot in here.✨ #barre3 #barre3seattle #balancedinbodyempoweredfromwithin

The moment you find out you get an extra hour of sleep...

Don’t forget friends, it’s daylight savings time!

Happy halloween! 🎃 👻 We have a modified schedule tonight (6:15/7/8:15 classes canceled), so come move with us and then enjoy your evening off.

✨don’t forget today is that last day to redeem your Make It Count discount✨

Happy Monday! 🍁☀️ From power leg to the gorgeous PNW mountains & changing leaves to Howie & Katelyn on this beautiful fall day...we’re feeling motivated.

#mondaymotivation #barre3seattle

✨ The feeling you get when the team shows up in their @girlfriend leggings. ✨

With the weekend upon us, we start to think about next week’s plans.

We have a modified schedule on October 31st 🎃. Our classes in the later evening (6:15/7/8:15) are canceled! Have a fun and safe Halloween!!👻

#barre3anywhere like a boss or a beach babe. Pretty sure it’s both.

Angelina, your strength and joy inspires us- especially by the ocean. That view 👌 🌊 ☀️

Mondays can feel hard. Let’s shift that energy. Believe you are strong enough & capable of the change you need.🍁 In or out of the studio- you’ve got this.

Powering into the weekend like...

Our sweet front desk gal @edithfreeman taking #barre3anywhere to lake Ingalls in the Cascades!

Remember that as you start this new week, things may look different. Feel different.

Keep being kind to YOU, you’re doing your best.

May your weekend be as sweet as this tiny carousel horse. #barre3anywhere

We are so excited to show you a sneak peek of a brand new line we’ll have in studio starting next week.

Beautiful colors, matching tops & bottoms, inclusive sizing and good for the planet 🌍 ❤️ @girlfriend is truly a special company we’re excited to have in our studios.

Looking for a fun Thursday night? Join this mischievous one at Roosevelt starting next week at 5:45/7.

Kristin is challenging yet supportive- she will be there for you! 🧡🔥

You still have 7 more chances to make it count tonight!

Hop into class this evening and put your sticker up. Every class you took in September = 2% off select items in studio (class packs, play lounge, retail!).

What a fun morning at Roosevelt with @savinggreatanimals ! Looking to add to your family?

Or a wonderful organization to donate to? Check them out! Loved seeing Mary’s sweet son Jasper there with such a generous heart 🧡 #barre3seattle #savinggreatanimalsseattle

That before and after magic moment.

✨”Feeling tired after my first day of Nurse Partitioner school and ready to move my body.” And after, “Sweaty, frizzy hair but grounded and feeling great”...the difference those 60 minutes can make! ✨
Big congrats to our girl Ali, for new beginnings and finding a way to be grounded within the chaos of life. We love you, girl!

Sometimes we enter class with that mental load on our backs (other times it’s more physical 😅).

Let go and enjoy those 60 minutes, keep creating space for yourself in the moment. ✨ #barre3seattle

Fall is here! Start your first week of the new season with time for yourself.

In movement, a contemplative moment, or time with a friend- make this week count by giving yourself something you need. #barre3 #barre3seattle #makeitcount

Big thank you to the @rivkincenter for joining us at Roosevelt this morning!

Interested in learning more? Join us next Saturday at our cap hill studio, they’ll be there from 8-10!

Tomorrow, September 21st, the Rivkin Center will be at Our Roosevelt studio!

The Rivkin Center empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools to prevent and detect breast and ovarian cnacer as early as possible-through short, fifteen minute talks on the signs and sypmtoms and assessing personal risk of cancer. Please visit them from 8:15-12:30 to be empowered in your health. #knowyourbody #checkyourboobies #ovarygang

We’re starting off the week with very full hearts. So thankful for our ever inspiring community, our team and new friends.

We hope to keep seeing you all week long. Thank you @wholeu for giving us the space to share that #barre3 magic!💜 #barre3anywhere 📷: @g.smith_visuals

✨We’ll be right there with you. ✨

So grateful for these moments. For this team. Our community and the @wholeu.

More pics and gratitude to come. Thank you all for showing up tonight! ✨

1 hour. Just for you. Our Quad Squad has designed a 60 minute class to leave you feeling balanced and empowered.

Join us on the UW Quad for our FREE outdoor class in partnership with the @wholeu - rain or shine. Friday September 13th @ 5pm. Come early- set up your mat and get ready to move!

Happy Monday! We can’t help but share this pic of our sweet teammates basking in that post class glow, starting their week with each other in movement & breath.

Such a powerful thing. 💪 ✨
Special shout out to @smithrdan , who had the patience to take a few pics of this silly group of bad ass babes. 😉 #barre3 #barre3seattle

Happiest birthdays to our fierce leader Mary! This bright light truly sets the tone that everybody matters- making everyone feel welcome and cared for when they step through our doors.

Have a wonderful birthday, Mary!! ✨

Picture yourself here. Moving. Sweating. Breathing. Together.

Join us and the @wholeu next Friday September 13th at 5p for a FREE outdoor class on the UW Quad. Arrive early to sign your waiver and set up your mat. Enjoy tasty treats from @ellenosyogurt and good conversation before and after with our special community! Can’t wait to see you there!! #barre3anywhere #barre3seattle

We love this, @barre3. Respect your body, meet yourself where you are and continue to do you- that’s how you make it count.

Please take note that our noon class time on Wednesday at our Roosevelt studio has shifted.

Keeping in mind our community’s needs, we are accommodating those affected by early release from Seattle schools. You can now join Michelle at 11:15a starting Wednesday, September 11th. #barre3seattle

Today’s the day! Book your classes and put your sticker on the board to make it count this month.

For every class that you take in September, you not only will walk away more balanced in body, but you’ll also earn 2% off (for each class you take!)your choice of a 5 or 10 class package, a retail item or Play Lounge 10 pack. #makeitcount #barre3seattle

Schedule update! This Sunday and Monday we have changes due to the holiday.

Please check out the schedule- 4:30 on Sunday is canceled as well as our early morning and afternoon Monday classes. Sign up and #makeitcount on Monday- 8:45 & 10 are on!

What word comes to mind when you think of the last @barre3 class you took? One word.

No judgement or shame, feel what you feel during those 60 minutes. #barre3seattle #barre3

For every studio class you take in the month of September, each time you’ll earn 2% off select items to redeem in the month of October— anything from your favorite retail item, to a 5 or 10 class pack! Join us September 1st!
📷: @paosanchezmedia

Join us Friday, September 13th at 5p on the Quad at the University of Washington for a special FREE outdoor class team taught by this fearsome foursome aka our very own Quad Squad 😉.

Sign up or just show up with your yoga mat and water bottle, we’ll take care of the rest. #barre3anywhere #barre3seattle 📸: @paosanchezmedia

Remember that time you brought what you learned inside the studio to outside those four walls?

How’d it make you feel? Peaceful? Strong? Keep finding those moments. Happy Wednesday! #barre3anywhere #barre3seattle

Each class ends with a section of breathwork. We do this to help better equip ourselves for what’s to come during our day.

It’s not just about the workout but those moments of intensity outside the studio. Practice that slow breath so during your week you feel a bit more capable and confident during those times. So this week- take the time to BREATHE. #barre3anywhere #barre3

We know the life changing benefits you get from taking a barre3 class, and it’s time to add a bit of fun!

For every class you take in September, mark your participation on our Make It Count sticker board, and you’ll earn 2% off a retail item, 5 & 10 class packs or our play lounge 10 pack. Make that 1 hour #barre3 class count just a little bit more, and sign up for class via link in bio. #barre3seattle #makeitcount

Talk about Anne inspiration! 😂🙌 Our sweet client Anne rocking power leg in the Arctic Circle.

With 30 lbs on her back, having hiked 13 miles by this point in the day, she crossed (and power legged) on this bridge- which she crossed (as well as many others!) without fear...a new achievement for our gal. Proud of this strong babe! #barre3anywhere #barre3seattle

Our sweet instructor and Cap Hill manager, Michaela got married yesterday!

And what better way to celebrate than with a little power leg with Nikki. Congrats Michaela & Daniel! 💗 #barre3anywhere

Have a passion for barre3, community and helping others? Then come join our fam!

We’re looking to grow our front desk and play lounge team! Email Cherise at cherise.wade

“take heart and breathe deep...”
✨ 📝 : @morganharpernichols

If you leave class feeling this good, why not take the time to make it happen?

Join us this week for an hour of movement to strengthen your mind & body, find a little joy and a sprinkle of self discovery. You deserve it. #barre3seattle 📸: @paosanchezmedia

Meet Laura! 👋 Newest addition to our team. Laura comes to us from @barre3noladowntown.

Teaching since 2013, she was a founding instructor on the New Orleans team and we are so excited to have her. We asked Laura for 3 fun facts so you could get to know her a little more- “I’m a mental health therapist who works with kiddos, I’m a 2 time Harry Potter trivia champ, and I play guitar.” We’re loving her vibe already 😉 Join us in welcoming her to our sweet little community! 🧡

New @spiritualgangster in studio now! From crops to pants to feel good vibes- we’ve got it!


TFW you realize it’s only Monday...but you’ve got this.

Embrace the week ahead- stand within your power and realize, it’s just a new week. Yes. You. Can. #barre3seattle

Our sweet instructor, Kristen traveled this weekend and took time to move her body.

With the strength and energy that barre3 provides, she’s able to translate what she’s given in class to another kind of movement. Truly, a #barre3anywhere moment- you’ll find these inside and outside the studio! 💪

Tomorrow we hear from our studio owner, Mary. She’s going to take us through her final week of #barre3anywhere and give us a glimpse into that studio owner life.

Check out our stories tomorrow, follow her through the week and find out her summer intention!

End of season 70% off sale! We’re sure you’ve seen the great leggings but we also have kids apparel from @humblewarrior.bethechange marked down!

Also- who doesn’t love a great fashion statement? 😂😍 #barre3seattle #barre3nextgen

This week’s day in a life is a Tuesday Takeover with Michaela!

Follow her, learn her summer intention and hopefully get a peek at her sweet Frenchie, Ben. Don’t forget- she’s back on the schedule starting with 2 FREE community classes this week. Friday 7p at Roos and Saturday 11:15a at Cap Hill!

We’re here to support you through the week. Give generously to yourself- find the space and time you deserve.

We want to help make that happen. 🧡

Thank you for joining us this morning!

Made our Saturday just a little more special!

Thursday mantra: You are enough.

🚨Take over alert🚨! Our girl Kelly is taking over our IG tomorrow.

Peek into her day and get to know her through the stories she posts, her b3 practice and find out what her summer intention is! #barre3seattle #barre3anywhere

We want to highlight this fierce woman, who has been a part of our community for the past two years.

We celebrate her not just as our client but as a small business owner who is constantly giving back to us as well! In fact, she’ll be doing a braid bar next Saturday morning at Capitol Hill (more details coming!😉)
As a hairstylist barre3 has transformed her body and posture. She’s at her best and most energetic when she’s practicing barre3.
Morgan specializes in lived in, sunkissed hair. She also provides organic spray tans. At her studio you can choose to relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine while you get pampered! Check her out! ✨✨

✨ take in the moments today, be present, be focused. you’ve got this.✨ #barre3anywhere

Crystal is taking over IG stories tomorrow.

Sliding into week 2 of #barre3anywhere , she will be giving you a glimpse into her day, b3 practice and sharing her summer intention (and hopefully some good snaps of her sweet girls, Olive & Jam 🐕). Stay tuned! #barre3seattle

We are LOVING the new @beyondyoga x b3 retail. Bright, incredibly soft and in studio NOW!

Lift, Sip & Shop! Join us this Thursday,7/11 after the 4:30/5:45/6:15 (CH) at @swayandcake for some bubbles and shopping.

Plus, anyone joining us will be entered into a raffle for some barre3 goodies!

Cherise is taking over IG stories today! Letting you see a glimpse into her day, sharing her summer intention and letting her personality shine for us on this grey Seattle day!

☀️ #barre3anywhere

Hands up! 🙌Summer has begun and we could not be more excited!

☀️Join us for #barre3anywhere July 1-28 for a month of self discovery and empowerment. 💪 We have special events and good vibes all month long!

The increased state of self-awareness we get from the #barre3 class opens us up to seeing all of the little moments of joy all around.

Let’s tap into self-discovery together with our free summer program, #barre3anywhere. Sign up next time you’re in-studio, or follow the link in profile

The days are longer. There are moments of joy to be had. Go discover them. ✨

They don’t need to be within the four walls of our studio, but our door is always open for the potential of that discovery.
#barre3anywhere #barre3seattle

Monday scaries? Nah. Not with 94 more chances to move with us, nourish your body & mind and perhaps leave more balanced and a bit more ready for the week ahead.

💪 #barre3seattle

We’ve got one more spot on the schedule for you this week- starting this Wednesday Kelly will be teaching the 6a AND bringing back the 7:15a!

Schedule your classes today and be ready for the week ahead! We’re excited to see you!

What a special morning! Thank you @heidihulldesigns for hanging out at Roosevelt and BIG shout out to our sweet manager Julia who is moving (although we hope to see her again this fall!).

We love how much you’ve done for our studio, @jhkassel. Thanks for always making our community just a little bit more special 💗

Post class feels on the first day of summer like... ☀️ 🌈 ✨

That moment, where you think you can’t, trust yourself and go for it. Reach for it. Breathe.

Celebrate those challenges- no matter what it is. 💫

In class, we learn to flex our be-present muscle to strengthen our mind-body connection.

This summer, we’re focused on flexing be-present muscle no matter where we are. Join us for our FREE summer program, #barre3anywhere. Sign up next time you’re in studio or follow the link in profile.

The days are longer. There are more moments of joy to be had. Go discover them.

Tap into what discovery means to you during our free summer program, #barre3anywhere. Link in bio to sign up!

We can feel the summer vibes just looking at these new teal core balls, in the studio now! ☀️ 🌊

✨ Twinning makes finding balance a little bit more fun ✨

Taking class this Sunday? Plan accordingly- with road closures due to the Rock n’ Roll Marathon, you may need extra time.

Hope to see you in class! 🏃‍♀️

Looking to feel centered & calm?

Join us before or after your Saturday (6/8) morning class (at Capitol Hill!) from 9-11:15 as our friends from share the why and the benefits of the BluRoom. They’ll also be sharing their game for kids & the whole family- The Focus Game.

We can always get behind a carousel horse in the wild #barre3anywhere #barre3seattle 📸:


Starting mid June, this is your Roosevelt early morning crew. They’re ready for you.

💪 #barre3seattle

🌟 We have a modified schedule this holiday weekend! Book your classes now and move with us!

🌟 Traveling for Memorial Day weekend? Don’t forget to tag #barre3seattle in your #barre3anywhere pics! 🌟 🇺🇸 📷: @nikbee_

Washington state tanks are in! And look who it is- our sweet Michaela is back!

Look out, she’ll be popping up on the schedule soon! #barre3seattle

🌟 It’s May so we’re still celebrating mamas! We know so many of you know Amy but do you know why she does #barre3 ?

. “I fell in love with barre3 nine years ago as a student and have been teaching for 8 years. What I love about the practice is how in touch I always feel with my body. The mindful movement makes me feel strong yet grounded. I love the heart pumping cardio bursts combined with breath work that is calming. And of course, the amazing community. Whether I am in class as a teacher, or as a student, I always feel accepted.
My husband Mark has been a consistent client at barre3 for the last two years. You will often see him in my Sunday morning classes at Capitol Hill. He loves how his flexibility and core strength have improved which in turn has bettered his golf game.

The movement and mindfulness of barre3 make us better parents to our daughters, Tierney and Tatum.” 💪 ❤️ #barre3seattle

You’re past the Sunday scaries and right into the new week.

Breathe deep, move big and embrace the days ahead. Give yourself time to connect and move. Follow the link in profile to book your classes for the week! #barre3seattle

We keep asking strong mamas in our community why they #barre3.

Betsey said “I first started doing Barre3 8plus years ago. After nearly passing out in my first class I was hooked. Dreaded work outs became rewarding challenges and not only did I get stronger physically but realized my mental strengths as well. Barre3 has seen me through some of my greatest life moments and I still look forward to taking class. What in reality is a workout studio has become a supportive community. So yes I drank the Koolaid😍” We’re so glad you took that sip 😉
Why do YOU #barre3 ?

We’re sure you’ve noticed the heavier weights in our studios.

Well, science is always evolving, and at #barre3 we evolve right along with it! So why the heavier weights? We want to teach you to be more balanced in body, and that means building upper body strength. By using more resistance to strengthen certain muscles, you’ll notice a deeper sensation and burn (a good burn!), and less tension being held in your neck and shoulders.

Have questions? Ask your instructor before or after class- we’re here to support you. Next time you’re in, grab a heavier set, feel the difference and see what works for you 💪

Join us this Saturday at our Roosevelt studio at 12:45 for a foam rolling workshop lead by Dr. Joe.

Best part? It’s FREE! Sign up online to reserve your spot!

The day of all days to celebrate mama- Happy Mother’s Day!

We continue to celebrate the mama’s in our community this month with our client Liz. Her reasoning for why she #barre3’s resonates with us deeply.
“I grew up as a ballet dancer. I spent the first 20 years of my life looking at myself in a mirror, comparing myself to others in every way possible. There was always someone who could turn more times than I could, who could lift their leg higher than me, or who was thinner than I was. When I realized being a professional dancer wasn’t for me, I tried to find another form of exercise that fulfilled me, but I learned quickly that I only feel comfortable in a studio, with mirrors, music, and a barre. When I found barre3 five years ago, it was like finding the place for my body in a post-ballet world. What I love about barre3 is that I never feel competitive or compared to my classmates: I work at my pace, within my own parameters, and I am encouraged to listen to my body. I am able to apply decades of formal training to my workout, using it to help me with my technique and balance, but I would still be comfortable, welcomed, and encouraged if I had walked into the studio with no training at all. I have also found an incredible community at barre3, building relationships with fellow clients, instructors, and even turning my best friend into a b3 addict. No matter how many years I spent in pointe shoes, I never felt as strong, empowered, and accepting of myself as I feel in the barre3 studio.” 💗🙌💪

This group of rad women got together this afternoon to learn and grow.

They are committed to bringing you empowering, balanced classes. We hope to see you next week! 💪💫 #barre3seattle

We keep celebrating mamas this month in our community and feeling all the feels when we ask why they #barre3 💫

Our very own Michelle said ”When I took my first Barre3 class 8 years ago, I fell In love with the workout - the slow muscle burn and the low impact cardio. Barre3 kept me physically strong through 2 pregnancies and postpartum periods but it is more than the workout and physical strength that kept me coming back.
Barre3 gave me permission to let go of perfection and move for ME. Some days that means I push myself more and challenge my limits and some days it’s all about the deep breathes to manage my stress. That hour is a gift I give myself for what my body needs. Barre3 has empowered me to be the healthiest version of myself, inside and out. And now it’s become a family affair for us. I teach and my husband takes class while our little girls play. Our whole family is healthier because of Barre3. ”
Also- how cute is Michelle and her fam?! 😍

Join Nikki at the 10a this Saturday, 5/11 at Capitol Hill in support of @refugeewomensalliance.

All proceeds from class are donated directly to ReWa, a nonprofit that provides holistic services to help refugee and immigrant women and families thrive.
All of their services are designed to quickly and effectively stabilize clients, promote acculturation, increase language proficiency, and improve employability. 💫
#barre3seattle #givegenerously

Calling all nurses and teachers- WE APPRECIATE YOU! Take a class for FREE this week!

Call or stop by the front desk to sign up.

Spring neutrals or spring colors. We’ve got it for you. 🌷🌟

If you’ve been a regular at @barre3seattle for a while, you might recognize this woman.

Kristen is an instructor, a mother and someone who has made a positive impact on hundreds of women who have come through our doors. So we asked her, why barre3? 💫“I #barre3 because I am empowered to be authentically ME. I can choose to slow down and focus on my breath or stretching, or I can choose to push the boundaries in my body. I love that giving our bodies exactly what we need any given day is truly celebrated at Barre3.” 💫

This May we are celebrating mamas. Inside and outside of the studio, instructors and clients.

We see you and we are here for you- from modifications to play lounge to our strong community, we strive to support you! #barre3seattle

Step into your brave space this week. Let go of the negative thoughts and self doubt, push into that positive energy instead.

It’s not about last week, it’s about you in this moment. 🌟 #barre3seattle #makeitcount

A couple of our instructors and clients were at the #experienceb3 retreat this past weekend.

We can’t wait to feel the good vibes they bring back to the studio this week! Don’t miss out. #barre3seattle

Isn’t she lovely? Happy Earth Day! 📷: @sarirybar 🌏 💫

Excited to announce this addition to our instructor team- meet Tamara!

Her classes are grounding, energizing and her gracious presence leaves you feeling supported the whole way through. Welcome Tamara! 🥳 #barre3seattle

Movement is not punishment, nor should it be motivated by shame.

Movement is joy, a driver of community and connection. A celebration of our inherent strength.

What does movement mean to you? #barre3seattle #bempowered ✏️: @barre3 📷: @paosanchezmedia

Post Saturday sweat fest feels 💪❤️ #barre3seattle

We’ve never been this jealous of a carousel horse! Not sure if it’s the grey Seattle skies or the shining sun on Mary’s #barre3 core ball, but we’re feeling this pic!

#barre3anywhere #barre3seattle

This does not happen often. Get 20% off 10-class packs now through April 25th.

Click the link in bio, or come into the studio to purchase!

Those weekend feels 💫 😛💪

She’s back! Kelly’s ready to bring focus and energy back into the studio starting Monday, 4/8.

She’ll be subbing the 4:30 at Roosevelt and starting 4/20, she’ll be teaching 3:15 Saturdays. Wanting more? Kelly is subbing a ton so be on the lookout! 👀 #barre3seattle

Fill up your cup first. Maybe that’s 60 minutes at #barre3seattle , maybe it’s finding another way to give back to you.

Take care of YOU. #youareenough 📷: @hellosunshine

Another Monday, and another opportunity to set an intention, to dig deep to find your strength.

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. #bempowered #barre3

Meet Tamara, our newest instructor in training! Tamara has been a steadfast client of b3, and we are so excited to have her join our instructor team!

She already teaches a killer class, so don’t miss an opportunity to get your shakes on with her in her Community Classes next week. Sign up online! And remember: Community Classes are free, so bring a friend! #barre3 #barre3Seattle
Monday, 4/1: CH 9:30
Tuesday, 4/2: Roos 4:30
Wednesday, 4/3: CH 9:30
Friday, 4/5: Roos 7 p.m.
Saturday, 4/6: Roos 12:45

This strong babe climbed the Columbia Tower yesterday with her team (69 flights- 1,311 steps!), raising funds for @leukemialymphomasociety.

Talk about that #mondaymotivation ! 😅 donations are still being accepted: We love seeing our team and YOU being empowered outside the studio, challenging yourself every step of the way!

Mondays can be tough, but we are here for you! Plan your week, focus on what you can give, and know that we have your back all week long.

💪 #barre3seattle #bempowered #barre3

Open your heart and mind, slow yourself down and move with intention. Notice the difference.

#barre3seattle #bempowered

✨Try it. ✨

That moment in the hold when you’ve got this.

💪 When you’re holding, you’re learning to be still and listen to your body- what’s it telling you today? #barre3seattle

We’re feeling all the feels after Sari’s mama came to her class. Good way to start a Monday 😉

Sari: “After years of telling her all the amazingness of barre3, my mama finally came to her first class—MY class.

My mom is a classically trained ballerina, coached by her own grandmother. Safe to say the dancer gene is in the fam. But I never thought I had it in me. Then I found barre3. The grace. The strength. The humility. I felt it all. And last weekend I got to share that with my mama, who also got to rediscover all those same feels that bring her joy, too. That was pretty incredible. ✨”

Find an hour just for you this week. You have 103 chances to move with us and we’re ready for you 💪.

Book your classes now and make it happen. #barre3seattle #bempowered

Take a deep breath. For you, for this hour you set aside, for the rest of your day. 📷:

@paosanchezmedia #barre3seattle

This moment. This support of one another. We’re here for that. We’re here for you.

#internationalwomensday #bempowered 📷: @paosanchezmedia

🌟 Happy International Women’s Day! 🌟

Carousel horse goals #barre3seattle #bempowered

Our monthly donation classes are gearing up again! Join us at 10a on Saturday, March 9th at our Capitol Hill studio.

All proceeds for class will go to @savinggreatanimals. 🐶🐱💞

And we just keep growing this magical team! ⭐️ Sari is our newest certified instructor!

Her warmth and deep love for b3 bring the studio alive when she teaches! ⭐️A little about her: “My name is my mom’s maiden name - it’s Italian! I’m obsessed with my dogs, ok, any dogs really. I love strong coffee, sushi, & that feeling when the beat drops. Pure. Magic.”✨ #barre3seattle

Happy one month birthday to one of our newest team members - Evy Jane Wilcynski!

Born 1.25.19 - 5lbs 6oz. Kelly and family are doing fabulously. Look for Kelly back in the studio again in the coming months! 💕🔥

We are certainly joyful we have the opportunity to reschedule this workshop with Gaby! Join us!

#Repost @gabyadianes with @get_repost
"Joyful" or "Just the sun in my eyes"
So excited the snow has melted and we have our Compassion Workshop scheduled for March 16th at @barre3seattle
Learn more and reserve your spot by clicking link on my BIO.
Space limited.
#dance #yoga #joy #movement #mindfulness #selfimprovement #selfcompassion #selflove #knowyourself #femenine #womenpower #inspiration #transformation

You are! ❤️And we’ve missed YOU! Join us this Thursday for a special Valentine’s Day treat!

Anyone can bring a friend for FREE!

With safety in mind, we are running on a modified schedule this evening.

Please take note that our 7p class at both Capitol Hill and Roosevelt have been canceled. You still have 5 other chances to move! #barre3seattle

❄️ snowmagedon update: we’ve canceled our 4:30/5:45p tonight as well as ALL classes tomorrow, February 9th at both studios.

Please check out MBO and insta stories for our latest schedule updates! ❄️