The question that haunts us... 👻

Which degree would you rather get?

The one that you love 🥳, or the one that will make you money 💸?

Share with admin your thoughts on this. 🤔

Take a sip of this week's Productivi-TEA! 🍵

Studying at home and finding drinks for your study sesh?

Today we are looking at 5 types of tea to help you focus and tuned in for your study session. 📚

Which of these have you tried? 🤔Tell us your favourites!

It be like that sometimes...

Tag that #INTIFAM who always know what to do when it comes to assignments!

*hit snooze* 😴

Have you had a good rest over the weekend? 💤

P/S :

Admin thinks 6 hours is enough. Let's talk. 😅

Getting #INTIMATE with Dr Racheal Poh ✌️

Dr Racheal Poh.

the Head of Programme for the School of Business in INTI International College Penang did an online workshop on the 'Success Strategies For Final Exam' 🙌 and today we unpack more about the webinar with her.

In 2020, Dr Racheal won the INTI innovation in Teaching Award 🏆, an award for academics who have excelled in innovation and teaching. She shared with us some of her struggles teaching Gen Z and also tips on taking your exams from home! 📝

Check out the full video on our Facebook page! 📹



Online security has been a major concern every since the inception of the internet.

⚠️ Now that we are all stuck at home, this concern is magnified as more and more data breaches happen.

🚨 How can we as users be more careful when we using the internet? What are some of the steps that we can take to make sure that our data is safe?

Today we will be talking about - Online Security. 💻 What are your thoughts on the safety measures we have right now? Let's talk! 💬

A huge shoutout to all of our Diploma students starting their first week in #INTI today! 📢

Share with admin what courses are you taking with us & how was your first day? 1️⃣

Happy Left Handers Day! 👍

Today we celebrate each and everyone of you!

Here are some facts about left handed people that you might not know! 🤔

What are some of your left-handed struggles? Share them with admin! 🤝

This is a shoutout to all our #INTIFAM fashion designers! 👕👗

Admin was looking through some of the top trending fashion of 2021 and came up with my top picks.

Personally guilty of bottom right.😔

Which of these are your favourite? 👒


Tired of the same old meal every single day?

🍔 Try out these alternative food ordering apps to explore new eats!

Share with us what other apps we might have missed! Which one is your favourite? 📱

Day #506...

It's been 506 days since we first went into MCO back in 18 March 2020.

Stay strong #INTIFAM , we can get through this together. 😢

What are some of the best memories from the past 505 days? 💭 Here are some of admin's favourites...

#DudukRumah 🏠
#BTSMeal 🍟
#CucukMyAZ 💉
#UncleRoger 🙋‍♂️
#HelloCannot ❌

Group assignments are already hard enough, and now doing everything ONLINE?! 🏡💻

Today we will be looking at was we can deal with group assignments remotely! 💼

Full article in the bio!


yes i do the cooking. 🍳

Where our Culinary Arts students at?

🍲 Have you used any of these garnishing methods in your dish? 🍔

Tag your classmates that are guilty of these! Admin wants to know.

Happy World Friendship Day #INTIFAM ! 🙋‍♂️🙋

Celebrate this Friendship Day by sharing with us your best memory with us!

On campus, off campus, we want to know!

Tag them below too! Admin wants to know! 👀

Sit back, relax, and sip on these productivi-TEA. 🍵

Taking notes in class is really important and helps you to remember easier when doing your revision. It'll help you recall information that would otherwise be lost! Today we're looking at 4 note-taking methods that can be used to boost your productivity! 📈

Which of these do you use most regularly? Got more productivi-TEA? Share them with us below!

That feeling when you click submit on Turnitin...

Congratulations to our fellow diploma graduands for finishing your studies! 🎓

Tag your #INTIFAM who finished their studies together with you.

We all know the struggle, grades or bank account? 😣

Which one would you rather #INTIFAM ?

Where our Computing & IT fam at?! 💻

Tag your classmates and share with admin your struggles when coding!


ZOOM-ing into our "Let's Talk About" topic! 🔎

We are spending more and more of our time online, from conference calls, to classes, to meet ups.

This causes the online experience to be strenuous and taxing on our mental capacity. Today we are talking about this experience that has since been coined - Zoom Fatigue!

Are you experiencing Zoom Fatigue too? Share your thoughts with us below, Let's Talk! 💬

Happy World Emoji Day #INTIFAM ! 🎉🥳

Emojis have shaped how we communicate in our day to day conversations 😊, we would like to celebrate today by sharing some of our favourite emojis!

Share with us your top 5 emojis! ✋

Here's admin's top-picks!
👀 🥺 😋 🙋‍♂️ 😭

🚨 Quick! Chuup these first! 🚨

Nothing beats unwinding with some games after a long day of online classes.

You can always organize a hangout with your #INTIFAM and try out these virtual games.

Which of these games have you tried? Tell us in the comments below if you've got more suggestions!

One day... 😭

One day we will be back on campus but for the time being please stay at home!

P/S : Admin watching you ah #INTIFAM ! 👀

Remember to take a break and treat yourself to some ice cold drinks! 🧊🍹

Working and studying from home can be a tiring, so here's a reminder to take a breather, and take a break! 😌

Hey #INTIFAM... 📢

Did somebody say FAMILY?

The most important thing about life will always be family. Tag your INTIFAM that you can't wait to meet again when we are allowed to! ✋

Tag that one friend that comes into the call and starts saying hello to everyone! 😏

What's the best part about online classes? Share with us! 🤩

How does an internship lead you to your dream job?

Today we will be going through 4️⃣ reasons how internships can lead you to your dream job!

Full article link in bio! 🌲

You know this is you when one of your classmates forgot to mute their mic!

Tag your friend who always leave their mic on during online class! Admin wants to know who are they! 😤

The early bird gets the worm am I right? Let's discuss #INTIFAM , which one would you rather?


Share with us your thoughts below!

Looks like we are going to be here for a while!

Hang in there #INTIFAM !

Stay safe, wash your hands!🙌

We asked, and you answered!

Here are some of what you miss most about INTI!

Stay safe #INTIFAM , we will see you back on campus real soon!

Looking for some podcast to listen to while you're stuck at home?

Here are some of admin's personal favourites! 📢

We all know that time of the day when our minds just seem to shut down.

It's like everyone decided to take an off day.

Here are some Productivi-TEA to make sure you stay on your 🅰️ game all throughout the day - Sprint!

Sprinting helps to organize and breakdown your to-do list to smaller goals and remove distractions when you do your task. Typically sprints can range from 30 to 45 minutes burst of distraction-free work and a short break after.

Try it when you do your assignments and let admin know if this works for you. 🎉

So, how did you react when you got your SPM Result? 😏


From plastic utensils to make up accessories 💄, there are many other substitutes and replacements for single use items that could help us improve the world.

Here are some things that you should know about single use items, let's talk!


Every student's best friend, Mr Google.

Working on your next assignment and can't find what you need from Google?

Here are some Google Search tips to help you maximise your search and get what you need for you assignment!

Admin got your back. 😉

It's been well over a year of us studying and working from home.

These are some of admin's ESSENTIALS 💻 to make sure work gets done.

Share with us your essentials for when you study from home! 📚

Our warmest salutations to His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong

Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah on the occasion of His Majesty’s official birthday. Daulat Tuanku!


Learning and working online has been the norm lately and here are five outcomes that might surprise you while learning online!

You can find the full article in our bio!

Admin knows another quiet place too :(

We look forward to seeing all of you on campus again when it is allowed.

For now, stay safe #INTIFAM !

What do you miss most about INTI? Share with admin!

He's back and he's answering some pretty important questions! 🤭

Catch the latest episode of #AskJoshAnything for tips and advice from your favorite virtual counselor, Josh.

Don't miss out on our weekly Monday catchups, exclusively on IG Stories. Talk soon! 😉

We BET you've been here. Let's discuss #INTIFAM , what would you do? 🤔

Comment below and share your advice with your peers who might be facing the same choices today.

Being a college student can be stressful when you’re worrying about finances all the time.

During these trying times, it's increasingly important for students to be mindful of ways to manage savings and finances!

Here are 5 money management tips for students to aid you on your college journey. You can find the full article in our bio.

As the world slowly returns back to the new normal, our earth continues to fight long-standing battles with no end in sight.

This #WorldEarthDay , we urge our #INTIFAM to be mindful and conscious about these ongoing battles. Together, let's #RestoreOurEarth - If not us, then who?

We have only one earth and one home. So, it's time to restore our homeland! 🌍

On #WorldEarthDay , we are reminded of our responsibilities to make this earth a better place. However, that can only happen when we work together and arm ourselves with knowledge.

So, let us bring you up to pace on what is climate change and what you can do about it. Let's talk.

We're obsessed with this week's Productivi-TEA. 🌈

For those of you who enjoy paperless studying, we've got your back #INTIFAM ! Swipe to find all the colour codes you need to replicate your favorite highlighters.

Question of the century. 🤭

Advice from admin:

Start on your assignments now to avoid the latter.

It’s every student’s ultimate nemesis, the final 'boss' to take down before you reach the finish line of an assignment.


#Turnitin makes all of us break in sweat while waiting for our plagiarism screen-through. Here are some practical #tips to help you increase your originality rate on the platform.


Fresh and new to INTI? We finally did the Autocomplete Challenge to find out what you guys are most curious about being part of our #INTIFAM 🥰

Watch the full video to find out what INTI alumni, @summerongg has to say about her INTI journey during her college days.

"Our self-limiting behaviors often lead us to feel small, insignificant, and powerless."

We interviewed our Boss Lady of the month, @adriianaanuarr , founder of her new clothing brand @adana.kl to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, the Malaysian fashion industry, and her exclusive boss lady tips! ❤️

Show Adriana some love in the comment section below, and let us know which INTI Boss Lady you'd love to hear from next! 🌈

Seeing our campuses through different lenses.

What's your favourite hang out spot in campus?

Share with admin please. 🤔

It's so easy for us to get caught up with our extra-curricular commitments that we lose sight of our priorities.

Then again, it's also easy for us to focus TOO much on our academics and forget to loosen up and expand beyond our college and university lives.

#INTIFAM and National Beach Volleyball athlete @tashmae__ shares how she balances between work and play and finds the sweet spot between her training and her studies.

Swipe to see how she achieves the best of both worlds.

Josh is back and he' rowdy as ever. 🤧

It was an interesting month for Josh, as he answers questions that unlock new realizations:

the dude can speak Chinese? EH?

Watch to see his March recap of your favorite weekly segment: #AskJoshAnything ❤️

Catch you guys every Monday exclusively on IG Stories, talk soon!

Everyone's on it lately, so admin also want to jump on the hype lah you know?

We tried, tested, and experimented with the infamous productivity app for a couple of weeks. Our conclusion? We are definitely #TeamNotion. 😉

Swipe for a quick, simple guide to navigate your Notion experience! We hope it helps you organize your life as much as it helped organize ours.


#INTIFAM ! Your monthly dose of positivity is here!

March flew by pretty quickly, and we're wrapping it up with Good News Friday. 🌈

Which news brought you the most joy? 🥰


After months of patiently waiting, one of the most anticipated movies of the year is finally out now!

Support your local cinemas (but stay safe and adhere to the SOPs), and let admin know which team you're on after watching ok?

Check out the LAST episode of 'You Ask I Answer' with @mrmikedott 💥

In this episode, we ask Mr. Mike Teo Cheah Fong all things about Tiktok, his favourite K-POP groups and who he'd bring on a stranded island. 👀

Known for his creative lectures and lecture style, Mr. Mike is definitely one of a kind in the eyes of his students.

Comment below and show him some love #INTIFAM ❤️

It's been exactly 1 year since our nation first went into lockdown: 18 March 2020.

Happy 1-Year-of-Online Learning #INTIFAM , we're counting down the days to our official breakup with the virus.

In the meantime, let's all stay safe and stay at home alright? We'll see you at INTI (SOON). *fingers crossed*

Sometimes abuse isn't about hurting the other person, sometimes it's just about power and control.

College Dating Violence isn't talked about enough, but here at INTI, we want to make sure it's addressed.

Swipe, share, and educate yourself and your loved ones about dating violence and abuse. We're here for you, you are not alone.

Let's start talking.

"What are collaborations with International Universities for?", "What's in it for me?", or more honestly..."Is it just for the 'title' in my graduation certificate?"

#INTIFAM , we're pretty sure you've thought about this at some point of your university life.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of programmes run in collaboration with International Universities and how you can make the most out of these global partnerships.

Read the full article in our bio.

Rindu right? 🥺

It has officially been 357 days since you've been on campus.

We know you're missing the sights and sounds of INTI as much as we are, and we know that the new norm still isn't easy to adapt to, 357 days later.

As we enter March, let's remember that this too shall pass and the best is yet to come. We'll see you soon. ❤️

Get the education you deserve without breaking the bank. •

Enroll into any Diploma programme at INTI and get it for FREE when you progress into a Bachelor’s Degree.•
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The struggle is real with the effects of the pandemic but your burden just got lighter.•

Enroll into a Foundation programme and get it for FREE when you progress into any Degree at INTI.•
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It's #InternationalWomensDay and we are celebrating it by giving a shoutout to @aemmelcosmetic founded by our very own @nnameliaa ✨

This girl is on FIRE and absolutely deserving to be under our #BOSSLADIESSPOTLIGHT for the month.

Kicking off the brand in 2021, the small business now features a beautiful range of ÄÈMMÈL Lipmatte products in flattering shades for every skin tone. An advocate for self-love and inner beauty, Amelia shares with us her views on Malaysian beauty standards and what makes a woman confident.

Show Amelia some love in the comment section below, and let us know which INTI Boss Lady you'd love to hear from next! 💗

How's your back feeling from carrying the entire team? 😩

#INTIFAM if you can relate, help each other out in the comments section and let us know what would you do in this awkward (or blood-boiling) situation. 😥


In this #lockdown season, most of us are spending our days and nights cooped up at home for days on end.

Perhaps this is the best time to consider #upskilling and #reskilling ourselves to chase after new skillsets beyond our existing capacities.

Curious about what #skills you should equip yourself with to win over your future employers?

Check out this list of diverse skills that will be valuable to different industries, sectors, and fields today!

He’s back at it again with the truth bombs. 💣

We’ve received so many DMs from you guys showing love for Josh, it’s been suffocating around here with how his ego has been bloating.


But hey, the icon is here to STAY so check out our monthly short recap as Josh answers questions you probably never knew you needed to know!

Catch Josh every Monday on IG Stories for #AskJoshAnything. We'll talk soon! 🥳

Happy Friday #INTIFAM 🥳 Let's wrap up the day with GOOD NEWS.

We're 100% DONE with all the turbulent news we've been reading from the media, here are some great ones you might have missed among the chaos.

WE ARE BACK with Episode 2 of 'You Ask, I Answer', and it's still as spontaneous as ever!

In this episode of 'You Ask, I Answer', we put the lovely Ms. Maztini Ahmad Mahir on the spot and asked her wild questions from relationship advice to her biggest student pet peeves. 👀

We love seeing her bubbly nature behind-the-scenes as much as we love seeing her in action during lectures.

Comment below and show her some love #INTIFAM ❤️

"At the beginning of 2020, I left my job because I was driven by my even bigger dream to be an entrepreneur.

I wanted to change people’s lives one small step at a time with my work and effort."—Wikhe Foong

Who runs the world? ____ 💥

Here's a shoutout to all our #BOSSLADIES out there. This week, our #BOSSLADIESPOTLIGHT shines on Wikhe, the founder of both @missdaintyco and @an.therapy on Instagram!

We are so proud of the Penang alumni for pursuing her small businesses despite the pandemic and trying times. Inspired by her customers and the small things around her, Wikhe finds creativity and magic in her daily musings.

Show Wikhe some love in the comment section below, and let us know which INTI Boss Lady you'd love to hear from next! 💗

Which #SPM student were you back in your high school days?

(Admin was definitely a K-drama 24/7 Student ㅋㅋㅋ)

Don't be shy now, we've all been there. Let us know which SPM student are you! 😏

If you're from Batch 03, you're at the final leg of your high school journey! Keep the 'Road to 11A+' mindset, and let's finish the race! 🥳

We'll see you at INTI.

We're back with another cup of productivi-TEA 🍵

Admin did another round of experimenting and testing (RIP phone storage) to share with you guys these efficient, cute, and life-saving apps to get you BACK on track! 💪🏼

Remember #INTIFAM , the secret to getting work done isn't pure hard work. It's consistency, discipline, and a whole lot of trial and error! Let us know if you love these apps as much as we do. ❤️

" I go to the library again?"

Trust us #INTIFAM , we're looking forward to the day too.


Meanwhile, what are you guys looking forward to the MOST when the day comes?

船到桥头自然直 🚢

Wishing all Unified Examination Certificate ('UEC') students the best, no matter the outcome of your hard work and perseverance!

All the best, and we'll see you soon at INTI. 😉

Just when we thought we could escape the wrath of annoying aunties this year...apparently not.


Well then, at least we can all say that this year's Chinese 'Niu' Year has been "special".

#INTIFAM , let us know what other #StayAtHome CNY festivities you're up to this week! 🧧

#Batch03 ARE YOU READY? (We know, you've been ready since last year)

We're less than 20 days away from SPM, so let's keep up the grind because the finish line is so close now! Make sure you equip yourself with the right #SPMStarterPack and get ready for the big day 💪🏼

If we're being absolutely honest, the secret to acing your exams isn't 100% hard work and studying from dusk till dawn.

(don't ah, pls) 😥

You've won half the race by getting prepared for your exams, quizzes, and tests. The other half requires so much more discipline and maintenance.

Swipe to read tips on how to kick start a healthy pre-exam ritual. With the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) exam around the corner, the best time to start a pre-SPM ritual is now.

For the full article, click on our link in bio.

February sure looks like the most wholesome thing we've seen in a looooong while.

#INTIFAM , hit us up with a 😌 if you feel as satisfied as we do.


If you don't know me yet, I'm Josh—your favourite (better be) virtual counselor.

If you missed out on our weekly #AskJoshAnything check-ins on Monday, don't worry.

To sum up all your questions in January, watch the full video to find out my answers to your concerns, problems and perhaps, spill some tea. 😉

Catch you in February, on Mondays only on our IG Stories!

In this issue of 2020 Season 2, we know for sure that this year's January is not Januarying like the other January's Januaried.

(Too much?)

We're scrolling through the news section everyday and most days, it's not looking real good.

To sum up the month, we're bringing you guys GOOD NEWS FRIDAY to highlight some of the things that brought us joy in this un-January-like-January. (Okay, admin will stop here 🤪)

Cheers to looking forward to a brighter #February ! 🌈

Eh, cam kenal je 👀

Admin is missing the campus so much more today, we know you probably feel the same.

Here's a shot of our NILAI campus we took before the lockdown, we hope we did it justice.


Congratulations, Graduates 2020 of Sheffield Hallam University and University of Hertfordshire!

This week we celebrate your victory, your uphill battles, and your final day as a University student. (Please send admin tissues 😢)

Despite the circumstances, we hope you know that we are so PROUD of you #INTIFAM for making it through your final semesters during the lockdown. We know that there must have been quite a bit of hair-pulling, aggressive keyboard smashing and tears shed in isolation. But hey, you made it through, champs.

Here's a special clip we put together featuring some of your favorite lecturers to celebrate your big day.

With the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) exam around the corner (FINALLY), admin knows some of you can be quite 'gan jeong' now that everything's set into motion.


Equip yourself and be fully prepared by downloading the INTI Mobile App to access a whole archive of papers to gear you up!

Tag someone in the comments who needs #SPMSureSkor right now before the exams 💪💪💪

p.s: Here's a sneak peek of the goods.

Wishing all the IGCSE students the best of luck! If we're being very honest, it all begins here.

We'll celebrate your wins and losses together, and see you at the end of the race. (*cough cough* at INTI 😉)

"You are what you wear." *STRESS INTENSIFIES*

To all the fresh graduates out there, we know.

WE KNOW it's nerve-wracking to prepare for your first ever job interview and plan out what to wear for your first day of work.

It's time to level up your work game #INTIFAM , swipe to read on some practical fashion tips shared by our very own lecturer, Ms. Laura Chen (Diploma in Fashion Design programme, Centre of Art and Design (ICAD))

#graduates2020 #graduated

We've all been here, it's a 10/10 "Uh-Oh" moment.

Sharing is caring, everyone, what would YOU do #INTIFAM ? Revise your work or just submit it as it is? Let us know! 👀

You've seen them in action in your lecture halls, and recently, from your screens.

In this episode of 'You Ask, I Answer’, we put Mr. Shanmuga Sundram on the spot and asked him questions you never knew you NEEDED to know. Does he listen to K-Pop? What does he think about TikTok? His ultimate student pet peeve? (Take notes, students)

Curious? Watch the full video to catch Mr. Shan #REAL and #UNFILTERED 💥

Comment below and show him some love #INTIFAM ❤️

Shoutout to all the Batch 03 SPM students: WE ARE HERE WITH YOU.

We know it's tough times for you, having your exams postponed again and again.

"Entahlah", "Heart tired", "We're over it". We can't say we understand how it feels, but we can say that we are here with you and for you. It doesn't matter what tonight's PM-Covid-19 announcements bring, we are more than ready to take it on alongside you.


Don't say admin never share tips yeah, these Chrome Extensions are 100% lifesavers and productivity boosters (tried and proven).

We gotchu #INTIFAM 😉 Add these extensions to your Chrome this semester and let us know if you find them effective!

(Todoist and Forest are admin's personal favourites)

Brace yourselves, a new semester is coming.

Let's be honest, which reaction meme best describes your mood right now?

Comment below with the emojis and let us know 😏 #INTIFAM

“Is the experience online the same as on-campus?” Perhaps not.

Yet, pursuing an online degree does have its definite perks. Some of these perks include flexibility and self-paced learning—perfect for working professionals out there looking for an alternate route to obtaining their academic degree.

Read to learn how you can break traditional moulds and choose an online degree programme in Malaysia.

Find out more in the link in bio.

We are officially DONE with 2020.

Not sure if admin should break out the wine (and ugly cry) or throw a party 🎉 (with strict SOPs 🤪) because it sure has been a journey.

Let’s all keep the ball rolling into the new year #INTIFAM 🥳 Hit that restart button, we’re more than ready for 2021.

Can any of our #INTIFAM relate? 😵

Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the latest series.

Did you guys cry throughout or nah? (because we did😢)


It's beginning to feel a lot like ____ ? 🎄

Wishing all our #INTIFAM a holly jolly, Merry Christmas!

We hope you're spending this year's holiday with your loved ones safely, but hey, no pandemic can kill off the Christmas joy.

Happy holidays everyone! 🎅🏻✨

Peek at our walls in progress! 👀

As we begin wrapping up 2020, we figured it's also time to give our campus walls a fresh new look!

Sure, it's not much of a change, but hey, if there's anything we learned in 2020, it's that small progress is still progress.

Before the upcoming festivities begin, we just want to say that we miss having all of you back on campus as much as you guys miss your physical campuses.

We hope that seeing a glimpse of one of your campus—even if it's through your screen; will bring back some happy memories.

We miss you, we're here for you, and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!


This is definitely THE season of gifting.

This Christmas, we're choosing to #SupportLocal and spread the Christmas joy!

Stand a chance to win the ULTIMATE Christmas gift box (worth up to RM500) for yourself, or a loved one.

All you have to do is:

- Comment one thing you're grateful for this year.
- Tag 3 friends.
- Get 0 likes and 0 replies by 24th December (11.59PM)

Giveaway Period: 18/12/2020 to 24/12/2020 (11.59PM)

ONE Winner will receive:
X1 Mossery 2021 planner (can be personalised)
X1 Apom Face Mask (Responsible Citizen)
X1 Hiblendr (Royal Blue)
X1 Malaysian Dream Card Game
X1 Full size Lilin+Co candle (Eucalyptus & Pine)

Let the Christmas games begin. 😉

*T&C applies: Link in bio*


We know that studying from home means that we spend half of our days working in front of our electronic devices. Whether you're working on your couch, on your bed or in front of your desk, long hours of sitting and bad posture means your health has been significantly affected, one way or another. 😫

Read more on how you can improve your posture through the link in our bio. #intifam

That's right #INTIFAM , we definitely leveled up our INTI International University (Nilai) classrooms.

We can't wait for you guys to come back and witness it in its full glory. In the meantime, make sure to stay safe! 🙌

We’ve been hearing rumours that our campus looks EXACTLY like the new PS5. We don’t see it.

Maybe we’re just seeing things, or maybe we’re all a little bit too excited for the drop tomorrow. 👀

INTI International University is proud to have been officially ranked in the 2021 QS World University Rankings:

ASIA for the first time ever.

The QS World University Rankings: ASIA have been published since 2009. The method retains key indicators of the global ranking, such as Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, and Faculty to Student Ratio, but also considers a set of performance metrics carefully tailored for the region.

Categorised as a young institution – with just 10 years’ establishment since it was awarded university status – INTI ranked high in the International Students and International Faculty indicators. This is reflective of INTI’s student and faculty bodies with representatives from more than 60 countries, that enriches the diversity of perspectives and cultures found within the university.

Missing campus vibes ❤️ @hanchuen_ #intifam #intiinternationaluniversity

Happy Deepavali #intifam ❤️ Have a blessed one.

Hmmm...finally a day for Admin.... #intifam

Missing campus vibes ❤️ 📷: @fernando_fletcher_ #intifam

Missing campus vibes ❤️ 📷: @genevievee_tsying #intifam

Emily in INTI!

Hi Em, can please wear mask please?

And yes you guys at the back - it applies to yall too!

"Alamak, SPM is superrr soon! 😫 Gotta boil the books and down all the chicken essence!"

Sounds familiar? Well, we all have rituals we rely on before a big exam.

So come and tell us what's yours because hey - we're all in this together. 😝 #intifam #spm2020 #examiscoming

A talented dancer who has performed on stage since high school, Cheng chose to study at INTI International College Subang as her first steps towards becoming an independent, self-reliant adult.

She was also an active member in the renowned INTI Dance Club where she held a post as treasurer while completing her A Levels. #intifam

Allan Phang, a former business student of INTI International College Subang is currently the Regional Head of Marketing and PR at EVOS Esports – Southeast Asia’s leading esports organisation.

Born and raised in Petaling Jaya (PJ), the 39-year-old suburbanite shared that he initially felt like he had a different head start compared to his peers when growing up. #intifam #proudintialumni

Candidates who sat for the Cambridge International A Level May/June 2020 examination series experienced many ups and downs due to the alternative grading system that was introduced this year.

Quintus U-Wei Baptist, 19, a Penang native was one of eleven 4A* (4 A stars) scorers from INTI International College Penang. The campus celebrated 100% pass rates in the recent examinations, with 105 A* being obtained and 54.1% of students scoring at least 4As.

The number of adults who are returning to university to pursue new degrees or finish degrees they were unable to complete has increased.

With flexible coursework opportunities, fully online education, and new technologies or skills that many adult learners want to learn to enhance their careers, the study-while-working opportunities are endless. #intifam

While international travel remains heavily restricted under the new RMCO extension, Tan Lin Nah,

Chief Executive Officer of INTI International University & Colleges (INTI), offers words of comfort, particularly to parents who are still dreaming of sending their children abroad to pursue their higher education. #intifam

INTI International College Subang Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) International Business, Learning Simplified (BBUS LS) student Hany Farhana Abd Khalid has embraced her career change from pilot to online entrepreneur. #intifam

Dubbed as “Mr Mike” by his students, Mike was initially stuck in South Africa for two months when the COVID-19 lockdown was announced in Malaysia.

“I was only meant to be there for two weeks but ended up being stuck there for two months. I was worried because I had to start teaching my classes in April as well. Thankfully my wife had brought her laptop along with her, so I was able to access INTI’s Learning Management System, Blackboard, along with its tools, such as Blackboard Collaborate, to teach my students through live or recorded lectures while being away from Malaysia,” shared the Masters in Design Management graduate. #intifam

For some students who are currently studying at INTI International University & Colleges (INTI), the present situation has required them to be creative in getting things under control.

We spoke to a few of them about side hustling while pursuing their education, and were surprised to note that they didn’t only have a more positive outlook about the current situation but unlike fellow students, are confident that the crisis is just a phase which will end as quickly as it began. #intifam

When Tiong Jian Chen returned to Malaysia after completing his postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, he was excited at the prospect of landing his first real job.

Little did he know that after three months of searching – which could at times be discouraging – he would get an offer to pursue a career as a video scout for the NS (Negeri Sembilan) Matrix Basketball Club. #intifam

During the movement control order, Creative Co., an initiative by ICAD to promote talents and

foster a sense of community through creativity, art and design, came up with their own ideas for creating reusable face masks. According to Yee, Creative Co. started with a few prototypes that incorporated INTI students’ print designs on them. #intifam

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! 🇲🇾 MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! #PrihatinMalaysia #intifam

Can’t wait to see your friends back on campus? Tag them!

(But make sure socially distance yourself when yall meet ah). #intifam

Hey, how you doin? #intifam

The new norm ❤️ #intifam #repost @adriianaanuarr

well, this place is where it all started. From the bottom of my heart, this place has taught me literally everything. Gonna miss college life so much, but life gotta move on. Thank you for everything INTI & bless to have good lecturers & friends here! Lets start with a new beginning! 🌸

INTI would like to share our thoughts, prayers and condolences to the people of Lebanon, especially those who have been tragically affected by the unfortunate incident.


INTI Webinar Series 💻

Join our panel of industry professionals and expert academicians as they discuss the current trends of interior designing, what it would look like post COVID-19 and how you can still pursue your interior designing dream.

Date: August 7th, 2020 (Friday)
Time: 10.45am to 12:00pm (🇲🇾 Malaysian time)

Register here ➡️

Can’t wait to go back to campus 🥺 #intifam Photo credit: @koben_waren

Campus vibes 💕 #intifam

INTI Webinar Series 💻
Register here ➡️

The current pandemic has severely impacted the way news agencies, filmmakers, and social media content creators work.

Join the conversation as we find out how the media industry is adapting to survive in the new normal of media consumption.

Date: July 24th, 2020 (Friday)
Time: 4.00pm to 5.30pm (🇲🇾 Malaysian time)


As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! With years of continued investments, training, development, and innovation towards its online academic delivery, INTI International University, Nilai campus (INTI) have been awarded a 5 Stars Rating for Online Learning from the 2020 QS Stars University Ratings.

Having achieved maximum points on specific areas including Student-faculty engagement, Student Interaction, Student Services and Technology and Commitment to Online Learning, the QS Stars University Ratings for Online Learning covers a wide range of indicators to measure the success of the University in delivering quality online learning experience to students.

No stranger to online learning, INTI began its journey with Blackboard, its award-winning online learning management system from way back in 2012 and INTI continues to effectively use the platform for its academic delivery and assessment. #intifam #intionlinelearning #5stars #qsstarsuniversityrating

As the workforce adapts to the new ways of running businesses, there are new skills required to thrive for the future of work.

Hear from our faculty member, Dr. Alex Ng, a senior lecturer from INTI International University who shares his point of view on upskilling and the type of skills needed to succeed for the future. #intifam #intifacultyhighlight

Currently pursuing his Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), majoring in Business Analytics in

collaboration with Coventry University at INTI International University, Tan Lik Wei talks to us about his experience managing his studies during the pandemic and how Blackboard, INTI's Learning Management System has been instrumental to him. #intifam #computerscience #intiinternationaluniversity

Share this with your friends #intifam ❤️

INTI Webinar Series 💻

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a global crisis, evolving at a high speed and scale.

No industry is immune to this crisis and engineering is no exception.

Find out how companies weather this storm and how the engineering industry prepare and sustain for future outcomes. Get the best opportunity to hear from the industry experts and academics on charting your career in Engineering.

Date: July 15th, 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 4.00pm to 5.00pm (🇲🇾 Malaysian time)

Register here -

Welcome home #INTIfam , we missed you! 🥰😘

This week, our INTI campuses in Subang and Penang opened its doors to our first and final year students.

Thank you for cooperating with all the new safety measures in place you guys. This is our new normal and we are so delighted to welcome you back.

Continue to stay safe and we look forward to having the rest of you back on campus soon. #intifam #thenewnormal

A true example of perseverance! Congratulations to the Liverpool Football Club (LFC) for finally doing the impossible!

After 30 years of waiting, this is for all your fans. Thank you for demonstrating how persistence and hard work will one day bring you great success.

To our students and staff who are Liverpool supporters, we encourage you draw inspiration from this feat. "Walk on with hope in your heart" and see your successes through! #youwillneverwalkalone
To all our students who are not LFC supporters, next year will be our year.
PS: As a Manchester United fan, this was difficult for admin to post. 😂

Happy Dragon Boat Festival everyone ❤️ #intifam #dragonboatfestival

Being caught in a global pandemic which is compounded by racial tensions in the United States of America has been the cause of anxiety, uncertainty, fear and stress among international students.

Being a Malaysian and a fresh graduate in the States, Jowei Yek, 21, whose passion is advocating diversity, inclusion and equity has persevered through recent challenges by reminding himself to always look on the bright side of life and acknowledge different perspectives. #intifam
Read more:

As the government eases restrictions on indoor sports and non-contact training for athletes

participating in sports and competitions during the RMCO, many INTI athletes are still left to train within the compounds of their own home. Rachel, Chun Chen and Aggie Cheah, each share their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. #intifam #intisports #rcmo #athletes
Full story on INTI’s FB page.

"A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way." Author:


Here’s a special dedication from our INTI students to all you awesome dads ❤️ Happy Father’s Day.

The Career Services (CS) Department at INTI International University & Colleges continues to work

with students and organisations to secure internships, enabling students to complete their programme requirements and minimise further disruptions to the learning experience.
Cheah Sze Yin, 22, a student of INTI’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programme, in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) started her internship on 11th May 2020, while the Movement Control Order (MCO) remained in force. #intifam #internship
Read more on INTI’s Facebook page.

Despite reports of cleaner waters and clearer skies as a result of global lockdowns, experts

worldwide are voicing their concerns over the long-term impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on an already looming crisis – climate change.

To address this concern, universities worldwide, along with the help of their students, have committed to creating sustainable outcomes in their own regard. Evelyn, Zhe Khye and Weng Chi – Malaysian students studying abroad – share their stories, along with their universities’ green initiatives to help Mother Nature.

Full article on INTI’s website.

Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay everyone. #ForNature #intifam

Meet Pihu Srivastava from India!

Currently in her first few weeks of pursuing INTI’s Certificate in Art & Design, Pihu was initially intimidated by the thought of starting her classes online.

However, with help from INTI’s lecturers, she is getting the hang of her new found virtual classroom experience.

Watch Pihu share her experience so far and her hopes of starting classes on campus at INTI International University & Colleges in Malaysia.

Find out how you can kick start your academic journey with INTI Malaysia from the comfort of your home today! #intifam #intionlinelearning #intiinternationalstudents

Missing campus 😭😭 Hope all of you are keeping safe #intifam❤️

#repost @_ryan______________________

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri | Eid Mubarak from all of us at INTI!

We pray that this Eid brings joy and love to everyone. Stay home and stay safe. #intifam #eidmubarak #selamathariraya2020

Share this with someone who might find this useful fam ❤️ #intifam

Being an Art & Design student at INTI International College Subang in Malaysia 🇲🇾 during the

Movement Control Order (MCO), Hussain misses INTI’s campus vibe and the great facilities he gets to enjoy. However, he is grateful to his lecturers and faculty members for ensuring his academic progress goes uninterrupted with online learning.

Watch Hussain share his experience as an international student coping during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

Find out how you can kick start your academic journey with INTI Malaysia from the comfort of your home today! #intifam #intionlinelearning #intiinternationalstudents

😍😍😍 #intifam
#repost @koben_waren

Never look back those moment that hurt you the most , keep going forward to be a better person.

“Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most.” INTI would like to wish all mothers, a very Happy Mother’s Day ❤️ Thank you for everything you have done for us.


INTI would like to wish Salam Nuzul Al-Quran to all our Muslim staff and students.

Stay home and stay safe everyone. #intifam

Wishing everyone Happy Wesak Day from all of us at INTI. Have a blessed day ahead. #intifam

Who’s missing campus? 🤚 #intifam

Dear Malaysians, resuming work on 4th May?
May the 4th be with you.

Let’s work together in staying safe and healthy. This is our responsibility. This is our Malaysia. #kitajagakita #maythe4th #intifam

Dear Malaysians, resuming work on 4th May?
May the 4th be with you.

Let’s work together in staying safe and healthy. This is our responsibility. This is our Malaysia. #kitajagakita #maythe4th #intifam

Happy Labour Day everyone! ❤️ INTI would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the sacrifices and achievements of our front line heroes.


Welcome to the #INTIfam Kooberan! [Full video on INTI’s FB page]

Right in his second week at INTI College Sabah, Kooberan talks to us about his experience of learning online during this time.
Being part of this unique group of students who are embarking on a fully online college experience, Kooberan looks forward to all that INTI has to offer from its online learning ecosystem and more.

Here's to a great journey ahead, Kooberan! #intionlinelearning #welcometoINTIfam

Welcome to the #INTIfam ! We caught up with Yi Ran, who is part of the #freshbatch of newly enrolled #INTIans who have started their studies at INTI.

Being part of this unique group of students who are embarking on the college experience fully online, Yi Ran talks about her expectations of INTI's online learning experience.
Here's to a great journey ahead, Yi Ran! #intionlinelearning #welcometoINTIfam

Happy Monday #intifam ! ❤️

With online learning fast becoming the new norm in education, we had a quick chat with Daniel Chin,

a student from INTI International College Subang, who shares his take on the immense opportunities that await students who are stepping into the virtual classroom experience for the first time. #intifam #intionlinelearning

Happy Birthday Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah! ❤️ 🎁 #intifam

Can’t wait to meet my friends soon 😭 #intifam

Okay now yall just purposely wanna make me crai 😭 #intifam

This made admin smile in the morning 😍 Stay safe everyone. We will get through this together.


Hang in there guys!

It's a question all students and parents will have at this point - how will students sit for their final exams during the MCO period?

We talk to Lee Chew Ging, INTI's Deputy Chief Academic Officer who explains what is the step forward to manage the situation. #intifam #stayinside # #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #KitaJagaKita

தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Wishing everyone a blessed Tamil New Year from INTI!

Online learning is now the new normal. With that in mind, how can academicians and students make sure they engage in a fruitful learning experience?

We talk to Dr. Sia Ah Hiok as she discusses some of the key things to consider during this MCO period.

#intifam #stayinside # #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #KitaJagaKita

With the MCO extension, we talk to Lee Chew Ging, INTI's Deputy Chief Academic Officer who shares his viewpoint on how INTI aims to continue ensuring our students' education progress is not affected.

#intifam #stayinside #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #KitaJagaKita   #dudukrumah

Group presentation during MCO? Admin hope you guys are not wearing shorts with the blazer 😂

Regardless, super proud of all our faculty and students who are adapting and using technology to ensure their progress is not affected.
PS: Admin like how the photos are so staged 😂😂 Have a great weekend at home ya'll! #onlinelearning #mco #intifam

Missing your respective INTI campuses yet? #intifam @cheyennewoon •

Share your TikTok videos as you’re at home and the best ones will be shared on our page 😍

Currently on an LDR (LockDown Relationship) with our students 😭 💔

Are you bored in the house, in the house bored? #intifam •
Ps: it’s an old picture.

Social distancing is not applied 😂

We can either choose to be down and sad because of the extension or spread some joy to others.

Let your creativity flow #intifam ! Let’s do this ❤️

Extension of RMO till 14th April. How do you feel? 😭

Me (an introvert):

We miss you guys btw 😭❤️ #intifam

We STAN our unis to stay united (with the appropriate 1 metre distance) against #Covid-19.

Dear students, we know these are difficult times - but we will get through this, together.
Practice good hygiene, spread positive vibes on social media and stay indoors at all times. #KitaJagaKita #intifam #juststayhome

Things to do for the weekend:


This is for us, this is for Malaysia. #intifam #KitaJagaKita #JustStayHome

It's tough, admin knows. I've been making Dalgona Coffee, watched the whole FRIENDS series for the 4th time, and *GASP* 😱 made a TikTok video!

And oh, working from home...yeap, that too...hehe.
But all this is for the country (staying at home I mean). Let's do this together Malaysia! #KitaJagaKita #JustStayAtHome


The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education has issued a directive late last night for all public universities and private higher education institutions to suspend all teaching activities including online classes*.

Full note on INTI’s Facebook page. Take care of yourselves #INTIfam ❤️

Dear INTI students, please refer to the final announcement for the day. Stay safe everyone.


Dear INTI student, we are happy to share this news!

As an education institution, it is our duty to ensure that all actions taken do not disrupt your academic progress and road to graduation.
Thank you for your patience as we worked on the appropriate measures to ensure you engage in a positive and successful learning experience while keeping your health and safety as our key priority. Stay safe everyone ❤ #intifam (Full note on INTI’s FB page).

Hey #INTIfam , a quick announcement.

Admin: How many bottles of hand sanitizers you want?
INTI counsellor: Yes.

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With SPM results out, your appa and amma will have alot to say about what course your do and which uni you're going to.

Remember, don't decide for them, decide for you! It's your future.

Bring your parents & head over to #INTIFirst for their Open Day this year to explore what course you can pursue (so you can tell when your uncles ask) and stand a chance to win A PAIR of Samsung S20 Ultra Phones, Apple Airpods Pro, Apple Watch or Dyson Airwrap!

A big congratulations to our INTI Futsal team, comprising students from Nilai and Subang for coming up as the CHAMPION at the recent @alsamalaysia Futsal Competition!

Well done you guys ❤️🔥 #intifam @intisubangfutsal

What’s this renegade Gatarode?? @nas_addina 😞 Admin feel so old. #intifam •

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Stop blocking the drive way 😂😂 @cheyennewoon #intifam •

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Friendship goals 😍 #intifam #intifirst #graduation •
#repost @otwtodiet

SPM results just came out and we know, your Amma is either parading you around the entire country, stopping by every relatives house, announcing your results every 5 minutes, OR...

she is pissed as hell, like the amma in this video 😂😂😂😂. Regardless, congratulations boys & girls. So what next? #intifirst

It's official, the weekly price for fuel has dropped significantly for the upcoming week by as much as 21 cents.

Now, you can come to #INTIFirst for this weekend's Open Day with no issues.

Aisyah aspires to be a renowned Fashion Designer. Aisyah's mom, wants her daughter to become a lawyer instead.


At INTI, we have seen it all. This Open Day, come and visit #INTIFirst to find the best pathway for you.

kay, take a deep breath! 🧘‍♂🧘‍♀ You got this. No matter what the results are, remember that you have given it your best.

Okay fine, maybe it's alright to freak out a little...AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 😱😱 Okay, let's come back to relaxing. 💆‍♂ Good luck today, you beautiful human being! 😘 #SPMResultsDay #SPM2019

At INTI, we have seen students come in with a variety of results and soon become high achievers because they chose #INTIFirst ! Come visit us at our Open Day this weekend.
Stand a chance to win a PAIR of Samsung S20 Ultra, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods Pro, and Dyson Airwrap from 1st March - 30th April 2020.
For more info:

This Open Day, visit #INTIFirst ! Stand a chance to win A PAIR of Samsung S20 Ultra, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods Pro, and Dustin Airwrap!

Mood. #intifam. #repost @annie._ss

This Open Day, visit #INTIFirst ! Stand a chance to win A PAIR of Samsung S20 Ultra, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods Pro, and Dustin Airwrap!

Wake up, slay, repeat! @wnisheikh

SPM results are releasing soon!

Are you ready to face your Mak Cik Bawang, Pak Cik Kentang (okay, we made that up!) and everyone else who would be more interested in your results than your own parents? Well, this #INTIOpenDay , visit us at any of our campuses and regional offices and let us guide you towards what truly matters - pursuing your passion! •
Oh, and did I tell you about the prizes? Stand a chance to win these amazing prizes if you choose #INTIFirst !

Freaking out over SPM results? Keep calm and visit #INTIFirst and stand a chance to win some cool prizes!!

Watch this space for more details! #intiopenday2020 #spmresultsday

It's official! SPM results are releasing on the 5th of March!

😱😱😱 (Watch the full video on our FB page). We all know what happens from now! RUN YOU GUYS! RUNNNN! 🏃‍♂ In the meantime, visit our website to find out all the options available to you at INTI! #intifam #spm2020 #resultsday #whatisyourresult


Dear students, the gate is now fixed!

If you want to enter the campus, all you have to do is show your student ID...there’s no need to gate crash 😏😏😏 And remember, our OPEN DAY does not mean you need to crash our gate to keep it open. Okay that was a bad pun...admin will stop now.

See you all during our OPEN DAY over the weekend! #intiopenday2020

On a much brighter note (which doesn’t involve car and gates), our INTI International University students had their graduation ceremony today🎓 😍 More photos soon 💕 #intifam •


Why dei safe you guys! #intifam

To all #INTIfam graduating 🎓tomorrow, have a great one you guys! We are SUPER PROUD of youuu!

👏🔥 #intigraduation2020

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When the squad turns up 🔥 #intifam •
Spartans Rookies 2020.

When the squad turns up! 🔥 #intifam

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! For everyone’s who is single, don’t forget to shoot your shot!

Don’t slide into admin’s DM ah 😘 #intifam #valentines

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Morning #intifam ! Have a great day ahead ❤️ @huahong97
Good Times.

+ Crazy Friends= Great Memories 🤤
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Our INTI Dodgeball team 🔥😘 •

#repost @spartans_dodgeballclub

Admin burned a lot of calories for this shot okay, so appreciate this. 😂

Happy Li Chun everyone. ❤️ According to the lunar calendar, today is the first day of Spring, and the first day of the Year of the Rat.
#CNY   #SpringFestival   #LunarNewYear   #SpringIsHere #intifam

Just another day at INTI ❤️ #intifam •

When your lecturer is teaching Accounting Principles but all you hear is... #intifam

Part 2 sees Aunty Linta talk about the clubs (not the ones in Bangsar!) you can participate in while in college.

#intifam #auntylintatuitionclass #collegelife

Hey #intifam ! It’s time for you to be our Tik Tok Influencer ❤️🔥

Before you say anything, they took this picture few weeks ago, that’s why they don’t have a mask on.

Have a great weekend ahead #intifam !

And that’s how we do it here at INTI. #intifam @iicsdanceclub 🔥❤️

Here’s an announcement #intifam !

100 followers on Tik Tok. Admin is officially an influencer. Please DM for collaboration.

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Admin is going through some major generational gap problem. Go help me out on Tik Tok 😭 #intifam

How come when admin sit and pose like this, it is not this cute? My face problem is it 😳 #intifam

Admin tried this dance move. Currently updating this post from the chiropractor office.

Thanks @iicsdanceclub #intifam #idc

It’s that time of the year when you pledge your allegiance to your clubs and societies.

What’s your pick #intifam ?

We all need an aunty (not the Mak Cik Bawang ah) in our lives.

Here's Aunty Linta to tell all the Ah Boys and Ah Girls about making the most out of college! #intifam #auntylintatuitionclass #collegelife

Sorry admin’s boss said cannot use personal tinder profile.

#intifam #dollyparton #dollypartonchallenge

The world of Basketball lost a truly great legend.

Our condolences go out to his wife, children, and family.

Rest in peace. You and Gianna. ❤️ #kobebryant #restinpeace

Friends like family ❤️😘 #intifam #intidanceclub #intisubang •

Our first intima week of 2020 has finally come to an end, we would like to thank everyone who came to support us! It wouldn’t be a great show without the crowd’s support 🤩
Last but not least, welcome new members to the IDC fam❣We will look forward to weekly trainings with y’all!

Video of our performances would be up soon!

@intima.iics @inti_edu

We often forget that true happiness lies in the simplest things.

This Chinese New Year, INTI would like to wish you a prosperous year with your family and friends. #intifam #foodninja #inticny2020

Tag your friends that will relate to this. #intifam 😂😂😂

Mood 🌸 @__stellalalav

You've been looking for a programme after college seems to interest think you won't' fit in...but you dont' know any better because you haven't' heard of INTI...but it's okay...we can fix that...we can

Wishing everyone a very Happy Pongal from INTI. ❤️ •

May this day brings joy and peace to you and your family.


When you realise classes are starting back soon 😳 #intifam •
#repost @xsinyiii__

[EXTENSION FOR CONTEST DATE] Admin has already given out 10 free tickets so far!!

FREE MOVIE TICKETS UP FOR GRABS! Yes, it's the start of the year and the annual INTIxMBO Movie Ticket Giveaway is back. Want to win a PAIR of movie tickets? Simply follow the instructions below:

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Welcome. You are now officially part of #intifam. #newintakes #freshstart ❤️🔥😍

FREE MOVIE TICKETS UP FOR GRABS! Yes, it's the start of the year and the annual INTIxMBO Movie Ticket Giveaway is back.

Want to win a PAIR of movie tickets? Simply follow the instructions below:

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Admin will select a total of 15 lucky winners to give away 30 MOVIE TICKETS! Contest ends on 14th January 2020. #intifam

Sassy, Classy, and Bad-assy! 🔥 That’s how you graduate in style.

#intifam #intigraduation ・・・

Here’s to a new beginning 👏🎊🎉 #intifam •

Happy 2020 #intifam 💕😍❤️ @daniyalq97

One hell of a ride 🙌🙌🙌 #intifam #love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #Beautiful #like4like #picoftheday #art #happy #photography #instagram #followme #style #follow #thehashtagsapp #instadaily #travel #life #cute #fitness #nature #beauty #girl #fun #photo #amazing #likeforlike #instalike #smile

Weather like this 😍😍😍 #intifam

Tis the season to be jolly! School's out #intifam 🔥🔥💥 •
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Happy winter solstice and cheers to brighter days ahead ❄ #intifam #wintersolstice

If you're going off for the holidays, have a safe trip #intifam ! See you in 2020 🔥 •

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Looking forward to the holidays, #intifam ? •
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The place we call Home ❤ #intifam #intiinternationaluniversity •
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Happy Birthday, Thalaivaa!
With so many of our students being die-hard fans of the star icon, INTI would like to wish Indian Superstar, Rajinikanth a very happy and blessed birthday.

What's your favorite Rajinikanth dialogue?

Fun fact: Admin has watched Chandramukhi at least 30 times on the tele.
Image source: Twitter

Daulat Tuanku.

INTI would like to share our humble salutations and wishes to His Royal Highness, DYMM Tengku Sharafuddin Idrish Shah Al-Haj, Sultan and Ruler of Selangor on the occasion of His Royal Highness’s 74th Birthday.

We are #intifam 🔥🔥🔥 •
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🥇NUBR 2019🥇
Thanks to all Stingrays who put it their maximum effort in achieving this goal.
*Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent DOESN‘T Work Hard*
Be proud of yourselves juniors and seniors, victory comes only after wear and tear.
All of you deserve this moment in the spotlight and this family deserve to have this happy ending.
Special thanks to our supporters
@httey300 , @siang_chua , @__yiliyili__ , @kyliessss , @brendaa_xm , @twanyong @emsiderf giving their max effort at our side lines. ‘Frisbee is not just a sport, it is also a lifestyle’

WE are not just a team here,

#nubr2019 #intifam #intiiu #intifrisbeeclub #intistingrays

Enjoy your break tomorrow #intifam ! •
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Yes, that's the smell of year end semester break #intifam •
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How's your week going #intifam ?

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IDC participated in Spirit Week 2019 featuring the hypebeast theme 😎

@snhu_iics @inti_edu
#spiritweek19 #intifam #snhuiics

Woohoo! #intifam •
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INTIMA Installation Night 2019:

SNHU Club won the Best Faculty Club 2019 (2 years in a row, wow!!) CONGRATULATIONS Team! Keep up the good work! Good job guys! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🎊🏆🥇 #caeiics #cae #intifam #aup #snhu #studentexperience #lifelonglearning @snhu_iics @intima.iics @inti_edu #southernnewhamshireuniversity

Congratulations you guys! #intifam •
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Reapers back at it again!
Best Sports Club 2019 - Reapers Dodgeball Club!
We would also like to congratulate the 43rd INTIMA IICS on their stepping down after a year in position!
#reapersfambam #intifam #iics

Mood. #intifam •
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done presentation for today! 🦋

When your whole squad turns up ❤🔥💥 #intifam •
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Graduating like a bawse 😍🔥 #intifam #intigraduation2019
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A big THANK YOU to those who attended my convocation and sending your love to me. Much appreciated 🥰

The Mass Communication students of INTI International University recently organized a week-long

'Harry Potter' themed campaign with the aim of highlighting ongoing trends in media and communications as well as to strengthen industry ties. •
The highlight of the campaign was the magical inauguration night where the students creatively turned INTI's Tan Yew Sing Multi-Purpose Hall into the ballroom of Hogwarts! With Platform 9 3/4 as the main doorway, the students had an unforgettable evening dressed up in their Hogwarts robe and casting spells! (okay fine, maybe not the last one). •
Congratulations to the students for pulling off a successful and magical event! #intifam #masscommevent #harrypotter #hogwarts #potterhead

If this isn't friendship goals, I don't know what is. Congratulations on your graduation, ladies!

Tag your friends you would like to graduate with! #intifam #inticonvo2019

With their official launch earlier today, INTI would like to congratulate @uowmkdu for their new beginning.

Thank you for having been a great partner over the last 10 years. •
Together, we successfully produced thousands of graduates across many different programmes who are now in a variety of professions. From our campus in Subang to all the way up north in Penang, we had a great run. •
While all good things must come to an end, we now embark on our new journey with a great partner, @swinburne
We wish you all the best! Looking forward to many more years of inspiring young minds. #intifam #INTIxSwinburne #2020

Our hearts are full ♥♥♥ •

INTI International University's second day of the convocation ceremony also coincided with our beloved Chancellor, YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Arshad Ayub's birthday. He celebrated his 91st birthday with the graduating students, faculty and management team of INTI. •
Happy birthday Tan Sri! 🥳🎂💐🎁🎈 #intifam #intigraduation2019

QL Resources Berhad’s Executive Chairman, Dr Chia Song Kun, was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Management by INTI International University (INTI) in recognition of his contribution to the country.

He was awarded the doctorate by YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Arshad Ayub, Chancellor of INTI International University during the university’s November 2019 Convocation Ceremony. #intifam #intigraduation2019

We are proud to share that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency

(MQA), YBhg Dato’ Dr Rahmah Mohamed was conferred with the title of Emeritus Professor by INTI International University (INTI) in recognition of her services to the university. Dato’ Dr Rahmah served as the university’s Vice Chancellor for three years prior to her role at MQA. #intifam #intigraduation2019

Next on our "The Industrial Talk" series, INTI catches up with Nora Abd Manaf, Group Chief Human

Capital Officer from Maybank, to learn about Maybank's experience with INTI's graduates and how our students have impacted their organisations. •
#intifam #intiindustrypartners #intisindustrialtalk #intiinternationalcollegesubang

Follow this session with Darren Seng, an alumnus from INTI International University who has blazed his way to success in the Information Technology industry.

Coupled with his people management skills, the IT-savvy Darren leads a compelling journey at Oracle Malaysia, where he is currently working as a Cloud Solution Consultant. •
Let’s hear him share his personal experience!
#intifam #proudintialumni #intiinternationaluniversity #intinilai #informationtechnology

Join Swarna Naidu as she catches up with INTI’s fellow alumna, Nathalea Elizabeth De Rozario on her experience on being an INTI student all the way up to how she has transitioned into the workforce.

Currently employed at Maybank as a Global Maybank Apprentice, the bubbly and successful Nathalea is sure to keep you captivated with her stories and some valuable advices that are sure to be of good use. #intifam #proudintialumni #intisubang #informationtechnology

Let’s be inspired as we follow Swarna Naidu in catching up with Justin Yong, an alumnus from INTI International College Subang who is a serial go-getter and an all-rounder.

Here in this series, Justin shares on his development as a student at INTI up until his employment as someone who leads at Digi’s strategy and innovation division. •
Stay tuned! #intifam #proudintialumni #intisubang #informationtechnology

It was the perfect opportunity for all our new students at INTI International College Subang (IICS)

to get to know each other and forge a new bond as they participated in the annual INTI Freshman Camp 2019! 👏💪 •
Well done everyone! Cheers to new found friendships! #intifam #intifreshmancamp #intiedu #intifam #intimaiics

We are #intifam 🔥

Hey you, stop buying things you don't need online and start studying 😘😂 #intifam

Right after graduating with a degree in Information Technology from INTI Subang, Alexander Leo

Morris joined PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) before moving on to Grab Malaysia as their Security & Compliance strategist. •
It has been a brilliant last couple of years for this very talented INTI alumnus and we got Swarna Naidu to catch up with him. #intifam #proudintialumni #intisubang #intipenang #informationtechnology

Congratulations to all the award winners of the INTI Film Festival 2019!

#intifam #intifilmfestival #intisubang

Friends like family ❤ •
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The Idol 2019🔚👋👋

筹备了六个月 辛苦了大家❤
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not-my-graduation-day.jpg #intiawards2019

Sunday Funday ❤😘 •
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"If I fall, you are coming down with me!" •

No, that is certainly not what we meant with this. 😂😂 •
We sincerely apologize for this error which appeared on one of our boards. We are fixing it and we will ensure such matters are closely monitored.

Where do you go when you had only D's and E's in your O-Level exams?

For many, this would have been an uphill battle. •
An INTI original series about our students who have achieved the impossible. •
#intifam #breakingbarriers #intiinternationalcollegesubang #anewleaseofife

We are #INTIFAM ❤

Hello-ween! 😘 •
#Repost @snhu_iics

A magnanimous thank you to everyone that came out, dressed up and supported us! #snhufam
We hope that you enjoyed yourselves as such as we enjoyed planning it!
To more events! 😉


Happy Deepavali from all of us at INTI ❤

Have you ever brought your bf/gf back home? Then you would relate to this.

#deepswithdiya #intifam

Have you ever brought your boyfriend/girlfriend home for Deepavali to meet your parents?

Then you can definitely relate to Diya's problem. •
This Deepavali, let's celebrate it with Diya #DeepsWithDiya •
Video releases later today! Wait for it. #intifam

We all have been that cat!
Tag a friend that needs to see this. #intifam

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When it's finally Friday! #intiinternationalculturalnight 💯♥ What's your weekend plan #intifam ?

Practice like you have never won. Perform like you have never lost ❤ #intifam

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The INTI family ❤ •
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This is a shout out to our cheerleaders. Tag them and thank them! 😂 #intifam •

What's the lamest joke you have ever said or heard?

“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic.

Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” - Jimmy Carter •
This is 💯 INTI International University. •
This is #INTIfam ♥ •

Congratulations to TEAM IICS on winning the 1st runner up spot on MAPCU 2019 - Dodgeball! •

We hope you guys had fun playing together and once again we appreciate your contribution to IICS!
#mapcu2019 #1strunnerup #teamiics #iics #intifam •
#Repost @iicsreapersdc

That's how you win in style! •

A huge shout out to @sasacastic @jessie_gkx , @taniah_des_seychelles and @its.okay0204 from our School of Hospitality ( @inti_sohos_society ) for winning the bronze medal for the Asian Junior Team Challenge and further getting the Best Restaurant Award using Kikkoman product during the recent FHM Culinaire Malaysia competition. •
Their team, the '48th Iris Avenue' dazzled the judges with their skills and scored a medal along with the special award! You go ladies! 🔥 #intifam

Will you be my prom date? 🏵💃•
Over 200 students from INTI International College Penang recently attended their annual Prom Night, themed Estelle.

Students were given a reception fit for movie stars as they arrived in their dashing suits and flowy dresses at M-Summit Skye. •
A night to remember indeed! #intifam #estelle #intipenang

Cooking up a storm!

👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🍳🍴 Congratulations to our Hospitality & Culinary Arts students and faculty members from INTI International College Subang for making us proud at the recent FHM Culinaire Competition 2019. •
Well done to our students - Cho Kok Sheng, Zavier Song Jia, Ryan Peter Marie, Chris Shane, Young Kon, Hassan Shafi Ahmed, Christle Lai, Sabrina Teoh, Roshni Kerai, Chan Winnie, Christina Liaw, Tania, Alysa Soh, Jessie and Itsuki. •
And also our faculty members - Norhana Hayat, Mohd Khairul Anuar, and Haslina binti Hussein. •
They won a total of 2 Silver medals, 6 Bronze medals and 5 Diplomas across a number of categories. #intifam #fhmculinairecompetition2019 #culinaryarts #hospitality

At first glance, Happy Lee Yan Lung may seem like he has his whole life sorted – he graduated top of his class and was named valedictorian for his graduating batch at National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois, USA. #intifam #intisubang #intialumni
Read more on INTI's FB page ❤

Mood ❤ #intifam •
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Congratulations to our INTI International University's Men's Futsal Team for coming in as the Champion at the recent 2019 MAPCU Sports Carnival held at Shah Alam National Sports Complex.

Well done boys! #intifam #futsal #mapcu2019 #beyondsports

Every single time 😒 #intifam •
Tag a friend that does this.

Don't worry admin won't tell your lecturer.

It's that #FridayFeeling ❤ @inti_dac #intifam #intidanceclub

Recognising that more should be done in raising awareness on mental health, especially in

encouraging young people to seek help when facing anxiety, stress or depression, INTI organised a series of week-long events titled the Holistic Wellness Week from 23rd to 27th September, 2019. •
The events included a launching ceremony and keynote address by Yang Berhormat @michelle.ngmeisze , State Assemblywoman of Subang Jaya, who emphasised the role of family involvement in mental and emotional wellness among youths. #intifam #mentalhealth

Congratulations to our Engineering students from INTI International University for making the

institution and the country proud by coming in as the CHAMPION - Postgraduate Category at IDEERS (Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools), an annual international engineering competition which concluded in Taiwan last week. 🇹🇼

Monday blues? What Monday blues ? #intifam •
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Say 🧀

📸: @j.tograph
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Friday issa mood ❤ #intifam #fridayfeeling

We are in the end game now. #intifam

Happy weekend #intifam ! Let's pray the haze gets better ❤ Drink plenty of water 😊

New week, new me! Tag and remind your friends to wake up #intifam ! •

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INTI International College Penang recently organized the K-Pop Dance Competition where 13 teams from various colleges and universities in Penang took part to show their dancing skills.

The exciting dance show competition eventually saw our very own INTI team snagging the Champion title while the 1st Runner Up spot went to the team from Universiti Sains Malaysia •
Well done you guys! Keep those dancing shoes on and aim for the stars. #intifam #kpopdanceoff #intipenang

It's all about the Physio life. @inti_physio #intifam #intiuniversity

Crappy studying techniques will only lead to unnecessary stressful situations.

Get the INTI Mobile App now for better forecast questions.
#unstressyourfuture #intimobileapp

Tag your squad #intifam 🔥

We all have been there. Focus on your fitness #intifam ! What's your fitness regime?

Share it with us.

We are #intifam ! Like the picture if you are graduating this year ❤😍 •


Happy Malaysian Independence Day #intifam ! 🇲🇾 •
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

🎉🎊 #sayangimalaysiaku2019 #HariKebangsaan2019 #Merdeka

It was an exciting trip for 12 Physiotherapy students from INTI International University as they

embarked on attending the 10th Asia Physical Therapy Student Association Congress (APTSA) at Taoyuan City, Taiwan. •
As usual, our students made Malaysia and INTI proud when Jonathan Chew, one of INTI's Physiotherapy student, was elected as President of the Asia Physical Therapy Student Association (APTSA) for 2019/2020 session.

#intifam #studytrip #taiwan #industrialrevolution4point0 #intiinternationaluniversity

It's the last straw! 🍹•

In order to raise awareness and reduce the use of plastic straws, students studying Diploma in Mass Communication from INTI International College Penang recently organized an awareness campaign on the harmful environmental effects of single-use plastic straws. 💪 •
The campaign, a huge hit among the #intifam in Penang, also encouraged students to use metal straws as an alternative means. •
What's your cause that you believe in? Share it with us! #intifam #thelaststraw #enoughisenough #intipenang

Do not repeat the mistake! Admin repeat, DO NOT REPEAT THE MISTAKE. •

Tag a friend to remind them #intifam !

Student spotlight! 💡 ⭐ •
Tee Wan Ying is currently studying Psychology at INTI International College Subang (INTI), under the 4+0 Southern New Hampshire University, USA degree programme.

In 2017, she took the bold step to enter a modelling contest organised by Amber Chia Academy and much to her surprise, she won the contest. •
She later received a sponsorship to join a modelling course to up her game and placed Top 3 in the Female category in Face of Malaysia 2018. She is now able to support herself with her part-time job as a model. #intifam #studentspotlight #spotlight #psychology

Slave to the rhythm 😘 #intifam •
#Repost @iicsdanceclub

We all have had late assignment submissions. But never make it a habit #intifam !

What's your most dramatic assignment submission story? •
Share and tag your group mate!

Dance that Monday blues away
#intifam ! What's your favourite song to dance to?

We all have been there. It's called having trust issues. 😂😂 •

Tag your friends who will relate #intifam !

How I look after submitting my assignments and completing my final exams. #intifam •

#thewalkingdead #gatheringnight #inti_edu #intiphysioclub 7/8/19

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha 1440H. ❤

It's now stuck in Admin's head. #intifam

INTI dominates the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC) 2019! 🔥🔥•

We are proud to share that #TeamINTI won the Best University category in the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC) 2019 during the MGAC Gala Night! •
Adding on the celebration, Byron Kweh Tze Min, our student who is pursuing his Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with his team (Team Transformers) came up on top by winning the Best Team category. •
Congratulations #intifam ! Keep the INTI flag flying high! #mgac2019 #teamtransformers #maybankgoaheadchallenge2019
#maybankgoaheadchallenge #mgac

Tag a friend that needs motivation to study! #intifam #studentstruggles

Been there. Done that! We all have that one story. What's yours? •

Have a good weekend ahead #intifam #studentproblems

Story of Admin's life. #intifam #struggleisreal

I'm old money collector and if you have old sorry wrong caption lol 😂 Its #friyay tomorrow #intifam !


INTI would like to congratulate His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah on His Majesty's Installation as the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Daulat Tuanku!

If looking good is a crime. Our Law students slaying it! 👩🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️ •

#Repost @sundershaanthk ・・・
Inti Law Society 2019/2020 ✨👩🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️

Ready, set, go! #intifam

Alfred Phua, graduate from INTI Center of Art & Design's Graphic Design program in collaboration

with Sheffield Hallam University, UK had the greatest honor of presenting his design as the official logo for Visit Malaysia, Truly Asia 2020 campaign to @chedetofficial •
Alfred's design for the campaign, chosen from hundreds of submissions from all around Malaysia, features various recognizable icons of Malaysia such as the hornbill, the hibiscus,🌺 the wild fern (paku-pakis) and colors of the Malaysian flag. 🇲🇾 #intifam

To think about it, the whole SS15 is empty. Hmmm... #intifam

It's almost the weekend! Go out and have some fun with your friends #intifam. Have a good one.


Mood. #intifam

Go on #intifam ! Comment below. 😛

Happy Monday you guys 😘 #intifam •
#Repost @cyuentheng ・・・

Weekend's here! Go get some sleep #intifam ❤

You glow girl ❤ #intifam #graduation #intiinternationaluniversity #graduationgoals @subaashinie

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, What!" #intifam

We all have been there. Hang in there Potterheads ❤ #intifam

The ultimate dream 😍 #intifam •
Are you graduating soon?

What's the first thing you would do after graduating?

Congratulations to all our graduates from the #inticonvo2019 ceremony this morning.

Go have a great weekend you guys! You deserve it #intifam ❤😙🌷😍

But really though, were you really surprised? #intifam #studentstruggles

The Centre of American Education at INTI Subang celebrated their Fourth of July a day earlier today!

Check out their page @caeiics for more photos ❤ #intifam

College days are some of the best times of your life!

Do remember to take some time off with your friends. Listen to admin please! •
Tag a friend who needs this reminder #intifam ! #adminadvice

How's your weekend going #intifam ? •
#Repost @jt_bj31 ・・・
#intifam #intisubang

Moves like jagger 🔥 •
#Repost @iicsdanceclub #intifam

Participated in Talent Night 2019 last night! 🥰 Hosted by INTI Nilai YIZBIZ 💙 WE ROCKED THE STAGE! 🔥

Your time will come #intifam !

🎵 Here comes the sun (doo, doo, doo), here comes the sun and we’ll say - even in rain, flood or fire - it’s alright.

Little darling, we’ve got you 🎵•
Happy #GlobalBeatlesDay intifam! What's your favourite Beatles song?

How was the exam? #intifam #studentproblems

Have a great weekend #intifam ❤ #FridayFeeling •
#Repost @huahong97

We all have been there #intifam ❤ Hang on! Share this with your friends currently doing their FYP.

Friends like family! Tag your family ❤ #intifam •
#Repost @rawrjes ( @get_repost )

Have a great exam week everyone. Go ace the papers 🔥❤ #intifam #studentproblems

Yes yes, now admin can do the swipe up tings! 😂 Lol thank you #intifam #10kINTIfam ❤ Let's make it 15k by end of the year 🔥

EP3: Is your father paying for electricity? ft. @taneshh10 •

Ever wondered what do your father really mean when they talk to you? Happy Fathers Day from us at INTI ❤ #intifam #intifathersday

EP2: Why are you always on the phone? ft. @taneshh10 •

Ever wondered what do your father really mean when they talk to you? Happy Fathers Day from us at INTI ❤ #intifam #intifathersday

EP1: What time would you be home? ft. @taneshh10 •

Ever wondered what do your father really mean when they talk to you? Happy Fathers Day from us at INTI ❤ #intifam #intifathersday

It does not mean you watch Netflix when you have exams #intifam !

😂😂😂 Have a great weekend ahead #fridayfeeling ♥

Hello partner! @swinburne •

INTI International University & Colleges has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, 🇦🇺 to offer quality, affordable Australian degree programmes to students studying in Malaysia. #intifam #swinburne #australia #collaboration

Home ❤ #intifam

Brace yourselves...the exam season is approaching #intifam 😓

INTIMA Leadership Training Camp is an annual camp organized by INTI's Student Services Department

(SSD) and INTIMA, the Student Council of INTI International College Subang (IICS), with the incentive of training the leaders of clubs and societies in IICS. •
The camp aimed to bring the council members together with a series of activities that tested them mentally as well as physically - a key element of what it means to be a student at INTI. This allowed a greater sense of togetherness and connection between the students. •
After all, we all are part of #intifam ! Hope you guys had fun. #intimaltc2019

Squad 🔥 #intifam •
Who's your squad? Tag their names in the comment section! #intifam #studentstruggles

Hang in there #intifam ❤ The tassel will always be worth the hassle. 😍 •

#Repost @kristinee.w ・・・
Yolo Done with my degree🎓
📸 @bernicetehuien
#inticonvo2018 #classof2018

Jokes apart - never ever let someone do your group assignment by themselves okay? Be like admin!

#intifam #studentproblems

It's finally here! Go enjoy your weekend #intifam #FridayFeeIing ❤ •

#Repost @mukamila_ ・・・
guyzzz🤗 thank y’all for being such engaged and supportive teammates during #intimaltc2019
#warriors #redindians
i had really great weekends and learned so many things during the camp organized by our best @intima.iics 😘
the most important is to make use of this knowledge and inspiration to our future endeavors 💪 #intifam #intimaltc2019

Selamat Hari Raya INTI-ans! May this joyous occasion bring peace, love and happiness to you and your family.

Have a safe journey back to your kampungs! #intifam #raya2019

Been there. Done that. #intifam #presentationday #studentproblems

Exams got me feeling like. •
#Repost @ikzhenhong #Intifam

Ha-Ha...okay sorry I'll see you next sem. #intifam #studentproblems •

What's been your lamest excuse for coming to class late?

Nak tau macam mana student-student ni jayakan misi 'rahsia' diorang semata-mata nak habis kelas awal sebelum cuti raya?

Korang pulak, pernah ke ada experience dugaan-dugaan kat universiti korang sebelum boleh balik raya? •
Full video on INTI's FB page ❤ #intiraya2019 #intifam

Dear Nesamani, if you need any treatment, our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapy students at INTI International University will be able to assist with your rehabilitation.

We will continue to pray for you. #justicefornesamani #PrayForNesamani #intifam

How many of you have been in this situation? #intifam

Wake up, come to INTI, slay, sleep, repeat! #intifam •
#Repost @bsrhismail_

Y u lik this? #intifam #studentproblems •
Tag a friend to warn them against this.

One step closer to the weekend! Have a good one #intifam ❤ •
#Repost @feerawrr ・・・

I miss y’all crazy ❤️ #intifam #intiiu

HerMEOWnie Granger 😙 #intifam

"Yes I had a month to do the assignment. And yes, I just did it today." •

Always make sure (atleast try la okay) your assignments are done before the submission dates so that you can avoid nightmares like this #intifam 😭

Rise and shine #intifam ! Let's go seize the day 💙 •
#Repost @zhiqin27

Friends like family 💙❤ #intifam #iicp @intima.iicp •

#Repost @peiyinggggggg_0430 ・・・

Bubble teas can be extremely addictive and tasty, but please be aware of their sugar content okay?

Be a sweet talker like admin, but don't take in too much sweetness. •
Tag a bubble tea addict! #intifam #bubbletea

The English Premier League is over. Now go study! #intifam #lfc #mcfc #mufc #epl

If you’ve not disappointed your mom atleast once in your lifetime, (highly unlikely) here’s a guide from Aunty Sarala & her son!

📝 •
From all of us at INTI, Happy Mothers' Day! Tag your Amma ♥ #intifam #HappyMothersDay •
Ps: Watch out for the post-credit scene 😂😂😂

[Full video on INTI's FB page]
If you’ve not disappointed your mom atleast once in your lifetime, (highly unlikely) here’s a guide from Aunty Sarala & her son!

From all of us at INTI, Happy Mothers' Day! Tag your Amma ♥ #intifam #HappyMothersDay •
Ps: Watch out for the post-credit scene 😂😂😂

It's that #FridayFeeIing you people! So go out, take your 'looking away in daze' photos and look forward to the weekend 😘 #intifam •

#Repost @savannalow_

But but...atleast I turned up for the exam? #intifam #studentproblems

College is one of the best times for you to make lifelong friends.

So make sure you guys get to know and socialise with as many people as possible okay? The world is your oyster #intifam 😙

But you know they're doing it for your own good right? 😂 #intifam #studentproblems

You're thinking of that classmate now. Don't tag them 😂😂 •

They are also often the people who saves you if you dont know the answery to the question. So let's appreciate them ❤ #intifam #studentproblems

We all have that one EXTRA friend like @zendaya Tag them #intifam #met #metgala 😂

Find you a friend who lifts you up! 😍 Here's to all superwoman of INTI 🔥🔥 #intifam •

#Repost @huahong97 ・・・
Proud of you, our MVP girl @rachelyb1101 🏃🏻‍♀️
#intifam #intibasketball #mvp

It's very easy to get carried away on social media when you're trying to make a point.

Make sure you don't cyber bully okay fam? Be a credible Hulk (HA-HA) #intifam •
Follow INTI for more updates! ❤

It's that #FridayFeeling ❤ Have a good one #intifam 🌹🥀⚘ •
#Repost @___xuanzz

You feel admin? #intifam #studentproblems

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We at INTI hope you're having a great day off to rest and recharge.

Happy Labour Day! #intifam #HappyLabourDay

Bubble Tea Mou? 🤔 •
It's the news we all did not want to hear!

But did you know the bubble tea (boba tea/milk tea) apparently contains more sugar than a regular soda? 😮 •
Our students from INTI Subang ( @leoiicsmetro ) recently conducted a diabetes awareness campaign to educate their fellow #intifam on the amount of sugar in their bubble teas! 🧁 •
With the latest bubble tea craze, it's super important for us to know these facts! Especially as INTI Subang is located near the 'Bubble Tea Street' also known as SS15, Subang Jaya. 💪 •
Tag your bubble tea crazy friend to share this important fact! #intifam #bubbletea #reducesugar #diabetes #admingoingtostopdrinkingbubbletea 😭

Feeling cute, might dropout later 😂😂😂 (Admin kidding ah, yall better stay in class) •

Happy Monday #intifam 😙 •
Repost @kohmarcus

Don't be that person fam. Have a beautiful Thursday you guys ❤ #intifam

It's Avengers Day! Tag a friend to remind them #intifam 😚 #avengersendgame

To all our graduating students this semester, we will miss you too 😭😭 ❤ #intifam •

#Repost @bowie_97 ・・・
After 4 years, I'm going to leave this awesome place😢
#unilife #endsoon #memories #intifam #complecatedfeelings #foundationdegree

Because even a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist needs a degree.•

We will teach you how to beat that Thanos guy okay? Admin gotchiu 😗 •
@robertdowneyjr #intifam #Ironman #Endgame

Why do we need to adult? 😭 #intifam

Happy Game of Thrones Day everyone! #GameofThrones Please dont' post any spoilers okay!

Or else admin will complain to your lecturer. (kidding!) #intifam @GameOfThrones

Good morning #intifam ! Greetings from our Student Council leaders (INTIMA) all the way from Sabah ❤ They are currently attending our annual INTIMA conference 🔥•

Ps: How come y'all ddnt fly admin there ah? 😑

Luckily our Security & Maintenance team came to the rescue!

Thank you guys ♥ #picturesthatsparkjoy #got #forthethrone #gameofthrone #viserion #mysecurityguardcanbeatyourdragon #dragonspotted

WE ARE UNDER ATTACK YOU GUYS 😲😲 Head over to the plaza to help out!

🔥 #intifam #got #gameofthrones

I mean seriously though...the hype is cray cray! What's your favourite thing about #gameofthrones ?

Tag the GOT fanatic among your friends. #intifam #got 🔥

"So, who is the smarter sibling?" 😂😂 •
Having studied at INTI, we put the Mathews siblings (John, Sheba and Joshua) on the spot for National Siblings Day.

👭 •
Happy National Siblings Day you guys! Go show your appreciation to your siblings by giving them a hug and tell them you love them. Yes, it will be difficult and awkward, but hey it matters 😍 🤗 #intifam #siblingsday2019 #talkcocksingsong 🐔

Be proud #intifam ! Tag your friends who needs to hear this ❤

Welcome home #intifam ❤ It's going to be an amazing journey. •

#Repost @caeiics ・・・
🛳📚👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓🇺🇸🇲🇾WELCOME ON BOARD EVERYONE and ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY! We are here to @guide you all the way to graduation! May success be with you always! Big hugs #caefam #intifam #Repost @snhu_iics
Welcome to the AUP and SNHU fam, freshies! 🙋🏻‍♂🙋🏻‍♀ We hope that all of you enjoyed the session prepared for you as much as we enjoyed organizing it! 🎉
Rest well for the remaining days and see y’all in college next week. Say hi if you spot us! 🤙🏼 Feel free to DM us if you have any questions, we don’t bite! 😉

Make sure to follow our social media to stay updated
Fb : IICS SNHU Student Society / SNHU IICS
Insta: snhu_iics

That #FridayFeeIing ❤ Have a good weekend #intifam 🌻🌹🥀🥀 •
#Repost @ginosienyao

New sem, same old sitting at the staircase looking away pose. Why y'all sit on the staircase wann?

It's dirty 😑 - Admin #intifam •
#Repost @alycewan ・・・

Our #intifam keeps growing ❤ Hit a like and drop a comment to your new members of the family 🌹 What would be your advice to them?

Squad ❤🌻🌹 #intifam •
#Repost @choowenhsien
Sem🔚 🎉🎉

Vernisha Jassmin is a Mass Communication student who was selected to exhibit her photography skills at INTI's Industry Partners Appreciation Dinner last year.

#intifam #masscomm #ipad2018

Don't let the weekend pass by like this you guys. Go plan something and have some fun!

Have a great weekend #intifam ❤

Admin is funny right? RIGHT? 😣 #intifam

Tag your friends #intifam

Watch Elizabeth Tan, a Mass Communication student during her experience at INTI's Industry Partners Appreciation Dinner last year.

She was part of the student video production team that covered the event. #intifam #videography #ipad2018 ♥

Squad. #intifam •
#Repost @agneswong_0508 ・・・
Last day of Sem 3✨

Happy Saturday #intifam ❤ •
#Repost @sharon_tan98 ・・・

天亮了,不哭了,说好的幸福呢 💖 📸 @inti_dac

Mood. #intifam •
📸: @lyf23fly

If you have never had a third wheel in your group assignment, then you're the third wheel. #intifam

Tag your friend to remind them. #intifam

We all have a Mak Cik Bawang in our lives. #intifam

We all have this Appa (Dad)! He might be overbearing, tries to make decisions for you, or even control you sometimes - but rest assured, he means it with good intention.

With SPM results being released today, we look forward to having you on campus! Tell your Appa not to worry. #intifam #SPM2018 #intiopenday2019 •
Come visit us at our Open Day.

Being parents, it's natural for us to get carried away.•

But, this time, why don't we let the kids decide? #intifam #spm2018 #openday2019•
Come visit us at our Open Day.

Guess who decided to show up on campus. Hi @lingbigyong 😗 #intifam

Don't worry, we all have gone through this phase. Tag your first friend in college #intifam 😚

It's exam weeeeeekk! 😲😲😲 Good luck #intifam ! ❤❤❤ Get alot of rest and go kill the papers 🔥

Happy #InternationalWomensDay ! fam. Be the queen that you are 👸🏻 #BalanceForBetter.

♀♂ #HappyWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay 💜

We all have that one Uncle who thinks he knows better.

#intifam #whatcourseareyoudoing #spm2018 #intiopenday2019 •
Come visit us at our Open Day.

Hey, you know the assignment is due next week right?


Brace yourself. SPM results are coming. #intifam #inticomics

Every single time. #Intifam

With barely weeks to go for the SPM results to be announced, do you still have relatives asking you this question?

#intifam #whatisyourSPMresult #SPM2018 #intiopenday2019 •
Come visit us at our Open Day. •
Click the link to drop your info ▶

Wakey wakey #intifam ! 🔥❤😘 Go seize the day ❤ @iicscat

We are #INTIfam ❤ •
#Repost @w_kieat

That Friday Feeling 😍 #intifam •
#Repost @iicsdanceclub ・・・

Weekly Training - Hip Hop by Jordan Then 💝

😍😍😍 Our students certainly know how to turn up for class ❤ #intifam •

#Repost @melll30__ ・・・
Just wanted you to stop and stare for awhile 🤭

A fashion icon, a trend setter and curator of haute couture - RIP Karl Lagerfeld and thank you for

being an inspiration and icon to many of our students and graduates of INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD), both as a designer and a business mogul. •
As creative director for Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld raised the bar of fashion design and became one of the industry's most influential figures. We share our condolences as the world loses a great legend in the world of fashion. •
“I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness “ Karl Lagerfeld

A big salute and thank you to our beloved squash queen 👸 @nicoldsquash who announced her retirement today.

🇲🇾 •
Arguably the greatest of all time! Thank you for being an inspiration to many young Malaysians. <3 #goat •
PC: @psaworldtour


#intiblackpinkchallenge #intifamblackpinkchallenge

Is it the weekend yet? Can we all go back to sleep? @iicscat #intifam

Happy Valentine's Day #intifam ❤ Tag your loves and wish them in the comments 😗😍

The #INTIxMBOTicketGiveaway is back! 🎊🎉 Want to win a FREE PAIR of MBO Tickets? Here's how:

1. Follow @inti_edu on Instagram and Twitter (Twitter handle: inti_edu)
2. Like this picture and tag three of your friends that you want to bring to the movies.
3. Wait for the announcement 😍

Mood. #intifam •
#Repost @_yisuenchew ・・・

Welcome back to campus #intifam ❤ Let's get back to it 😗

When you're stuffed from all the CNY dinners. Is it okay to continue sleeping? • @iicscat


How's your CNY break coming along #intifam ? •
#Repost @sayhiii27

Happy Chinese New Year! INTI wishes you a prosperous year with good health, wealth, luck and happiness.

It's that one day before CNY that you don't know what exactly to do. •

Have a great break #intifam 😗

To all #blinks - the winners for both #intiblackpinkchallenge & #intifamblackpinkchallenge will be announced on 18th February 2019!

So keep your fingers crossed. •
If you are an INTI student, you still have the chance to win tickets - check out

INTI Students: "Eh admin, how come INTI students don't get any special privilege with the BLACKPINK Challenge?" •

Admin: "Well, say no more! Here's a competition ONLY YOU can join!" •
For more info, visit ➡

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you've come. #intifam •

Have a great weekend ahead fam! ❤❤❤ •
#Repost @rocky_rokii

Our INTI Subang Student Council ( @intima.iics ) President!

🔥😍 You go girl 😘😘 #intifam #president #girlpower

This is #intifam 🔥❤😗🤙

Feeling sad that the tickets are sold out? Here's a surprise ONLY FOR INTI STUDENTS! 🔥•

INTI is giving you the chance to buy EXCLUSIVE BLACKPINK BLINK tickets this Sunday at our Subang campus. •
Refer to the poster for Terms and Conditions! See you guys there #intifam #blinks

And here we go! Like if you're a new member of the #intifam community 😚❤ •

#Repost @chelseachong321
It's a great start and keep going💪💪💪

JENNIE, JISOO, LISA, and ROSÉ are all coming down to Malaysia this February!

Here's how INTI is going to make sure you join the party with our #INTIBLACKPINKChallenge 😮🔥 💃🕺 •

We are giving you a chance to WIN tickets including SOUND CHECK and SEND OFF passes. For more info, visit ⬇•

Have a great week you guys 😚😚 #intifam •
#Repost @kqueenly ・・・

Haha first day already have to work as a group... More friendly then my old school... Shamed lah juga... But they are nice... Not like the past..

No, don't do it #intifam 😑

On this special day, when our Hindu friends take their time to thank and show appreciation to Lord Murugan, we, at INTI, would like to wish you all a blessed Thaipusam 😍.


Finding friends who are as crazy as you during your first week as part of #intifam ? : Priceless.

Here's to a lifelong friendship! 😍😙

That first day at college where you still don't know whether you should show your true nature to the new friend beside you 🤣 •

Welcome to INTI you guys. You are now officially part of #Intifam •
#Repost @intima.iicp •
Welcome these new faces to INTI !!!!!
#INTIMAIICP #intifam @inti_edu

Don't be like this okay #intifam 😙 Let's hope for a great 2019 and kick ass in your studies 🔥•

Tag your friends to remind them. #10yearschallenge

Yes, we missed you too #intifam ! Welcome home ❤ Have a great first week back to campus.


Happy weekend #intifam ! Are you doing the #INTIBLACKPINKChallenge yet?

Tag your friends and motivate them you guys ❤ Contest ends on 31st Jan 2019 🔥

@stayla__ , our student from INTI International University, currently doing her Foundation in Science was recently selected to be part of the Top 100 Student KOLs across Malaysia and was recognized at The MonStar Awards. •
You go girl 👩‍🎤 🔥🤙 #intifam

ALL THE TIME. #intifam

With the semester starting soon, tag your friend who needs to hear this 💪 #intifam

We all have gone through this phase 😑 #intifam

It's the weekend #intifam ! Go have some fun ❤ •
#Repost @suk_han621

JENNIE, JISOO, LISA, and ROSÉ are all coming down to Malaysia this February!

Here's how INTI is going to make sure you join the party with our #INTIBLACKPINKChallenge 😮🔥 💃🕺•
For more info, visit ➡ and find how you can win FREE TICKETS! #intifam !•
Link ok bio!

Who are you the most grateful to for your education?

(Don't say Google ah!) Comment below #intifam ❤ •
#Repost @bbobo_ ・・・
Unconditional love from this man I had met in my life. 现在换我养你 ❤️ #坚持要把80K的文凭捧在手

Tag a friend who needs this resolution. #intifam

Dear 2019, I'm ready. #intifam •
Like if you're graduating this year ❤ •

#Repost @melll_lissa

Calling all BLINKS! INTI is proud to be the co-sponsor to the Korean's favorite girl group, BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR [IN YOUR AREA] concert in Kuala Lumpur.

Watch the space for more updates. •
Happy New Year #intifam ! 🎊🎈🎉♥

Who feels this way? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ #intifam

Missing the squad back on campus? Fret not! New semester starts in less than a month 🔥 #intifam

Tis is the season to be jolly! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night ❤

Thank you, next! #intifam @intima.iics

[Watch the full video on INTI's Facebook page] •

This Christmas, be an agent of joy and share your happiness with friends who are far from their loved ones. 🕵‍🎁
Presenting #INTIfam 's latest production, we would like to wish each and every one of you Merry Christmas 🌲 and a Happy New Year! 🎉🎈Have a good one you guys ♥•
Music credit: Mission Impossible (Fallout)

Sem break mood 😍 #intifam •
#Repost @jesslinewei

Hustle demi Hasil 🔥 #intifam •
#Repost @chokkaixin_1304

Sunday slaying 🔥 #intifam •
#Repost @riihimaiki

Let's do this Malaysia ❤ #VIEvsMAS #AFFSuzukiCup18 #KamiTeamMalayaia

When you are done with exams and have nothing else to do. #intifam •

#Repost @nurhanishidayah

Have a great semester break #intifam ! Enjoy the time off and go do something you have always wanted to do.

Get out of your comfort zone ❤ •
#Repost @selenaashley

At INTI, we 'tailor' make your college experience the 'best way possible'.

Our way is the 'fun way' 😉 #intifam •
Watch the full video on INTI's Facebook page ❤

Mood #intifam •
#Repost @ainazamira

For those still having your finals, rest well now as it's the weekend.

Let's recharge and go at it again on Monday 🔥 Have a good weekend #intifam ❤ •
#Repost @elizabethtanhx ( @get_repost )

Your INTI experience is entirely dependent on what you make of it.

In here, you are a part of a big family we call #INTIfam. ♥ •
Here's a short teaser of our latest collaboration with @iicsdanceclub •
Full video drops next week! 🔥

When you realise that there's a whole month of break awaiting after your finals #intifam 😍😍 •

#Repost @siskaa_xu ・・・