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Swipe to see one of my favorite Disney movies🥀 What’s yours?

@vondutch hii from up here❣️

Night at the fair 🎡

Me after @gjelinarestaurant brunch 😋😋😋

Sunsets, mountains, clouds, the ocean I can stare out endlessly So today was all about the mountains

Photos @krissy

Wish my cowboy boots could make me fly🕊
Photos @krissy

As I promised 🌊 @loungeswim AD

After 🩰 sunset watching in my @boandtee

Caught💤 in the last slide @inamoratawoman

Find me 👼🏻👼🏻
Photo by @krissy

Overload Sale!
Can’t help being a girly girl 🩰

Shop now @loungeintimates AD #myloungelife

Summertime at the fair @lillykofficial #ocfair #fair #reels

The blonde to my brunette See you for more tomorrow @lillykofficial 👯‍♀️
Photos @stowkelly

European dream @versacejeanscouture
Photos @krissy
Location @europeanhousela

In the desert @loungeintimates 🌵 #ad

Dancing through life
Shot by @jordanmatter

Lake daze in @lulus
#ad #lovelulus

NYC last night @oldthemovie world premiere @universalpictures Get ready to age thanks to @mnight

twinkle twinkle little star ☆🤠

Stretching under the 🌅 #reels

Before vs after I had my Sunlife

Same me Same @jordanmatter just a different kind of Manhattan

Thank you Manhattan Beach for letting me fly 💛

@loungeunderwear 🐾

Embrace every second of your life with the ones you love🕊🤍
Photos @krissy

Location @europeanhousela

Feeling grateful❤️
Dress @dulce.bestia
Photos @stowkelly

Styled @styledbyjuless
Muah @nicolegouletbeauty

Happi place wearing my @loungeapparel AD

Hi hi I wanted to thank u all for the bday love The dms, edits and special messages truly meant so much to me for my 21st bday Thank you with all my heart xoxo

Photo by @sagaj


This water sign girl started her bday week in the desert
Joshua Tree I ❤️‍🔥 you

Love, 🌼 me 🌼 @loungeunderwear AD


dancing ✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚dreaming

June bdays here we go
Mines June 27th What’s yours


@loungeunderwear my lounge life
NEW seamless launch AD

I filmed this on a break 🙃 while shooting with @jordanmatter in the kitchen for @gordongram 🩰🍳👩‍🍳

#reels #cooking #ballet

Guessss who took this photo @brandonwoelfel or @jordanmatter

Dress @revolve by @houseofharlow1960

@jordanmatter got this shot on the first take but that didn’t stop him from making me do this pose 27 more times

Outfit @revolve by @majorelle_collection

Which photo do you like best 1 or 2?🌼🦋Photos @brandonwoelfel

What’s your favorite look 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? 👾 #reels #outfits

@loungeunderwear midnight snack with my 🐶 AD

@brandonwoelfel and I always find our way back to this location in Brooklyn 🎠

Location Janes Carousel
Video @bran.wolf
Dress @revolve by @houseofharlow1960

#reels #brooklyn #janescarousel #sunset #revolve #video #photography

My little angel 👼 @lillykofficial in NC
Photo @stowkelly
Styled @styledbyjuless

Lighting @charlesham

Countdown with me⏰ #reels #stretch #dance

vintage energy🤍🏹 @loungeunderwear

Hii hope you’re having a good day
💜🌙🌴 #reels #dance #florida

Rainy day but still dancing
• ◡• the sky ☁️ matches my leo

My mood when I’m in the water 🐯🐬

Wanted to get peaches in Georgia but got strawberries in North Carolina 🍓🍓🍓

@loungeunderwear afternoon’s in the country 🦋 AD

Sis shoot in North Carolina @lillykofficial
Photos @stowkelly

Styled @styledbyjuless
Lighting @charlesham
#reels #photography #northcarolina

Current location
Charlotte, North Carolina

Slide to see a hint of who I worked with today There was also a special surprise person I shot with
*who I missed so much
Can you guess?
Pictures coming soon from NC

Previously on The Vampire Diaries🩸 #reels #vampirediaries #thevampirediaries #mysticfalls

@loungeunderwear appreciating the shades of sunset on earth day #earthday

Heading to my next destination
Let me know your song recommendations
shoot @sagaj

#reels #photography #video #dance #ballet

Hay Savannah🍑
Photo @sagaj

@revolve What are your weekend plans ? @majorelle_collection

Soho nights 🌙 photo @brandonwoelfel

A storm is coming🌧⚡️ @loungeunderwear

hiii 😛🎾 againnn

Chillin with my peeps🐰🐣
Happy Easter!

Dreaming x 🐇
Photo by @sagaj

Relaxing in my bedroom 🐚

@revolve 👁👁
Dress by @superdown

What number are you?💗🌴 #reels #stretch #dance #ballet

Sunday pasta 🍝 actually everyday is pasta day for meee 😋

Loves it’s the last last chance to shop @loungeunderwear Birthday Sale ≧ᴗ≦ AD

Which photo is your favorite
1, 2, 3 or 4? #reels #stretch #ballet

Happy 5th birthday @loungeunderwear ❣️🎂👼🏻AD

🩰🎀🌼ciao primavera
photo by @sagaj

Drop a 🖤

behind the scenes @sagaj

Do what makes you happy
Be with who makes you smile
Laugh as much as you breathe

Love as long as you live
Photo by @sagaj

I’m a happy water sign ♋️ Even though it’s not June Swipe to see what I found in the ocean

Styled by the tiktok queen @styledbyjuless
Photos @stowkelly
Lighting @mad_sadiq

Happy ♡ #internationalwomensday I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing women today and everyday!

There is no greater strength we have than how we chose to lift others up
Photos by my girl bosses

@revolve X Me = #revolveme

Come with me to watch the sunrise
Filmed @mackinzie_dae
Song @tatemcrae

#reels #dance

A year ago this was our last normal week Where were you? I was in California

@revolve in @tularosalabel
go to the extreme

stretching + @skims

@nbc tune in Sunday night to watch the Golden Globes @revolve dressed me in @nbd still had to keep the jays on #goldenglobes #revolve

I wasn’t expecting the beach police behind me #reels #dance #beach

🧸🍫 @skims

Went to Dior for a latte and came out with @dior overload

@loungeapparel my lounge life AD

Beach cuddles 🐆🧸 Be mine @iamgia

Baby it’s almost Valentine’s Day💘 AD

Loves here’s my vday code isabella10 for 10% off

Double Tap where you can stretch your leg to🧡🧡 #reels #dance #stretch #tampa

Me at the end of the dayyy

Which one is your favorite 1, 2 or 3
@brandymelvilleusa fits

@loungeunderwear Can’t help but to love this month ❣️

My vday code for you is live now isabella10 for 10% off AD

Class will begin at golden hour @inamoratawoman

These winter days @khassaniswimwear

shades of sunset 🌅> ☀️ > 🌙

secret spot🥥🌴


Let’s pretend this is a tree house
I always wanted one 🦒 @inamoratawoman

I don’t mind this dance floor

Meet me on the court

Hii last day of 2020 Wishing everyone a happy NYE
Photo by @sagaj

Meet Wistie
Swipe for ^._.^

This summer we found this kitten all alone living under the wisteria From the second we found her she had the cutest personality I’ve always wanted a kitten and never thought this cutie would appear She’s apart of the family now

shoot for the stars aim for the moon
Merry Merry Christmas❤️

*ps the one day out of the year I don’t mind waking up extra early
Photo by @sagaj

💋starting the holiday with❤️
to all of you!

<3 🤠 meet my sisters

dance credit: @mattsteffanina

snow snow snow ❄️❄️❄️

Cozy time of year ❄️🧸🥧

Daily stretchin
behind the scenes w/ @underground_nyc

Hop on we’re going Christmas shopping Photo by @sagaj

Which fit of the week are you ♡ᴗ♡✿

Skirt @americanapparel

Bag @chanelofficial
Boots @louboutinworld
Top @brandymelvilleusa
Skirt @herrbyisabela
Bag @chanelofficial
Shoes @supremenewyork @timberland
Shirt @burberry
Skirt @brandymelvilleusa
Bag @chanelofficial
Shoes @drmartensofficial
Jacket Vintage
Top @thenakedtiger
Pants Vintage @darylknyc
Bag @gucci
Shoes @jumpman23
Top @kith
Jacket @supremenewyork
Pants @brandymelvilleusa
Belt @chanelofficial
Bag @chanelofficial
Sneakers @fengchenwang @converse
Dress Vintage
Scarf @frasiersterling
Bag @chanelofficial
Shoes @gucci
Shirt @supremenewyork
Bag @gucci
Shoes @off____white @jumpman23

**My favorite is Halloween as you all know and since this song is popular in December lol I have been having a lot of fun with it on Tiktok so I thought I’d bring it to IG

The edge 🌇🌃

🖤 behind the scenes @underground_nyc

Did you vote for this post on my story? *to see me before I got soaked check out my previous post

Video by @underground_nyc

series ~ behind the scenes w/ @underground_nyc

Getting ready to bake 🥧 ツ
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving
Photo by @sagaj

My heart is full🤍 @sagaj

Colder days ahead + leather pants

Fall in the city🍂
Photo by @underground_nyc

If tiktok gets to see it reels should too

la farfalla umore 🦋

Why couldn’t that car be a taxi

My outfit said 💘📚

Catch me👾.....👾.....👾


world 🩰 day

I get asked advice on where I’ve trained Here’s a little about my dance journey I started at Breaking Ground Dance Center

I’m thankful to have been accepted and trained at ~

The School of America Ballet at Lincoln Center for 7 years to the graduating level

I traveled for dance every summer since I was 8 years old and trained at the following

Paris Opera Ballet
The School of American Ballet (SAB) California
Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle
Chautauqua Ballet
Pennsylvania Youth Ballet
Boston Ballet
American Ballet Theater New York (ABT)


Hop in

It’s the fog for me @underground_nyc

:))) messy ponytail but it was all about the last slide

Two of my favorite things stargazing and sunsets so here’s one of them

Leave me here ♾ Beach film

hii 🦋

On my way to get boba & 🍰

Lake for ya

sweet dreams before a crazy week

Request number 2: Instagram see why I’m asking for a hair flip emoji
Photo by @underground_nyc

And suddenly it’s October
Tag your fall partner

Instagram can I get a hair flip emoji Behind the scenes from @brandonwoelfel new YouTube video

If you haven’t seen my story this past month the last slide is what you’re missing

Fly away with me🐞

You n me

Walks to the location caught on film by @brandonwoelfel

Here we go again @jordanmatter 24Hour Challenge Today This time on Zoom at my house I’ll be staying up the full 24Hours Wish me luck because Jordan will be here at 10am and it’s 4am and I’m still awake *this video was before quarantine

behind the scenes @underground_nyc

Dreaming of ____ Fill in the blank 💛

@gymshark seamless is my new obsession! The most comfortable workout outfits I’ve ever worn, I’m able to dance with no limits.

The fit is incredible. @gymsharkwomen

Filmed by @mackinzie_dae

@gymshark Swipe to see some behind the scenes of me dancing on the NYC streets ps this pic was taken after I got rained on Which behind the scenes is your favorite 1, 2 or 3

Quick change vibe 🖤

Sweet escape
Photos by @brandonwoelfel

Last nights shoot was everything @brandonwoelfel


summer days are ending

Tell me about your day

Which photo is your favorite 1, 2 or 3? Photos @underground_nyc
Stylist @mrchriscampbell

Just released @brandonwoelfel second book Ultraviolet Swipe to see what happens behind the scenes

🌈 @funboy

Ending the day at the beach for sunset is always a good idea

backyard boy



Can’t live without summer flowers

A road trip with good music to start off the week would be nice rn

@ afternoon looking through old Vogues

Can I fast forward to the part where I’m in Santorini

Tag your summer partner☀️🧡

I’m taking tiktok song requests

Sunsets <3 🎣

Mermaid for the Day🧜🏼‍♀️ 24hour Underwater Photo Challenge
YouTube link in @jordanmatter bio

The day went from ☀️ to 🌧

Swipe to see what snack I fed the horses 🌾🥕🍎

On my way 🤎🏹

🎈🧁🎂🍰🎊bday 2020

*before corona* TikTok saw it first

*cue* all blue emojis 😇

Pick your mood 😝or👉👈

Summer coming 🦋🌴🍋

@khassaniswimwear 💚

Where to🤍

If I could get to you by kayak I would 🐠🦋🦞🐬

home edition🤎 @khassaniswimwear

Film @krissy


rainy summer nights

book club @sydney_sweeney 📚

Which outfit is your favorite?
Follow my TikTok isabellafonte

Where would you be if quarantine wasn’t a thing?

I can’t wait to be back to this😇
NYC I’m waiting for you

Stay home club ✏️🍫🧵🌮🍰 📚

Has anyone tie dyed something during quarantine?🌵🦖🐠🎾🥑🐢🧩

Make a wish🦋
Photo by @sagaj

Behind the Scenes FaceTime shoot w/ @krissy *photos coming soon

Who can guess what Netflix show this song is from

The kitchen has been my happy place for the past two months Just filmed another Quarantine Video with @mark_fonte tonight

What cooking challenge do you want to see next?
Photo by @underground_nyc
Styled by @mrchriscampbell

@revolve got dressed up for my closet💎

Okay Instagram I get it I was at the poppy fields a year ago

Which photo is your favorite 1, 2 or 3
Film @krissy

@kith M🙃🙃D

Seek what sets your soul on fire 🏹
Video by @mackinzie_dae

The good days🍒
Photo by @jessicakobeissi

Don’t quit your day dream
Photo by @balletzaida

@revolve Tag someone you miss🦋
Photo by @evanysphotography

Bored in the house🐣
Photo by @underground_nyc

happy earth day can’t wait to explore you again ٩(^ᴗ^)۶✿

My quarantine mood is my eye color & btw the coffee is no reflection of my messed up sleep schedule

You’re all invited to my virtual pool party in the comments🧜🏻‍♀️ Film @krissy

FaceTime Photoshoot with @krissy TikTok made us do it Check out the Behind the scenes to these photos TikTok isabellafonte

Grateful moments I missss🧚🏼 Ps you can’t tell but it was raining & this spot in Central Park had so many fireflies

Video by @mackinzie_dae

Remember when 6ft apart wasn’t a thing🖤Stay safe & healthy Love you all!

Photo by @hudsonmatter
From @jessicakobeissi YouTube video

Here, bunny, bunny, bunny!
Happy Easter from Baby me

Camera roll memories ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

April Showers If you want to re create this photo click the link in my bio

Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Missing Brooklyn and the food @misinewyork Photos by @evanysphotography

You’re cute jeans
Photo by @evanysphotography

#stayhome Please we can do this
Comment music suggestions
Film @krissy

@revolve 👉👈 You already know

Clearly the wallpaper and I got the memo!
Ps it’s @krissy bday I love you!

Soho pre corona How is everyone doing?
Photo by @evanysphotography

I can’t believe Spring is here!
Missing this & @krissy

All photos will now be taken back home in my driveway *Hope everyone is safe!

Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Quarantine and chill?
If you’re bored check out my TikTok isabellafontee ⁣

⁣Recommendations ~
The Good Place
Spinning Out ⁣
Disney +:
HSM The Series
Frozen 2 ⁣ ⁣
Apple TV:
The Morning Show
The Act⁣

Since we are all trying to do our part and stay home here’s something you can watch @jessicakobeissi New YouTube video featuring these photos!

Which one is your favorite 1 or 2 ?

Sorry I missed your call
Tag the person that always answers
Film @krissy

I would have never thought this rainy day could end up in the most incredible sunset

Photo by @brandonwoelfel

At this moment I was probably thinking of what me and @krissy were going to eat after this shoot

@reebok Which look is your favorite 1 or 2 ? In my #zigkenetica #reebokpartner @champssports

PS I’m obsessed with my sneakers!! ⁣

Video by: @mackinzie_dae ⁣

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about working hard, staying spiritual and surrounding myself with honest loyal people who are passionate about a cause whether it’s to help the environment or a friend with an illness. Always try to care about others being the best they can be! Photo by @krissy

Retro Dreams w/ @krissy

@revolve Can’t believe February is ova

Here's my Post Dance Facial Cleansing Routine! Using my Luna Mini 3 by @foreo Sweden.

It is my go-to ritual after dance. The silicone bristles pulsate and remove all the sweat and bacteria while helping the cleanser go deeper into my skin after a long day in the city #lunamini3 #foreo #dance #ad ⁣

Video by @mackinzie_dae

My Uber canceled because I was taking these pics 🤷🏻‍♀️

One day I will find my prince but for now Mickey will do

Hi Malibu

I’m excited to announce the Reebok Winner for @Reebok x @Champssports #ZigChallenge event #reebokpartner ⁣

Congratulations! @brooklyn_dancemom
Now, I want to see all of you there too in Brooklyn, NY on February 29th for a chance to win Reebok merch, pairs of the new #ZigKinetica , support the dancers and meet the judging panel (including me!) ⁣

Search Reebok on or head to my story for a link to sign up. See you there!⁣

So proud of all the entries
Be you. Do you. For you.
Always follow your dreams! ⁣

Wearing: #zigkinetica
Video by: @mackinzie_dae

Blinding Lights☄️Which photo is your favorite 1, 2, or 3 ?
Photos by @brandonwoelfel

@revolve Happy Valentine’s Day from Me and Mine🧸

That’s a wrap #NYFW
Thanks for all the love🖤

I’ve teamed up with Reebok to find a dance group to compete in the @reebok x @champssports Zig

Kinetica Dance Event in Brooklyn on 02/29 #reeboxpartner I want you to take part in the #Zigchallenge and reinterpret my dance in your own style, showing me how the energy of the #ZigKinetica sneakers manifests it’s self in you – Be inspired! I’ll select one winner and their dance crew to compete at the event for the chance to win some insane prizes.
To enter, post your dance to Instagram with #Zigchallenge and tag me @isabella_fonte , @reebok and @champssports. Let me know in your caption why I should select you and your dance group!
I’ll announce the winner on my account on February 19th.
Terms & Conditions at 🖤🎥 @mackinzie_dae

Fashion Week 2020


Which location is your favorite?
Sunset ➸Subway ➸Street
Photos by @brandonwoelfel

Me every Sunday not wanting to get out of bed unless it’s for brunch

Alexa find me a Valentine
Film @krissy

Month of love starts rn❤️
Photo by @dannyrozenblit
Leotard designed by meee

Brought to you by honking cars and the rain Photo by @hudsonmatter

You don’t wanna miss @nbc shows this season! What’s your favorite show on NBC?

Video by @mackinzie_dae

This day was 90% talking 10% shooting w/ @evanysphotography at least it wasn’t our usual 95% eating

If you could run away where would you go? 🎥 @mackinzie_dae

2020 didn’t start off the way I expected God has a plan and sometimes it’s so hard to understand Shoots like this remind me to cherish these moments

Film ~ @krissy

The weather in New York today was almost as perfect as this day in August shopping for a skateboard

Sunsets in New York hit different What’s everyone doing this wknd?

Back to work this week my version of the office
Photo by @underground_nyc

The holiday break is ovaaa Which mood are you? 😜☺️😮😝

🩰 (finally) now I’m just waiting for a Disney emoji to come out
Film @krissy

Happy Birthday to my little brother @mark_fonte The only time I get a photo with you is when mom takes it as we’re sleeping #newyearsbday #1 /1/2020

Last day of the decade! Just writing that down makes me feel so many emotions.

How is everyone feeling? I’m sad and happy all in one.
Photo by @brandonwoelfel

I’m loving my Christmas gift to my brother a little to much🤭Any name suggestions?

Also she’s currently sleeping on my neck as I’m writing this🥰

Ah, good morning Today is a wonderful day🤍(sing the caption) Who has TikTok?

Mine is @ isabellafontee

Sweet dreams👼🏼 I’m really excited about my Christmas surprise for my little brother!

Can you guess what it is? xx On film @krissy

Happy Holidayssss :))❤️ Which edit do you like best 1 or 2 by @brandonwoelfel

Picture 1 is me very happy about Christmas Picture 2 is me very confused how Christmas is only two days away Who feels the same?

Studio session 🩰 This was filmed at my hometown studio @breakingground where I fell in love with dance.

When I’m back here visiting it makes me feel so grateful to see the journey I’ve been on. No matter what you love go for it! 🎥 @mackinzie_dae

Describe your day with an emoji this
is mine🧸

Comment your favorite song of 2019💓 Film by @krissy

Fun Fact: The beach is one of my favorite dance floors especially in Costa Rica!

Filmed and Edited by @mackinzie_dae

Sweatpants kinda day :) Who’s with me? Photos by @balletzaida

POV: You’re the tree I’m about to buy🌲

For Time Square this is normal @jordanmatter

I’m loving the snow but staying underground for this photo🥶 @underground_nyc

Snow Day w/ the Boys⛄️

...Goodbye November🍁 ↠ NY forecast is Snow today!!❄️ Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Our version of Black Friday shopping is going to a mall and getting kicked out🙈 @hudsonmatter @jordanmatter

Where’s everyone traveling to this Thanksgiving? Photo by @underground_nyc

Golden hour is always my favorite especially when I’m dancing on top of this beautiful rooftop in Costa Rica ~ PURA VIDA 🎶 “I’m fine” 🎥 @mackinzie_dae

Doesn’t everyone jump into the pool in their tutu and pointe shoes?

Maybe that’s just me🤷🏻‍♀️ Video Filmed and Edited by @mackinzie_dae

It hit me today I’m in shock November is almost over😳 and Thanksgiving is in one week Anyone else feel the same?

Photo by @evanysphotography

Long tutus give me fairytale vibes🧚🏼‍♂️
Who got Disney Plus or wants to get it?

Photo by @evanysphotography

Weekend mood🌸✨ and go... Link in biooo!!!

6am hair flip moment x foggy morning
By @brandonwoelfel

When I’m cold my parents always told me to think warm thoughts so if I think about this day at the Venice Canals maybe it’ll help...

probably not brb freezing
Photos by @dannyrozenblit

Scale of 1-10 how was your day?💛 Photos by @evanysphotography

Escape with me It’s starting to get cold here in New York Where do you live?

Video by @mackinzie_dae

Which Mood are you pic 1 or 2?
Do something this weekend that makes you smileee

Really sunny today in Brooklyn 😉
Photo by @underground_nyc

Yes it’s me behind the💀I saved the scariest for last Bye till next szn

What would you do if you saw us in the woods? @ellianawalmsley_ @evanysphotography

*marathon today* means going in the middle of the streets of Brooklyn and not getting honked at for once🤗 @underground_nyc

@balenciaga ❤️

Welcome to Halloweentown🎃
Being normal is vastly overrated

Barbie world gone mad
What’s the scariest thing you see in these picture?

Pic your fav 1, 2 or 3 Photos by @evanysphotography

Fall don’t leave me🍂 Sunrise Shoot = No Sleep Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Johnny Depp wya?
Which picture is your favorite 1, 2 or 3 ?
Photos by @evanysphotography

Follow the yellow brick road or in this case follow the concrete streets❤️

The only thing scarier then this picture is that spooky szn is almost over👿 Photos by @evanysphotography

Eva and I thrifted this dress for $20 and had fun adding fake blood

Until this photo I have not been able to open any smoke bombs so you could say I’m proud

Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Welcome to the Circus🤡 a very haunted one 🎪 just a little scared...

What’s your favorite pic 1, 2, 3, or 4 Photos by @evanysphotography

To everyone keep following your dreams today and everyday! Don’t let anyone stop you.

If you do what you love you’ll want to work for it everyday! Wishing you all love and luck on pursuing your passions always! #love #worldballetday

Standing outside my favorite restaurant
Who can guess what it is? Hint 🍝

Fall is controlling my feed from now on I don’t make the rules the leafs do

Photo by @evanysphotography

I dare you to click the link in my bio😉 NEW VIDEO Behind the scenes shoot w/ @brandonwoelfel Smoke bombs will be used in this video I repeat smoke bombs

Can you tell I love Halloween ? 🔪
Which picture is your favorite 1, 2 or 3

Picture 3 scares me the most
Photos by the queen of spooky @evanysphotography

@tommyhilfiger 🇺🇸❤️ ft me smiling due to eating at my favorite restaurant right before this picture

@target you’re an absolute dream 😍 also thanks for not kicking us out 😂

Filmed and edited by @mackinzie_dae 🙆🏻‍♀️ @gtballet

Snuggling with my sis in the new @JuicyCouture home collection now available at @macys #imsojuicy #ad

Red carpet fail🤷🏻‍♀️😂 @jordanmatter

@highstrungmovie Movie Premiere Last night Dancing around with @jordanmatter In theaters October 11th Get your tickets now by visiting the link in @highstrungmovie bio #ad

Happy Birthday to my “Dance Dad” @jordanmatter and the King of screaming Boom Boom Boom, Dance Challenges and shooting for 24 hours straight!

There is no one else I would want to runnnn *literally run* around the city with or shoot under freezing water for hours on end. NY-LA it’s always an adventure! Next shoot I’m making you go on top of a taxi!

Photo DARES Video with
@hudsonmatter VS @jordanmatter
OUT NOW🥵 Link in bio

How many sunflowers are in this photo? *the limit does not exist* ☀️🌻🐝🐥🍯 @brandonwoelfel

Happy October!! Today I’m bringing y’all with me to a Pumkin Patch :) I got to film w/ my big bro @mackinzie_dae around my hometown love ya #spookyseason #fall #october

“take a back road” @rodneyatkins

And we meet again Sunday💘
What is everyone doing today?

Love you ❤️ Video by @mackinzie_dae

Cover Girl for 🖤
New York Fashion Week Issue

The moon is back🌝
Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Heyy fall I’m ready for you🍂
Photo by @brandonwoelfel

Once spooky szn is over can we go back to summer? please and thank you

Photo by @sagaj #malibu

Heyyy Mickey!! (Insert Disney emoji that doesn’t exist but definitely should)

Video by the incredible @mackinzie_dae who by the way edited this vid on his bdayyy thank you and #happybday #friendsforever

Quick nap under the city lights🌙
Photo by @brandonwoelfel

A whole lotta sunflowers and hair flips with @brandonwoelfel 🌻

No one:
Not a single person:
Me: stopping traffic to take this pic

Is it New York Fashion Week?😉
Video by @mackinzie_dae #nyfw

NYFW 🖤 The Future is Female
So excited to be opening and closing Runway Show!

Chick will also be hosting a post Fashion Show event with performances and a private meet and greet with yours truly 💋Make sure to get your tickets now at #nyfw #thefutureisfemale

Feels like heaven
Which pic is your favorite?
🌻Photos by @brandonwoelfel

Hey there Smoke Bomb we meet again💥 💣 maybe next time I’ll have enough strength to actually open it instead of @brandonwoelfel lol

Can we start summer all over again🧡 Who’s with me?! Photo from yesterday @brandonwoelfel

1, 2 or 3 which one is your favorite? 💛
Photos by @brandonwoelfel

New York Fashion Week kicks off in less then a week and I’m excited to announce I will be the September Cover girl for walking in their Runway Show on this September 9th!!🖤 #welcometonewyork #nyfw

Posting this as I’m in the middle of baking a funfetti cake🥰🍰 Photo by @krissy

Wardrobe @ragdollpinkpalace

Do you have dancer problems? Because I answered a bunch of yours in my New YouTube video (idk why that sounded like a health care ad) Video linkkk innn myy biooo 🧡 Photo by @krissy

@jordanmatter w/ Dance Moms
@ellianawalmsley_ VS @bradyfarrar


More 🍝 pleaseee

Happy Birthday to the Legend @brandonwoelfel 💛🌕💫 Love you!

Me + 🐴 = 🥰
Photo by @underground_nyc
Styled by @mrchriscampbell

Pulled an all nighter for this sunrise shoot⛅️ Link in my bio for full video :)) Photo by @sagaj

Feeling like 💃🏻 emoji
Video by @sagaj

Behind the Camera | LA Arts District💓

Can you eye spy a 🖤🕵🏻‍♀️ Photo by @dannyrozenblit

New Video on @brandonwoelfel Youtube Channel 💛 We always have the best time so come with us behind the scenes :)

Magical day at the Venice Canals🌿
Photo by @dannyrozenblit

Isabella Fonte x Details Dancewear is officially LIVE!

I’m so grateful to be able to design this leotard for all of you! Shop the collection 🥰 @detailsdancewear

Mid-day dreams 🌇 @brandonwoelfel

I’ve only been back in New York a few hours and already miss this🥺🌊
Photo by @samcahill

:))) In my leotard I designed @detailsdancewear
Launch Coming this Week!

Happy Saturday! Feeling blessed and thankful that the pre-sale of the leotard I designed for Details Dancewear is already sold out in one day🦋

Photo by @samcahill

Sitting in an hour of traffic on PCH was totally worth this sunset☀️ Photo by @sagaj

Can you tell I’m in California ?
Photo by @samcahill

El Matador Beach 💃🏻 Photo by @sagaj

Half my heart is made of sunsets the other half is made of stars🌅🌌
Photos by @samcahill

🕊I’m happy to be here and not in New York’s heat wave 📷 @sagaj

Back here in t-11 hours 🛫

Somewhere beyond the city @fendi ♡ @underground_nyc

Empower your mind one beat at a time🎆
Filmed and Edited by: @mackinzie_dae

Special thank you to @393nyc 🎧 @momomoyouth

I’ve been spending more time on top of taxis than in them 🚕 @hudsonmatter

Behind the Scenes pic taken by my mom☺️

I love when I have the NYC subway all to myself🖤 @underground_nyc

@brandonwoelfel making me escape the ordinary 🌌

Road trips to shoots are always my favorite! This one ended up with lots of Krispy Kreme Donuts😋 Film ~ @krissy

Hi NY did you miss me 🏙
📸 @jordanmatter

@flynyon My view over NYC
Happy 4th of July🇺🇸 Filmed and edited by @mackinzie_dae

California gave me Wings🦋 @sagaj

🅻🅰 🎥 @sagaj #nextmaximcovergirl

All smiles on my bday #june27th

📷 @sagaj

Half Mermaid / Half Dancer 🧜🏻‍♀️ 💃🏻 @jordanmatter

When in Rome...💚 (I couldn’t resist using this caption)

Watch my Greece Video to see what boy caught my heart💙 FULL VIDEO in Bio :)

Brooklyn this time of day is everything 🌇 @brandonwoelfel

Sunday Stretches at the Colosseum🇮🇹 Got kicked out after I took this video

Oh hey weekend❤️ @brandonwoelfel

What girl doesn’t love this time of day?☀️ @sagaj

Magical Nights in Brooklyn
💫📸 @brandonwoelfel

@jordanmatter VS @hudsonmatter 🤯EPIC Photo Challenge🤯

Edited by @mackinzie_dae
Filmed by @goforitbrandon

Gone in the Morning
Filmed and Directed by @samcahill

The way @jordanmatter makes me mail a letter✉️

@fashionnova #ad
Sonic Break🍦+🥤=🥰

Land gets boring sometimes🐬 @jordanmatter

Somewhere between heaven and earth 💙

I <3 youu 🎞 @krissy

Looking at Time Square from a different Perspective🌃 @hudsonmatter

Caffeine Overload in @jordanmatter NEW YouTube Video
Hitting every @starbucks in NYC

Do we hit all 240 ? Guess below and then watch the video to find out if you’re right☕️

Floating above @hudsonyards 🚀

#fabfitfunpartner @fabfitfun I love the FabFitFun Summer Box because it has the perfect necessities to start your Summer off right💓 Use code ISABELLA to get $10 off your first box!

Can’t wait for my next adventure✨
Love to travel doing what I love!

Filmed by @mackinzie_dae

Got OJ? 🍊 @fashionnova #ad

Surrounded by earths beauty is truly breathtaking!

Always take in every moment big or small💫

Santorini has my 🖤


My time spent in Greece has confirmed so much.

Heaven for me is good people in my life that are trustworthy, loyal and passionate 💫Life can be so beautiful with all the right people in it. 🌙 #santorini #dance #live #love

Living out my Mamma Mia Dreams 🇬🇷

🙃🙂I hope everyone had a Happy Weekend!! This picture was taken by the talented @samcahill

Guess where I’m going to in Europe🧡

MAY🌸’s Exciting things coming this month☺️ Leaving for Europe in 2 days

Professional Passenger🛸

I wanna dance with somebody💞

I got the horses in the back
@fashionnova #ad

Under the Water🌊Always doing something insane🧜🏻‍♀️ with @jordanmatter

Joshua Tree Nights🦋🌵

Here comes the ☀️

📍Melrose ǝsoɹlǝW

How can one place make me feel so complete❤️

Yesterday’s Shoot💄🎀👄💘
📽 @cadrenoirco 📷 @krissy 👗 @ragdollpinkpalace

Desert Girl🖤🌵

California Dreaming💋⚡️

@fashionnova #ad
When no one wants to play Kadima w/ me 🆘

If you don’t get flowers pick them yourself💟 @fashionnova #ad

Snuggle Szn is Over☀️🤗

New York you didn’t disappoint with April Showers #april1st 💦☔️ @underground_nyc

@fashionnova Just a little sandy #ad

@fashionnova 🤗💓🎀👛🌸 #ad
Did someone say it’s the weekend?

In a Chanel Mood🖤 It’s 🐪 Day!

@fashionnova It was this kinda Monday☕️ #ad How was your day?

BROOKLYN Vibes this Weekend♥ ☆ ♥
Filmed and Edited by @mackinzie_dae

Working on a new project coming soon :)

@fashionnova One Cherry Pie Please🍒🥧 #ad

HI SPRING🌻 @brandonwoelfel

@fashionnova Realizing it’s not Bachelor Monday anymore🤧🌹 #ad

@fashionnova 🦖🤑🌵☘️🍏🐢✅ #ad

@fashionnova 🖤BABY🖤 #ad

Never been to NY before🙃 @underground_nyc

Feeling like a Fairy🧚🏼‍♂️ #tinkerbell :))

@fashionnova 🎾 Let’s gooooo #ad

Most original caption... Thank u, Next👋🏼💋

@fashionnova 🏐 Beach Volleyball Anyone? #ad

Today’s shoot❤️ w/ @underground_nyc This was right before we used the fog machine and set off the fire alarm🙈 Lots more pics to come!!

OCEAN EYES @wherearetheavocados 🌊 Click the link in my Bio for the Full Video☀️ Filmed and Edited by @mackinzie_dae

Couldn’t get a taxi so I sat here and enjoyed the rain 🌧 @underground_nyc

Love my @fashionnova ❄️ Even though it was 10 degrees and snowing #ad

Who watched the Oscars? This is my reaction when Lady Gag Won Best Original Song for Shallow 😍🖤 @brandonwoelfel

Bella’s Tutu Tuesday’s are back on my YouTube🎉 First weeks video is live on my channel it’s the Full Video to @wherearetheavocados Ocean Eyes ❤️CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO❤️

I’m so excited for you all to see it!
Filmed & Edited by @mackinzie_dae

Until next time New York Fashion Week ❤️ @fashionnova 💫 #sponsored

So beyond excited to finally share a clip of this video premiere with all of you!!

It has been so amazing traveling and creating this! The full video will be released on my YouTube channel this Tuesday!! Stay tuned❤️ YAY!
Filmed and Edited by the talented - @mackinzie_dae

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!
Eat all the chocolate and candy you want Vday calories don’t count🍫🍩🍪 @underground_nyc

Holding up traffic NYC style 🚇🤣 @underground_nyc

Photo shoot for before Walking the Runway for New York Fashion Week💗 Loved every minute💫 #NYFW

Tbh this location made me feel like I was in the Wild West and I loved it❤️🤠

Love is hope.
Hope is faith.
Faith is trust.
Trust is love.

In your light I can fly 🕊

My heart is always with Joshua Tree💫🌵 The desert vibes, sunsets and star gazing makes this the most spiritual and magical place for me!

Devastated at what has happened to JT💔 #joshuatree

Epic Fail🤣 #bloopers while shooting with @jordanmatter for @alexandani 💗 Alexi and Ani is such an incredible company they just donated 250,000 to @theellenfund for @theellenshow Bday!

Tag a friend that would like this⬇️

Monday Mood💕💋🌸🍭

Limits exist only in the mind🌞

No amount of darkness can hide a spark of light💥 @brandonwoelfel

Come back to me Summer🧡 I miss you✨

This weekend I’m looking forward to 🧸ing the snow storm with @brandonwoelfel

When it rains look for Rainbows🌈
When it’s dark look for Stars⭐️ @brandonwoelfel

Not holding an egg but I hope this will do🥚🌃 @brandonwoelfel

Let’s get lost in the moment @fashionnova 🍒🌴

𝒜𝓂♡𝓊𝓇 𝐵𝒶𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓉 🍬 @fashionnova
What do you love? #ad

This Sunday I will be underground with @underground_nyc 🚇💛 #subway #nyc

Where do you wish the Subway can take you?

Good days give happiness & Best days give memories. Spread your Wings and Fly 🦋 💫 @brandonwoelfel

𝓋𝒾𝓋𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑜 𝓁𝒶 𝓋𝒾𝒹𝒶 𝓅𝓊𝓇𝒶
𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞 @peninsulapapagayo #sponsored 🐒

Princess Dreams for a Night @fashionnova 🏰 #novababe #sponsored

Imagine a World like this🎈🎇 @fashionnova #novababe #sponsored

To get lost is to learn the way❤️ @brandonwoelfel

@fashionnova ☆2019 I’ve been waiting for you☆ #ad

Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow!

➳ Turning into 2019 🦋 @peninsulapapagayo #sponsored #2019

I am so grateful for everything in 2018. Even though today marks a New Year take it day by day and put your heart into the things you love! Sometimes we put so much pressure on a number so let’s live in the moment and spread love and happiness xo

Never let go of your DREAMS💫 @fashionnova #ad

World on Pointe | Costa Rica Dancing Diaries🌴 @peninsulapapagayo #sponsored

The cold can’t stop me ♥ @fashionnova #novababe #ad

Hope everyone had a great holiday I’m so grateful for my friends, family and all of you💞 #merrychristmas

Wishing everyone a Magical Holiday! Today is the one day out of the year I’m a morning person MERRY CHRISTMAS!

❤️💫 @lillykofficial

Getting ready to Jump into the Holidays🎄

Two more sleeps till Christmas👼🏼

This picture was taken moments before I broke @brandonwoelfel moon🌝 Thinking I was Wonder Woman

I threw it up in the air for a good pic but when it came down my hands were to cold and it fell on the ground and split in half RIP. Stay tuned for this epic video with @brandonwoelfel & @jordanmatter coming soooon

Hey Brooklyn🤗 @fashionnova #novababe #brooklynbridge #ad

Dwell on the Beauty of Life🧡 @peninsulapapagayo #costarica #sponsored

🖤 @fashionnova #ad

✈️❤️ @fashionnova #novababe

A World Apart in the Most Magical Place✨ @peninsulapapagayo

Comment below how many Palm Trees you see in the video🌴
#costarica #sponsored

Dancing in ~ The Cave of Wonder🌊
@fscostarica @peninsulapapagayo #sponsored

Filmed by ~ @mackinzie_dae

Pura Vida➳Pure Life

Heading outta the cold❄️ Going to someplace warm☀️ Guess where I’m going

Hey Loves! I will be @capezio on Broadway 2pm Today 12/8 with @jordanmatter for his book Born to Dance!

This is the LAST STOP on the book tour 📚Looking forward to meeting you all💓 See you soon! xx

How I catch the Subway during the Holiday rush🎄 @underground_nyc #subway #dancer #NYC

About last night... with the boys @jordanmatter @brandonwoelfel

This pic is from the epic collab with them💛
Only the beginning of some insane moments that happened🚕
Behind the Scenes are on my story

Staying @underground_nyc in this NYC weather but only for a moment ~ Check out my story for Behind the Scenes in the🌧

Tomorrow. There may Not be Smoke💥 But it will be Magical @brandonwoelfel & @jordanmatter❗️EPIC❗️

Jumping into a lot of new and exciting things ahead!

Can’t wait to share it with all of you🥰 📸 @evanysphotography

It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎠 #wonderland

Believe in Yourself 🧡💫
What do you think is behind the door?

I’m so grateful this holiday season especially that I get to do what I love everyday!

Dancing in my @alexandani connects me to the people, places, symbols and causes I care about! Comment below what makes you grateful! Shop your current state and save 25% off thru Cyber Monday #Whatsyourcurrentstate #AlexandAni @jordanmatter

Behind the Scenes☆

🤯 Vs 😎
Love these two! @jordanmatter

Link in my Bio for the Full Video

Feeling on top of the world with my Yeti Shopping the Best Black Friday Deals @aeropostale ❄️ #WheresYeti

Patiently waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner🤠 #thanksgiving

Sitting on the Subway like🚇
Where is everyone going this Holiday Weekend?

#subway #nyc #travel

Heading into this week so Thankful🦃🎉🤗 #thanksgivingweek

Me and my sweet boy Brooklyn🖤

Hey Everyone! ✨EVENT TOMORROW✨ Come meet me in NYC at the event with @izzybeclothing

Date: November 17th
Location: The Hudson Terrace NYC
Time: 3pm ~ 7pm 🎥 @littleunicornprod

Members: Free | RSVP: events
General Admission: $75 | Eventbrite: CHICK Tour

Take a moment and appreciate your surroundings! Sometimes we can get caught up for a million different reasons.

If your reading this take a minute and appreciate what is around you ~ Even the smallest things🌸

Behind the Scenes shooting on the streets of Brooklyn💞 with @brandonwoelfel

Goodnight from NY

Forever grateful to all who have served and are serving our country #veterans ❤️ And also sending my love to everyone in California during this time #woolseyfire @hudsonmatter

Fun Fact, I couldn’t open up any of the smoke bombs so @brandonwoelfel opened them all for me and captured this magic✨ Clearly I got some muscles(NO🙅‍♀️) #magic #epic

The commute has me like😴
#subway #nyc

Everyone is unique in their own way! Always be yourself🌙

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up ♡

Write something nice to the person above you in the comments! Love you all✨

Dancing Under the Lights in LA🖤 Who Loves to Dance?💃🏻

The way I eat a NYC Pretzel🥨🤣 Link in my Bio for Full Video❤️ #nyc

@jordanmatter @brandonwoelfel

Which one are you 😇or 😈
#angel #devil

Falling for you🍂 (I know it’s cheesy but I had to lol) #fall @evanysphotography

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I Love this collab with these two @brandonwoelfel @jordanmatter

Want to watch the story behind this photo ?
Click the link in my bio🌹

Happy Halloween from Baby Me❣️ #2006 #halloween

5 Minute Photo Challenge

With 2 Ballerinas 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️WHAT!? @brandonwoelfel shooting Me and @jordanmatter 🤣
Full Video Link in Bio

The face I make when the pumpkin pie isn’t ready yet... #fallproblems 🥧

What’s your favorite pie?

Guess what time of the night this was taken at? First to get it right will be featured on my story🖤

#subway #NYC

Some Desert Bloopers for your Friday Night🌵🙃

Glamour Vs. Reality ➳SWIPE TO SEE
We go from 🤩 to 😂 in a second!

Always having the best time with my little sis @lillykofficial #nyc #girls #moviepremiere
Guess what we were laughing at⬇️

This is me when I’m dreaming💫 Falling asleep to the city lights✨
What are your dreams?

#dreamer #night #lights

I was so excited when Brandon said he was pulling out all the different colored smoke bombs🖤

This is the result of another epic moment with @brandonwoelfel