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Great while it lasted. #loma

Eka 18 päivää intissä selätetty! Kieltämättä vähän ihmeellinen meno täällä, mutta oon viihtynyt.

Safkat on ass. Jatketaan.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Military. Have to serve the country or something like that.

See you in a bit. 😵‍💫😳👌🏻 #aamuja

This kitchen is the heart of the home. Since I started planning my home it was clear the kitchen needed to be @creannokvanum …as it always has been in our fam.

Dropping a song called ”TMI” at midnight!

”TMI” will be out this Friday! (18.6)

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(Cover by: @taussi_ )


Just got my haircut.


100% AudiMan

Now I’m gonna sing.

“Roommates” is out now! Hope you like it🥰

”Roommates” out at midnight😳

”Roommates” out on Friday!
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New music in a few days 🎿


New way home

Sick country I live in <3

Waving At Cars lyric video out now on YouTube.

Waving At cars is out now!

I’ve listened to this song everyday since we wrote it.

Now it’s your turn. Hope you love it as much as I do💗 Link in bio.

”Waving At Cars ” out at midnight.

This song is about how a relationship is not developing.

Or life. I’ve felt stuck and like I’ve been standing alone – waving at people who move ahead.

”Waving At Cars” out on Friday.

”Waving At Cars” out 29.1.
This is the cover.
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