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⚀ sugar-coated ⚅

location unknown ◐

+ we live in a twilight world -

⇱ some consider ☽

■ checkmate □

♡ humankind. be both. ♥

❝ hey, i like your style ❞

⥁ where do we begin ⊸

I miss you Billy. You always had positive energy that could radiate through an entire room, and you could put a smile on anyone’s face.

I always felt like an oddball, but you made me feel included. We could always goof around with each other. Whenever we would tell people we are cousins, no one would believe us which we always laughed at. Thank you for being you because you are unlike any other. You will always live on through our memories. I remember we would tell each other, “You’re my favorite cousin,” and you will truly forever be my favorite cousin. I love you. ♡

⤬ smile with your heart ⤫

‣ everything comes in waves ⤾

*✩ ‘tis the season ❅
there are two types of people during the holidays:

me and the girl on the left

Welcome to the lineage of K.I.N.G.S.
Ya girl picked up AGAIN!

I would like to introduce everyone to my powerhouse smalls #34 Jennie ✧khydrä✧ Ruan! You are such a unique, creative, and passionate individual. I am so proud to call you my little! I know you will do great things for aKDPhi! Remember your biggie will always be here for you through low and high tides! You are truly the other half to my heart and soul! Adore you smalls!👑💜

✧ angel face, devil thoughts ♦

» like, adore, then love ♥

➪ fall bish, fall ♡

✁ “Hi, I’m Minnika! I’m Korean, Swedish, Italian! What’s your name?!”

▹ I don't stop for no one but I'd pause for you Ⅱ

『 burning bridges to make way for fireproof ones 』

˚。⋆ bubbly-eyed halfie who is absolutely the worst at texting ҉
PC: @skinnylovesss

↤ golden days ↦

❀ true sisters wine together ♥
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» we’re all bad in someone’s story ✎

∞ intertwining galaxies ゚:*

✩ stars and stripes ≣
swipe for a one in a melon moment 🍉

⇪ higher love ♡

○ consistently inconsistent ✖


[ Today, I had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to my baby brother.

Thank you for all the joy and memories you brought to our family. Thank you for being my best friend, adorable brother, and growing up with me for 17 years. I will forever love and miss you baby bro ♡ ]

[ let me show you my kingdom ]
the flowers are real: @kimberlyannporter

[ The Devil and the Seven Deadly Sins😈 ]

[ It has been a long journey from Pre-K to now... 🎓 ]
✓ 10 Schools
✓ 8 Moves

✓ 3 Continents
✓ 5 Years
✓ Chartering
✓ Biological Sciences Degree
✓ Psychology Degree
✓ A lot of B.S.
✓ @ Me
Thank you to everyone over these years for your unconditional support and love! I am forever grateful!♡
📸: @jaicamaes

[ Welcome to the lineage of K.I.N.G.S. ]
I would like to introduce everyone to my adorable mini #20 Ariana ✧kyrö✧ Cortes!

I am so honored to call you my little! You are such a strong, intelligent, and humble individual. I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the future with aKDPhi and your personal endeavors. Know I will always be that biggie who will hype you up and shower you with so much love and affection! You are truly my heart and soul. Adore you to the depths of the ocean and back mini!💜👑

[ ☁️☁️☁️ ]

[ let’s play♟ ]

[ you are my sunshine☀️ ]

[ has a paleontology midterm - researches jurassic park and the land before time ]

[ currently under construction, thank you for your patience🚧 ]

[ you win some, you lose some ]

[ lemme take you outta this WORLD💫 ]

[ learned from the pain, turned out amazing🧡 ]
PC📸: @mia.jinhee

[ Alpha Admirals ]
Yeah, this is a late post.

Kiddos, I am so honored to be your (tiny) Mom! You all are such unique and kind-hearted individuals. I just want to say that I will always be here for you through your hardships and accomplishments. You all are truly my pride and joy!💜
I also want to thank the amazing RCs who prepared my kiddos for their Reveal! You all did such a wonderful job!
To our Furious Five Active House, we did it. We really did it. You all are honestly so hard-working and passionate! I adore you all from the bottom of my heart, and I can’t imagine Fall 2018 without each of you!

[ t h a n k f u l ]

[ it is just chlorophyll breaking down🍁 ]

[ choose those who choose you ]
swipe for a typical interaction between mae and me😘

[ my summer summed up in one word - GOLDEN✨ ]

[ when i was a kid, oh wait.. i still do that ]

[ wore stripes because I didn’t want to be spotted ]

[ when people ask how I got my eyebrow scar, my response is always “I was pushed by destiny” ]

[ water you up to this summer?💧]

[ 🌹 to the occasion ]

[ imma succ-a for puns ]