Pete Hixson


Well, we did it. Just left our baby at @shepherdscollege.

So much rushing through our hearts and minds, and joy keeps rising to the surface. She’s in the best hands and hearts possible, she’s on her way to a life of independence and potential - and she’s a college student! There is already a certain kind of emptiness we feel - but there is a fullness of expectation and “hope” for our @hopieishappy like never before! And may I say that @hollie3h is my hero. Very few can appreciate all you are and have been to and for our baby to get us to this day. I love you beyond measure! Ok, that’s it for now - many have reached out to share their joy and check on us - thank you - we are grateful! #GoEagles #Soar #SpecialNeedsFamily #TheFutureIsBright

COLLEGE BOUND!! Yesterday was a big “first” for our family.

We left to take our @hopieishappy to a college that is designed specifically for her and those in our beloved IDD/Special Needs community. It has not been easy making this transition, but oh we are so thankful that @shepherdscollege exists - and she is going to thrive! We love you, we are proud of you, and we are cheering you on! [also, these sisters ❤️]

Our baby is a senior in high school - today is the first day of her last year!

How did this happen - she was just in preschool! I love you baby - we are so proud of you!

24 years today. @hollie3h - I simply love being married to you.

Adventures with you, selfie’s with you, dancing with you, raising our babies with you, following Jesus with you, the good and the bad with you. Happy Anniversary my love. ❤️

Last night we celebrated our @hopieishappy as she’s heading off to college this week!

Wow - that’s unbelievable to just say…😭 Hopie, I love you to the moon and back and we are so proud of you! You are going to SOAR at @shepherdscollege ! ❤️🎉❤️

Another adventure with the Lions.

For the past 4 years, these men have been a brotherhood to me of - friendship, bravery, deep belly laughs, learning how to love the man God made each of us to be, and choosing to take on hard things in order to make the world a better place. #Lions #YouAreAGoodMan
[We missed you guys who were home with new babies, family priorities, and taking care of business!]

Double trouble on the Bighorn today. This man called the shot - double catch - moments later we pulled these beauties in.

And props to our masterful guide @huntersteadman ! #montana #flyfishing #callyourshot

My ❤️‘s. Our girls are growing up and life is changing.

So thankful for a special time away to be together, celebrate Father’s Day, enjoy our favorite things - and get to meet up with friends for a beautiful dinner!
And thanks to my personal travel professional @3htravel for another perfect vacation! 😎🏝☀️❤️

Our family has been working towards a vision for adults with special needs.

I share more about it here. So thankful and excited!

[full message link in bio]

Last day of her junior year. Here comes our SENIOR! I love you @addie.hixson - so proud of you!

She’s 20 today!!! Yes, we’ve been celebrating, but everyone who knows @hopieishappy knows that May 10 is THE day!

We love you baby girl - keep making us all smile! Happy Birthday! ❤️🎉

Happy Mother’s Day to the heroes of our family! @hollie3h you are everything to our girls and the best thing that happened to me!

@sandilouwhodo thank you for your example of life, love, and laughter - I love you so much! @janetahunt you bring such joy to us all - thank you for loving me like I’m your own!
And @hollie3h - the last photo continues to live on to keep it real and remind us that the moments not “instagram-able” are what makes you our hero. 😎❤️

A day at Disney celebrating Hopie’s birthday! Waffles, donuts, ice cream, rides, laughs, 13hrs and 22K steps later.

I love you @hollie3h , @hopieishappy , @addie.hixson ! ❤️🎉

National SIGNING DAY at Shepherds College today! Proud of my Hopie and excited that mimom got to take her and experience this very special day!


First prom for my baby girl tonight! Doesn’t she look like a princess? ❤️

We never knew this could be possible until we met @shepherdscollege.

Our @hopieishappy is going to college!!! #withgodallthingsarepossible
#specialneeds #hopiegoestocollege

Easter at the beach! @hollie3h said we should do a beach Easter service with our friends and anyone that wanted to come.

I’m glad she did - what a very special day! Happy Easter friends - He is Risen INDEED!

Today my brother in law Josh heads off to a new adventure with his job that’s moving he, my sister and niece to Denver, CO.

Our family won’t be the same without you all here - we already miss you - but oh man are we proud of you, excited for you, and cheering you on! (and missing @carter.zawisza as he’s started his new journey at @refuge_foundation !)

Are you going to be near 30A beach on Easter Sunday? Join us for a Beachside Easter Service at 9am.

Bring a friend and a chair or towel. Can’t wait!

Today I’m declaring as @addie.hixson day. Not because it’s her birthday or any holiday - but just because I love my baby girl.

Addie - you are full of life, you love people well, you are the best sister to your sister, mature beyond your years, you follow Jesus honestly, and your mom & I are so proud of you! Happy Addie Day! ❤️

College visit for @hopieishappy this week! We visited @shepherdscollege as a potential next for our Hopie and we were blown away.

Shepherds College is an accredited Christian college program for individuals with disabilities that is literally one of its kind.
SC has intentionally designed the campus and 3-year program to grow and develop their students in order to prepare them for a life where they can reach their potential!
What this place is doing - the vision, leadership, and students are at the center of God’s heart. Giving hope and empowerment, raising the expectations and possibilities for a people group that is so easily forgotten and overlooked.

Our baby girl visited @libertyuniversity this past weekend.

She saw some friends, made some friends, and we were all blown away by the spirit of these students and what this campus has become!
It reminded me why I fell in love with this place and this vision when I was a junior in high school - just like Addie is now. My parents made the drive from Iowa in 1992 and when I stepped out of the car, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. God used Dr. Falwell to show me what vision was and gave me a visionary spirit that has carried with me to this day.
What a special weekend. What a special place. Oh - and the pew in that chapel is where I asked @hollie3h to marry me. And she said yes. 😎
Jesus - great is your faithfulness.

“Happy Patagonia Day!” - I just received this gift and a kind note from the @storybrand_ team for my official 1 year anniversary as a Private Workshop Facilitator.

Thank you for taking such good care of us! I love what I get to do with Storybrand and now as a Business Made Simple Coach! (also, Bo wants one 😎)

Be mine. ❤️

We all understand the value of encouragement, but who’s responsibility is it to keep us encouraged?

Let’s talk about it.

These two. Celebrating @addie.hixson birthday. My girls. ❤️

Today is my baby girl’s birthday! 17 years of making us laugh. 17 years of making memories.

17 years of making friends, family, and everyone she meets better. 17 years of making the most out of life! And today we all want to make the most out of celebrating you! I love you Addie and I’m so proud of the young woman you are! ❤️🎉

Tonight! It’s time for the world to get a taste of what we’ve known for so long.

My brother @thad_cockrell on @fallontonight with @jimmyfallon ! And.... we will be in NYC to watch together and celebrate this moment with him!

Merry Christmas! Love - Pete, Hollie, Hope, Addie, and Bo.

She loves bike rides and beaches, festive parties and getting dressed up, laughing and dancing.

And I love her. Happy Birthday! ❤️🎉

What a blast celebrating @johnnymhunt & @janetahunt 50th wedding Anniversary this weekend!

Love you and so thankful for you!

My ❤️. We’ve had the best few days together on a little getaway. I love you @hollie3h !

Because it’s fall. And that’s what we do. ❤️

We often live at a distance from God because of what we think He thinks.

But maybe He’s different than we think. Maybe He’s far better.
I enjoyed speaking in the series “Things Jesus Never Said” at Freedom Church this past weekend. And Jesus never said “If you pray hard enough...”
I hope your prayers and mine will just be simple and honest - like Jesus did say.
And I hope this will give you a new view of God, of others, and of yourself.
[link to watch message in bio]

I am excited to be back at @freedomchurchtv tomorrow!

You might be missing out on life with God, others, and yourself based on something Jesus never said. We are going to talk about it tomorrow. I would love to see you! 8:30 / 10:00 / 11:30 - or join us online

Isn’t every day Daughters Day? ❤️

Big day for our baby. She’s driving on her own now. 😭❤️🚗

My baby girl is now a junior. I’m so proud of you @addie.hixson ! ❤️ #upperclassman

When we first met, you taught me how to see the beauty and joy in every moment.

And now I have had the privilege to see and experience all that beauty and joy in you for the past 23 years. Happy Anniversary my love - you still have my heart! #23years

My girl. Such joy and courage. She inspires me with every step and every new adventure she takes in life.

You make us all become better @hopieishappy ! (and she sure does love her principal😎)

Today, our baby girl walks across the stage to receive her high school diploma.

We are proud parents - to say the least! I love you @hopieishappy and I’m so proud of you! ❤️🎉🎓

I sure do love being a dad to my girls.

4X4 Mudd’n.

Taking graduation photos! How in the world does time go by so fast?!! 😭❤️🎓

[thank you for the 📷 @rebekahgreggphotography !]

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl! It’s been a big weekend for you - and how special it is to celebrate on Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day mom! Your faithfulness, love, and laughter raised us all and made us better!

I love you! ❤️

This photo never gets old and says it all. And you never run out of everything our girls have wanted in a mom.

You are our hero. Happy Mother’s Day @hollie3h. I love you! ❤️

Our high school graduate! Wow, how did we get here? Hopie, every step has been a pure joy with you.

Congrats baby girl we love you and are so very proud of you! ❤️🎉🎓 #classof2020

I have no more words to add to this conversation. But there is SO MUCH MORE we all can do.

How to find rhythm, rest, and even recover your life.

Happy Easter friends! The Hixson’s love you!

May you find complete hope and trust in the life of Jesus.

Do you wish you could stop worrying about your current situation?

There is hope and it’s found in what we focus on.

Prepping today for our first ever @storybrand_ Live Event that will be live streamed with @donmilleris and the team!

If you haven’t registered yet, do it now - link in my bio. I promise that your company, product, and message will be more clear than ever and you will grow! Can’t wait! #clarifyyourmessage #storybrand

During this season of change, let’s not miss the opportunity to be changed.

So proud of this girl. When the season started, @addie.hixson didn’t make Varsity and was super bummed.

But she kept showing up, working hard on her skills and being a leader to her JV teammates. Last week, her coach called her in and threw a Varsity jersey at her and said from now on she’s a Varsity player and she’ll play both!! She’s moved to a different state and a new school in elementary, middle school, and now in high school. And lacrosse is a new sport for her too - this is only her second season. No matter what the rest of the season holds, I’m so proud of you baby girl. You’re an example for all of us to try new things, work hard, and keep moving forward! I love you! 😘 👊

Geez I love my girls!

Blind date 2 years ago..... and last night got to witness these two become one!

We were in Cincinnati for less than 24hrs and most of that was spent dancing. 😎🎉 Love you @househrm & @easonkatie !

Excited to be back speaking at Freedom Church in Acworth tomorrow!

Do you struggle with communication in your relationships? I think we all do. Tomorrow we are going to identify why that is and 3 things you can do immediately to make it better.
If you’re local, would love to see you!
8:30 / 10:00 / 11:30

Rain & Shine. Beach & Snow. Good & Bad. Me & You. Be Mine. I ❤️ U.

It’s Night To Shine! @hopieishappy loves this night and so happy that her @benjamin.hereth is with her this year!

And she loves her bff @martha.isley 🙌. @timtebowfoundation #nighttoshine

This kid has always been quite the entertainer. She was 8 years old here.

I had to post this - you’re welcome @addie.hixson 😉😎. Happy Sweet Sixteen! ❤️🎉 [plus, her “Daddy’s Little Princess” shirt 😭]

She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She’s witty. She’s smart. She knows what she wants.

She asks 100 different ways until she gets it. She trusts in Jesus. She loves her family. She cares about others. She’s a Steelers fan. She’s not afraid to fight. She likes to dance. She laughs loud. She works hard. She can be boujee and she can be chill. And... She’s my baby girl. Today she turned 16 and that’s just 16 of a million things I love about her. Happy Sweet Sixteen baby girl - your dad loves you to the moon and back! #sweetsixteen #babygirl

Happy New Year from the Hixson’s! Let’s live 2020 on purpose!

We all want to be a better version of ourselves this new year.

In these words, Jesus invites us how to properly handle our past fatigue & disappointments in order to fully embrace the future. I think our individual souls need this, I think our relationships need this, I think our nation needs this. I need this. Best yet, his invitation is not just for “big” days like transitioning to a new year - and it’s not just for “certain” people - it’s for every day, every moment, and everyone.
I encourage you to consider following Jesus this new year. Not religion, not a set of rules, not someone’s well meaning ideals for you. But Jesus. Or - just begin to read some more things he said about how to live, treat people, have direction in life. And for those who consider ourselves Jesus followers, let’s do more of what he says and not just agree or “like” it - we just might experience a more fulfilling life.
Here’s to 2020! May we all live less burdensome and more “freely and lightly”.

“Open the box. Read the note. Now open your Delta app....” I couldn’t believe what my wife got me for Christmas + Birthday!

A trip to see @officialrickastley Tour Kickoff in his home country! I was speechless. @hollie3h - you outdid yourself with this one!!! ❤️🙌🙏 [Also, check out my “Live Rick Roll” Highlight Story for validation of my obsession 😎]

Merry Christmas! Love, the Hixson’s

It’s been a wonderful 2 days in NYC together. Merry Christmas everyone!

Brought our Steelers gear to NYC just in case, then decided to go for it!

The game wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but the experience with my @addie.hixson was worth it all! #makethemostofit #steelernation #nevergiveup

It’s clear why @hollie3h is a true Christmas baby.

She brings joy, hope, cheer, peace, laughter, and love everywhere and to everyone. So that makes me the lucky one every single day. Happy Birthday my love. #birthdaygirl #santasgoodlist #christmasbaby

We all want a clear mission for our life and business - but we don’t know how.

That’s why @storybrand_ is offering this one-day workshop to help you create your mission statement and guiding principles to accomplish it. It’s January 13, 2020. Start your new year and new decade off with direction and purpose!
•Register at the link in my bio
•DM me to schedule a call.
•Tag someone you think should be there!

I love personally being a part of this and I want you to experience it too!

Christmas tree shopping with Bo. 🌲

These two. Today they both offer their gratitude and farewell to the church they have faithfully served, led and loved for 33 years.

I love both of these photos as each person addresses their congregation, and as the other lovingly looks on with such joy and support. Johnny & Janet - thank you for your example to us all. Congratulations to say the least! I am so very thankful to be a part of your family. I love you!

It’s a Happy Thanksgiving at the Hixson’s with our new little addition. Welcome to the family Bo!

Just a few days away - just the 2 of us - just right. I love you @hollie3h ❤️ [and...

you’re my favorite travel professional 😉 @3htravel ]

Homecoming 2019. Friends, Sisters & Cousins. ❤️

Today our @hopieishappy won the Positive Attitude Award for her High School!

Her wonderful teacher also won the award for our entire county! We are so very proud of you baby girl! [swipe right to hear her thank you speech ... which included her watch alarm going off 😎😘]

❤️❤️❤️+🎃 =🙌

We love you Abigail! So excited for you & Mark and so proud of you!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Do you find yourself trying to control others or do you enjoy them? I can sure struggle with this.

When we hush ourselves and begin to enjoy others, we might just learn something.
[thanks @mikefoster2000 for posting & @hollie3h for re-posting!]

First day of school back in GA! These two girls & their mom are my heroes.

They’ve been been champs to move, adjust, and adapt to all kinds of changes. Cheers to a new season - I love you so much!

Dear people of Polaris Church and Columbus...
I took this photo on one of our first mornings in the Polaris/Columbus community as the sun was beginning to stretch its “arms” across a new day.

And - as all things have a beginning, all things have an end. And - with every ending, we have a choice of what we will carry with us.
Thank you for allowing the Hixson’s to come into your lives. The last 3 years have been quite a ride and we reflect with gratitude for the meaningful time we shared. We are leaving with our hearts thankful for all we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, and most of all - for the people whose lives we’ve encountered.
We have moved back to Atlanta this weekend to get the girls settled in school and taking steps towards what’s next for us.
So thank you. We are grateful for you and we will always be here for you. With love, the Hixson’s!

Our hearts are broken today. We had to put our precious Buster to rest and say goodbye.

He’s been a part of our family for almost 11 years, and anyone who knows the Hixson’s - knows Buster.
We are grateful for every ounce of joy and comfort he gave us. He’s been my best bud for a long time. I will miss our morning coffee’s, our long runs, and our evening porch hangs together - just us boys.
We tried to get him back to GA because that’s where he’s from and we didn’t want to leave without him. But we are taking him with us in our hearts forever because he has forever changed us. I love you buddy, I’m so glad you came into our lives, and we will all miss you.

Feeling loved today. Haven’t seen each other in probably 18 years and this guy drove 1.45 hours just to see me for 15 minutes and then all the way back!

He said “I wasn’t going to let you be in my state and not come see you.” Talk about going out of your way for a friend. Love you @richiebbarbour !

This girl is coming home TODAY! She has had the summer of her life at @campleemar !

She’s gone fishing, horseback riding, swimming, taken road trips, learned to cook, danced, sang, and made lifelong friends and memories. We love you @hopieishappy and we’ve missed you so much! [more 📷’s on my FB]

S H E P A S S E D ! ! So proud of my @addie.hixson for passing her temps driving test!

Not sure I’m ready for this adventure but I’m excited for her and so proud! #proudparent #herewego #extraprayer

2 2 Y E A R S. Today we celebrate the years we’ve been married.

I celebrate every day her strength, beauty, and pure joy. I’m holding up a “2” and a “2” - that wasn’t intentional. But what is intentional is how much I love you @hollie3h. Happy Anniversary! #imfeelingtwentytwo

Whatever happens today, the sun will still rise tomorrow.

Just returned from year 2 with these guys. This group has become the kind of community we are created to belong to.

Very thankful. And...... I got my fish this year. #flyfishing #goingpro #lions 🦁

Just dropped off this baby girl for summer camp. I’m so very happy for her .....

but oh man that’s tough. 😭❤️ She was already making friends and handing out bracelets. Pretty sure she’s not too concerned about us right now 😎.

So proud of my nephew @carter.zawisza ! You’re an incredible young man, cheering you on!

Reflecting & grateful for these guys and the community created together last summer.

Can’t wait to see you all again this summer! #lions #montana #moose...

Happy Mother’s Day!

And to my mother in love 😊 - happy Mother’s Day @janetahunt !

Your life and legacy lives with beauty & strength!

Dear mom, Thank you for your creativity, passion for life, and most of all - making me never doubt that you love me.

It’s more than I could ever ask for. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day to @hollie3h ! You are the best mom ever to our 2 beautiful girls!

Our babies have become incredible young women filled with life & love - and they are secure in who God made them to be - because you model that every day. They’re fortunate. And so am I. I love you! (and... you’re welcome for a few of these photos 😉)

Join us tomorrow at for Mother’s Day and our guest speaker @trishalopezdavis !

Bring your mom to church or go to church with your mom- we are going to make moms feel like the heroes they are! We’ll see you at 9:30 or 11:00!

H A P P Y 1 8th B I R T H D A Y to our baby girl today! Wow, @hopieishappy - I can’t believe it!

You’re a gift to us and to this world. Here’s 18 things you’ve brought into our lives and so much more.
Smiles for days
Movie lines on repeat
The bright side
Volume 😎
Love always
Cheers for everything
Friendship to everyone
Singing loudly
I love you Hopie! Happy Birthday!

Today is National Travel Agent Day and I get to brag on my personal Travel Professional - @3htravel !

She is the best there is and so happens to also be my travel companion - not just on trips but in life. I’m so proud of you @hollie3h ! I love to travel the world with you and wake up every day right beside you!
#proudhusband #travel #travelagent #travelprofessional #travelspecialist #nationaltravelagentday

Last night our 20 Something’s Group went to an assisted living home.

We played bingo, sang songs, and had great conversations with a bunch of amazing people who have lived a good and long life. I love our Group! #grouplife #polarischurch

Celebrating as I reflect on yesterday at And this photo says it all!

#BigCramm #BigCountry #BigEaster #HopeIsHerePC

What an Easter it’s been! So thankful and hopeful and all because of Jesus!

Thank you family for making this such a special day! Hope is here!

Today is cerebral palsy awareness day and I love how @hollie3h puts it - she’s our CP warrior!

This girl is fearless and she gives life everything she has. We wear green today to honor her and all who are a part of this beautiful community. I love you @hopieishappy - and my 💚 is green for you every day!

She likes it when I take her to country concerts. #countrygirl #lukecombs

My ❤️

She shared at a pastor’s wives conference today. So proud of you @hollie3h for the way you encourage others with just who you are.

Pastor’s wives need all the love they can get. She’s my favorite 😎💚. @westridgechurch #youarenotalone

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!! So excited for our HS ministry starting THIS SUNDAY - and this guy leading!

Sundays :: 4-6pm :: Tag someone. Bring someone. Be there.

15 years ago today this baby girl came into our world!

And @addie.hixson - you haven’t stopped bringing us fun, love, and lots of life since then! I don’t know how many times and ways I’ve expressed how much I love you and how proud I am of you - but it could never be enough! I love you baby girl. Happy 15th Birthday!

So proud of this girl! First day on the job at @chickfila.

[plus, it’s her birthday week so I’m gonna brag on her all week! 😎❤️]

TOMORROW is our 1st SUNDAY of the new year TOGETHER and I can’t wait to see you !

Columbus has a name - and that means you, me, and those around us - are known & loved with direction & purpose!
Let’s believe this and live this out together as we help many names - find hope, follow Jesus, and give it away in 2019!
Tag a friend, invite a friend, and I’ll see you tomorrow at 9:30 & 11:00!

Merry Christmas!

Family Christmas! 🎄

These flowers are red, your dress is blue, and today is one more chance to say “I love you!” Happy Birthday my love ❤️!

You make my world and the world better.

It’s been a great time with family! Much to be thankful for!

[also, last photo is of @hollie3h’s food baby, not real baby 😎]

Proud Wife Moment :: Here’s @hollie3h with the CEO of her host travel agency where she is an independent contractor ( @3htravel ).

She just got back from her national convention and finished the year at #32 out of 769 agents in her company. Next year, her goal is to finish in the top 25.
She’s also raising our 2 high school girls, a pastor’s wife, hosts countless people in our home every week, spends 1:1 time loving on and getting to know people, sits on the board of a special needs organization we are involve in, loves me unconditionally... and she does it all with class. I’m so fortunate to be married to this woman!
“Many women have done wonderful things, but you have outclassed them all.” (Proverbs 31:29)

Because some days you just want to post a photo of your wife and say, “you’re beautiful - and I love you.”

Join us for a Night of Worship Wednesday night (tomorrow) from 7-8pm at

Our friend @em.wyant will be leading us. Can't wait to see you there! [p.s. I don’t know how to make a widescreen video for Instagram 😎]

This is Janet. She is @hopieishappy’s favorite resident at Willowbrook - a nursing home where Hope works every day.

As we walked the halls, the residents lit up and so did Hope as she called them by name. I can’t tell you how it warms our hearts to see God’s purpose so evident in and through our Hopie’s life.

I didn’t even know it was “Boss’s Day” but look what just walked into my office! Guys!

Thank you so much!
[explanation of emoji mask on my insta-story 😂]

.... tomorrow we start a 4-part conversation about it at Polaris Church.

Come at 9:30/11:00 or join our livestream on Facebook or
Stretched Thin: a conversation about stress, anxiety, and mental health.

Homecoming friends!

💚 #sisters #homecoming #OOHS

We’re excited about seeing you tomorrow! Part 2 of our vision series “Columbus Has A Name” ::

9:30 / 11:00.
You are Known and Loved with Direction and Purpose. #ColumbusHasAName

So proud of this girl - 1st day on the job of her work/study program! Bob Evans here we come!

Our whole family was cheering her on this morning! Go @hopieishappy ! 💚

Today, I want to honor these two.
In 1986, they moved their family to Woodstock, GA and have pastored and led their church and community so faithfully for the past 32 years.

Not to mention their influence to countless other pastors, churches, and people around the world.
Yesterday, they shared that they will be transitioning from their role at @fbcwoodstock within the next year. They will continue influencing pastors and churches as Johnny will be the VP of evangelism and leadership with the @namb_sbc.
Congratulations to my parents-in-laws. Johnny & Janet - I honor, love, and respect you. We all are grateful for your lives and believe your best days are ahead!

These two. Our freshman & junior babies. First day of school - and now in high school together!

We are so proud of you girls and we love you with all our hearts! ❤️ #sisters #OOHS #nowaywearethisold

8 years ago today - and we just enrolled our baby in High School.

Geesh time flies - it’s so cliche but it’s so true. Enjoy every moment you can. I love my babies. #bieberfever 😎

21 YEARS! Happy Anniversary @hollie3h. Thank you for loving me, marrying me...

and still loving me 21yrs later. I love you evermore as the sun rises and sets over our life together.
[p.s. our trip last month was 💯! I’m your No.1 @3htravel fan 😎]

Such an awesome opportunity for our staff to provide lunch for and hang out with Young Life Capernaum day camp students and leaders today!

These students with disabilities have the unique ability to bring out so much joy and perspective in life and these YL student leaders are amazing! Our family and our church love you Young Life!

O N E B A C K P A C K can make a big difference! ATTENTION all my friends IN and OUTSIDE of Columbus!

Tag a friend and join me in purchasing or shopping for a backpack & supplies for a child in our city. is combining with one of our local partners to provide 200 backpacks for kids in an area of our city that will make a big difference.
Scroll for the best option that works for you. Do it!

Congrats Ryan & Vanessa! Such a joy being a part of these lives.

I love being a pastor and I’m grateful for this privilege.

Some days you realize it more than others. Time flies. It really does.

Hollie showed me these photos today from 10 years ago - and it feels like 10 minutes ago. So thankful for my babies and these memories.

My baby graduated 8th grade today! She was recognized for several accomplishments including the “Lion Award” ::

Courage, leadership, compassion, laughter, kindness. Yep, that’s her! I love you @addie.hixson and I’m so proud of you!

My mom taught me how to laugh. One of the many ways she expressed her love was through laughter.

I’ve realized that this gift is a powerful choice we have and it fills others with true joy. Mom, thank you for this, and for so much more! Happy Mother’s Day - I love you!

You’ve raised our girls through being the person God made and is making you to be.

You’ve shown them love, joy, kindness, friendship, conviction, gratitude, generosity, loyalty, and personal worth. You’re genuine and filled with life. What an example our girls have! I love you so much @hollie3h - happy Mother’s Day!

SHE’S 17 TODAY! Happy Birthday Hopie! You make each day brighter, each person happier, and each moment more special.

I’m so thankful that I get to be your dad. Wow... 17!!! Keep taking on the world! I love you!

I am so proud of our @hopieishappy. She worked nonstop on her songs and dance moves for this choir showcase and performed all weekend.

Hope didn’t let her challenges get in the way of learning the same moves and songs the other kids did - and trust me, she has to work extra hard on things that we do without thinking about it. Even to keep balance as they spin and dance is tough for Hope, and she took a couple spills during the first performance, but got back up and kept going!
Hope joined this choir on her own initiative just because she loves to sing. Man, this girl inspires me every day. What’s keeping me, what’s keeping you - from pursuing what we love? I love you Hopie!

Thank you #MarshHomeGroup for the Super Hero movie experience!

And if you’re looking for a home - Troy Marsh & the Marsh Home Group will be your personal Super Hero!

Today is “National Travel Agent Day” and I happen to be @3htravel’s No. 1 fan!

She won’t tell you this but....
There’s over 700 agents in her host agency and she is almost always in the top 25, very often in the top 10, has hit the top 1-2-3 many times, and in my book the best there is in the biz!
Yes, it’s a dream job, but you don’t build a successful business based on referrals and returning customers without lots of hard work, learning, and knowing your stuff! I’m so proud of you @hollie3h !
Oh yeah, and she’s an incredible wife, mother, friend, pastor’s wife, and sunshine giver to everyone she’s around.
Ok, I’m done. Well, I’m not done, but I’ll stop there. Some days, you just realize who you have in your life. This is one of those days.

Meet the ACE Team! These students are in a one-year training program for ministry and spending the month of May with us at

I can’t wait for you to meet them Sunday!

I love this photo, and these people, and this moment today.

It represents a family, friendship, new life, joy, and the kind of community I believe Jesus intended for his followers.
Today was baptism Sunday at and I had the privilege to baptize friends, staff kids, men, women, boys, and girls. All going public with their decision to follow Jesus.
Wow. What a day. So thankful!

So fun watching Addie in her 8th grade play last night .. AND so glad Mimom got to be there too!

Grateful + enriched being a part of Engage Churches pastor + wife retreat with these wonderful people!

Thank you @brianbloye & @amybloye for your support and leadership to us through the years!

Since 1987, I’ve wanted to see this guy in concert. Last night, it happened.

[see FULL insta story for all the magic] #RickAstley #RickAstleyTour #ChildOfThe80s #30YearDream #RickRoll #NeverGonnaGiveYouUp

I have been challenged lately with Jesus’ teaching on HONOR.

In a culture where it has been abused, it has also been dismissed, and I think we may be missing something without it.
Friday is Mr. Ron’s birthday, so today we went to lunch and celebrated. This man has served, loved, led, sacrificed, and invested so much for so many through the years - and his family is his priority. He has cut a path for many of us to now travel on and set an example for us to follow. I honor that and I honor this man today. Love you Ron - Happy Birthday week!
(BTW - wish him Happy Birthday when you see him at this Sunday 😉 🎉)

Congrats to this beautiful new couple and proud parents!


ALL A’s ALL YEAR :: GO ADDIE!! #PrinciplesList #HonorRoll #AddieForPresident #SoProud #TravisTritt

Post Easter got me all like.... #Same #Buster #EasterBowtie #EasterHangover

Happy Easter friends, it’s been a wonderful day!

Easter #tbt from 2006. I love these 3 girls so much. So many good Easter memories together.

Every step of life’s journey is a privilege with you @hollie3h @hopieishappy @addie.hixson !

Today is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. Before we ever knew our family would be a part of this community, she already had her name.

And Hope Savannah Hixson has brought exactly that so many!
And the lady next to this rockstar @hopieishappy is a hero of a woman. Babe, you raise our girls and do all you do with such joy, class, and heart.
There’s still much help and hope to be realized for those who are a part of this community, and or family is honored to be a part of this awareness.

Today I got to go around and see our other environments at

I’m grateful for the wonderful people who make up all our Sunday Teams. I’m especially proud of this small group leader (eh-hem @addie.hixson 😎💚) who it seems like yesterday she was one of these kiddos! #PolarisChurch #Kids #NextGen #Columbus #614

It’s Pi Day and I’m pretty excited about it! All PCA, ELC & staff team come and get a slice of fresh baked pie from @schneidersdonuts !

Anyone else in the area today - stop by for a slice too! 😉 🥧 #PiDay #SchneidersBakery #PolarisChurch #ColumbusOhio #614 #DietPause

What if we all prayed a prayer like this .. and meant it?

Today may have been my favorite so far at !

Men, women, boys and girls shared their faith in Jesus through baptism :: A dad who was recently baptized helped baptize his son :: Parents, grandparents, and small group leaders cheering on these children :: A husband and his pregnant wife both make this decision :: What a day!
And Polaris Church :: we are just getting started helping Columbus find hope, follow Jesus, and give it away.
#ColumbusHasAName #Columbus #Ohio #614

H O N O R I N G this man today. He lived a simple life focused on one thing and impacted more than we can imagine.

Thank you Dr. Graham, for your example and legacy. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

God knows you - how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, where you are and where you are not in life.

And he cares. Today. Every day.

My valentine. 💚

Night To Shine! Last night was Hopie’s 3rd year participating!

She looks forward to this every year and had a blast with her buddy, Mandi!
I’m so proud of you @hopieishappy - you are the example to us all of how life should be viewed and lived!
Thank you @timtebowfoundation and every church who hosted this! I’m hoping 2019 will be our year to host this incredible event at !

Addie Lee Hixson - today is your 14th birthday🎉🎉!!!

I don’t know why this one is putting a big lump in my throat, but it is.
Maybe it’s because it feels like just yesterday you were wearing squeaky shoes with your pacifier and running around 100mph. Maybe it’s because I think about all our Steelers games, junk food binges without mom around (shhh...😉), and deep conversations together. Or maybe it’s because my insides can’t contain how much I love you and how proud I am of who you are.
You’re more kind, generous, mature, cultured, and driven than most grown-ups. You’re aware of others and you put them before yourself. Oh, and you’re a pretty good prank-caller in training.
Alright, I’ll stop embarrassing you with this post... but I could write for days on how much I love being your dad. I love you pumpkin. Happy Birthday!!! 💚🎉

Every. Day.

Happy New Year friends!
A little over 24 hours ago, most of us stayed up to experience moving from one year to the next.

In one second, we transitioned, turned, passed from 2017 to 2018. And for the next 365 days, this new year will become whatever lies ahead.
2017 has been quite a year of big transitions and “milestones” for our family. We celebrated Addie turning 13 as she entered the “teenager” phase, Hope had her “Sweet 16” Birthday, we celebrated our 20th wedding Anniversary, and Hollie turned 40! In addition, 2017 marked 1 year that Columbus, Ohio & Polaris Church turned into our home. Oh, and (cue the eye-roll of many friends), I turned into an Ohio State Buckeye fan.
Now, Addie is becoming a teenager, Hope is becoming a young woman, in our marriage we are still becoming one, Hollie - is just becoming .... younger every day 😎, and Columbus is becoming home.
Maybe you turned milestones this past year or you will this coming year - married, parent, parent of more, single again, new place of employment or resident of..... Maybe you “turned” into someone you don’t want to become.
But when we turn, it doesn’t mean that we have become. We are just beginning - to move into, get to know, feel out, fill out, and get started ..... we are in process of becoming. One moment at a time, living intentionally, fully present, aware of where you’re headed, yet ready to adjust as life isn’t always predictable.
So, as fellow humans all turning together, let’s be humble, be patient, and give one another and ourselves the grace and truth to “turn around” or “turn into” the next, but more importantly..... to become.
Cheers to becoming better friends, families, leaders, followers, communities, and nations together in 2018!

12.26 #NationalHoliday 🎉

Merry Christmas!

T O M O R R O W ! ! #christmaseve #findhope #614 #polarischurch #columbushasaname #asseenincolumbus #columbus #columbusohio

The B I R T H D A Y girl is 4 0 !!! Happy birthday to my hero today.

You’re my wife, my best friend, my smile & sunshine. Every day gets better with you and 40 sure looks good on you! i-love-u. #happybirthday #40isthenew20 #40licious #yesisaidthat


THANKS-GIVE-MAS! Making the most of our holidays & time while we are together! #FamilyHolidays

Dear @hollie3h... i love sharing life, memories, and apples with you.

#HappyWednesday #JustBecause #AnAppleADay 🍎

My bro-in-law & nephew drove up from Atlanta for the game!

They’ve been Bucks fans forever and what a big win to celebrate our first game together! #GoBucks #Family #BigScreen #HollieStayedWarm #UncleCraigRules

All A’s Honor Roll for my @addie.hixson ! So proud of you!

#HonorRoll #8Grade #PleaseLookHere #OkNeverMind

Great time last night at Real Life hanging with OSU students and CRU.

Got to share a little about and most important - we brought pizza! #FeedCollegeStudents #OSU #CRU #PolarisChurch #ColumbusHasAName

Cowboys & Indians and Co. Happy Halloween friends!

And @joeyclyde For The Win! Best snack for Group tonight!

#WhiteCastle #100SteamGrilledBurgers #GroupsAtPolaris #JoeyClyde

We are ready! She loves loves her Buckeyes! This. Is. Gonna. Be. A. Game.

A lot can change overnight. Yesterday I was in shorts & t-shirt, this morning, it was snowing! ❄️.

Life changes quickly too. As I look at those pillows (Nashville pillow missing 😊), I think of all the change in our lives over the past 3 years. And as I reflect, I’m grateful. Grateful for the people & places we wouldn’t know if we hadn’t taken that leap of faith 3 years ago. Grateful for our Heavenly Father who has guided us faithfully when we felt the “blindfold” was taking something away but now see what it was leading us towards.
And He will guide you too. When life changes overnight or over time - for better or worse, when you feel / see it and when you don’t, in you’re right or wrong moments - He never leaves you. Be grateful. Be hopeful.

Yep, this just happened. Man I love being a dad! And don’t worry @hopieishappy - I’ll be good!

😉💚🙌🏼 #Imberess #SoMuchLove

So excited for my friend @marklee3d - his new book just came out!

It was an honor to write an endorsement for this personal story of trust & faithfulness that will encourage us all to keep walking. [go get yours on amazon today!]

Apple picking. Happy fall!

I asked her on a date last night. She said yes. But first, she wanted to take a picture on our porch.

So we did. #photosalways #thatposethough #iloveher

Yesterday was the perfect day for our first @columbus_zoo experience!

[missing @addie.hixson 😞, @hopieishappy was out of school 📚]

Another #ProudDad moment this week :: My @hopieishappy went out for High School choir and had her first performance Monday night!

This kid leaves me with no excuses in life! [bonus: @jarrodp77 came and made her world! 😎💯]

She didn’t want a photo, but I had to tell the world how proud I am of this girl.

Final volleyball game tonight. She worked so hard this season. I love you @addie.hixson ! #No16 #GirlsVolleyball #PCALions #ProudDad

T O M O R R O W .. isn’t Christmas, but it is the day @loswhit will be speaking at !

Invite someone & I’ll see you at 9:30 or 11:00! #KillTheSpider #PolarisChurch #WeDanceOnSundays #ChristmasIsComingThough 🎅🏻

Just Released! I’m so excited to get my copy of @loswhit’s new book!

But.....I’m even more excited that he will be here at with us THIS SUNDAY! Be here and bring someone with you! 9:30 / 11:00
#KillTheSpider #ThisSunday #PolarisChurch #WeDanceOnSundays

Great season Lions! 8th grade honor night for my @addie.hixson & her crew!

They were on fire tonight - way to end the regular season girls! And thank you Coach @jon_kuhn12 for your leadership!

Frank has been the treasurer at for 51 years.

He’s a faithful servant throughout the years of name, style, and leadership changes. We all want to be more like you Frank.
#MeetFrank #OG #StaffPhotos #PolarisChurch

Praying for Las Vegas.

Why not make it a Group football night?! #20Somethings #GroupsAtPolaris #PlayTogetherStayTogether #ColumbusHasAName

YOU DID IT !!! We met our $15,000 goal for #GiveItAway !!!

Don’t miss the big reveal TOMORROW of what your generosity has done to make an impact - 9:30 & 11:00!
I. Can’t. Wait.

Invite a friend, spread the word, THANK YOU! #GiveItAway #ColumbusHasAName #WeDanceOnSundays

That was fun. #FridayMemories #Her #LetsGoBack 😎💚

When we give it away, we make a way.
Join the conversation and the participation tomorrow as we make a difference together!

9:30 / 11:00 / #WeDanceOnSundays #GiveItAway #ColumbusHasAName

I love my "small" Group.
#20Somethings #GroupsAtPolaris #ColumbusHasAName #PolarisChurch

T O M O R R O W // 9:30 or 11:00
I'll see you there!

#PolarisChurch #WeDanceOnSundays #WelcomeHome

Game date with my @hopieishappy - Let's Go! #OH #IO #GoBucks !

Our first #Buckeyes game together!

Enjoying this beautiful sunshine (so is Buster) while prepping for next couple days - wedding this afternoon, big game tonight, Polaris Church tomorrow morning, first 20-Something's Group tomorrow night.... love it! #PerfectWeddingDay #GoBucks #PolarisChurch #GroupsAtPolaris #ColumbusDays

I can't wait for our new "20 Something's" Group to start this week!

In fact, all of our Groups at kick off this coming week and I couldn't be more excited!
#ColumbusHasAName #GroupsAtPolaris #PolarisChurch #20somethings #ColumbusOhio

I'm proud of this team and especially my No. 16 @addie.hixson !

Didn't get the W tonight, but they fought hard, high-fived, and left as ONE. #pcalions #girlsvolleyball #oneteam

O-H... #Columbus #Ohio #GoBucks

We can pray.
We can give it away.

If you would like to give, text HOUSTON to 614 682 7117.

We've partnered with a local church actively involved in the disaster relief and every cent you give will be directly helping those effected by the flooding.

#prayfortexas #hurricaneharvey
#prayforhouston #giveitaway

Circles R E A L L Y are better than rows.

I'm so excited about our new "20 Something's" Group we are leading (+ about 15 not in this photo 😳)! I'm excited for all Groups beginning at !
#GroupsAtPolaris #GroupLink #PolarisChurch #20Somethings #ColumbusHasAName

Family run/walk at the trails. [missing @addie.hixson ]

What a privilege to have my father-in-law @johnnymhunt share life & leadership wisdom with our team today!

I'm ready. How about you?

It's time. No matter tribe, tongue, or nation, it's #SteelerNation !

#HereWeGo #BlackAndYellow #SteelersTravelWell #SantoriniGreece #AthensGreece #OhYesIDid @steelers @steelers_nation_unite

#Repost ・・・
Standing with and praying for.


How did my baby grow up so much so fast?! 8th grade! I remember when I was in 8th grade!

I love you @addie.hixson !! 🎉🙌🏼💚 #FirstDayPhotos #ProudDad

First day. My 10th grade baby girl! Wow. To say I'm proud of her is quite the understatement.

Go get'm @hopieishappy ! 💚🙌🏼🙏🏼 #FirstDayPhotos #ProudDad

T O M O R R O W ! ! I'm excited to start this new message series at ! 9:30 + 11:00

One of my favorite parts of being a pastor. I got to marry Nivi & Israel tonight. Love this couple!

May the Lord bless you, keep you, and shine through you!

Check out our Facebook for a quick update from earlier today.

Can't wait to be back with everyone this Sunday! New series begins, Groups getting ready to launch, exciting fall season ahead, lets go!

I came home yesterday and saw this chalk art in our driveway that @hopieishappy made. Got my 💚

Our first stop in Mykonos. My girlfriend, the sunsets, the sea, pink plates, sparkling pool, dinner views, and selfies.

🇬🇷 #TwentyMoon

20 years ago on August 2, 1997 I married my girlfriend - my best friend.

We've experienced 7,300 days, called 11 places and 6 states our home, and most importantly - raised our 2 babies together. Let's do it again babe - 20 more! Then 20 more, and 20 after that.... One moment of each day at a time. I love you @hollie3h ! #20yearsofus #twentymoon #twentymore #infinity

Leaving to celebrate 20yrs of marriage. Just us. I like her a lot. #1997

Going Coastal in the O-H! Who would have guessed! What a beautiful day!

#CoastalOhio #KeysNorth [check out my insta-story]

It's good when good friends come to see you!

Almost there. #ThePete > #TheArnold ( @debbie_reichert_fitness ?)

Best Saturday brunch with @_shane_cole in town playing a show tonight - and we got @eb_cole on FaceTime to join us!

Happy summer 2017 friends!

It's been a wonderful few days in the sun & sand with family! 🌊 ☀️

Family boat day.

I'm so happy for @crosspoint_tv as they announced their new lead pastor this past Sunday.

Congratulations @kevinqueen - so much goodness for you and Nashville ahead!

P O L A R I S C H U R C H & friends :: Join the 31 Day Wisdom Challenge with us!

Read one proverb a day through the month of July. You can text Proverbs to 614.682.7117 and we'll send you the chapter of the day. Here's to better questions that lead to better decisions! #wisdom #wisdomchallenge #WhatAmIThinking > #WhatWasIThinking 😎

A true friendship / leadership test ::

If someone has influence in your life and says "I love you" - but no where in their influence is any kind of tension, nudge, halt, or challenge to change and become better...chances are they care more about being liked than actually having real love for you.
A parent.
A teacher.
A coach.
A pastor.
A physical trainer.
A boss.
A co-worker.
A friend.
A mentor.

I've failed in this area many times in my leadership influence. I didn't want to be direct, honest, or challenge people to become better with words they probably didn't want to hear at the time - because I was more afraid of what they would think about me. That's passive at best and probably better termed as selfish.
What kind of person do you want influencing, leading you? How about those you want influencing your children? Passive? Selfish? Or honest, direct, with the goal to actually help you and them grow and become better?

Proverbs in the Bible is so clear about this ::
“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” - Proverbs‬ ‭27:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ So the next time someone who is your "friend" or someone who has influence, leadership over you says "I love you man!" .. Dig a little deeper. Rewind a little further. If it's all kisses & no (healthy) wounds, you might want to move on.

It was a sweat-fest for the final night of camp but we gave it our all and celebrated students finding freedom & life in Jesus!

Quite a privilege doing ministry with this crew (and I'm totally the old guy 😎)

God, do something great in and through this generation!

Grateful to be a part of @crowders_ridge student camp this week. Thank you Jay and team for your hospitality. You're doing a great work!

Longboard. Teen-life. I'll take every moment she gives me 😎😘.

What a great surprise having our friends @marklee3d & @stephanietlee stop to see us on their road trip vacation!

And - it's always a dance party! #Friends #DanceParty #ThatThereIsAnRV #RickRoll

My dad. He's a builder and he grew up farming. He taught me life from those 2 perspectives.

He values honesty, faithfulness, humility, and endurance. I've been watching him for 42+ years apply these in his marriage, family, and work. Thank you dad. The longer I live, the more I learn from you. Mom will have to show you this post since you're not on social media - but you can print it off and put it on your desk. 😁 Happy Father's Day!

Dear @younglife , teach us your ways!

Here’s Hope - she arrived yesterday for her first Young Life camp - she is in a club with YL for students with special needs called Capernaum.

I’ve known this ministry for years and been very impressed but the people who come out of Young Life, now I have a child involved. I’m even more impressed and influenced. YL has found a way to make disciples who make disciples.
The stories of people I engage with who are leaders and area directors - lives changed by being involved in YL at a pivotal point in their life. One director here in Columbus is a product of his father being reached by YL. Of course, you can’t control what people do with what you provide, but those that follow the steps toward Jesus under the influence of YL are some of the greatest people in our society. These leaders and influencers are marked by humility, excellence, character, kindness, authenticity, relevance, open-ness, respectful, honoring, did I say kindness already? :) Sounds like a pretty good formula to me - one that Jesus would be proud to call his followers - taking his message to young people and making it last by reproducing others - who will reproduce others. If I were in the business world, I’d want YL leaders on my team. In the ministry world, I want YL leaders on my future team.
Young Life :: teach us, we have much to learn from you! #YoungLife

Friends from GA came to Columbus for Buckeye Fest (aka Kenny)!

Buckeye Fest!! #Kenny #Backstage #UrbanMeyer (thank you @cameronruth )

She's back! #IMissedMyBaby

At home friday fiesta. Carne asada tacos, fresh pico, guac, black bean & corn salsa....thanks BGE!

#BGE #fiesta #pedro

Are you a leader? Or one day aspire to become one? Then be sure to join us this Sunday as we look at becoming great leaders by following Jesus.

#PolarisChurch #Leadership #WelcomeHome #Follow

These two took a road trip to see Niagara Falls for the first time!

They're on their way back from Canada, Addie is still in Israel, and me & Buster are holding the fort down. #DadLife #LoveMyGirls #MeAndBuster

I just drove by the new IKEA that's getting ready to open this week down the street.

Cars filled the lot while their parking team was out likely doing run-throughs preparing for thousands of guests. It's a great reminder of the opportunity every church has to prepare for guests each weekend. Remember - every Sunday is someone's first Sunday. Let's commit to do all things with excellence, passion, and intentionality. The opportunity is here and now - will we take it? I can't wait to see you tomorrow Polaris Church! #IKEA #Columbus #GuestExperience #Excellence #SomeonesFirstSunday #PolarisChurch

Beautiful night with this beautiful date. Cheered on her high school baseball team who made it to state.


...I ain't in no hurry. #SamHunt

Columbus, you were looking good today! #columbus #cbus #sciotomile #BeautifulDay #FamilyWalk #ThankYouGodForNoRain

Guys!!! I'm excited to continue our message series this weekend at Polaris Church!

I hope you can make one of our Sunday options a part of your holiday weekend - 9:30 or 11:00. We have family in town who will be our guests and I hope to meet some of yours! Happy Memorial Day - enjoy your family & friends! #MemorialDay #family #friends #follow #PolarisChurch #DearGodPleaseSunshine

"Positive. Maturity. Enthusiasm. Example." These are just a few words that described our @addie.hixson who was honored today with this incredible award among her classmates.

And she's the new kid. So proud. So much 💚! #lionaward #roar

Proud of our little dancing Pre-K graduates! #WeDanceEveryDay #PreK #Graduation #PolarisEarlyLearningCenter

Mother's Day has always brought something deep within Hollie.

This year, for the first time ever, she shared her story with our community at Polaris Church and I want to share it with you. I think you'll be encouraged and inspired by the HOPE she found and I believe you will find too. [link in my profile]

It was a beautiful day celebrating moms at Polaris Church yesterday.

I'm so proud of our team for making it memorable! And remember - we can give all our cares to God because He cares so much for us!

I got to spend last week with these beautiful ladies in this beautiful place.

Thank you mimom (and papa) for such a wonderful experience we'll never forget!

Happy Mother's Day mom! Every day I realize more and more how much your love never ends and how far your love goes.

I'm thankful that I still get to receive it. I love you!

Hollie, on this special day, I honor you. You are the best mommy to Hope & Addie because you live and love them with every ounce of the person God made you to be.

Your beauty is in the way you live out who you are. And our, now 13 & 16 year old girls (wow!), are fortunate to call you their mom. Happy Mother's Day!

I ❤️ you in Paris.

Versailles today. So much history. Love it!

You know, just hanging with the birthday girl at the Eiffel Tower.

#BirthdayGirl #Sweet16 #EiffelTower

Breakfast in Paris! Happy 16th baby girl! 🎉 Wow - Paris is lucky to have you celebrate your big day here!

I hope all your dreams come true on this special day - your happiness changes the world! I love you to the moon & back. 💚 #Sweet16 #MyBabyGirl #ParisDreamComesTrue

Go Addie! This girl has crushed it in the middle school play. So proud of you!

#SnowWhiteVarietyShow #breakaleg


Hollie is sharing some of her story for Mother's Day this year. I love her so much.

..... plus a night at this beautiful place in NE OH!

(and we had dinner in a 200yr old barn!) #getaway #ohioadventures

24hrs just the two of us, and where does she want to go? Prison Tour. That's why I love her.

#prisontours #shawshankredemption #iloveher

I want to brag on my Addie today. Raising teenagers isn't easy for sure.

And yet, as different as it has felt to go from her being "daddy's little girl" to becoming quite the young lady - I could not be more proud of who she already is and who she is becoming. She's full of life & laughs & beauty & kindness like her mom. She's way mature for her age and yet can throw down a prank with the best of them. I love you baby girl - and I celebrate you today. It's not your birthday or a holiday. But I say this because every day is a great day getting to be your dad. 💚

I'm so excited to see everyone again tomorrow! Join us as we begin a new series "follow." Polaris Church | 9:30 & 11:00

Dinner vibes were all like 💯! #BGE #ChefPete #Grill #Smoke #BBQ #OutdoorEating

Mom's out of town. Look out!

E A S T E R at P O L A R I S #BeautifulName #WonderfulName #PowerfulName #Jesus

One more fav from today! 💚🙌🏼🐰

More Easter...

Easter 2017. These ladies, our wonderful new church and city. So thankful.

And most of all - this day we celebrate LIFE that Jesus brought to all. Such a great day today! Happy Easter!

Easter pre-game!! On our way to the Buckeye spring game! #GoBucks #SpringGame


Happy Birthday to my dad AND to my little sis @hannahbickford today! I love you! 🎉👑🎂💚

Thank you @wvanderbloemen & @vanderbloemen Team for thinking of us this week!

#VanderBrew #Easter #PastorPerks #Coffee

His own followers didn't even believe He would actually do what He said He would do. But He did.

I confess that I'm not any different and often times instead of believing & following the Way of the "life-giver" - I go my own way and end up at dead ends. Worry. Doubt. Fear. Pride. Insecurity. But we don't have to! That's the power of the Easter story that changes everything! We CAN have real and lasting life. So let's stop looking for living things among dead things. Let's look up. Let's look for life. Let's bring the life that has been brought to us.

R E P O S T :: Praying especially for all our pastor friends this week.

Thank you @shelleygiglio for posting this!

From leading worship this morning at #PolarisChurch to killing it on stage in the #CBUS tonight!

Jocef Michael Band. So good! Love you @jocefmichael !

When you're asked to wear a robe, you wear a robe. #tbt #WhenInRome

Such a good message from @otero85 this past Sunday!

If you missed it, jump over to for part 5 of "USED". #GodIsSpeaking #AreWeListening #DodgeDakota #Vinyl #Used

Perfect day for 🎾 with my 👶🏼. #TennisTime #DadStillGotIt #LoveMyBabyGirl

T W O W E E K S A W A Y ! ! ! #Easter #Columbus #EasterAtPolaris #PolarisChurch #NineThirtyAndElevenOclock #WeDanceOnSundays #WeReallyDanceOnEasterSunday

Got to spend a few short but meaningful hours with my entire family yesterday.

We celebrated the life of a wonderful man together, Stan Zawisza.
Oh, and I got to wear a robe:) #family #wegotaphototogether #yourewelcomemom #porchnights

We had a Magic Show by the great @magma_magic himself for our staff meeting yesterday.

Seriously - if 1/2 of us adults took our passion as seriously as this 4th grader does, our world would be different! I so believe in this NEXT GENERATION! #MagicGraf #MagicStaff #NextGen #IsThisYourCard

Today is #NationalCerebralPalsyAwareness day and you wear #Green to honor & celebrate those you love with CP.

Today, we honor our @hopieishappy because she's awesome and teaches us so much about life! I invite you to get to know someone with CP - your life will never be the same! #HopieIsHappy #Goals #CPAwareness

Jack. Tonight. Sigh. Borrowing the words of @hollie3h , "I just can't even."

There's a new market in town. “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!

Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and you will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live. I will make an everlasting covenant with you, my faithful love promised to David.” - Isaiah‬ ‭55:1-3‬ ‭NIV‬‬ God created us to be in a relationship with himself. He gave us an appetite & thirst that can only be satisfied in knowing and enjoying him. And he freely offers that true satisfaction - every moment of every day.
So why do we spend what we can't "afford" on what doesn't even satisfy? I think it somewhat lies within our human nature from the patterns we've created. And these patterns lead to an illusion (a lie) that this is our only option. But it's not.
Let's change our pattern. Let's shop at a new market and drink from a new fountain. One that will actually not cost, yet truly satisfy us. One that we were made for.
There's a new market in town. Jesus is the "promise" that Isaiah refers to in this writing. That's why Jesus is our everything. As we follow him, commune with him, we are forever fulfilled in him.

Saturday vibes. Winter's back, but blue skies. Got a seat for you tomorrow at #PolarisChurch.

And I might wash my hair. #BeanieHairDontCare

All things beautiful in Columbus last night.

#PolarisChurch #Life #Jesus #iheart

Best brunch yet. Best date always.

Lunch today with the one and only @jocefmichael. He's bringing his rap game to #PolarisChurch this Sunday and you don't want to miss it!

Although pretty sure we had church at lunch already. #WeAreTheChurch #JesusPeople

Let's do this again Polaris Church! I seriously can't wait for tomorrow!

Invite a friend & join us at 10:30 before you get out and enjoy another beautiful Columbus day!

My ❤️

A live Valentine card! I love it! #minion #dori #valentinesday

This. Her. I want to praise my wife in the public square (social media 😁).

I praise all parents and caregivers of their special ones. What most will never see behind the scenes, I get to witness every day. Last night was one of countless special events and daily routines that she made sure her @hopieishappy arrived in style & made another memory...then slept like babies 😉. I 💚 you @hollie3h. #SpecialNeedsMommies #Thankful #NightToShine

Night to Shine 2017! We are celebrating our princess @hopieishappy ! #NightToShine

Congratulations Marty. The oath you took today to serve our city is honorable to say the least.

We support you, love you, and commit to pray for you and all those who daily serve and sacrifice. #proud #grateful #publicsafety

It’s hump day people. Let’s get over it. #circa1998

The humps and bumps of life can be hard to get over, life will discourage us, no challenge is easy, but we still need to get over it....besides, at least it's just a hump and not a freaking mountain! [see entire post on my Facebook]

Columbus is legit. Yet another article written about it - this one stating ::

"Best city in the World" - check out the reasons and facts written here.

And if you've never been, you should come visit. In fact, I think you should pray about moving here to join us in the movement Jesus is putting together. Yep, I'm serious. YOLO. 😎🙌🏼 [link to article on my Facebook]

T H I R T E E N :: today!! Happy 13th to my baby doll @addiebuggie !

You're mature and crazy, compassionate and fun, you love football and fru-fru, you're a prankster and a leader and you're beautiful just like your mother. I love raising you, I love watching you grow, I love being you're daddy. I love you! 😘🎉

This girl just finished her second performance of the play she's been working so hard on!

I'm so proud of you @hopieishappy !

Yes - we're this excited about seeing you tomorrow at Polaris Church!

Invite a friend and I'll see you at 10:30! #PolarisChurch #Columbus #Church #Sundays

Birthday Bowling Party for my 13 year old. My baby is turning 13!! I love you @addiebuggie !

Our engagement anniversary is tomorrow. But before I asked her to marry me, I asked her dad.

20 years ago, I took him to an O'Charlie's in Woodstock, GA and asked him for her hand in marriage ..... and he said yes! So every year, I take Hollie to an O'Charlie's to celebrate our engagement!

Grey Sk-eyes

The most common response we get from our friends and family in the south is something about the weather like, “Are you guys freezing yet?" Yes, we feel the weather change - when it snows (like today!) and when it drops to 5° :-). We see the grey skies and miss more moments of sunshine outside. And yes, we’ve had days where that is on our mind for sure. But the truth is, it's really not what we think about. I believe when we look at the place God has for us, the people and purpose he has made us for, He can adjust and open our eyes to something beautiful right in front of us. I think we can recognize warmth and sunshine on the inside and that’s what can move us forward each new day.

Now, for my realist friends, I understand, yes, ask me this in another year or two or three. Part of this is the newness. But what we focus on in the newness of something, may we continue to live in every day. My hope is that if you are in a grey skies moment of your life - that your eyes can adjust beyond your circumstance. If you are walking through something physically, mentally, financially, or in your career - that today, yes you will feel the pain and the disappointment, and yes, you will see the gap of what you don't have and where you are not there yet. But that those grey skies do not become the focus of your eyes.
Jesus is with you, he hasn’t forgotten you and He will never give up on you. Ask him to adjust your eyes and your focus today on the harvest in front of you. Oh, by the way - the week it dropped to 5° - a few days later, it went to 60°! The sun will shine again. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” - Galatians‬ ‭6:9‬ ‭NIV‬

Just say "no" to cheap candy.
The problem is - sometimes I like cheap candy...

"Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you really want junk like that in your belly?" - Proverbs 18:8 (The Message)

So I confess, sometimes I like cheap candy. Especially around Halloween when I choose to justify it. And sometimes late at night when I have that craving. And usually, I regret it for 2 reasons: 1 - because of the way it makes me feel later. 2 - for feeding the craving which makes me want to do it again.
Honestly, gossip is like that too. There's an instant satisfaction to it - but a sourness in our "belly" afterward. It also creates a habit - and much like the cheap candy that knows it has our attention, gossip will keep coming back to tell us more - until we simply say "no". If we shut our ears, it may shut the production of cheap candy. Chances are, there will always be a market for it - but let's remember that we do have the choice not to stomach it ourselves.

Yesterday was this guy's birthday. He doesn't like to make a big deal about that - but I want to make a big deal about him - because he's meant a big deal to so many - and to me.

So Happy Birthday @duanegray - your outlook on life is contagious and we are all better because of you! I'm grateful to work and do life with you - and it's just the beginning! I love you! #HappyBirthday #NewBeginnings #Brotherhood

L E T ' S D A N C E :: Tomorrow. 10:30. Polaris Church. Who's in? Who's coming with you?

#NewBeginnings #PolarisChurch #WeDanceOnSundays

Do you need wisdom and guidance in life?

Cynics look high and low for wisdom - and never find it;

the open-minded find it right on their doorstep! (Proverbs 14:6)

I've been reading the Proverbs for a long time. To be honest, sometimes I get out of the habit because I feel like it's just that - a habit. But every time I jump back in, I realize the book of Proverbs offers so much wisdom for every day living.
There's 31 chapters. If you read one each day correlating with the date, you won't regret it.
Maybe this is a simple but practical way for you to connect with God this year. And you might discover that He's more personal and wants to be more active in your every day life than you realized.
Have a great Saturday friends!

i like her.

514 people gathered this past Sunday to begin a new year and a new beginning together at Polaris Church.

That represents 514 stories that God is personally interested in - and so are we! Make plans to join us this Sunday and don't miss the opportunity to bring someone with you! #PolarisChurch #NewBeginnings #Columbus #Ohio #church #2017 #stories

Welcome Home. We love you Columbus and Polaris Church showed up to prove that today. What a day!

I'm so proud of our people!! I'm so thankful to be here and a part of what God is moving us toward together! #NewBeginnings #PolarisChurch #WeDanceOnSundays #ILoveColumbus #Columbus #CBUS

T O M O R R O W ! ! A new year :: A new opportunity :: A new beginning.

For our lives and for our city. Bring someone with you. Don't let them miss out. Tomorrow @ 10:30. I can't wait! I've missed you and I love you Polaris Church!

Such a fun way to bring in the new year with friends!

Happy New Year - here's to 2017! The Hixson's love you! 🎉💚😎

Favorite people. Favorite place. Last year, in this exact spot, we had no idea of the people, place, and purpose God would call us to today.

It's been a year of "surprises" for us - in fact, the past few years have been marked by much change. And although it has not been easy, we are so grateful. As we return to "our spot" year after year, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness behind us and the new life He has in front of us. May we all trust Him with where we've been and where we're going. #Faithfulness #NewBeginnings

Merry Christmas everyone! #PajamaTradition #MyGirls

First Christmas Eve with these guys. It's like we have all been together forever.

I'm thankful God brought our family to Columbus!!! #PolarisPastors #Columbus #PolarisChurch #MerryChristmas #ItsVacationTimeGuys

Thank you Polaris staff for my birthday surprise! 🎉😜🙌🏼😎 #BirthdayEveEveEve

Look who came to see us! This is Christmas! #Thad @thad_cockrell @leaguesmusic

Happy Birthday to my love. She brings life to everyone she meets, she lifts the room, she shines bright and people want to be around her.

And I get to be her husband. Geez, I'm a fortunate man. I love you @hollie3h ! Oh....and 1 more year until you're in my age bracket 😳😎💚.

Christmas came early with mimom & papa here! #TheRealSanta #ChristmasInColumbus

A certain friend just had this pop up on their Facebook.

Kinda made my day 😁🎉💯 #MakeItANationalHoliday

80's murder mystery dinner staff Christmas party was :: O N S T U N last night!

Love these people, this team, and our mission together! #WorkHardPlayHard #WhoKilledBobby #PolarisChurch

S U P E R S T A R !! So proud of my @hopieishappy at her first game to cheer!

🎉💚 #mycheerleader #specialolympics #prouddad

My view today. One of our very finest dropped off some "white elephant" cookies.

😎🙌🏼 #PolarisChurch #WhiteElephantPC #BestSugarCookieEver

Chicago for a few days with friends celebrating our birthdays early.

Love this girl and can't wait to come back to this great city! #pinkhoteltaxi #shelovespink #soilovepink

Friendship. Holidays. Chicago.

Starting work today on getting the message out for our Christmas Eve experience. We can't wait!

(photo & skillz via @alexjpurtell ✅💯) #PolarisChurch #ChristmasInColumbus #NewBeginnings

Praying for our city today. For students, staff, families, and for our city leaders who are keeping everyone safe.

Praying most of all for the LOVE of Jesus to be present. (thank you @lifeincolumbus for the image).

Cheering like my life depends on it. Cuz... here in Buckeye country, I think it does!

#GoBucks #WhatAGame #NowWeCanHaveChurchTomorrow

Because you have to take your family when they come to town. #GraetersIceCream

From our family to yours. Happy Thanksgiving. 😎 #PleaseJustOnePhoto #TweenLife

The table is set. The meal is being prepared. I'm so thankful for Jesus, who has set and prepared true life for anyone who will come.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you @jennjlobrum from @crosspoint_tv for spending the weekend with our team and our people as we prepare for New Beginnings at Polaris Church!

#Columbus #NewBeginnings #PolarisChurch

H O M E. This moment has deep meaning to our family at this season of our lives.

When you believe in something, you commit to it, begin to build it, you dig deep and plant. We are grateful to call this place, these people, and our purpose here .. H O M E.

62-3! Winning. You know what else is winning? Polaris Church tomorrow morning at 10:30.

I can't wait to see you there! #PolarisChurch #InviteSomeone #GoBucks #62to3

There's a voice that holds us back, reminding us of our fears and insecurities.

But another voice speaks life and truth and moves us forward. Which voice will you follow? This new message series starts tomorrow at Polaris Church | 10:30 | Invite a friend. #IYOK #TimeChange #ExtraHour #GoBucks

My girls.

Me and my boo. 1920's party.

I celebrate and honor these 2 people - my mother and father-in-law.

This weekend marks 30 years they have pastored and loved the people and ministries of their church. 30 years!!! I'm so thankful to have the privilege of seeing true faithfulness and generosity through their lives. I love you @johnnymhunt & @janetahunt. Congratulations!

Some days you just feel a little extra special. And often, it's a child that makes you feel that way.

Thank you Brynn & PCA kids for my Pastor Appreciation today, I love you!

Thankful for friends. #VanessaMiles2016 #WeddingWeekend

#Barbie #Pink #WeddingWeekend #Nashville #VanessaMiles2016

Brunching in Nashville with @hollie3h. Wedding this afternoon then late night drive back to Columbus.

When these girls show up in my office before their costume party.

#ILoveIt #Teenagers #PastorDad

Don't worry Polaris Church! Stay up late and watch the game - we'll have plenty of coffee to warm & wake you up tomorrow.

Text a friend to meet you and a ee you at 10:30. Go Bucks! 💪🏼💯 #PolarisChurch #Buckeyes #Coffee

Date night at the movies with my girl @hopieishappy.

#momisgone #sugar #movies #stayuplate #storks

See you tomorrow for part 2. #OneManBand #BringAFriend #PolarisChurch

#tbt to this place and this moment. #africa #kenya #massai #safari #ilovemyfamily

Thankful for this ultimate truth and who our trust rests in.

We still have a role, so let's not ignore the tough conversations and actions. But let's rest in Jesus today.

So good to see @philippence tonight on this beautiful night in Columbus! What a great show!


We all desire leadership and direction at a time when our nation seems divided on so many issues.

We are all desperate for change - but what is and what should be our response?
As @gabelyons with @qcommons says, “Lasting change comes when we listen, learn, and engage the difficult conversations that are so easily skipped over.” #QCommons is an event taking place in 100+ cities across America on Thursday,
October 13 from 7-9pm. We will listen and engage in these important conversations together.
Columbus will be one of those cities and Polaris Church will be the location in our city to simulcast guest speakers Ravi Zacharias, Lecrae, Annie Downs, Jeremy Cowart, Kirsten Powers, Ross Dothan, and Chuck Mingo.
Just Come. Message me with any questions or go to

She drove all the way from Nashville just to have breakfast with us today! Well...kind of....

😉 We love you Vicki & Tim! And thanks to you and @callieminton for my coffee surprise! 💚☕️🙌🏼

Let's all take a moment and pray for Haiti this morning. The storm is big, but God is bigger.

Our family loves the people of this country and our friends at @newmissions. God is our refuge & strength. #PrayForHaiti

In the presence of greatness. Almost game time. #HereWeGo

I'm ready for the game and their primping. #GirlsPreGame #HereWeGo #SteelerNation

A church that sweats together stays together. (or something like that 😁) thank you @debbie_reichert_fitness !

💪🏼🏋🏽🙏🏼 #fitness #witness #columbus #polarischurch

I'm so proud of this girl. New city, new school, new sport. And she jumps right in.

I love you baby 💚 - GO @addiebuggie ! #pca #volleyball #girlpower

God, make your name great here! Praying for this community and believing one day, everyone on this end of the earth will 'stand in awe' and worship God ::

“Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy.” - Psalms‬ ‭65:8‬

Monday Funday at the fair with my mother-in-love Mimom!

Before the game begins, shoot a text to invite a friend.
Tomorrow | Polaris Church | 10:30

See you then...and Go Bucks!

I took this photo in Africa this summer. The vastness of this land that never seemed to end impacted me greatly.

This single tree seems to be all alone - but it's not. It's not hidden or forgotten, it's beautiful and watched over. In the background, is a hill and a colorful light.
Below is one of my favorite promises of Jesus and a clear picture of who the church is and what we are here to do. He is our ultimate light and we get to reflect Him.
I just want to remind you today - you're not alone. You're beautiful and watched over.
I also want to encourage us all today - there's a big vast world of people all around us who may feel alone and forgotten. Let's bring out the God-colors in our world for them to see Him! “Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don’t think I’m going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:14-16‬ ‭MSG‬‬

My date last night. Exploring new places. #Columbus

Today marks a new beginning for our family. Polaris Church, thank you for welcoming us to our new home.

We can't wait to love the people of this great city with you. Jesus is our everything. Let's go!

If you're looking for a DANCE party :: Head over to iTunes, the whole album drops today.

It will NOT disappoint!

First week! Addie began 7th grade & Hopie is a high schooler!

I'm so proud of my girls and thankful for how they adjust, move, and engage in life with us. I love you @addiebuggie & @hopieishappy !

When in Rome. #gobuckeyes

Following Jesus. Can't wait to love this city!

The last few days with my pink-loving princess (😁) have been so good for us!

And not to mention her @3htravel perks ✈️☀️✅!

Work trips with @hollie3h (aka @3htravel ). She's conferencing and I came test the product.

Product :: ✅ 😎☀️

Good times today with my sisters, nieces & nephew and of course my crazy bro-in-laws!

#family ( @philiplcox thanks for the photo and chilling with the fam today!)

The best of life is the best of friends. Who would have guessed we'd all be on the path we find ourselves on today - but I'm so grateful!

I love you @codydeese & @katiedeese !

Tonight, I got to cheer my friend on. From our college days and every day since, @thad_cockrell has been nothing but genuine, brave, and gifted.

I love you Thad - I'm so proud of you and excited for this new @leaguesmusic record!

Dear friends, I want to take a moment on behalf of my family and say thank you to @crosspoint_tv for this season we have had here in Nashville.

I’ve known for some time that I am called to return to a senior leadership role - and that time has come. I’m thrilled to share with you that Polaris Church and Columbus, Ohio will be our new home! It is an honor to be the new Senior Pastor and to join God’s story with this wonderful church and great city! Our whole family is excited and yes, Hollie is already shopping for a winter coat :) We are grateful to continue to share with everyone we can - the unconditional love of God and influence as many people as possible to follow Jesus. Stay tuned - the best is yet to come!

"But sin didn't, and doesn't, have a chance in competition with the aggressive forgiveness we call grace.

When it's sin versus grace, grace wins hands down." - Romans 5:20 (msg)

It's time to get this out. #HereWeGo @steelers

Family night at a Nashville staple. #tennesseeskies

Giving my girls some #tbt love. You're welcome @hopieishappy @addiebuggie 😉💚 #TheyWillAlwaysBeMyBabies

She wanted to go to the place with pink suede booths for our anniversary. So we did. #19

19 years ago today! We were 2 kids in love setting out on a journey and commitment to become one.

There was so much we didn't understand or could know or predict about what was ahead. But looking back - it's not about what you know, it's about who you are with. "Marriage is a lifelong process of ever becoming and never arriving" - and I love becoming with you. I love learning with you. I love exploring and creating and just being with you. I'm with you. I love you. Happy Anniversary @hollie3h !

What a day at @crosspoint_tv Mt. Juliet! These volunteers and these people and this place are extremely special.

I love my father-in-law. I'm grateful for his passion for God, for truth, and for men to live God's best.

And @timtebow steals their hearts again.

"Your purpose is to love God, love your family, and do what He says." As I listen to @nickvujicic speak, I can't help but think - what's my excuse?

She's a little excited 😳😎

So the @timtebowfoundation posted this to talk about Night to Shine and look who made it!

@hopieishappy 😁💚💪🏼

When we don't know what to do, we stand for love. Praying for our country, for Dallas, Louisiana, Minnesota & your heart today.

Keep loving.

Happy 4th everyone!

360 view from our balloon ride the other day. Breathtaking.

#eastafrica #kenya #masaimara #masaimaranationalpark #God #Creation

My safari girl. She told me I would fall in love with Africa and I have.

I already miss this place & these people and we haven't left yet.

Such an incredible experience with our family! Thank you @johnnymhunt & @janetahunt for bringing us on this trip of mission & adventure!


Since @hollie3h posted her giraffe selfie, I had to post mine. #nationalgiraffeselfieday

We started today with a sunrise balloon safari. It was our first hot air balloon ride!

You cause the sun to rise and you gently set it down the same. Every day. All over the world.

You're faithful God & we praise your name!

Caught this guy yawning today. He's a year & 1/2 old male. Just chillin.

Good morning Masai Mara.

Definitely my favorite moment of the day. #Kenya #eastafrica #safari

Out for a Sunday drive and met this guy. #SafariTime #ThisIsHeaven

I love getting to experience this beautiful place & people with my girls.

💚 They will never forget it. This sweet family allowed us to visit inside their home today.

Today we spent the day with the Maasai tribe in Namanga, Kenya.

I was enamored by their generosity and kindness. #Kenya #Maasai #AlmostAFamilyPhoto

22 years ago, @hollie3h was in the village we are on our way to today.

I can't wait to visit this place & people that impacted her so much!

We got to wash the feet today of these beautiful messengers who bring the good news of Jesus to 8 different African countries they represent.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news..." - Romans 10:15

Here we go! BNA > ATL > AMS > NBO #18hrs #AfricaBound #AddieWeAreOnOurWay

He's my dad. He's always been available for advice, helping me learn so much about life.

He loves me and I've never doubted that. He's loved my mom through the toughest of times, and he has sacrificed and provided for us my whole life. And my babies love their Pap Pap! I love you dad. Happy Father's Day!

Unbelievable gathering tonight at Student Camp! Powerful message & worship like none other.

I love this group! “The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.” - Acts of the Apostles 4:13

S T U D E N T C A M P 2 0 1 6. My @addiebuggie in some fierce competition & even fierc-er fun with her people.

I love this. @cpstudents SHIFT camp! #viewsfromshift

A #tbt for the books. Yeah, you could say we're buds. Kinda.

Or not really 😉 but one of those moments you never forget. All thanks to @marklee3d for one of the best memories ever! #2009

Getting ready for Africa. Shots. I seriously dislike this. But it's #humpday

Surrender :: Embrace :: Think :: Focus on God :: Change.

So proud of @jessiholland6 and our CPMJ Kids team!

Loved joining with our @crosspoint_tv Nashville & Dream Center locations for night 1 of Big Gross Adventure!! #onechurch

Tonight it begins! Mt. Juliet parents - drop off your kids at Rutland, the charter bus departs at 5:45.

Get ready for a Big Gross Adventure!

Almost 19 years...what?!? She's still got it!!! #barbie #1997

God did an amazing work in Nick's life. Today we all got to celebrate this with him in baptism!

What a privilege!

Meet Maddison. This sweet little girl got baptized today.

What is cool is that her mom, Tracy, was baptized recently at @crosspoint_tv MJ! Love this day!

T H I S! A family celebrating baptism together. Dad gets baptized and his son follows. Yes!

@crosspoint_tv MJ!

B A P T I S M :: this Sunday! Can't wait @crosspoint_tv MJ!!!

Y E S!!! I'm so excited for @crosspoint_tv Dickson and proud to be a part of this team!

Congrats #dicksontakeover :: you guys deserve the best of the best because you are! We are cheering you on at CPMJ today! #onechurch #strongertogether #anythingspossible

I had the best time away with just you 💚 (oh, and thanks to my personal travel advisor @3htravel 😎).

Tennis and spring formal night! 🎾+💃=👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

No more waiting! @leaguesmusic 1st single off their new album released T O D A Y!

Go get it off Spotify now!

Regardless of our views and convictions, and regardless the issue, there is a way to handle ourselves as followers of Jesus.

She's 15 today! I can't believe it @hopieishappy !

For 15 years, I've watched you smile, laugh, sing, dance, love, and be happy. For 15 years, I've wondered how in the world did I get so lucky to be your daddy! I love you baby. Happy 15th Birthday today! 🎉

Hollie :: You are the one and only who could create and raise our beautiful girls.

They are you and you are them. Happy Mother's Day babe. I💚U more.

Happy Mother's Day mom! You raised me with so much love, hard work, and patience.......lots of patience 😁.

And you taught me to trust in Jesus and learn his way of life at an early age. I'm so thankful for you on this day. I love you!

We bought a zoo. Or..... went. Such a fun weekend with my @addiebuggie - her first time ever to a zoo!


N Y C !!! And they're off for a special 15th Birthday & Mother's Day trip!

I'm so excited for @hollie3h & @hopieishappy - have a blast! ✈️🏙🎉💚

This is my life these days. I'm raising teenagers. Teenage girls who are becoming young women.

I took this selfie recently while attending a friends wedding. I love taking pictures with my girls, but these days they're not quite as fond of it as I am. I get it, that's just the way it is when you're a teenager with your parents.

But it did make me think about our heavenly father and us.
I think he might really love to take selfie's with us. And while I'm not sure our issue is that we are embarrassed of him, I think we are more embarrassed of ourselves.
Kind of like teenagers, not wanting a picture taken unless we've shown our best side and put filters and edit on it.
But I think our heavenly father loves to show the world that we are his. And not because of how we look - or the fact that we have done something special, but because he loves us.

It's just who he is, just his faithful nature. And his unconditional nurture of our lives. And he's not ashamed of us. With all of our insecurities, issues, shortcomings, and growing pains, I think he still wants to show the world that we are his.
And just like I love to take selfie's with my teenage girls, even though they are not that excited about it, I say that we put our hands of insecurity down, crawl into and under the arms of our heavenly father and say "I am his and he is mine". Oh, and don't forget to say "cheese!"
{and yes, I got her permission to post this 😉}

Tonight, we celebrate. Her passion is travel and she's killing it.

4 years ago this week, she started @3htravel and I'm so proud! And, in the words of Eric Clapton, you look wonderful tonight!

Thank you Jeremiah. Thank you Eugene. #eugenepeterson

Best Buddies = Favorite!

And @addiebuggie just finished her first ever official tennis match. I'm so proud of her!

Her coach is too. Oh...... and she won! 😁💚🎉💪🏼💯🎾

Let's go serve Mt Juliet today!! #ServeTheCity #CPMJ #CPServe

Tour of @cpstudents :: Franklin. Loved it @weshoward ! [photo creds: @tatestone26 ]

"Vision points to what we can't do but what God can." - @pwilson sharing vision for @crosspoint_tv with us today.

S A T U R D A Y :: We are the church. Let's go! #CPServe #BeTheChurch [link in profile to register]

Let's celebrate! 🎉🎉🎉

Today, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Vinings Lake Church.

God gave us a special calling to begin this community in 2006. My family had the privilege to be a part of the day and it was more special than I could have imagined. @codydeese & @katiedeese we are so thankful, happy for, and proud of you as you love & lead this amazing people. You're the best friends anyone could ask for and how cool is God's story and calling! VL - we love you to the moon and back! You will always be at the depths of our hearts.

F R A N K L I N :: Our MJ team got to hang out with our @crosspoint_tv Franklin team today!

So proud of and thankful for these guys! And the lunch spot was perfect! #1800s #historytimeline #whoisbill 😉

6 years ago today. This came up on my Facebook feed and just got me.

This was the day I got to baptize my Addie. What a moment. I'm so thankful for you @addiebuggie - you've always been an example to me of faith, courage, love, and determination. On this day, you publicly told everyone that you're a follower of Jesus - and you've been living that out every day since. I love getting to be your daddy. 💚

Meet Sandy. Here, she's rocking her beautiful grand baby to sleep.

And every week, she & her husband Tim lead our load out team and serve so well! I'm thankful for the Duncan's and so many that are generous with their lives at @crosspoint_tv MJ. #CPServe #StrongerTogether #SetTheTable

Keep the lemonade in your life! "It takes like berries!" 😎✅ #MyWonderLife

Jon & Tita and the entire Cockrell family has meant so much to us for close to 20years now.

When we met, @brittanie_raquel was 6! Last night we celebrated her marriage to Justin. Congrats to you 2!! We love you Cockrell family!

"God made you and your life matters." - @jaredarby ::

So good joining our #CPMJ with Nashville @cpstudents tonight!

Let's go serve our city together! Sign up today with the link in my profile.

#servethecity #localgood #strongertogether #communityeveryday

I love this guy. Thank you @chrisnicholstn for sharing with us today.

Be a good steward of our resources while keeping our eyes & heart on Jesus. And with this, we can change the world.

So happy for these guys and Providence Church on their new building!

Grateful for the years of living & loving Mt. Juliet the way they have and to get to partner together! #StrongerTogether

And it begins. Here we go #CPMJ ! #futurehome #partyeverysunday #communityeveryday #anythingspossible

Headed to my homeland Iowa today for my grandmothers funeral.

She just celebrated her 86th birthday - what a beautiful picture of her and my mom! She was my only living grandparent and I'm honored to have had the privilege to participate now in all of my grandparents services. She was a faithful servant - and I'm positive that she's heard her Heavenly Father now say, "well done."

These 2 are such incredible servants & leaders! I'm so thankful to serve #CPMJ with @vgladson @jessiholland6 !


Happy Easter everyone! Love, the Hixson's! (and some chicks & bunnies🐤🐰)

She loves animals. And I love her 💚! #easter

T O D A Y begins our very first @crosspoint_tv Easter experience in Mt. Juliet at 5:30!

Or join us tomorrow at 8:00, 9:30, 11:00. So come, bring your friends - it's going to be a great weekend!

It's a Five Guys burgers & fries kinda night!

Every day. From the time it rises - to the place where it sets.

God is over all the nations and His glory is revealed in the heavens. (Psalm 113:3-4)

E A S T E R :: Join me at #CPMJ ! Saturday 5:30 / Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:00.

I can't wait to see you and meet your friends coming with you!

Some #tennis with my @addiebuggie ! She made the middle school team and matches begin soon!

Weekend project.

This girl just won "Bright Spot" at her 8th grade awards night!

Her class voted for @hopieishappy hands down! But are you surprised? This kid shines bright to everyone and everywhere! I love you baby!

1 in a million. Happy birthday @thad_cockrell. You are a man of courage.

You do, say, and are when most choose not to. I love you.

Don't forget! See you guys tomorrow!

Some days at the office are just this good. #Get2

You're welcome @pwilson. #tbt #2008 #soulpatchdays

Life balance isn't about a 50/50 split, it's about being 100% present.

- thank you @christybwright for sharing with our @crosspoint_tv leadership today!

Easter RALLY Tonight! We are preparing our hearts & hands for Easter weekend!

One of the best ways to be a part is to jump in & serve with us on this special occasion. MJ peeps will be meeting at First Baptist in MJ (address in post location). Join us for one hour tonight from 6:30-7:30 to prepare for our very first Easter together as @crosspoint_tv Mt. Juliet! #CPEaster

What a day it has been today for all of @crosspoint_tv !!

The people and God's power we felt & saw in Mt. Juliet was memorable to say the least!

Loved hanging out with these pastors last night that we #Get2 serve with at @crosspoint_tv !

(missing @chrisnicholstn & @stephnichols7 in the photo shoot 😎📸)

I got to hang with the "ladies only" in my mother-in-love @janetahunt 's session this morning!

I also had the privilege to introduce our friend who spoke to us about interruptions, courage, and trust in God. @cpray the power of your words come from the power of the One who is very much alive in you! We all love you and are cheering you on! #courage #trustGod #bestjimmy #ladiesonly

Encouragement + Instruction. Thankful to be back at my father-in-law @johnnymhunt 's pastors school and grateful for the many years he has set an example as a leader and a pastor.

#family #pastors #timothybarnabas

T H I S S U N D A Y is Baptism Sunday and I just can't wait! @crosspoint_tv Mt.

Juliet - & all locations! If you've been sensing God's leading - don't hold back. Share your faith in Jesus with people who love you! It's gonna be a party! 🎉 #CPMJ

She made me reenact her favorite movie scene. Name that movie... #thethingsyoudoforlove

It was so good to share with you today @crosspoint_tv !

May we encounter Jesus & experience his grace together. Love you guys!

Happy Birthday to this guy! 🎉 @thejustinforrest we love you! #CelebrityFriend #MJCeleb

Just a good day for a Friends Photo outside after a great service at @crosspoint_tv ! I💚MJ! #CPMJ

This sunset tonight was pretty much spectacular! (and Buster liked it too 😁) #tennesseesunset

To my ❤️ today. And every day. I love you. #shesmine #valentines

Rise & Shine! These amazing people all showed up at 5am to Set the Table for our @crosspoint_tv Mt.

Juliet community today! So thankful. Can't wait to see you! #CPMJ #SetTheTable

200 host churches, 48 states, 8 countries, 70,000 volunteers and 32,000 honored guests gathered for A Night to Shine all over the world last night!

And this is only the 2nd year! I'm blown away by what we experienced personally. If you want to get in on this goodness, go to @timtebowfoundation ! Imagine what we could see next year!

I'm trying to feel secure. But those arms....💪 #NightToShine

And @hopieishappy rushed the quarterback!

So this just happened with @timtebow ! #NightToShine

It's a party up in here!!! 🎉🎉🎉 #NightToShine

Celebrating A Night to Shine PROM with the @timtebow foundation.

Me & @hollie3h are so proud of our @hopieishappy and privileged to be a part of the special needs community! #NightToShine

My Valentine date last night 💚❤️! @addiebuggie - you've always kept me on my toes with your spunk & all that you dream about.

Our conversations are some of my favorite things in life. I love you baby girl! #notsobabyanymore

Valentines date with this sweetheart last night! Chocolatey hot chocolate with extra whip cream?

Yes please! @hopieishappy you make me laugh, smile, and see life from the most beautiful view. Daddy loves you!

Pancakes | Pinewood | Polaroids for my baby's 12yr birthday!

🎉 #tweenlife #howdidtheygrowupsofast

What a night! Such a privilege tonight to help people take their next step in finding community & purpose with @crosspoint_tv !

#cpmj #community #purpose

TOMORROW :: Come, meet some people in our community, and get involved with us at @crosspoint_tv Mt.

Juliet! Register online - link in bio. Dinner & childcare on us. See you tomorrow!

And here she is! Performed 3 times!! And the finale on her birthday! Way to go @addiebuggie !

Happy 12th Birthday @addiebuggie ! To my baby girl, my little adventure seeker, non-stop thinker, dreamer, doer.

You are a bright light to this world and you make your daddy smile. I love you!

Cheering on my @addiebuggie for her opening night of High School Musical! So proud of you!

Cross Point Mt. Juliet :: Come and take your NEXT step to experience purpose & community with us.

Dinner and childcare is on us - just go to the link in my bio to RSVP. See you next Monday!

Happy #nationalspouseday @hollie3h. I had to. Love me. #sorrynotsorry

So fun having mom & dad in town! #nashville

11:00 service @crosspoint_tv now! And don't worry if you miss it - every hour on the hour all day!

X-Games :: on my way.

All services are canceled tomorrow except Church Online!

Join us @ www.CrossPoint.TV/Live, for a special online experience beginning at 9AM and running on the hour. Grab a neighbor and have them watch with you!

It's getting serious over here. #blackandyellow #steelernation #playoffs #livinonaprayer

When you're driving through the ATL, you just have to. #whatllyahave