they just wanted our potato chips but we can pretend for a few moments it was real

i adore you @emmakenney

📸 @emmaroseseye


It’s not just a tournament. It’s the battle for the soul of the valley.

Cobra Kai Season 4 is coming this December to Netflix.

monday mood @spencerlist

excited to catch up with these two at 3:00 PDT on Facebook Live Audio rooms ❤️‍🔥 thanks for hosting @debbyryan

the bigger the hair the closer to god

happy bday victor ❤️‍🔥

the last week



as of late🕺🏻🌹🪅



havent had a car for the past two months so have been left to run/bike everywhere and it has created the best adventures all on my lonesome

also this was just a video for jacob but decided i should share some of my actual personality sometimes 🤭

happy father’s day papa

i guess we were seeing arthur live here and just for sitting through that you are a legend

8 hours of sleep in a click thanks to the @yslbeauty touche éclat pen 💫


i love it here 🥺

back at it

regram • @intersectionalenvironmentalist so beautifully said I keep listening to this on repeat.

my favorite line •

“Water makes up 70% of Earth.
70% of the human heart,
And 70% of the human being,
All of us, bodies of water,
For we, too are oceans,
Or at least beings bobbing in the same boat.”

“A portal that connects us all @amandascgorman 's beautiful Ode to our Ocean 🌾💌🐳 Happy World Oceans Day 💖👼🏽🔱”

"The sea sings out to its many saviors:
teenagers with fists thrust in the air
Scientists converging around their data,
A child who stoops to scoop up
a piece of trash.
The sea sings out for its singular subjects:
Turtles that teeter down
Coral reefs shining brightly
The sea sings out its suffering,
screeching sounds
its depths bruised by
Atrocities in the Atlantic
Misery in the Mediterranean,
Its tides the preservers
of time past.
The story of the ocean
and the story of humanity
Are one and the same,
a Great River that
Knows no borders
and notes no lines,
Only ripples.
While we might call it the Seven Seas,
Today we sing out your true name:
The one ocean.
For no matter how we try to separate your waters,
You are the colossus that connects us.
Water makes up 70% of Earth.
70% of the human heart,
And 70% of the human being,
All of us, bodies of water,
For we, too are oceans,
Or at least beings bobbing in the same boat.
To stand up for our own ocean
Is to stand up for our own ship
The sea is a restless,
strong collective of many pieces.
So are we.
The ocean can recover.
So will we.
Let us not divide the tides,
But discover all they have to teach us—
Green meadows of sea grass that survive pathogens,
Blue-bloodied marine snails that can fight off viruses
There are more lessons to learn,
Still more work to be done.
So we lift our faces to the sun
May the seas help us see
and hope,
May we sing out the ocean's survival
and revival.
Being the people of this blue planet is our most
Profound privilege and power,
For if we be the ocean's saviors
then it is surely ours."

🌂 via @futureearth
☂️ made in collaboration with @atmos @lonelywhale + @ecblackman

#WorldOceansDay #IE #IntersectionalEnvironmentalist #Intersectional

i’m not sure how one even loses this many balloons but with all of the light pollution this might be the closest I’ll get to seeing a shooting star for a minute

ate maple syrup in canada today was exhilarating

self timer GO

this is what i like to call... i’ve gone crazy quarantining

mom i love you so much i will even forgive this horrid outfit/hat situation.

you never fail to entertain me mom. I swear you could make the most mundane day
exciting. you are the most hilarious woman I know.

happy mother’s day mama and to all of the beautiful mamas. I don’t know how you all do it.



an avocado... thanks

birthday king , me , & champagne in the park this is 23...

happy birthday twinnie i loved sharing a womb with u, this day, and our parents love.

I’ll always be the oldest though (even if it is by ten minutes) that is the one thing you’ll never take away from me.

outtakes from @lofficielau 🖤

step 1. take shot
step 2. take picture


my dog ate my airpods

also highly recommend blasting music and having your own personal dance party

I realized the lack of photos we have together so here is one with paul.

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY @thejacobbertrand !!! so grateful for you.

Find things that make you feel badass!

I’m hosting my first virtual class with @wearestrongnation a high intensity workout that incorporates martial arts with Master Trainer @chopsueylee (who is also a martial arts champion!) 10 of you will be picked to join us to sweat it out. Post yourself doing your favorite martial arts move and use #PeytonxSN -- extra points if you tag @wearestrongnation #ad

AKA Instagram *finger guns*

nothin like good ol’ vitamin d

mom life

not my senseis but I can appreciate a good Valentine when I see it

@KISSproducts @imPRESSmanicure have made it so simple to do my nails and lashes on my own!

I’m wearing imPRESS Manicure in the style ‘So French’ and KISS Matte Black lashes in ‘Matte Sheer’

i love u broseph



favorite movie growing up x cobra kai... oh yes


@brookeshields thanks for hosting the therapy/life coaching session with @interviewmag


despite my face I was super excited to play dress up again

love me a good pant suit

closing out the year with some self care.

#ad I’ve shared before that my bath time is so important for my body and mind, and these @olay body products have been the perfect way to show my skin some love. I hope all of you take a moment for yourselves today and every day. #olaypartner

merry christmas

what is THIS I hear?! season 3 dropping Jan 1st?!


who knew when they cast us as sisters it would be a life thing love you charli happy birthday

@cobrakaiseries @netflix

I am honored to help the @thecameronboycefoundation in their mission to cure epilepsy and end gun violence.

We know that so many have been affected by the pandemic this year, so that is why we are asking for only $5. You can also gift this donation to friends and family for the holidays.
Our goal is to get 10,000 people to donate $5 each, so we can reach our goal of $50,000! Cameron's family, friends and the foundation are extremely grateful for your generosity.

Link to donate is in my bio 🙏🏼

excited to be with two of my favorite people presenting an award to our sensei @william_zabka at the MTVAwards Greatest of All Time.

Tonight at 8p on @MTV

tiny pieces by my aunt

just a girl standing in front of you trying not to eat her necklace

thanks to the kind volunteers like Shawn at the polls today who took Mo on a walk while I voted.

Go Vote

diamonds are a girls best friend

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”
This is Mo Rascal my new baby and foster fail I adopted from @bellavitarescue.

Between the fires and the pandemic lots of dogs have ended up homeless Please adopt
If you can and give a dog a forever home.

As Kreese says, "The story is just beginning."

Season 3 premieres January 8, 2021 only on Netflix.

Season 4 is officially training to join the fight.
Cobra Kai Never Dies.

have been back to filming again this last week for the first time since shutdown and i am so. damn.


happy sweet 16 baby bro

never ever?! @cobrakaiseries

have you guys been watching?

ahh the great outdoors a.k.a my parents backyard

Insane waking up turning on netflix and seeing Cobra Kai at #1 today

Thanks to everyone watching and to this whole crew of people I love so much 👏🏼

@jessicache 🧃

beautiful day in the neighborhood

“these are the puppies of Harlow who was found on the streets of Tijuana...

with maggots in her eye, emaciated, and pregnant...
She lost her eye through what vets describe as blunt face trauma to the side of her head...Locals called her “too ugly to be worth rescuing...”- @2leggedmaia

Luckily @bellavitarescue found out about her and jumped in to rescue her... @bellavitarescue is an incredible dog rescue I am fostering these puppies and helping find homes for.

We are raising funds for the countless dogs in a situation like Harlows, and if you don’t have the money to donate they are always actively looking for fosters, adopters, or donations in any way.

(what better to keep yourself inside with)

i’m not superstitious, but i’m a little stitious.

happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole world.

I don’t know what i’d do without us talking through every little minor detail of what happens to us 20 times a day... your energy is contagious victor vito and I don’t know what I’d do without you. 💘

someone tagged me in this today... and when i’m feeling down i should honestly just find pics of seven year old hardcore avril lavigne stan me with her red extensions

happy 90th birthday grandpa

to the hardest person to crack i’ve ever met so when you smile it means the world.

through a war and back to tell the stories... when i can pry them out of you that is.

i remember in 2nd grade i said “i’m happy i finally don’t irritate you”
and you said “I don’t know what gave you that impression, you still do.”
and i think i always will, and i’m okay with that 😊💘🌟

📸 @cibellelevi

head in the artificial clouds


“it’s not just the moment it’s the movement.”let’s follow through and show up in November.


1. People sign up to make a micro-donation every time Trump tweets.

(anything even as small as a penny it adds up)

2. Donations will go to the Justice Fund - a group of Black led and centered grassroots political organizations working at the intersection of racial justice and electoral politics in the swing states.

(link in bio) #defeatbytweet


respect + acceptance
and if you can’t find that in your heart you need to look within

thanks for being my go to whenever I am lost and for sharing your love of wine pasta coffee and making me laugh endlessly.

love you papa ♥️
(also I tagged you even though you want to live “off the grid”)

thank you @1883magazine 🙏🏼🖤



Today would’ve been Cams 21st birthday. Love you Libby, Victor, and Maya

Fundraising in his honor @thecameronboycefoundation


do u remember putting makeup on to actually go places? ahh that was fun


grateful to have you as a guide mama. thanks for teaching me what a strong woman looks like.

lil workout with my foster baby maya

you are never really alone.

So proud to collaborate on this project with so many amazing women that have come together to make this campaign come alive for @lipservicing 💋

Please help us support and give back to our healthcare workers for COVID- 19 donations to @mountsinainyc link in Bio! We have already raised over $3,000
Gorgeous friend and Founder @missgeoburke
Photographer - @kat_in_nyc shooting remotely
Via FaceTime
The talented Creative/Art Director @geraldinehessler
Then of course our Rockstar @alysonlord that has pulled together over 500 beauty care packages to donate and deliver to the frontline workers!! Thank you to all of our models who participated.
Thank you to Everyone!! 🙌🏼
Please help out, donate,
stay home, put on a red lip,
take a selfie, and post! 💋 Xx
Link in bio

that 70s zoom 🌈Ft. a dusty mirror and no excuses

here’s an old photo to tell you that @jerrodblandino and I are going live at 2 today, and there’s nothing I’d rather do today while stuck at home.


love ur mother 🌎

If you’re looking for something to watch during quarantine I highly recommend @cobrakaiseries I put the link to season 1 in my bio, and the first two episodes are free.

I not only had the best time getting play such a different character, but I love these people, and we have a lot of fun. (also warning this slide show gets weirder and less relevant to the show as you scroll on aha)

thank u @krissy for inspiring me to put on makeup and a dress highly recommend doing this every once and a while.

first facetime photo shoot (never thought I’d say that) 🦋

A Jessie Cast reunion is happening TODAY, April 10th at 2PM ET/11AM PT

TO RAISE MONEY for the Actors Fund, for everyone in entertainment.
Excited to be reunited with this fam for a good cause during this time.

If you’re in LA in need of a meal or know someone who is please share. ♥️

thank you for all the birthday wishes, and happy birthday to my twin love you.

happy birthday @chesterlockhart !!!💫🌟💫🌟 was going through photos and videos from filming last year in Toronto in honor of your day of birth, and found this gem.


I hope you’re finding some moments while social distancing and staying at home to care for yourself and your mind.

One of the things keeping me so incredibly content/sane right now, and always is a bath.
I have been so excited announce this collaboration, and full bath product line that has been in the works with @halluescape for months and months.
All are available at Walmart and the link in my bio now.
I’m going through replies and picking 5 winners to receive some self care bath goodies. love you. stay safe. stay inside.💫🌻☁️

sending love to all of our health care workers/doctors/nurses/people stepping up to help support others/and everyone staying inside during this time.

I’m so inspired by everyone coming together (not physically), but in emotional support of one another. Sharing what we can. When things seem their darkest humanity really does surprise us. 🌻

my dancing suit 🤟🏼
thanks @guccibeauty

not a love song 🖤🤍 link in bio 🤍🖤


my mom has been organizing old family photos, and found this I laughed for a solid 10 minutes.

Love you spence even though you spelled belly “bele” thank you for being my “first friend.”



thanks for having me @covergirl
so happy to support this vegan & cruelty free collection

#CleanFresh #EasyBreezyBeautiful #COVERGIRLMADE 💓



isn’t this how everyone rides the elevator?
@adriennebailon @instylemagazine

back in 2010 I was living in nyc studying lines on the playground.

This was one of my first movies I did that year. Insane to see how much can change in a decade. I don’t think she’d believe it all. ✨✨💫✨✨💫✨✨💫

thanks for sending these from earlier this year @chesterlockhart
miss this group of humans 🥰

merry christmas ya filthy animal ♥️

happy birthday charli
love you 4ever💘

most magical place on earth really brings out the love

this is also how victor and I reunite after being separated for 2 days
thanks for having us @disneyland #disneyland

day 4
Girl In The Woods

@crypttv @cameronfuller


the first day vs today
snowed in with the fam 🧸

grateful for each and every one of you 🥺♥️

trapped in a thanksgiving road trip with my family so thought i’d ask my dad to help with a caption and this is what he came up with “i’m flat on my back”





was just in awe all night thank you @dior


back at it 🎬

two of my favorite people 🖤


@elleusa x hollywood rising ❣️🦋

challenge accepted @baileemadison !

This is me taking part of the #oneword Change Challenge with @iswutoday , supporting @unitednations 17 sustainable development goals... Compassion. Peace. Understanding are all sub points of Humanity. Without it we have nothing with it we can change the world for everyone.
I challenge you @spencerlist

thank you 🙏🏼 @wieldingpeace @thecameronboycefoundation

another one from @instylemagazine #badass women issue

was so honored to be apart of this💫


GIVEAWAY! I’ve partnered with beauty babes @toofaced to give away two mega prizes 💓

Prize pack includes: a YEAR of Better Than Sex Mascara and a YEAR of Better Than Sex Eyeliner!
🖤FOLLOW @peytonlist and @toofaced
🖤For additional entries, share this post to your IG stories and tag us!
(US & INTL) Giveaway ends 9/27 & the winners will be contacted via DM. GOOD LUCK! #giveaway #toofaced

best night💫🌟🖤 @knottsscaryfarm #scaryfarm

me on film by nat ♥️

love you so much phoenix
happy 15th birthday baby bro.

Tell me I’m a person, not a label.

These sweatshirts are a pre launch to archives, a clothing line co-founded by Cameron, which can be purchased at with proceeds going toward @thecameronboycefoundation 🖤
@thearchivesfrom #archivesfromcameron #tellmeimnotalabel

behind the scenes for Don’t Cry in my IG stories highlight…😉✨

hello home. you r really pretty

last year same time

Maya Boyce I’m in awe of you

that’s a wrap on @swimmingforgoldmovie
very grateful to have worked on a set with these two powerhouses.

@hayleymacfarlane our fearless and incredibly talented director, and my partner in crime @laurenkesposito. thanks for making this such a joy. love this cast and crew so much and can’t wait for you all to see it.

last day on @swimmingforgoldmovie 🥺🙏🏼🌈💚

i love this account... they sum up all of the mixed feelings/thoughts running through an anxious mind in a very aesthetically pleasing/comforting way

#graduation tomorrow 🎓 @itsbennyblanco (these are the most official graduation photos I have)


only thing better than glitter is rainbow tears. @kendallkyra 🌈 💗

how cute is this whole bts crew who made Don’t Cry happen? they make me so happy 7/2/19

got no time to spend anymore

Don’t Cry
out now

and a big thanks to my @toofaced fam. the glitter tears may have been running, but you know my mascara never was.


🌟full music video link is up in my bio💫

looking at that link in my bio like... because

@billboard JUST PREMIERED the Don’t Cry video.🌟🙏🏼😭

it is the middle of the night where I am right now in Australia and it genuinely feels like I’m dreaming...

@billboard JUST PREMIERED the Don’t Cry video. link is in my bio 🌟🙏🏼😭

reading all your comments like 🥺love you guys so much, and am so grateful to finally share this.

left it up in my bio.
@hayleymacfarlane surprised me on set today with a cake to celebrate and am really feelin the love. 💓🙈

me because I finally get to share Don’t Cry with all of you

𝔡𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔠𝔯𝔶

clutching my pearls because...
𝔇𝔬𝔫’𝔱 ℭ𝔯𝔶

𝔡𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔠𝔯𝔶

beat up feet in dainty shoes
𝔡𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔠𝔯𝔶

𝔡𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔠𝔯𝔶 (creative directed my own music video all my wildest pastel dreams come to life, and so excited to share 8/23)

𝔡𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔠𝔯𝔶

have been hiking into set the last couple days. the first week of #S4G has already been an adventure.


"I’ve named the concept Wielding Peace.

It will be a collection of images that feature people from all walks of life (celebrities, victims of gun violence, common supporters) wielding 'guns.' The catch is, the ‘guns’ that we’re using as props will be items that signify unity and peace," Cameron said of the project. "Household items such as musical instruments, cameras, food, sporting equipment, beauty products, articles of clothing…anything that might inspire someone creatively as well as make a strong statement with the sentiment that we need to choose a different weapon." -Cameron Boyce

Full @refinery29 article is in my bio

Had so much fun getting back with the OG @LightAsAFeatherOnHulu crew!

Have you watched 2nd season yet? #LightAsAFeather is streaming now, on @Hulu

New ways to get involved in the @thecameronboycefoundation in the link in my bio.

Like Kar said let’s make him proud and continue to spread his light.

pretty lucky I get to call this place home for the next month of filming 🇦🇺 🐨

honored to be apart of @instyle “Badass Women” issue this month. #fostergrant90

Thank you @heymichellelee this is important “A 6-year-old boy, among at least 3 others, was

killed this weekend in a mass shooting at California‘s Gilroy Garlic Festival, while at least 15 others were injured. I saw someone post this image by @ktzhu on Twitter and it’s never been more true. We are failing our children in this country because spineless lawmakers can’t muster the courage to do what’s right. Demand. Change. Now.”

The Cameron Boyce foundation to honor his legacy and the giving soul that he was. “we all go...

what you leave should be bigger than you.” - Cameron Boyce
The link is in my bio.



coming soon 📽🎙

let’s roll


Thanks @popsugar for having us on your rainbow swings and Young Hollywood panel today.

Loved getting to share it with these two kind, smart, beauties 🌈💓

outfits to match my @VSBeauty scents! 💋🌹💃🏼 #FashionScentsChallenge @victoriassecret #ad

Happy Fathers Day
love you papa

this one is for the ladies 🌹
getting together to celebrate Women In Film last night was magical

party in the women’s bathroom

I really don’t have anything to say with this...

Dripping in butterflies & rainbows needs to be the norm this summer 🌈✨🦋🌈✨🦋🌈✨🦋🌈✨🦋

put on a happy face :)


I think she caught my face mid getting kicked off the roof

Take me back to Tame Impala

if the stars aren’t in your eyes glue them on

throwback to filming 2nd season of @cobrakaiseries with piercings in my hair and cuts on my face.

have you watched it yet?


my friends are so cute and in love


about to go film a scene in 40 degrees and rain wish me luck

my favorite spot

Hey Mama you’re like... pretty freaking rad.

who moi?

@cobrakaiseries I took on the champ. Meet the newest #CobraKai student

This perfectly captures all of the excitement I have for Season 2 of Cobra Kai being out now! ✨

It was such a incredible experience working with every one of these people in front and behind the camera. Thanks for welcoming me to the @cobrakaiseries fam.

Cobra Kai Season 2 drops tonight at 9 PM PST / Midnight EST 👊🏼 @cobrakaiseries

happy birthday bb

my ride for the day 🎥

My parents celebrated their 23rd anniversary yesterday.

In awe of how much of a team they are, in love, best friends, and each other’s biggest supporters.

hearing neriah sing the songs next to me made it>>> voice of an angel

@boohoo #boohooontheroad

takes a real man to wear glitter

@boohoo #boohooontheroad


Thank you so much @awesomenesstv & @viacom for continuing the celebration with more macaroons and flowers than a girl can handle.

Making work a dream. 😭

we silent discoed through the night of our 21st and it was SO FUN. Thanks to my beautiful friends.

Also, no one ever give me this kind of power again.


thank you for all the birthday wishes! can’t believe I’m 21! 🙈

There’s a new Cobra to fear. Stream all episodes of season 2 of #CobraKai April 24th and watch the full trailer now (in my bio) 🤜🏼 #TeamCobraKai or #TeamMiyagiDo ?


back to cali

Did you get your Better Than Sex Eyeliner yet?! It’s so easy to use, you’ll LOVE it!

Don’t walk to, RUN! @toofaced #betterthansex

hey @cosmopolitan this was fun 🙈

happy birthday to a real one ♥️


If you haven’t already met the eyeliner that’s Better Than Sex, then let me introduce you!

I’m so happy to be the face of this amazing product from @TooFaced ! It’s the easiest eye liner you’ll ever use. It’s waterproof, flake-proof, one-stroke, and super intense black -- you guys are gonna love it!… Check it out on #BetterThanSex

@instylemagazine this was such a dream shoot. Never have I ever had more fun in my outfits.

😂 This @marcjacobs dress>> Link in my bio to the article 👀

Couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the ‘Glamorous’ fam. 😭🙈

got up before the sun and made it to Malibu just in time 👼🏼

been the mood this year... anyone else?

GIVEAWAY!! I am SO excited to gift 3 of you babes a NEW @toofaced Better Than Sex Eyeliner (and a Better Than Sex Mascara 😉)!

The eyeliner doesn’t launch until March 17th, so to be one of the first people to try it, follow the below: 💕follow @toofaced 💕tag a friend in the comments
Giveaway ends 3/12! GOODLUCK! Xoxo #toofaced #betterthansex

shoutout to @krissy the only person I can look at like this

Happy Women's Day! Honored to be part of this project about Inclusion  #pomellato #pomellatoforwomen #PomellatoPartner

Meet the world’s sexiest power couple. @TooFaced Better Than Sex mascara now has an eyeliner best friend.

#betterthansex #toofaced

Are you guys ready for an eyeliner so good, it’s Better Than Sex? Coming soon @toofaced !

xoxo #BetterThanSex



Repost @cleowade • • • “Your weekend reminder. I’m so glad you’re on this planet. You belong here.

It’s so much better because you’re here. I love you.”

@vanityfair 💋

I got sunshinneeee 🌞✨✨


bringin out the power suit for valentines

this is my oh sh*t I’m late face

at least there are some pretty views while sitting in all that LA traffic

Then Came You is in theaters and On Demand tomorrow February 1st!

Here’s a sneak peek of the movie, you can learn more at @maisie_williams


Was on my friends @baileemadison & @kaitlinvilasuso podcast this week.

It was so fun to record an interview with two people I adore in bed with food which also made for a very candid conversation about life. I’ll leave it up in my bio 🖤

Dance Til We Die 🎶🖤

✨Anthem of a Teenage Prophet out in theaters and streaming now✨ ..also peep the song 🙈

teach me everything you know

My new single Dance Til We Die is up in my bio. 💁🏻‍♀️ ^^^

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace...

Thanks for coming out last night to the @anthemthemovie premiere made my heart so happy

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Anthem of a Teenage Prophet premiere last night. Out today!

gotta wear your socks and sandals while promoting your 90s movie

my new single Dance Til We Die is out the link is in my bio ✨✨

my new single Dance Til We Die is out at midnight ✨

so grateful for the strong beautiful women in my life. especially this one.

Thank you @instylemagazine for a beautiful night

and after the show is the... Cheers @baileemadison

THIS FRIDAY Anthem of a Teenage Prophet

Our movie Anthem of a Teenage Prophet is releasing in select theaters January 11th

Oh, didn’t see you there 2019

Going through photos from the year reminiscing on how sick it was to fall in love with @lisajstarrett in the @littlemix X @cheatcodes Only You music video.

Repost @frankborin

@disneyland #disneyland
thanks for having us ✨

looking back at my camera roll from the last couple weeks and feeling very fortunate.

Apparently those grapes in the third pic are supposed to bring a sweet new year if eaten. So naturally I shoveled in as many as possible.

Merry Christmas from this cute little string light arch in a small town in Italy.

This man didn’t really get why I was taking a photo of it, but it reminded me of the arch equivalent to the sad little tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. “Linus is right, I won't let all this commercialism ruin my Christmas!”

have been on a pasta cleanse and will be until the New Year

Incredibly excited to announce Anthem of a Teenage Prophet is coming to theaters January 11th



dance floor in space last night

Just wrapped up Season 2 of Cobra Kai tonight. I’ve had the best time and have felt so welcomed by this incredible cast and crew.

Can’t wait for you to meet my character Tory 😈 This sketch is a page out of a coloring book from the lovely @courtneyhenggeler 🙈♥️

It is a miracle!! The film photo I took of @krissy actually came out right!!

😱😭 So grateful for this girl and that she came all the way out to Atlanta to have trailer dance parties.

Finding all these videos from the Light As A Feather premiere night 😂😂 @ajionaalexus there are too many good ones

@inlovemag Issue18 cover🖤

@inlovemag 🖤


missing teeth, mismatched socks, and worn down pink cowgirl boots was pretty much my entire elementary school vibe in Brooklyn.



Your VOTE matters let your voice be heard

Thanks for the shirt I’ll be repeating tomorrow @eighteenx18 @yarashahidi (Also, this filter color has NOTHING to do with my views)

Okay after seeing babies and puppies bopping to Liar Liar I want to see more...

that is if my heart can take it. 😭

Share you listening and tag me in your stories I’ll try to share as many as possible. ♥️

Thank you for all the love on my single Liar Liar if you haven’t listened yet the link is in my bio 🥀

My single LIAR LIAR is out now (link in my bio)

I’m loving all of your posts and comments thank you my loves ♥️

Sold my soul to someone cold 🎼

My single Liar Liar drops at midnight

My first single Liar Liar is coming out TOMORROW and I couldn’t be more excited...

Link in my bio to pre save 😘

Reading my daily bedtime story to my child.
Happy Halloween ☠️

Halloween Mood

Happy birthday mama ♥️ I feel like we switched personalities in this pic

Liar Liar Nov. 2nd

The Thinning New World Order is NOW STREAMING #TheThinning2

coming soon

First episode of #lightasafeather in my bio now. 🦋

Our show Light As A Feather premieres TOMORROW on @hulu ✨and I couldn’t be more excited and in love with the women in this cast.

Thanks to VIFF and everyone who came out this weekend to see our film Anthem of a Teenage Prophet screened for the first time.


@hulu @halesbells and I approve of your centerpiece choices.

When you’re about to fall asleep but bae texts “you up?” •

Also make sure to watch @31nightsofhalloween on @freeform. #freeformhalloweenhouse #31nightsofhalloween #ad

Can’t wait for October 12th... #lightasafeather @hulu @awesomenesstv

Full trailer is in my bio

Meet Sierra Quinn, my new character in CBS’ @happytogethercbs. First episode airs tonight 8:30pm.

Who is tuning in? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

being all dramatic before the premiere for #lightasafeather

Repost @cleowade ・・・

Let’s prove that by VOTING this November.
My fellow millennials & beloved Gen Z fam, this midterm election is by far the most important of our generation.
Let’s show up.
#nationalvoterregistrationday is here!
text CHANGE to 788-683 to register, check status, find volunteer opportunities, or get reminders for voting/absentee deadlines.”

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet premieres at Vancouver International Film Festival on October 6th.

Full trailer in my bio

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet premieres at Vancouver International Film Festival on October 6th.

Trailer in my bio


Light As A Feather Oct. 12th on @hulu

lady in the rain 📷 @kat_in_nyc

love @abbyb3rg3r

This is the most over the top photo booth I have ever been in @harpersbazaarus @cameronmonaghan

Date Night

My favorite part of fashion week is finding pieces that are rare and one-of-a-kind, like tonight’s diamond look by:

Thank you guys

Our movie ANTHEM of a TEENAGE PROPHET is premiering at Vancouver International Film Festival October 6th #AnthemMovie #viff (I also had to include the last photo of the best birthday on set ever.

When Grayson just handed me a signed framed photo of himself.)

hunting through vintage>>>

posted my personal @spotify playlist in my story if you wanna listen 🙈💙💚💛🧡❤️💗

Blair #gothicsprings

#GothicSprings Day 2


miss this view


@listbypeyton (link in bio)



I've been dreaming of this day for so long. So grateful for all my friends supporting the launch of my brand @listbypeyton which is officially out today.

They are glowy beautiful angels inside and out.


Get ready for October 12th on @Hulu



🍍GIVEAWAY! 🍍I’ve teamed up with @toofaced for a juicy prize back to celebrate their launch of the Tutti Frutti Collection!

I’ll be giving away their two new eye palettes - like and comment on this post and follow me and @toofaced to enter to win! #toofacedtutti

Thank you @elysereneau for making me glow with the new Tutti Frutti collection from @toofaced #toofacedtutti 🍍

my favorite dance partner @cameronmonaghan backstage listening to @vampireweekend 🙈

Hair inspo Violet Parr

@brckhmptn killed it last night 👏🏼🙌🏼😭

The many emotions experienced at the airport today compliments of Sam Weir

Thanks for putting up with me constantly taking photos


never have I felt more feminine

More bts from Only You @cheatcodes X @littlemix

@littlemix X @cheatcodes




been vibin in the studio lately

Week 2 #LightAsAFeather

This was taken from the lawn of a high school in the Valley...

it is all very glamorous

The range of emotion from last nights celebration of @cameronmonaghan and the entire Shameless cast on 100 episodes.👏🏼✨

so excited to start filming with this one 🙈



location for the past couple days 🎬

Love you mama ✨

this photo cracks me up because my little baby middle finger is up.

Damn, I was cool.


happy birthday gorgeous @_jasminesky 🖤

Bette was #BornTo love not fight. In honor of National Dogfighting Awareness Day that just passed, I’m helping @ASPCA raise awareness about this cruel practice.

Visit to take action and help end dogfighting for good! #BreakTheChain (Also, excuse my crazy laugh. She was attacking me with kisses.)

🦋 @revolve @incrediblecosmetics #incrediblecosmetics 🦋

@portugaltheman you killed this car 👏🏼👌🏼 #RoadToCoachella @bmwi

🦋 @revolve


Night out in @incrediblecosmetics #beyourincredibleself #incrediblecosmetics


Happy birthday twinny @spencerlist
I will never stop laughing at your posing in this second photo.

I hate to tell you this, but you peaked at a young age bro. Haha love you.


Happy birthday 🌈🦋✨

#Repost @girlgaze
So proud of everyone marching today.

Every kid has the right to feel safe in a learning environment.

So proud to see my bro @TheKaranBrar kill it on the big screen in #PacificRimUprising 👏🏼😭

@dior 💋

happy birthday🕊

🦋 #BeachesTurksAndCaicos 🦋


bro bro



Thanks @Coolhaus for the ice cream on-set. Love supporting women-owned brands #ibuywomanowned #Coolhaus 💓👭


#MovieNightWithKarlie tonight on @freeformtv at 8:30/7:30c 💓

Hope you had the best birthday @yarashahidi thanks for constantly inspiring me

My favorite on set product is @toofaced #betterthansex mascara.

I'm so excited to announce they are giving one winner a chance to win a year’s supply to celebrate International Better Than Sex day. Comment below, and you’ll have a chance to win! #toofaced 💓

Such an honor to have the opportunity to direct this week with my tv family.

Throwback to this beautiful golden hour after all the rain in Paris.


Happy birthday Karan. Here is a major throwback can't believe how long I've known you.

This video makes me smile so hard. Love you so much. @thekaranbrar



wittle muddy paws

Hello New Year 🙌🏼


#ShareYourEars ! Help make wishes come true this holiday season with Disney Parks and Make-A-Wish.

For every “ears” photo shared with #ShareYourEars , Disney Parks will donate $5 to @MakeaWishAmerica up to $1 million!

was just trying to find my ride

Happy birthday Charli ♥️ Throwback to when we were tiny nuggets and played sisters.

love me a pant suit @bellanycmag

mom & dad

Trying to work these cuts and bruises... Laina is taking a beating this movie. #thethinning sequel

How typical 💓


Here we go #thethinning sequel 🎬

baby boy will never sit still for pictures

Happy birthday @larsenthompson you light up everywhere you go. ✨

That Friday feelin

this wind is really working in my favor


Clarence & Alabama



@dswshoelovers Check out @instylemagazine to see how shoes can make any outfit #MyDSW #ad

🥀 @knottsscaryfarm @knottsberryfarm #scaryfarm


she loves me I swear

Congrats Alain & Kate on the marriage and Spencer for officiating your first wedding 🌷



🗽 @marmaranyc

baby come back


happy birthday baby bro

Such a beautiful show, and way to end the week in NYC @marchesafashion


Repost• @recipesforselflove • love their daily reminders, and illustrations 😍


Mood cuz we made it to Hong Kong

aggressively cheesin'

another reason I love NYC


Ready to hit the red carpet in my @essiepolish manicure using Topless & Barefoot and Blanc!

#essielove #essiepartner



celebrate others

throwback to running through Siena

📸 @cameronmonaghan


My many personalities captured by @benjoarwas

Honored to shoot with this legend @patrickdemarchelier for @thelovemagazine ・・・

@peytonlist for @thelovemagazine Styled by @kegrand @babbym @_charlesjeffrey Hair by @ashleyjavierhair Makeup by @hungvanngo @viktor_and_rolf #viktorandrolf

always fun shooting with my girl @krissy✨

repost @cameronmonaghan Luke and Faith. #AnthemMovie

Not much has changed huh? Happy birthday to a real one.


running and dancing my way through

Haven't even started on mine and am already eyeing Spencer's pizza




rosy cheeks and rosy walls

black and white✨dramatic

thanks for having us today @stedelijkmuseum 💋

"I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains." Such a moving experience going to the Anne Frank House today.