Found this cutie at EBC @djpure #ebc #purefit #PFLS

Congrats on your engagement! Love u guys!! @rogueystatus @sugarpiechar #illbesingleforever #noonesgonnaputupwithmyshit lol

Yoo!! Just droppin in to say wassup to my people and thank yall for the messages checkin in on me.

🙏🏜As you can see the weight is wayyy down lol. Havent touched any weights or even seen a gym in three weeks but back boxing 3-4 times/ week. 💥🥊 diet us about 50% clean/ 50% junk Been having a crazy sweet tooth lately which not like me at all. Diets consisting of kabobs, sushi, pancakes and ice cream. Thank god for postmates my new meal prep service lol. 😂 Thanks again for all the messages and love. All is swell and we livin baby. Check back in with yall in a few months. 🀣😏✊🏟✌🏟

Finally setting aside some me time n getting back in the rhythm.

Thai boxing 3x/ week and hittin the weights 3-4x/ week consistently. Changed up my lifting routine n doing a lighter weight n repetitions. Still need to get that conditioning up tho! Been gasin out big time during Thai Boxing. 😅🥵 Just gotta stay consistent n itll be back in no time. 💥🥊💪🏟 Been tryin out this CBD thing m so far the Mimosa Recovery and Tropic Thunder Focus is FIYA!! 🔥🔥🔥 Next up is the Lemon Up in the AM. 😋🍋 @hempBase is now available on @ThePuffyDelivery 🙌🏻 the best tasting CBD available! #PuffyDelivery #HempBase

Lookin like Street Fighter’s newest korean pop star character lol.

😂 Makin time n gettin it in early. Lets go baby! 💥👊🏟 #muaythai #teamlvft

Lil sister’s not so little anymore. 1st one married. 🖀 @thaoxngo

Perfect weather to hit the range today! 💥🔫 Shot off a few hundred rounds testing out some new toys and got the farmers tan of the year lol.

😭 @mvmt #jointhemovement
Obviously had to rock “The Range” piece from @mvmt’s newest collection: The Field Collection. 🔥🔥
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A few Casamigo shots deep, Blue Moon in was a good day. 😁 -

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IM ALIVE!! 🙋🏌‍♂ Took a little detour in life but we back baby!! ⚠ Recharged and ready to ROCK!!

🔋 LETs GOooooo!! Essooooo!! @live_fit_apparel 💥🥊 #lvft #teamlvft

‌‌GIVEAWAY‌‌ Always a crazy fun time over at @hollywoodsports !!

Got laced up with some badass gear by @jtpaintballat !! Cop at @walmart m. Check out and find a field near you!
WIN A FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to @hollywoodsports !! All you gotta do is tag 3 friends!! GOOo!! 👇🏟👇🏟👇🏟

F*cked some shit up @hollywoodsports this morning!! 💥🔫 Thanks for having me out!

🙏🏜 #hollywoodsportspark #paintball #sayhellotomylittlefriend

Legit haven’t had a gym membership in two years. New gym. New horizons. Who dis.

😍 @live_fit_apparel #equinox #lvft #teamlvft

Boxing 💥🥊 and burgers 🍔 at @boxhaus with the best Bud 🌳 delivery service @puffydelivery on 4/20!!!

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4/20 Pump. 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft

IG vs. Real Life. 🀣 My boy @colorbymichael killin it with the color!!

🔥🔥Thanks again for bringing me back to life!! 🙏🏜🙏🏜 #colorbymichael #mensfashion #ootd #fashion

Want a NASTY CHEST PUMP?? Give these a try!! 💪🏟💪🏟 As a finisher for chest day➡ Exercise:

10 DB Incline Presses + 10 Incline DB Flys + 10 DB Push Ups (with 45 degree db rotation). Do the maxim weight you can to complete all 30 reps of each set!! GO!!! @live_fit_apparel 😈 #teamlvft #lvft -
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Gotta get it in. Hit em high, hit em low. Row that mfkin boat!!

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Inspired by the James Dean greaser era in colllabortion with @ease_label , we bring you The Dean Biker Denim and Moto Jacket from REBL Collection!!

🏍 Super stoked how this came out!! Peep it out on the website!! Link in bio.🀘🏟😎 #easelable #easexpham #mensfashion #ootd

REBL Collection. Pham x @ease_label. Tonight at 8pm PST.

☠ #easexpham #easelabel #mensfashion #ootd

Back at it with @f4mrfrench !! Been all totally swamped and its been damn near impossible to train.

U fall off gotta get back up n keep rollin. 💥👊🏟 @live_fit_apparel #livefitapparel #lvft

TGIM!! Lets get it!! 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #lvft #teamlvft
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Solid back sesh at @hvyindustry 💪🏟😎 #teamlvft #lvft

Stay Fly Fridays 🕊 @mvmt #jointhemovement
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H Town is in the house! Just knocked out some content for @zephyrcollectionusa !

💎 #ootd #fashion
📞: @samuelsolisvideo

Less time means u gotta do them SUPA SETS!! Went semi heavier than usual and hit the over head press with a light kettlebell upright row.

💪🏟😈Threw in them I, Y, Ts at the end to get them shouldas on fiya!! 🔥🔥 -
Welcome to the West Coast Tee and Premium Tech jogger #ftw ! 😎 @live_fit_apparel #livefitapparel #teamlvft #lvft

When every one got the Checker Board Vans Memo. 😎🏁 Killed yesterdays shoot!

Cant wait to show yall what weve been workin on!! 📞🧚 #jointhemovement
Got the Highball frames by @mvmt in rotation heavy. Simple. Classic. 🔥🔥
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Things gettin stale on leg day?? Add these to the ARSENAL!!

😈🊵🏜💥💥 @live_fit_apparel #lvft #teamlvft
•Landmine Squats
•Landmine Lunges
•Straight Leg DB Deadlifts
•Straight Leg Cable Deadlifts
•Barbell Calf Raises
Rockin one of my favorites pieces from last months LVFT Capsule! 🕋 So those of yall thats been asking me, it wont be on the site cuz its exclusive to LVFT Capsule subscribers. 🗝 So if yall want that exclusive fiya fiya you can sign up at 💻👊🏟😎🔥🔥🔥

Bringing out the biker vibes this past weekend in LA!!

🏍 This will be my 2nd collab with @ease_label and we bringing the HEAT with The REBL Collection! 🔥🔥🔥 ⬅ Couple #bts flicks from Saturdays shoot. #easelabel #easexpham #reblcollection

Destroyin the delts with one of my favorites, The Triple Angle Boulder Burner!!

😈🔥🔥🔥 What other exercises yall tryin to see next?? 💪🏟😎
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Yoooooo!! Checkin in to see if everyone is alive and well after IGs meltdown yesterday!!

😲🥎 Wishing everyone a speedy recovery from boredom, disconnect anxiety attacks lol. 🀣🙏🏜 Totally dodged that bullet and couldnt have picked a better day to be up on the mountain shredding at Big Bear lol! 😍🏂🗻 Not as much powder yesterday, a bit icy, little chilly but it was all G baby!! 🀘🏟😝 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft
Went with the HULK green @live_fit_apparel Classic hoodie yesterday cuz we were SMASHIN those slopes!! 🏂🏂🏂
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Just finished up a killer arm n ab blaster. Time for some Surf n Turf.

👚🏜‍🍳🥩🐟 Eat good, live good. 😍🀀 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft #foodie #foodporn #eatgoodlivegood

Gettin some sun and poke at Pacific City with the little homie Auggie 😍🐶.

@live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft #californication #calivibez

Cruisin through @musink_tatfest getting inked up by one of the most talented in the game @mistertroshin.

😎 Rockin the New blacked out Highball frame by @mvmt to hide my pain lol. #jointhemovement
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Rain’s here, but so will the 🌳!!! 😍😍 Your favorite cannabis products can now be delivered straight to the pad!!!

@puffydelivery 😍🀯🙏🏜 Check out 💚 Link posted in my bio. 👊🏟😎 Happy Puffin Cali!! #puffydelivery


🧚💥 Started it off by missing a flight (as usual)😅, met kicked it with some of the coolest people on the planet 🌎, smashed a couple training sessions💪🏟, crushed a couple shoots and met the Terminator! All on 3 hours of sleep a night!! It was L I T!!!🔥🔥🔥 Big shout out to all of you that was a part of that and made this one of THE RADDEST @arnoldsportsfestivals to date!!! 🙏🏜🙏🏜 #teamlvft #teamallmax #arnoldsportsfestival

Team shoot 📞💪🏟🧚 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Late night sesh with the boyz. 💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft #arnoldsportsfestival

Only day 1 of the @arnoldsports and we already kickin some major ass!!

💥💥Booth #1101 come through!! @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Ice cold straight out the fridge. 🥶❄❄ Puma def steppin it up with this drop.

⚡⚡ Running around finishing up last minute errands before heading out to the @arnoldsports ! #arnoldsportsfestival #jointhemovement #ootd
Feelin this Clear Ingram Everscrolls and Odyssey Paradox with this fit! @mvmt always bringing the fiya! 🔥🔥🔥 #jointhemovement
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Keepin it 💯 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft

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EZ Sundaze. 😌 @mvmt #jointhemovement
Dont sleep on that NEW Odyssey Collection Drip!

💧 @mvmt -
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One of my favorite, most effective and under used exercises for abs is the Ab Wheel.

Make sure your keeping that core tight. How many you got?!?! Thos thign will have those abs WRECKED! 🔥🔥🔥 Here is the advanced variation from the standing position. ⬅ Swipe right to peep the beginner variation. 💪🏟💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft
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Getting some work in with the boys today. 💥🥊 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft

Full leg sleeve has begun.

💉 Named the piece “Never Broken” which will be a collection of the toughest times in my life which taught me patience to push past the lows and the strength to move forward. All which led me to where I am today, turning negatives into positives.🖀 #neverbroken #fate -
Rockin the Gritty Glow piece from the NEW Odyssey Collection by @mvmt 😎 #jointhemovement
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IMPACT PUMP to the DOME!! 💪🏟🀯 @teamallmax ⚡⚡Really been enjoying this new drop from @teamallmax.

Been super focused with all the power n sick pumps without the stim. 💪🏟😈 Its a GEM especially since ive been training later in the day and later on in evenings without it effecting my sleep. 💎 #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Can’t believe The @arnoldsports is just two weeks away!!

It’s gonna be cold af but itll be just as lit!! 🔥🔥Who’s making it out this year?? ⚡⚡⚡ @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
Btw the LA Hoodies are BACK!! @live_fit_apparel ❀🖀
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Finished off chest day with three sets of these until failure! How many can you get?!??

🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft
OG Team LVFT Tee is BACK!! ⚡⚡⚡ @live_fit_apparel -
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Eliminate distractions. Shut up and WORK. ⚡ @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

LEG DAY BABY!! So theres a bizillion ways you can do an exercise.

Changing up angles, machines, bars, dbs, tempos and weight not only keeps things from gettin stale but also keeps that muscle growin. Heres a Machine Lunge (single arm). Get creative with your movements and get GROWIN!! 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft
Lots of restocks you guys have been asking about are now live on the @live_fit_apparel site! Peep em out. 👊🏟😎
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Going through mountain withdrawals. 😭 Been out to Mt High, Summit and Big Bear a couple times this season and Bear is def best all around with longer runs and a sick park.

🏔Summit they got a dope park so ill hit that the whole time. So where to next?!?? Hurd its gonna be dumping in Mammoth all week! That 6 hour drive tho! 😭😭😭 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

Peep out these three gems that make @selfmadetrainingfacility my all time favorite place to train back.

1st one in particular which is an Isolated Seal Machine Row. 🀯 Been jerry rigging this exercise up for years which took 3-4 different pieces of equipment to imitate this movement. Such a sick piece! 🖀🔥🔥🔥 You saw it first here! 👊🏟😎
Rockin one of the nine colorways in the new Classic Hoodie from @live_fit_apparel. New fit. Super comfy. 🔥🔥🔥 #teamlvft #lvftforever
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Been on the go for the past few weeks so i haven’t been as consistent with my fight training as I wanna be.

🥵 First day back at Muay Thai with and feelin good! Thank its time to start a camp for my first fight what you think?? @f4mrfrench LETS GOOoo!!! 💥🥊 #teamlvft #teamallmax

Cookin up something pretty cool with the @ironmanmagazine crew today!

👚🏻‍🍳🥣Cant wait to drop this TRUTH and open some eyes!! Even my boy @stevecook came out! 🀣🀙🏟 #ironmanmagazine #teamlvft #teamallmax

27 degrees, wind howlin, snow blastin!! 🌬🌚❄Shredddddd mutha fakkassss!!

🏂🏂 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

Alright, so you guys know I always preach about doing reps with full ROM and getting a nice stretch and squeeze.

🗝 Give this Single Arm Rear Peck Deck Fly variation a go! Turn your body 45 degrees out from your normal rear peck deck position. Doing this gives you that extra room for a bigger stretch to the opposite shoulder instead of stopping at the shoulder being worked. Lemme know how it goes! 👊🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

Shreddddd mutha f_*ckkkassss!!! 🏂🀘🏟😝 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft #mounthigh -

SUPER FRESH hoodie colorways droppin at 5pm pst!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

All you can eat Sooooooooooshiiiiii!! 😍😋🍣 H20 at Triangle Square! Don’t sleep on this place.

👊🏟 #whatthatmouthdo -
⌚Got the Iron Elm by @mvmt on the wrist. 😍🔥 #jointhemovement -
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BLASTIN that upper chest today!! 🔥🔥Got a nasty pump today!! 💪🏟Peep the full routine below!!

•Incline Barbell Press: 4 set x 8-10 reps
•Incline DB Press
superset w/
Incline DB Fly: 4 sets x 10, 10 reps
•Standing Incline DB Fly
Superset w/
Standing Incline Cable Fly: 4 sets x 10, 10 reps •Machine Wide Decline Press
Superset w/
Pec Deck (with lean): 4 sets x 8, 10 reps
Fitted with LA Hitters Collection @live_fit_apparel 💥👊🏟 #l #lvftforever #teamlvft
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It still blows my mind every time it rains in Cali. ☔ But rain here means snow in the mountains.

N fresh powder on the mountain means its SHRED TIME!! @visitbigbear tomorrow!! Who’s rollin?!?! @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft

It is HARD AF to stay on track when your out of town.

Been re-feeding and hydrating past two days and I can definitely feel a difference in my training. 🍳🥩💊 Back in the gym and CRuSHIn Biceps and Abs today!! Here’s a killer one for yall!! 🔪🔪TRY THESE BAD BOYS OUT and lemme know how it goes!! 😈
Standing Preacher Cable Curls -PART 1
•Single Arm Curl (Controlled)
•Two Arm Curl w/ Negative
*that’s one rep -PART 2
•Two Arm Burn Out (if you got any left) 🀣

Do 4 sets of this as a finisher. ☠⚰ -
FYI The Los Angeles Hitter Collection that dropped at the LA Fit Expo is LIVE!! ⚟🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft
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Hair almost too big for the box. Almost. 😂 Feels so good to get back in to routine. Fresh cut.

Fresh outfit. Outkast aint got nuttin on this. 😂 @mvmt #jointhemovement #ootd
👔 🀫😏
👖 Ease Label
👓 Maverick Everscrolls
⌚ Rise Thirteen
📍 @mvmt 💵 PHAMFLEXX15

What a weekend!! My head is still spinning!! 🥳 Thank you all for coming out and kickin it this past weekend!!

Appreciate all the love and support LA!! 🀯 Now it’s time to stay put, get back into routine and crush the next 30 days until The Arnold!! 💪🏟LET’S GET IT!! 👿 @live_fit_apparel @teamallmax #teamlvft #teamallmax

LOVE LA Fit Expo!! 🖀 Lets run it back tomorrow!! 🀪🥳 @live_fit_apparel @teamallmax #lvftforever #teamlvft #teamallmax #allmaxallday

Heading back from a crazy 4 day Bahamas cruise and finishing off the week in LA for the Fit Expo!

See you all there!! 😎🀙🏜 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

Livin 🖀 #datefit #royalcarribean #bahamas

Bahamas #bahamas #royalcarribean #lvftforever #datefit #

Kickin some ass at @gee.gym in Miami today! 💥💥 #teamlvft #lvftforever #teamallmax #geegym

First @visitbigbear run of the season in the books!

🐻🏂 It poured the first two days but the sun pulled through on day 3 and we got some nice runs in. 🀙🏜 The park had a nice variety of jumps, boxes, rails so we hit this most of the day until they shit it down. Where to next?! Mammoth?!?! 🀔😍🏂 #snow2019 #bigbear #bigbearlake

Well the weather called for 100% rain today n its freakin pouring outside.

😭☔☔ Good news is that its gonna start snowing at 6pm right in time for some night boarding! 🏂🏂 Until then we gonna be warming up with some super sized Pho Trains 🚂🍜 and some giant Jenga. 🥳 @mvmt #jointhemovement #bigbear #snowboarding
⌚Rockin the “Thirteen” piece from The Rise Collection. 🔥🔥 Save $15 with code: PHAMFLEXX15 😎🀙🏜

The Mad Scientist, The Boss, The Original and The Rookie. We are Team LVFT!! SQUAD UP!!

💪🏟🖀 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft #neverquit

IMPACT Pump is FINALLY HERE!! 😍 @teamallmax All the POWER ⚡, added the PUMP 💪🏟 and dropped the STIM 🚫!!

🔥🔥🔥 #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Damn its been a minute since I hit up 24 😅😭. Shoulder pump was REAL today!

💪🏟😁 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

MAJOR FAIL. 🀊🏌‍♂🀣😭⚰ when heading into a shoot I always have the whole video mapped out to a T.

🎯 From the concept, to the music, to specific scenes, exercises or looks to the feeling I want to project in my videos. Things never go as planned lol. 🀣 Always a good time shooting with my guys. Yall ready for this new @teamallmax drop or what?! 🔥🔥🔥 #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Breakfast for dinner? 🀔 Hell yes! 😍🀀 These @teamallmax AllWHEY Chocolate Protein, StrawNANA pancakes are BOMB AF!!

🥞🍫🍓🍌WARNING: clean up blows tho 😭😭. Don’t you worry cuz theres this machine in your kitchen that isnt just a dish drying rack, it also washes dishes! 🀯 All my asian people know what im talkin about 🀣🀣. Anyways these are super easy to make, perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and even for you guys on prep with a sweet tooth. 🍭 Peep the recipe below! #teamallmax #foodporn
🥞Chocolate 🍓🍌 Protein Pancakes
•1 scoop @teamallmax chocolate AllWHEY Protein
•1/3 cup egg whites
•1/3 cup quick oats
•1/3 cup almond milk
•1/2 ripe banana
•1 tsp chinnamon
*whip/ strawberries/ agave syrup optional
1. Pam Spray Pan
2. Cook on med/low bout 4 minutes each side until brown
3. Eat. 😋

Last fade of the year and comin in focused and fresh af for 2019! Its gonna be a good one!

😎 @mvmt #jointhemovement
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Why wait for New Years? Do it now. 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever #wreckingcrew

‌SNEAK PEAK‌ LVFT’s newest backpack dropping JAN 4th!! Swipe 👈🏟 n get a closer look!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #fiya

Can I get a mutha f*kin drum roll for this sushi burrito?!

🥁🍣🌯 Now i’ve never counted macros or did any conventional dieting. For over 10 years I ate a “bodybuilders” 6-7 meals - day, high protein, high calorie, high everything diet for over which helped me get huge and push mad weight. 💪🏟 Back then the goal was always to get BIGGER and more SHREDDED so that worked great!! Fast forward to now eating with no restrictions for performance and the FEELS! 😌 BALANCE is key!! I’m doing 3-4 meals a day now, not over doing proteins and focusing on balancing proteins, carbs and fats and I feel AMAZING! I also eat out almost every day and still got 3 or 4 abs peekin sometimes n im cool with that lol. 🀣 Eating balanced meals daily and consistently and have your burger, pizza or pint of ice cream and it won’t turn into a whale. 🐳 🙅🏌‍♂. Its all about balance, consistency and longevity. 👊🏟😁 #teamlvft #lvftforever #phamflexxibledieting


In 25 DAYS and i’m gonna be chillen just like this, on The Royal Carribean, in the Bahamas, sippin on some 42! 🍟SUPER STOKED that I’ve partnered with @datefitofficial and @wodonthewaves in a once in a lifetime event on an amazing fitness cruise from Miami through the Bahamas ‪Jan 21-25.‬ I"m giving away (2) passes (1) deluxe room all inclusive (minus) alcohol. To Enter...
1. Must be following @datefitofficial @wodonthewaves and myself of course
2. Like this post
3. Tag 3⃣ friends in comment (the more comments the more entries so tag/comment away)
I'll be picking a random winner ‪next Wednesday‬. Best of luck!

Kickin those bad habits in 2019 like 💥💥💥! 5 rounds on the pads, resistance on the heavy bag and capped it off with some kicks.

😅😭Goal is to get these kicks right in 2019. Stay active my friends! 😅😎 #teamlvft #teamallmax

U wanna have a crazy training session? Order yourself a large Vietnamese coffee n slam that for pwo.

It will have u wired 100%! 🀣 #cafesuada #leessandwiches -
⌚: Hustle by @mvmt 💰: Save $15 PHAMFLEXX15

Throwin bows with @f4mrfrench out in Temecula today! #lvftforever #teamlvft

Grow the pecs by getting on the cable machine flys and hittin em high, middle and low!

1 rotation is one set. Use this as a finisher and do 3 sets till failure. Peep FULL routine on my story. 👊🏟😎 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

It’s SHRED Season!! 🏂 Big Bear in couple weeks but think I need a quick warm up sesh. Summit?!

🗻🀔The park there is SICK!! @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft

Been a minute since i’ve done some deads let alone 315 lol.

Feels good to get back under some heavy weight. Mixed it up today with heavy sets, light sets and supersets. Honna be sore Af tomorrow. 🥎 Peep whole routine in my story! 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft
🏋🏜‍♂Todays BACK ATTACK:
•Deadlifts: 4 sets x 8 reps
•Overhand Barbell Rows
superset w/
Lat Pull Down: 3 Sets x 10, 10 reps
•Underhand Barbell Rows
superset w\
Close Grip Cable Rows: 3 sets x 10, 10 reps
•One Arm DM Row: 3 sets x 8-10 reps
•Weighted Back Extensions: 3 sets x 20 reps
💰Discount: phamlvft10

Feeling totally badass on top of this hill in the middle of the desert, hittin steel targets from 250 yards out with this Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmore.

🎯🔫😎SWIPE left to peep some dope drone footage of the set up on the hill. 🚁 #merica
2 DAYS LEFT to get your @mvmt orders in to get those gifts before Christmas!! 🎄🎁 Rocking Maverick Aviators and an Onyx Watch. #jointhemovement
Save $15 with code: phamflexx15

Gettin off some rounds in Calico!! GET SOME!! 💥🔫 #sayhellotomylittlefriend #teamlvft #lvftforever

Gettin some work with the boys this morning! Nice work boys!

💥🥊 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
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Quick Arm Pump 💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

30 Minute Arm Blast 💪🏟🔥
3 sets of 10x10 as little rest as possible -
•EZ Bar Cable Curl + Smith Machine Close Grip Press
•Machine Preacher Curl + Overhead Rope Extensions
•Seated DB Curl + Seated DB Kick Backs

Full day of filming the Caveman Training, protein pancakes and cheat meals at the @muscleandstrength HQ in Columbia, SC.

👚🏻‍🍳🍳💪🏟Thanks for the hospitality! Cant wait to see it all put together!! 🙏🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

30 minutes of heavy bag work had me dying today. 😭🥵 You gotta want it. Then you gotta work for it.

@live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

One life. One shot. 6 days out from my shoot with @muscleandstrength so i’m tightening up the diet, adding the rope every day.

Most favorite form of cardio. 💯 #teamallmax #teamlvft
🍄 Powered by @teamallmax
🕎🏻Fitted with @live_fit_apparel -Discount: phamlvft10
🐞 Skipping rope by: @rush_athletics

Pre Turkey Day Lift! Eatin good, training hard, feelin good!

Preppin through Thanksgiving so no pumpkin pie tomorrow. Here’s a couple exercises from todays shoulder sesh. 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
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LIMITED EDITION Athlete jacket dropping NOW!!!🔥🔥🔥

Passion. Persistence. Enjoy the process. Never let up.

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Take me back to Hawaii! 😍 The islands seriously get better each visit.

🀙🏜 Tryin to get away from this ridiculously warm Cali weather and go somewhere cold n snowy for Christmas! 😝 Any suggestions?!?! Send Recs!! 🖀🙏🏜 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
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You’re gonna miss a couple days in the gym and fall off your diet once in awhile but don’t trip.

Totally f*cked my diet the past couple days so im balancing that that out and taking advantage of this 80 degree weather with some incline sprints. ☀⛰🏃🏌‍♂ Hope everyone’s enjoying their Veterans Day!! #teamlvft #teamallmax
Caffeine/ BCAA boosted with my favorite @teamallmax Blue Razz Acutz 😍

Gotta take the lunges outside when you’re in HB! Not bad weather for November 😍.

Always starting the week off strong with a good leg sesh to set the tone for the week. Lets get it! 💪🏟😎 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever -
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Stay ready.⚜ @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #foreverlvft

🎒Tactical Backpacks have been restocked!! Cop before its gone. 👊🏟😎 🔥🔥🔥
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Cinnabon topped burger SAY WHAT!?? 🍔 Gettin blessed with the Bless Up Burger today @groundhouseburger !

#groundhouseburger #blessup #legend

Coach always pushing me to the limit every day. Sometimes to the and to the point when I am completely drained and feel like am going to die.

Its super frustrating the thought of quitting always pops in my mind. But I always think of all the times I did keep going and the results that came from it. Learn to enjoy the process and growing pains. Push yourself to make improvements every day. That’s how champions are made. 👊🏟 Heres a little clip of a 15 mins sparring round with my coach @trainwithpj. 😅. Thanks for always taking it easy in me lol. #teamlvft #LVFTforever #teanallamax

When it drops below 70 degrees in Cali, it’s time to bust out the scarves boots and leather lol.

@mvmt #jointthemovement
🧣 @zara
👕 @zara
👖 @ease_label 👟 @aldo ⌚ @mvmt: RAITH
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So we’ve been workin on this web series a few weeks now and it’s crazy to see how much goes into a production like this.

Workin with some really talented people and this legend! Now who seen the original movie Point Break? This is @bojessechristopher who played one of the OG robbers Grommet! How sick is this?! Really enjoying this and looking forward to seeing the final product. 🎬🎥

So your calories are up and those cuts are fading. Don’t neglect your core and give it the work it needs.

Try this sit up/ oblique twist combo n get that core on fire! 🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
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Love new toys! Added some resistance today. Gotta get them hands faster.

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Drop the bar today and went with the dumbells on the rows and deads.

Been steppin it up and going harder in the weights and getting more calories/ meals in! Feels good to be back in it! @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
Training OOTD:
👔 Divided Tank
👖 Hyper Shorts
⚡ @live_fit_apparel discount: phamlvft10 👊🏟😎

For all yall been asking bout the hair. Gentlemen’s Republic Matte Paste to style.

Faded by @tizzthecreator. 💈✂ #barber #ootd #hairstyles #hair

Keepin it fresh on every occasion. 🌱 Now jus gotta not get pizza sauce on these pants.

😭 @mvmt #jointhemovement
🕶: Weekend
⌚: Bristol
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If you ever wondered what the offspring of Jax, Cyborg and Storm that became a @live_fit_apparel athlete would look like, the wait is over.

I am 100% sure this would be the outcome. 😂 Artwork murdered by the man @figment_of_your_imagination !! ⚰🔪 Excited to see the finished piece! 🔥🔥 #teamlvft #lvftforever

Add these to your Chest Day Arsenal! 💪🏟😈 Here is an Upper Chest Builder done two different ways at two different angles.

When using the bench, set it at a 60 degrees. Start the exercise by bringing the weight down in a 45 degree angle. Bring the weight up in a “scooping”/ fly motion. Lemme know how this goes! 👊🏟😎 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever
Training Fit:
👕 County Tee (M)
👖 Impact Shorts (S)
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Rainy Saturday gainz. 💪🏟 Today was everything day. Chest, shoulders, biceps and calves lol.

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Training Fit:
👕Divided Tank
👖Impact Shorts
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We sluggin it out at @rumble_boxing today! 💧💥🥊 #LVFTforever #teamlvft #rumbleboxing

Divided Tank
Impact Shorts
@live_fit_apparel -
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Favorite cardio 💯! Little clip of my dude @rush_athletics and I workin that Money rope! -

Rockin @live_fit_apparel Crossover Jersey, Structured Cap and Active Shorts. 🔥🔥 #lvftforever #teamlvft
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BBQ with the fam yesterday after the WESTCA x LVFT Fashion Show.

Hope yall caught some of the new look on the stories. 🔥🔥🔥! So dope watching the industry evolving as fitness, fashion and lifestyle combine. @live_fit_apparel @westca #lvftforever #teamlvft #wescta

Westca x LVFT training sesh/ shoot was lit! 🔥🔥 Time to get some food, a lift in and get ready for the 2nd Annual Westca x LVFT Fashion show tonight!!

See yall there!! @live_fit_apparel @westcagym #lvftforever #teamlvft

“Don’t smile Pham. Look mean.” @meaghankarabatsos 🙅🏌‍♀🀊🏌‍♂🀣 Just got into SJ last night and got in a nasty chest pump with @alexmichaelturner.

HYPED UP about the 2nd Annual Westca x LVFT Fashion Show this Saturday!! @live_fit_apparel @westcagym #teamlvft #lvftforever

Fly Collection is LIVE!! Available NOW in original Light Indigo, Light Vintage and Dark Aged Washes!

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Fly Collection 3 color way drops TODAY, 10/4 at 8pm PST!

Original Light Indigo, Dark and Light Vintage Aged washes. 🔥🔥🔥 Be ready and dont miss it this time!! 🕊 @ease_label #flycollection #easexphamvu
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Cardio doesn’t need to be restricted to the gym. Got out n ran some sprints and football routes in Irvine today!

Time to jump on a flag football squad. 😈🏈 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday
Sippin on my favorite: Green Apple Aminocore. 😋🍏💣 @teamallmax

Fly Collection 3 color way drop. 🕊💥💥💥Thursday. 10/4. Midnight.

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Fly Collection will be restocking the original color way and dropping a light vintage and dark aged wash this Thursday, 10/4 at midnight PST.

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Fly Collection. 🕊 The wait is over. @ease_label #flycollection #easexphamvu

If you wanna grow them boulders give these a try. I call these the IYTs.

First set your bench at 45 degree angle. Think of the song YMCA, but instead you are going to do I’s, Y’s and T raises. Use light weight that you can controll without swinging it. One rotation of IYT is one rep. Do 3 sets of 10 reps. Feel the BURN. 🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft
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Out here CRUSHIN the Unicorn of burgers at @groundhouseburger !!

🊄Swipe left to see full experience of This Magical Burger! 🀀🍔 #groundhouseburger

Mark your calendars for October 6th cuz the squad is coming out to San Jose for the 2nd annual Westca x LVFT Fashion Show!

If yall came out last year yall know it was a dope ass event! Excited to show case all the newest looks dropping this season. See yall there!! 😎🔥😍 @live_fit_apparel @westca #lvftforever #teamlvft

At the premier of Sparks starring the brodie @javonin ! 🎬 Congrats bro, you killed it!!

💥💥💥 #losangeles #filmfestival #bigscreen -
⌚Im rockin the new Hustle piece by @mvmt. Javon with the Revolver. -
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Been super busy past couple days filming so diet has been way off and training has been non existent.

😅 Don’t let a couple off days turn in to weeks that turn into months. Gotta get back in there and put in that work if you wanna become a champion. 💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft
Save 💰: phamlvft10

One...Agent One. 2nd day of filming is underway. Excited for this fight scene today!! Life’s short.

Get out there and do whatever the fuck you wanna do and make shit happen. 🖀 #liveyourbestlife

Evolve. @mvmt #jointhemovement
The NEW Hustle piece is my new fav in rotation now!!

Check out the whole new collection its dirty!! Paired in with the Rose Gold Kilo shades. -
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Little clip from last weekends Palm Springs trip with the squad.

🏖 @live_fit_apparel Lots of good vibez and too many tequila shots. 🀣 #LVFTforever #teamlvft
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🎥: @jeremysry

Took 1.5 weeks off and DYING! 😭 Diets off, conditioning way down, fatigue kickin in and can barely lift my arms.

😅 Keep pushin. 😀 Keep workin. 💪🏟 NO EXCUSES. 🚫 Thanks for the push coach. 🖀 @trainwithpj #LVFTforever #teamlvft
👕: Athletic Goods Tee
👖: Hyper Shorts
🥊: 14oz
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Crushin some really bad food while saving the galaxy today at Belmont Park in SD!

🎢🎪Don’t ever grow up. It’s a trap. 🔫😈 #jointhemovement #dontevergrowup #bigasskid -
👕: Plaid Cut Off @zara 👖: Shorts @zara
🕶: Rose Gold Kilo @mvmt ⌚: 45 mm Black Leather Chrono @mvmt 👟: @vans -

Weekends in Vegas always make me appreciate living a healthy lifestyle.

🌱 Feels good to be back in Cali re-hydrating💧, re-fueling 🍱 and getting back into routine 💪🏟🥊. Got some cool stuff coming up so gotta get back on track. Sitting at 156lbs. LETS GET IT!! #LVFTforever #teamlvft #teamallmax

Epic ass weekend with the squad!! @live_fit_apparel Thanks for putting it all together!

@randall_pich and @sarannnwrap 🖀🙏🏜Time to go back to work! #LVFTforever #teamlvft

Out in Palm Springs and it is HOT AF! 110 degrees outside so had to go 110lbs on the dummys!!

💪🏟 Team training sesh got me AMP’D!! @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft #stillgotit
🎥: @themodernbuild -
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Olympia 2018 is here!! Booth #707 ! Seee yall there! @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

Stay focused. 🎯 Stay consistent. 🛡 Stay away from Gummy Bears.

🐌 Morning ritual always started with eggs n rice. 😍🍳🍚 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Loose yourself. Keep puttin in work. 💥🥊 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

- @trainwithpj -
Discount: phamlvft10

I think Monday is good day for a GIVEAWAY!! @mvmt and I are doing just that and picking one male and one female winner this Thursday.

Winners will get to choose ANY piece on the @mvmt website of their choice. 🀑 (Must be in stock.) MUST FOLLOW RULES BELOW!! GOOD LUCK!! 🍀 #jointhemovement
1. Follow @mvmt and @phamflexx
2. Comment your favorite MVMT piece
3. Tag 3⃣ homies
4. Repost this video
If you are inpatient like me, heres your $15 off code: Phamflexx15 🀘🏟😎

Eliminate all doubts. Give it everything you got. SUCCEED or DIE TRYIN!

💥 You’re a mutha f*ckin BEAST! 😈 NEW Green Apple Candy IMPACT is HERE!! 💪🏟🍏💣 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday
🎵BEAST by @killrobbailey 🙏🏜
📍Location: @metroflexgym_murrieta 🙏🏜
🎥 @jacobhuizar 🙏🏜

Lets talk CALVES! A lot of people have a hard time building the calves.

Here are some of my favs to grow them cows. 🐮🐮 Full calf routine below. ⬇ be a friend, tag a friend with some cow growing needs. 👊🏟
Leg Press Calf Raises
Toes Fwd 10, Out 10, In 10

Donkey Calf Raises
4 sets X 8-10 heavy

Standing Calf Raises
4 sets x 30 reps
-All the way up get a good squeeze. All the way down and get a good stretch.
-Up your rep range.
-Change up your toe position. - ————————————————————————⚡Rockin Grey 0012 tee with the New burgandy premium tech shorts. @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft
💵 Save: phamlvft10

Them feels after using that Hypervolt! 💆🏌‍♂😌 @hyperice Woke up with a sore neck this morning.

Using the Hypervolt to loosen things up for boxing this morning. @trainwithpj with the assist. #hyperice #LVFTforever #bde
As an athlete doing multiple sports and activities, having the right gear/ equipment is so important to perform your best. Rockin the @live_fit_apparel Performance Raglan and Impact Shorts today for boxing. Raglan is nice n fitted no flapping around during movements. Impact shorts perfect length with and cut on the side so no more getting stuck on the leg. 💥💥💥
Save $: phamlvft10

Keepin it Fly Fridays. 🕊 Taking the one of the two new colorways of the Fly Collection for a test drive.

👖 Me likey. 😈🔥Pre-order is now live. 👊🏟 @ease_label #easelabelxphamvu

Who hates cardio?? 🙋🏌‍♂ Cardio doesn’t necessarily mean treadmill or running. Booorrinnngg!!

Give the jump rope a try. Not only are you gonna burn some serious calories, its gonna look bad ass when you get it right. Happy Friday my people! 👊🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever #teamlvft -
Save 💵👉🏜 phamlvft10

Bts clips from yesterdays @teamallmax shoot for our NEW Green Apple IMPACT! 🍏 Yep its here!!

😍😋💣 Shit never goes as planned. 🀊🏌‍♂🀣 🎥: @jacobhuizar @alexander.97_
#teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong
Huge thanks to @metroflexgym_murrieta for the hospitality! 🙏🏜

How to Crash a Photo Shoot 101. 📝
Apply baby oil. Generously. 💊 Do 100 push ups.

💪🏟 Walk in and flex your ass off. 😂 -
Murdered out in @live_fit_apparel Impact Shorts (next level comfy) and Structured Cap. 🔥🔥
Discount: phamlvft10

Sicko mode. 🀮 @mvmt #jointhemovement -
Blacktop Series on the wrist, Gold Mavericks up top.

Discount: phamflexx15

Hanging Preach Curls. Control. No swinging. 💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #LVFTforever -

Save 💵 code: Phamlvft10

Icy. 😎❄ @mvmt #jointhemovement
🕶: Rose Gold Maverick
⌚: Brimm Blacktop

Save 💵 with code: Phamflexx15
👕: @andrewlyko 📷: @jacobhuizar

Throwin bows with @f4mrfrench. 💥💪🏟 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Anaheim Fit Expo: Day 2! We gonna do what it do. Come through booth #314.

👊🏟😎 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Getting the cardio im at the jump meet up in Venice today! 🐞 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #trwf

They Run We Fly while Living Fit. 😎👐🏜💪🏟 My dude @rush_athletics came through all the way from London so you know we had to get some epic skipping in!

Fun time shooting today and picked up a few new tricks for the arsenal. 😏 Cant wait to see the clips! #LVFTforever #teamlvft
@live_fit_apparel code: phamlvft10
📜: @cjduckermedia

Ok so yall been asking so here we go!! See what it takes to get it from crazy to fresh.

Cut/ Style Q&A LIVE stream with my barber @tizzthecreator starts NOW!! #tizzthecreator -
⌚Rocking the Check White Caramel Blacktop Piece by @mvmtwatches. #jointhemovement
Discount: Phamflexx15

Gonna bring back that lean machine. @teamallmax Rapid Cuts is now in rotation.

😈🔥✂ #teamallmax #allmaxstrong
🏃🏌‍♂Weekly Cardio:
-3+ mile run: 1-2 x
-Boxing/ Muay Thai: 4 x

Learn to love the Land Mine. Switch up the usual one arm DB with this movement.

Pull to the hip and bring your elbow as high as possible. 👊🏟💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft
Save 💰 with code: Phamlvft10

4 weeks out from Palm Springs and The O, 13 weeks out from Vietnam.

Turning up the weights n putting down the gummy bears. LETS GO!! 💪🏜😈🔥🔥🔥 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Hit up @rvca today for a pad session with @brycekrause today.

👊🏟Gonna get these kicks, knees and bows right the next two months. 👊🏟😈 Thanks for letting me tag along @crystal_reneau. 🙏🏜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Trip to Hawaii was last minute and WAyyy too short.

😭Thinking about making coming out again end of the month again to do some legit exploring and training on a couple different islands. 🌋Any recommendations?? Shoot me a DM if you are a photo/ video guy/ girl. Lets work! @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft
Save 💰 code: Phamlvft10
📞: @jazadrenaline

First day back started with a leg day SMASH. Give this Smith Machine Lung 1, Squat 2 Combo.

Keep your feet about shoulder width apart. Dip your ass past your knees and get low on that squat. Feel the pump, feel the 🔥🔥. Today’s full routine below. @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft
Save 💞: Phamlvft10
Full Routine:
Walking DB Lunges
-4 sets x 10 Steps
Smith Machine Lunge/ Squat
-4 sets x 10 Reps
DB Step Ups
-4 Sets x 15 Reps
Iso Hammy Curl
-4 Sets x 10 Reps
Single Leg Straight Leg Dead Lift
-4 Sets x 15 Reps

Gettin lost in the hills of Oahu. ⛰My fourth time here now and really enjoying the hurricane weather and seeing the island in a whole new way.

Amazing. ❀🀙🏜 #waikikidoyouloveme #oahu #honolulu #hawaii
Adventure essentials:
🎒Camo Tactical Backpack
#LVFTforever #teamlvft
Discount: Phamvlvft10

What have I been doing the past couple days? Eating my ass off 😭.

Had to stop by @banan and get the Açaí in a papaya boat. ⛵🌋Appreciate recommendation guys! #mahalo
Thought it was only fair to bring out the floral print being in Hawaii n all. 💐 Paired the Rose Gold Kilo Shades with the Brimm Revolver today. @mvmt 🔥🔥 Thanks for getting these out to me just in-time for my trip. 😍🙏🏜 #jointhemovement -
Save $15 with code: Phamflexx15
📞: @jazadrenaline

Doesn’t get any more authentic than fresh poké beachside, chopsticks and an asian squat!

Lol 🏝👲🏻🥡🐠 Totally forgot how good the poké is here in Hawaii. Seriously some next level fish! 🀀💣 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft -
Code: Phamlvft10
📞: @anth0ny.nguyen

Puttin all those carb today at @ufcgymhonolulu ! Had to make it quick so it was supersets on supersets.

Last two exercises I threw in Shrugs on a Hex Bar and some upright rows on the Mac Track. If you don’t have a Max Track, you can sub in a Smith Machine. 💪🏜😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft
Discount Code: phamlvft10

Waddup Oahu! Its been a minute! Out here for the next couple days eatin, beachin and shootin.

🍜🏝📞 What’s your go-to foodie/ chill spots? 🀙🏜 #waikikidoyouloveme #jointhemovement #oahu #jaxxon

Cuz its Monday n we do chest on Monday! Gym’s might not always have what you need so get creative and work with what you got.

There was no dual cable fly machine so I improvised. So here im doing a single arm incline cable fly that targets the inner/ upper pec rather than whatever dual fly I would normally do. New exercise= NEW GROWTH! Lets get it!! 💪🏜😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever •
Discount: Phamlvft10 👊🏟😎

Gettin some sun before the big fights today! Shout out to the homies @alexperezmma and @chitoveraufc fightin today!

Who yall got tonight? @cody_nolove or @tjdillashaw ?! Lets go boys!! #LVFTforever #teamallmax #jaxxon #jointhemovement #ufc -
@live_fit_apparel: phamlvft10
@mvmt: phamflexx15
@jaxxon: pham20

Double fistin at @groundhouseburger today!! 🍔😎🍔 Couldn’t decide between the Classic or the Lonestar so clearly the only logical thing to do was to get both.

🀣That Texas Toast, blue cheese and onion rings on that Lonestar was the BIZ!! 🔥🔥🔥Thanks for having me out legend @beardegidio ! Next time be sure to schedule me in the right time slot. 🀣🀣🀣 #GroundHouseBurger #whatdiet #goodeats

One more rep. One more set. You aint done yet. KEEP WORKIN. 😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

V2 Tech Joggers im BURGUNDY and OLIVE!!! Swipe left. 😍🔥🔥🔥
Discount: PHAMLVFT10

Breakin in the 16oz @winningjapan gloves today! 🇯🇵 Definitely lived up to the hype.

😍🔥🔥Team BDE! All we do is WIN WIN WIN! 😍 @trainwithpj @joshstars #LVFTforever #teamallmax #bde #winningjapan

Need a little pick me up before cardio or HIIT training and don’t wanna take a full on PWO??

Heres the solution. 👇🏟
My PRE- Boxing, HIIT Training, Cardio ESSENTIAL Supplementation 💊
I like to keep my stomach nice light before boxing, cardio and other outdoor activities so ill usually train on an empty stomach or a small shake with Carbion. 90% of the time ill be on zero food/ super low energy so ill slam a scoop of @teamallmax A-Cutz 30 mins before training to help me push through training. A-Cutz has a caffeine, CLA, taurine and green tea extracts for that energy boost and Aminos to help maintain muscle mass while on an empty tank. This is perfect little pick me up alternative. Green Apple is BOMB! 🍏💣 Give it a try an let me know how you like it. 👊🏟😈 #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Did some exploring OC today! Hiked along the coast, swam to the ledge, climbed up the jagged rock face barefoot, jumped off the cliff, sprinted back.

N yes i doggy paddled to the other side. 🐶Crazy that this is right in our back yard. 😍🙏🏜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #jaxxon #mvmt
🎥: @Weskhalifa42

Man I love weddings!! Thanks again to The Rogers for letting me a be part of their special night!

❀🙏🏜 Heres a few more flix from Friday. -
Been getting alot of questions and comments about the fit so heres the run down. ⬇ -
•Rose Gold Citadel Shades/ Black Rose Gold 40 series: @mvmt #jointhemovement
Discount: Phamflexx15
•Jacket: Publix
•Floral Shirt: Selected Homme
•Slacks: Noak
•Loafers: Gucci
Its all about the details. Keep it simple. #allaboutthedetails #freshwithpham

Stopped by Pacific City today for some food and it was absolute madness out there!

🀪 Did anyone catch the U.S. Open?? 🏄🏻‍♂ Def gona catch finals tomorrow!!
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Congratulations to The Queen of Cookies and the King of Sups. Love you guys!

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Puttin in WORK today!! 💥🥊Sparring, mitts, speed bag, double end bag, heavy bag. Blood and sweat.

Nothing less. 💯 @trainwithpj #LVFTforever #teamallmax #BDE

Never leave the house without my bodyguards lol. INTENSE boulder session with the boys!

Glad i got these guys in my corner pushing me to the max. 💪🏜😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #teamlvft
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Solid chest sesh at WESTCA ⭐ @westcagym #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Day one of The Fit Expo done. San Jose always showin mad love!! Now is it gonna be steak or sushi?

🀔 🥩🍣
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Gorgeous day in HB today!! Hit the beach for a run and some acai bowls.

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Been a minute since I jumped under some weight. These 90s used to move a lot faster lol.

😅 Still pumped out 8 tho lol. 💪🏜😈I don’t usually do chest or shoulders the day before boxing because my shoulders will burn out faster. Fuck it lol. #LVFTforever #teamallmax #spotnothankyou

2+ hour drive in LA traffic to get my ass kicked by @therealajperez and catch a flick with the worlds biggest gummy bear!

Lol 😂 🐻 Thanks for having me out @rumble_boxing. Lookin forward to that next sweat sesh!! 💥🥊 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #rumbleweho #rumbleboxing

Theres no stopping a true champion. Show up every day.

Nothing less than 100% 🏆 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

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Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes on a shoot?

Lemme tell u, its damn near impossible to put on this tight ass shirt, when your sweatin lol. 😭 @mvmt #jointhemovement 🎥: @jacobhuizar

OC Fair tradition! Brooo lemme breatheee🊃 #donotfeedtheanimals #ocfair

Yesterday’s turn out to the @live_fit_apparel warehouse sale was INSANE!!

💥 LVFT fam was coming from all over the country showing mad love!! Shout out to all you guys for making the trip out to HB and kickin with us!! 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Team Shoot 🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Back was always the most difficult body part to grow for me so im constantly changing it up with different machines, exercises and grips.

Loving these Mag Grips! Close, underhand grip, pulling to the mid stomach. Hits the lower lats real nice. Full back and calf routine in my story. 👊🏟 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Always bet on yourself. @jaxxonco #neversettle

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Cuz its mfkin LEG DAY!! 😍 For years shoulders was my favorite body part to train but Leg Day has definitely taken the lead.

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Summers here, waters still cold af! 😭 Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday weekend!

#july4th #merica

I usually do two different types of presses each should session.

Added this Single Arm Landmine Press after a moderately heavy Barbell Press. 💪🏜😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Fightin off those pizza cravings like... 🍕🙅🏻‍♂😭 Sticking to your diet and routine through the holidays is no easy task.

Just depends on your priorities. Is it gonna be Coronas n hot dogs or protein shakes n hack squats? Honestly im down for both lol. 😂😭 #LVFTforever #merica

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Sometimes you may fall off or lose motivation. Whats important is getting back on track and finishing what you started.

Get your mind right. Come back strong. Added some sprints to todays back session. Will be adding full workout on my IGTV this evening. Peep it! 👊🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

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HARD WORK on the sand dunes this morning with the crew!!

Swipe left if you want to see what pain looks like. ⬅☠ Thanks for the push coach @trainwithpj. 🙏🏜💥🥊 #hardwork #boxing #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Fashion fades, style is internal. 😎 @mvmt #jointhemovement

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WHO IS THIS GUY??? So i’ve been getting alot of questions and comments about the “new me”.

1.5 years ago I was in the “best shape” of my life at 165lbs, shredded living a 100% bodybuilding fitness lifestyle. Fast forward to today, I have added different aspects to my regimen that align with new goals which are being healthy (drug free) first and for most, functional and athletic while maintaining aesthetics. Added boxing/ muay thai and some running 3-4 times a week and kept my weight training to about 5 times a week working a higher rep range with moderate weight. Now im eating probably 75% what I was when I was in “bodybuilder” mode with relaxed meal plan consisting of 2-3 “clean” meals and day and 1 meal of whatever I want. Transitioning from two completely different lifestyles has definitely been difficult and fun journey. Making new goals, changing things up, keeping it fresh constantly evolving. Down 10lbs now, loving my new regime and feeling amazing! So don’t let the new hair doo and color fool you, i still got a four pack, able to bench 225lbs (i think) and picked up a couple boxing moves lol. Reflections changed a bit, same ol G. 👊🏟Appreciate all your support! 🙏🏜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Working on that hand speed with coach @trainwithpj 💥🥊 #LVFTforever #bde

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A year ago you wouldve never found me in an apartment gym.

Having limited equipment forces you to get creative with your routine. More supersets, less rest, doing exercises with equipment u havent done before. Had a pretty sick shoulder session today. Lets see if i can bring these boulders back!! 😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever discount code: PHAMLVFT10 🀙🏜

Always on the move. 🕊 @jaxxonco #neversettle

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Roof top swims with an LA sunset. 😍 @mvmt #jointhemovement 🕶: Flyboy @mvmt


Sun on our faces, sand between our toes, sippin on that new new @teamallmax Green Apple Aminocore!!

😍🀀🍏 Just when I thought our flavors couldnt get any better. New favorite for sure! 💣 #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday 👯‍♀

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Blast from the past brought to us by @chris_theleverage @lvrgmotorsports 🏎 #lvrgmotorsports

Just wrapped up a fun shoot in HB. 🌊 Froze our asses off but we still crushed it. 💪🏟Time to grub!

@teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

“Summa Summa Summa Time!!” Soakin up that cali sun. ☀😎 @jaxxonco #neversettle

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Todays chest/ tri split:
Incline Barbell Press
superset w/
Seated Dip Machine

4 sets of 8 reps/ 12 reps
Incline Plate Loaded Machine
superset w/
Seated Dip Machine
4 sets of 8 reps/ 12 reps
Flat Machine Press
superset w/
Seated Cable Over Head Extenstions
4 sets of 8 reps/ 12 reps
Cable Flys

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Aye yo!! We out here livin!!! Good vibez only. 😎 #live 📞: @andreeabaila

Flexin at @formulasanjose 💪🏟 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Probably the nicest weather ive seen in San Jose! Grub then meetings.

Whats there to eat out here besides viet food and Mizu? Lol 😂
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Been waiting for this!! Jerseys are in, NAVY Vector Duffle and Black/ Tan Tactical is available NOW!!

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Been a minute since I went this heavy. These 90s used to be warm ups lol.

🀣 Feels good to get under a little bit of weight again. Swipe left to see a couple of the Cybex machines I was using today. 💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever
Todays Routine:
Warm up
-Incline Machine Press (palms facing inward) Use dumbells if you dont have this machine
-Incline DB Press: 4 sets of 8-10 reps
-Incline Machine Press: 4 sets of 10-12 reps
-Flat Machine Press: 4 sets of 10-12 reps
-Incline Pec Deck: 4 sets of 10-12 reps

You still puttin off that getting in shape?? 🀔 Need a push start and some guidance?

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Had to take training outside on this gorgeous Cali day.

☀Hit the Sand Dunes with @trainwithpj for some footwork and conditioning. ⛰😅That hill is no joke! 😭☠ Workin every day to be better than yesterday. #LVFTforever #teamallmax #bde

Get creative with the machines you have at your gym.

These bent over rows on the plate loaded shrug machine hit the lats nice. Give em a go! 👊🏜😎 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever


You already know. 💥🥊 @hitman_huseman @jasonpostonpro #boxhaus #LVFTforever

1st time watching baseball ever in life. Got no idea whats going on but I can def get used to the Dodger Dogs, garlic fries and soft serve ice cream.

🀣⚟ #dodgers #LVFTforever

Summer vibez. 😎 @mvmt #jointhemovement 🕶: Weekend
⌚: 42mm Bronze Age Voyager


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Shoulder super setting with my girl @ashleyjoi. 💪🏟💪🏟 Light weight, low reps. BURNS SO GOOD!!

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Had a life changing experience at Puesto. Do yourself a favor and get the Fillet Mignon Tacos!

F E U G O!! 🔥🔥🔥 ⌚Rockin the @mvmt Monochrome Link. #jointhemovement
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Half way through The @muscle_and_fitness 2018 Rock Hard Challenge and yall are killin it!!

💥💥💥 Love seeing all your progress pics!! Keep em comin!! Here’s PART ✌🏟 of the challenge in Junes issue!! Lets finish strong and CRUSH final stretch!! @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Always starting the week off with right with a nice leg session.

Building up the quads n glutes on this plate loaded Bulgarian Lunge Machine. If your gym doesn’t have this machine, use dumbells or a straight curl bar. Lets get it!! 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTForever

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I don’t always eat ice cream but when I do, it’s a Cookie Monster Milky Bun from @aftersicecream , wearing @live_fit_apparel while being photographed for a supersized print of me on the wall in San Diego lol. 🀣😋🍊 #LVFTforever #aftersicecream #everydayischeatday #staysnackinmyfriends

Changed up the scenery today and headed out to Norwalk. Love hitting back and legs at this facility.

Lots of old school equipment you don’t see at other spots. End of the week, turn up the pace! LETS GO!! 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Look alive cuz WE ARE LIVE!! Desert Camo Tactical Backpack just dropped!!

🎒 Cop one now cuz i dont wanna hear it tomorrow that u slept on this n didn’t get one!! Lol @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

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Heading out to see Infinity War!! Probably the only person that hasn’t seen it lol.

Hurd its crazy tho!!! 💥💥 #avengers

For those of you been asking about my shades, these are the new @mvmt Stranger sunnys in black. 😎 Code: PHAMFLEXX15 saves you $15 off the entire site. #jointhemovement

First time ever in life running two miles. Did it without stopping in just under 20 minutes.

Can only get better from here. You gotta step out of that comfort zone, do things you’ve never done to become something you’ve never been. 🏃🏟‍♂💪🏟🥊 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #phamflexx2.0

Yall ready for that Dessert Camo Tactical Backpack drop tomorrow or what?! 4pm PST!! Don’t miss it!!

🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Puttin in WORK! 💥 Really enjoying my boxing journey and appreciate all the help and knowledge from everyone.

Lovin the sport more n more every day. 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Sometimes you gotta take chances on something you believe in that others can’t comprehend.

Think outside the box. Color outside the lines. Make shit happen. 🗝 @jaxxonco #neversettle

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Get those boulders nice n round by hitting all the heads and at different angles.

Give these three exercises a try n get those shoulders poppin. 💪🏟 😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever


Reunited n it feels so good. 🀣 Back to where my boxing journey started with my boy @hitman_huseman.

💥🥊So hyped to see @boxhaus ROCKIN!! Congrats bro!! #LVFTforever #boxhaus

Unparalleled WORK ETHICS! Thanks for the killer pad session @razorob ! 🙏🏜 #LVFTforever

NEVER QUIT @live_fit_apparel code: PHAMLVFT10 💥💥💥

Do it with heart. Do it with passion. Nothing can stop you.

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Foodie adventure and wedding venue hunting with the not so little, little sister today.

🍱🕵🏻‍♂🕵🏻‍♀ If one of us was gonna get married first, it definitely had be u lol. 😭 #singleforever #westayfly #family #lvftforever


😈 @jasmine.bri @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

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Be thankful for what you are, keep fighting for what you want to be.

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So stoked to be out here supporting our girl @briannacope at the screening of her documentary at the Newport Film Festival!!

🏄🏌‍♀🎥 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever

Sippin on Aminocore Bcass twice a day during training. Build, recover, rehydrate.

💪🏟 That BlueRazz is💰! 🍇 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Shootin the shit with with my Marines @guns_and_raptors and @isoinspire yesterday.

A few in rotation yesterday were: custom built ARs, Pistol Glock 17 with a custom slide, Remington 700 rifle and Benelli M4 Shotgun. Those clay pigeons and steel targets had zero chance. 😏💥🔫 #merica #getsome #bangbang #lvftforever

My dudes puttin in some serious work at @selfmadetrainingfacility today!

💥🥊 Shout out to @f4mrfrench for the sick pad work and SMTF for the hospitality. 🙏🏜

Sometimes you just gotta get lost. 🕊 @mvmt #jointhemovement

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The 2018 Rock Hard Challenge is here!! 💥💥💥Shed those winter pounds and get right for that beach vacation!!

🔥🔥Registration and before pics must be submitted before May31st!! Click on the link in my bio to get shreddd!! 👊🏜😎 @teamallmax @muscle_and_fitness #muscleandfitness #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

“I love cardio” said no one EVER. Try skipping some rope in between to keep that heart rate up.

Huge thanks to @rush_athletics for getting my skipping game up! 🐰🙏🏜 #LVFTforever
•LVFT Beanie & Raglan👕
•Active Shorts👖

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🗝Doing what you love for a living is a true blessing and obtainable by anyone who’s willing to put in that OT.

Work harder. Create with passion. Break the rules. #live 🛵Alot of yall may not know this but i rode sport bikes for about 10 years and recently gave it all up cuz we all know how dangerous riding is. After watching SOA and getting on this Dyna, idk mannnnnn. #harleydavidson

Been super crazy, non stop with travel, shoots, work and training but we still workin.

Just finished one of the hardest, if not the hardest training sessions ive had. “When you’re tired and you don’t want to go anymore, push your mind to overcome your body’s weakness.” Thanks for the push coach. @trainwithpj #LVFTforever #teamallmax #bde

I could get used to training with this view. 😍Just finished up a solid shoulder session.

Peep out the routine on my story. 💪🏟😎 @live_fit_apparel #lvftforever

Check out your boy in Mays issue of @muscle_and_fitness for The Rock Hard Challenge 2018!!

If your trying to get an extra push to get shredded for summer, click on the link in my bio to register for the challenge! 👊🏜😎✂ @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Yo San Antonio!! Blown away by the warm welcome and southern hospitality!!

🀯 Wanted to thank everyone that came out!! It was fun hangin and choppin it up with all you guys. 🙏🏜🙏🏜 Huge thanks to @teamallmax and @rocksdiscount for putting together this event, and special thanks to Madelyn here for singing me Happy Birthday 188 days early. 😍🀣 #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

If yall tryin to get right for summer head over to @muscle_and_fitness and sign up for the 2018 Rock Hard Challenge!

📝 Catch your boy in May and Junes issues! 🙏🏜🙏🏜 Link for the challenge is in my bio!! Peep it out!! BOOM! 👊🏜😎 @teamallmax #allmaxstrong #teamallmax

You are what you settle for. #NeverSettle @jaxxonco

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Starting to get in a nice groove with my cross training and figuring out a good balance of weights and boxing.

Going a lot lighter with the weights often super setting two body parts while taking shorter rest periods to help with my conditioning when I box. Down about 10 pounds, more compact, more agile and feeling really, really awesome! Peep out yesterdays routine below. 💪🏟😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Back/ Biceps
*4 Supersets each group
*8-10 reps for back exercises
*15-20 reps for biceps exercises

Bent Over Barbell Rows (underhand) and
Straight Barbell Curl

Plate Loaded Seated Rows and
DB Hammer Curls

TBar Rows and
EZ Bar Curls

Seated Cable Rows and
Alternating DB Curls

I can’t dance but thanks to @mykes_life_be_like , now i can do this. 🀣😭✚ #fly

2/3 top exercises for the core is the hanging leg raise.

Best exercise to get those lower abs poppin. 💥 Added a little twist to it. Try not to swing or use momentum. Slow controlled movements. 👊🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Code: PHAMLVFT10 save u 🀑

Sitting here and wondering how long that line is gonna be for that Bonzai Acai bowl.

Definitely atleast 30 mins. 😭But those Bonzai Acai bowls in HB are the BEST!! 😋 @mvmt #jointhemovement
🕶: Runway in Black @mvmt
⌚: Voyager in Onxy @mvmt
👕: Industries
👖: Industries
👟: Vans

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DYNAMIC WARM UPS: activates and preps your body for training giving you more mobility to perform your best and help prevent injuries.

Even since I started warming up properly ive had zero injuries. So take a good 20 minutes to get your mind and body ready for war. @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever
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Pool days are back! ☀🏖😎 #nochella #jointhemovement #ootd #californication #westcoastbestcoast

Head down, ears open, mouth shut. In my lane. @jaxxonco #neversettle Use code:

PHAM30 on entire site

Did yall know I am originally from Virginia? Wild huh lol.

From the east coast to the west coast, WE STILL PUTTIN IN WORK! DMV, 703 wya?! 💪🏟 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Eliminate limitations. Fly. 🕊 #ootd #flycollection #easelabel

Push it to the MAX! 💥💥 @teamallmax That new new Tart Black Cherry Flavor tho!

🍒🔥 #allmaxallday #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

Rollin into Monday like 🚶🏻‍♂🚶🏻‍♂🚶🏻‍♂. New week, same hustle. Lets get it!!

🎥 @andreeabaila

“Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.” Muhammad Ali ✊🏟 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Goin IN!! Imma huge burger guy and the grass fed burger from True Food Kitchen is the biz!

🐮🌱List your top burger spots. GO!! 🍔 ⌚Fitted with the 40mm Monochrome today. Use my @mvmt code: PHAMFLEXX15 and save on entire site.

“All I ever wanted was everything.” @preach #preach #ootd #lifestyle #losangeles #la #westcoast 📞:


Over in Huntington Beach for an early morning pad session with @razorob.

Gettin those knees n bows right! @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Never Quit hoodie back in stock! Use code: PHAMLVFT10 n save 👊🏜

Really enjoying the whole learning process and watching the progression.

Light contact with coach @trainwithpj today. 🥊 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk #bde #boxing

LEG DAY BABY!! Add these smith machine front squats to your routine this week to hit those quads a little bit different and get a crazy pump.

Do these after a heavy set of regular squats with 50% of the weigt you used for reg squats. Concentrate on using slow controlled movements squeezing at the top of your rep and GET LOW!! Full leg routine will be posted on my story. 💪🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Save some money for coachella and use Code: PHAMLVFT10 👊🏜

No complaints. #neversettle #livin #hollywood

Hot dogs, boxing and looking for Easter eggs with the youngins at The Watts Empowerment Center today.

#LVFTforever #live #givebAck #bde

Put in work.💥🥊 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever
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Dropped by the @ikonick and picked up some 🔥🔥 for the crib. #ikonick

Stay fresh my friends. 💊 @mvmt #jointhemovement
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Now thats what im talkin about! 75 n Sunny!! 😍 Cali weathers back!!

☀🌎😎 Time to turn up the training intensity and turn down the munchies. Lets rock!! @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever
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You only got one body. Take care of it. 🌱 Regular maintenance can help reduce injuries, increase performance and longevity.

💪🏜 Huge thanks to Dr. J for workin with me and getting me running like a MACHINE! 😈 @spinalperformance #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk #chiropractor #thattheraguntho #theragun

Super hyped up about my new partnership with @jaxxonco !!

💎 You know we gotta kick it off right with a super sick💥GIVEAWAY💥!! The lucky winner will receive a matching silver chain, pendant and cuff bracelet from Jaxxon’s best selling collection. 🔥🔥 Swipe left to peep it. Here's how to enter:

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Winner will be announced Friday 3/30. GOOD LUCK!! 🍀 #neversettle

Stocked up and ready to make some gains this week! 💪🏜😍🍱 @mealprepkingz #teammpk #mealprepkingz #mpk

Slight work Saturdays. Timing and going through the target.

@trainwithpj #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

Keepin it low key with a laptop and some Lemonade at Pacific City.

🀓 @mvmt #jointhemovement
Got 20/20 vision and don’t need glasses but rockin these Clear Icons cuz they 🔥. Paired them with one of my favs The Black Rose Gold 40mm. Use code: PHAMFLEXX15 n save $15 off the entire site. Coachellas comin up. 🀔

Sprint day at UCLA. 🏃🏟‍♂🏃🏟‍♂🏃🏟‍♂ @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

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Eat good on the go. 😋 No excuses. 🍱 @mealprepkingz #teammpk

Progression on the mitts with @trainwithpj. 💥🥊 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

Legs are the new abs boys. 💡Summer is coming yall got those legs right for those boardshorts?

Make sure you’readding in those hack squats to get those quads poppin! @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Went everythang NAVY today. 💙Navy Zip Up. 👕Navy Tech Shorts. Use code: PHAMLVFT10 n save 💞

Sunday Vibez 😌 #Sundayfunday #goodvibesonly

Finally gettin summer nice weather!! Lean n mean is the goal for this summer.

😎 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

New furniture came in. 🀣😈💺 @monsterenergy #monsterenergy

Springs coming so its definitely time to kick it up a notch.

Been a minute since ive touched the hunndos. Peep out full chest workout on my story. @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

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Issa vibe. @mvmt #jointhemovement

MVMT Black Leather chrono in deck.

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Anyone who knows me knows that pizza is my thing.

🍕 After reading all the reviews and all the recommendations you guys sent me, @riabellapizza was the spot I ended up at and let me tell you that this place has NEXT LEVEL eats! 🔥 I mean the head chef is straight from Sicily how could it not be! 🇮🇹 From the pies, to the garlic knots, to the saauwce, to THE MEATBALLS to the imported ice cream and waffles. Truly blown away. 🀯 Glad the homie @chrismvilla turned me on to this spot. Huge thanks @seansquill and family for the hospitality. You guys hit a home run with this one. 💯 #riabellapizza #pizza #nypizza #itallian

Can’t function in this 34 degree winter madness here in NY. ☃😭❄ Missin my cali weather.

@live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Rocking the @live_fit_apparel Modern Crew Neck. Use code: PHAMLVFT10 n save 💵

Spent the whole day with the @muscle_and_fitness team filming the entire 8 week program for The 2018 Rock Hard Challenge.

💪🏜 Huge thanks to Sam and Jess for all your amazing work today. Even bigger thanks for that quinoa bowl lol. 🀣 Still got another two full days of shooting here and supposedly theres a snow storm is coming. ☃❄ Hopefully it wont be 16inches like they predicting. 😭 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Finished off another epic year at the Arnold with a killer leg session n sushi with my dude @javonalvin.

🍣 Always have a blast catching up with old friends, seeing new faces and connecting with all of you. Can’t thank everyone enough that made the trip to Columbus and for your continued support. 🙏🏜 Time to rest up. NYC in the morning! 🌃🗜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Little dude fresh af! 😎 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #startemyoung

Waddup Ohio!! We out here!! Booth #1001 ! @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

B O X H A U S!! 🔥🔥 Finally had a chance to stop by and take a class and it was INTENSE!!

🥊🥊Congrats to my boy @hitman_huseman for puttin together such a dope facility!! @boxhausoc

Last session before heading out to @arnoldsports tomorrow morning.

The rope cable crunch is one of my staple core exercises. Some like to kneel for this movement but i do this one standing bringing my elbows to my knees in a slow controlled motion. Finish it off with a few burnt out reps. 🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

•V3 Cut Off Hoodie
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Lens: @mykes_life_be_like 🎥
The Homie: @beckiejoon 👧🏻
Cruiser Rental: @yazzz_mb 😂

Ridin dirty. 😎 Fun shoot in Newport today. @mvmt #jointthemovement

Late night snackin. 2 full days back on strict diet/ training n feelin real nice.

Been eating 4 meals each day consisting of high protein, high carbs and super low fats. Water intake is 2x more than the norm. 9 days out from a top secret project that I can’t wait to share with everyone. LETS GO!! 💪🏜😈 #iaintdone

Sundays we still puttin in work. Shooting some new raw content at @workirvine today.

•Recon Tech Jacket
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•Stamped Socks
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2.26.18 😈 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong


Mitts: @trainwithpj
Location: @workirvine

Been having some crazy winter weather lately. Dropping below 70 degrees in Cali is totally unacceptable.

😭 Stayin warm with my @live_fit_apparel LXF Hoodie 🔥🔥 Use code: PHAMLVFT10 n stay warm 🀘🏟😎

Danny, you are the man!! Rib is back in place and feelin nice.

Now I can flex these abs properly for this pic lol. Can’t thank you enough. @highfivehandtherapy #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

FUEL. WORK. REFUEL. 🍱 @mealprepkingz #teammpk

I remember this used to be a lot lighter lol. Still got it tho lol.

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“Ayo ayo lets do a crazy one.” Apparently im the only one that got that memo. Fuckin @mike_lvft.

😑Congrats again to Mr. n Mrs. @coldphotography ! #Issawedding #weddingvibes #LVFTforever #table10

Go time. @mvmt #jointhemovement
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Blurred but the vision’s so clear. @tizzthecreator #faded #blurry #crispy

So ummmm i’ve never really been into sweets but lately i’ve been on this fruit snack and chocolate chip cookie program thing.

🍏🍌🍎🍊🍪Training 2-3 times a day allows me to make eating like this and being semi cut-ish possible lol. 🀣 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #liveFAT #imeanliveFIT

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Back in the lab. Felt good goin a heavier than ive been going the past couple months.

Kept it simple today with 4 different presses at different angles with 1 fly exercise to finish it off. Full routine is in my story. Make sure you are doing mac amount of weight possible for the amount of reps listed. FULL ROM. 👊🏜😏 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

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Rockin the Black Rose Gold. 🔥Use code:

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A lot of you guys ask me for tips on training calves so here we go.

Changing foot/ toe placement is something I do every calf leg session. Swipe left to peep an example on a leg press machine starting with the toes pointed forward, then out and then in. Try 4 sets of 10x10x10 n grow them cows! 🐮🐮🔥🔥🔥🔥 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

T A C T I C A L Backpack is BACK!! 🀩 @live_fit_apparel Cop now before they’re gone.
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Ur day my bro. 100 🖀 #supmybro

When I first started lifting people used to laugh at how dedicated I was.

Meal preping WAY back straight chicken, tuna and brown rice. Never missed training session, slept 8 hours EVERY single night, zero cheats, all water and zero alcohol. Moral of the story is, you may not be where you want to be, but one day you will be. Always follow your heart, do what ever your passionate about and N E V E R Q U I T. 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Build a well rounded chest by workin it from all angles.

Do these cable flys at three different angles to get the upper, middle and lower portion of the pecs. Use slow and controlled movements while getting a good stretch at the top or your rep and a nice squeeze at the bottom. 💥💥💥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Its funny lookin in the mirror these days. Reflection’s changed. New perspectives.

Hungrier than ever. 🍜 #LVFTforever #teamallamax #teammpk #reinvented

Feelin like Thor today. 🔚 Really enjoying this new process.

No longer worried about being huge, shredded and eating a million meals a day. Focused on being healthy physically/ mentally, feelin good and building a functional MACHINE! Workin the sledgehammer today to build up endurance, arm, back and core strength. Thanks for the killer session coach @gratus_animus ! #LVFTforever

Training Gear:
•Custom Cut Off Bold Hoodie
•Stamped Tee
•Reflectivr Boardshorts

Workin the mitts with these 16oz Sabas. 🥊 I’m over here dying n PJs over here dancin🕺🏻😭.

#LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

Do you guys wanna see what a near death experience looks like???

Did an upperbody/ conditioning session with Charger Tight End @clevelandshow_82 and Athletic Trainer @jtwright82 today and damn near passed out. 😅😅Pushing the body to new levels. Good times boys!
Hope yall got these @live_fit_apparel Active shorts. Don’t be DMing me and saying when we gona bring them back. Lol yall been told! #LVFTforever

Had a blast at the range this past week. Feelin like the vietnamese John Wick right now lol.

💥🔫😎 @mvmt #jointhemovement

Paired the black polarized Runway shades and Camo Strap Voyager. Code: PHAMFLEXX15 saves you $15 off the entire site.

Yall been askin and they are finally here. My favorite, most comfortable and best fitting pair of shorts are back in rotation!

🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Out here shootin the shit with @theeamericanpsycho n @mykes_life_be_like 💥🔫

You gotta want it. Then be willing to put in the work to get it.

Workin with the boys @gratus_animus and @theeamericanpsycho #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Day two back into Muay Thai with @crw1111. Workin knee and elbow techniques and learning to balance boxing and MT.😅 Persistence a passion.

The @live_fit_apparel has become one of my favorite gloves. Fits the hand real snug and has a nice support around the wrists. 👌🏜 #LVFTforever

Want a big chest? Focus doing your incline chest exercises.

Lean forward on the pec deck to create the incline. Use slow and controlled movements pushing inwArd with your palams. Keep those arms parallel to the ground. Throw and another regular seated peck deck fly supeset till failure and FEEL THE BURN! 🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Reinvent. Evolve. 🖀 @mvmt #jointhemovement

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So everyone is always asking me about my weight. I never weigh myself but had to for the skydiving thing the other day and surprisingly im 165lbs.

😅 Not anywhere close to the size i was last year. Less muscle, more compact and agile. Starting to get that fighter body lol. Kinda growing on me tho. Used to be caught up in being bigger, stronger, more shredded etc. Now im more focused on being active, athletic, healthy feeling good. 💪🏜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #lifestyleathlete #livelife

Visualize. Execute. @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Hey @hitman_huseman im @phamflexx remember me??😂 Puttin in work on those cloud puffs today.

☁☁ Broke in my first set of lace up gloves today! 😍 16oz Sabas with the triple cuff! 💊 Thanks @scolesdang !! 🙏🏻❀ #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

Jumped out of a perfectly good plane today. 🛩🕊 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Hangin around. 🐒🐒 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk

LIVE FIT. DIE STRONG. 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever Hoodies now availble. 🀘🏜😎

Fundamentals with @scolesdang and @hoangfit. 💥🥊 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teamoyama

Today’s rainy day colorways. 🎚 @mvmtwatches #jointhemovement

Rockin the Desert Voyager Piece. ⌚ Save $15 on the entire site by using code: PHAMFLEXX15

Get a head start to your spring/ summer body now! Don’t be like everyone else and wait 2 weeks before that vacay and be asking what is the best way to lose the most wieght in 2 weeks.

🙄 I hear that shit every year. Save yourself the stress of a crash “diet” and pick up this 12 Week Shred Program at @simplyshredded. 💪🏜😈
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👉  @simplyshredded👈

Another LA Fit Expo in the books! It was awesome meeting and catchin up with u guys!

Thank you all so much for the continued support. 🙏🏻 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Booth #1235 ! Come through! @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Kickin it with the homie @phamflexx 👬 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Being fit and staying healthy doesn’t mean you gotta be in the gym 24/7.

Get off your ass, get movin and get sweatin!! 🏂 L I V E L I F E 🖀 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teammpk #lifestyle #ootd 🎥: @joshjpierce

Snow Ninja. 🏂 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever 📷: @joshjpierce

Got meals? 🍱 @mealprepkingz #teammpk #mpk

Same me. Same hustle. Same mentality. Shouldn’t need a change of year to make goals or improve yourself.

Make it a habit. Make it routine. Lets crush 2018. 👊🏜😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Yup we still workin NYE! You want it? Go get that shit!

💥🥊 @hitman_huseman #LVFTforever #teamallmax #boxhaus

Overcome adversity. NEVER QUIT. 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Thanks for all the messages guys. 🙏🏻I’m doing good.

Took a shot to the body yesterday that banged up my rib. Gonna take 2-4 weeks to recover. Huge thanks to @ocfightdocs for taking such good care of me. 🙏🏻 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #ocfightdocs

Get up. Get fresh. Get grindin. 😎 @mvmt #jointhemovement

Save $15 on the entire store using code: PHAMFLEXX15

B O X H A U S. Now you know. 🥊 #boxhaus #orangecounty

N E V E R Q U I T. 🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Those feels when u get that @live_fit_apparel award lol.

🏅Couple shots from The LVFT Black Tie Event. 🀵🏻What a night!! 🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Strive for progress not perfection. Puttin in work with @hitman_huseman.

💥🥊 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #boxhaus

Mariah Carey’s Christmas album blastin, milk n cookie munchin. 🍪🎶That’s how Christmas is done.

Happy Holidays my people! 🎄🎅🏜🎁 #christmas2017

You ain’t gonna see me comin. 😏 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Rockin that Hardline Camo Windbreaker + Premium Structured Cap. 🔥🔥🔥

Book in hand, yeezy slippers on. Ain’t movin from this spot. Friday night turn up.

🔥 #live #litty

Going over strategies for 2018 and crushing some jumbo prawns, fried squid and butter cake.

🊐🊑🍰Diet starts Jan 1. 😭 @aebl_media #aeblmedia

All BLVCK everything.🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Pizza or sushi for dinner?? 🍣🍕Naughty or nice??😈😇 #jointhemovement

Paired this fit with The Black @mvmt Revolver. 🔥 Use code: PHAMFLEXX15 and save $15 on your entire order.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym. 🀚 Get up! Get out there! GET MOVIN!

🏈 @teamallmax Oh and anyone tryin to pick me up on their flag football squad, holla atcha boy! 😈⚡⚡⚡ #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday #teamallmax 💊A-Cutz Amino/ Fat Burner

Movin weight at The Mecca. 😈 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Live Fit Black Tie Event @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Freestylin on the Aqua Bag with my boxing coach @hitman_huseman.

🥊 One of the many challenging things we train for me. That’s what I love about boxing and playing different sports. Different looks, new movements and gets your mind and body workin in different ways. Be different. Be versatile. 👊🏜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #boxhaus

Dinner meeting attire. @mvmt #jointhemovement ⌚Discount: PHAMFLEXX15

What a gorgeous day in Cali! ☀😎 Got out on the field threw the ball around a little and got a good sweat on.

Gonna be sore af tomorrow. 😭 Who’s in the OC area and tryin to ball?! 🏈 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

I call this the Quad-Killa-Finisha! 😈🔪Complete your session with this exercise using a light to moderate weight.

Stand with your feet just inside shoulder with and alternate from squat to lunge. Do 4 sets until failure. Work em till they are on fiya! 🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Sunday we box. Feels good to get back in groove. One more week of fuck a diet and gonna start steppin it up!

That bow at the end tho. 😭🙏🏻 @hitman_huseman #LVFTforever #teamallmax #boxhaus

Do you. 👊🏜😈👊🏜 #nocompromising #live
📷: @dave_laus

City vibez. 😎 The Fly Collection.🕊 @ease_label #flycollection #easelabe #phamvu

Did I get this box jump??? Swipe left!! 🐞 Who else gots some boosties?!

I challenge yall to get that “Eye Level Box Jump!!” Lets see what yall got!! #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Out here puttin in work with my dude @bradcastleberry ! Did yall catch our LIVE box jump stream?!

Posting my record jump tonight! #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Keep it simple. #simplicityiskey #live

Leg day in full effect! Sweatin off that Little Ceasars $5 pizza.

😅😭🍕 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever #livefat

Out here at @wholesalenutritioncenter Grand Opening flexing on Hans Swollo!🀣😭 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #teamwnc

3610 Midway Dr.
San Diego, CA 92110

Cuz we flexx on Fridays!! Hope everyone is having an amazing Friday!

@live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever 📷: @pazalex_

Sexy never been so sexy. 😎⌚🔥 @mvmt #jointhemovement

Save $15 use code: PHAMFLEXX15 🀙🏜

Build that UPPER CHEST! Try this Incline Press/ Fly variation.

Start with the dumbells parallel to each other and keep them parallel throughout the exercises. Bring the weight down in a slow and controlled movement getting a nice stretch. Press up and bring the insides of you your elbows inward like an accordian and get a good squeeze in the pecs. Extra credit try supersetting with the second exercise posted. Happy international chest day! 👊🏜 💪🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Times all turned around and super jet lagged but gotta keep movin.

Back to basics and started the morning off with some Cookies n Creme Hexapro Oats, Allflex Joint Formula and some much needed Liver Detox. 🍚💊 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

Snacking on scorpions in Bangkok, Muay Thai and motorbikes on Koh Tao and fresh coconuts on Maenam Beach on Koh Samui.

I love learning about different cultures and see how people live in other parts of the world. 🌏 What an unforgettable trip but it feels good to be back in Cali. Play times over. Time to get back into routine! Let get it!! #LVFTforever #teamallmax

See ya Samui. Thanks for the memories. Back to Bangkok.

🐒🚀 #thailand #kohsamui #bangkok #damnimblackaf

Such an amazing experience at The Big Buddah Temple. 🙏🏻 #blessed #thailand #kohsamui

You know your in Asia when you’re wearing sliders to train.

⛩😭 Gotta work harder to counteract all splurging while on vacation. Muay thai and a couple weight sessions with the crew keepin the extra calories and alcohol at bay lol. 💪🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Always workin towards beating the guy in the mirror. Absolutely loving the MT training out here.

🙏🏻 Just hot n gritty hard work. 💪🏜 The tan is gettin a little out of controll tho. Starting to look as dark as the locals.👚🏟😭 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #thailand #kohsamui

Through the jungle, sharp down hills, steep up hills, deep ditches, rocks and rivers, this was by far the dopest terrian i’ve done on an ATV!

🌎🚜 #thailand #kohsamui #atv

Laptop and a view. 👚🏻‍💻 #redskyvilla #serialvilla #thailand #kohsamui #live

Just a short flight and ferry from Bangkok, Koh Tao was the perfect get away from the fast city life.

⛎🛩 Spent 3 days on some gorgeous beaches and had some bomb local eats. 🊀🊐🊑 Def recommend you guys hit this island up if you are tryin to get away from all the super busy touristy spots. Off to Koh Samui. ⛵ @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Humidty through the roof, cats in the stair way, thai music bumpin.

Doesn’t get any more authentic than this!! Lovin every minute out here in Thailand. We on vacation but we always workin!! 💥🥊🙏🏻 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong

Allmax A-Cutz giving me that little boost of energy and helping me sweat n burn off all those sticky rice n mangos lol. 😅🍈🍚

Mangos n sticky rice, scorpions, crotch measuring and lady boys. That about sums up Bangkok.

🍋🊂🍆🀵🏻 #LVFTforever #teamallmax #bangkok #thailand

All the way around the world but always on Cali time. 🌎😎 #jointhemovement

Rockin The Basin Piece from the new @mvmt Revolver Collection. Discount code: Phamflexx15 ⌚

Mixin it up on the heavy bag.💥🥊 Only been gone a day and already missing boxing.

Can’t wait to get some Muay Thai in here in Bangkok. @hitman_huseman #LVFTforever #teamallmax #boxhaus

LVFT just got a whole lot sweeter! 😍😋 @live_fit_apparel and @aftersicecream has teamed up to bring you guys this special limited edition flavor!!

🍊 How cool is this?! Can yall guess the flavor??? #LVFTforever #aftersicecream #livefat #livefatforever

Fly 🕊 @ease_label #flycollection #easelable #phamvu

Good times at the @live_fit_apparel warehouse sale today!!

Huge thanks to everyone that came through and all your continued support! 🙏🏻 #LVFTforever

In the lab with @randall_pich and the @live_fit_apparel design team going over concepts, fabrics and materials for LVFT’s newest collection.

Super excited for the heat we’re gonna bring you guys!! ⚡⚡ #LVFTforever

Did this Db Row/ Deadlift variation today which targets the lats and lower back.

🚣‍♀ Try this on your next back day and lemme know how it goes. 👊🏜😎 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

No BS. No secrets or tricks of the trade. Just work. 👊🏜 #LVFTforever #teamallmax

Locking in some last minute things for Thailand.

It’s been at the top of my travel list for while so im super excited to get out there n get some top notch Muay Thai training, mango n sticky rice and chill on some of the best beaches! 🏖 #jointhemovement

New @mvmt Revolver Collection is 🔥! Decided to put the 41mm ARC in rotation first. 😍😎⌚save $15 by using: PHAMFLEXX15 👊🏜

When that muerenge music start playin you know its time to WORK!!💃🏜🕺🏻🎉Footwork. Head movement.

Matador. 🐃 @hitman_huseman #LVFT forever #teamallmax #boxhaus #matadordrill

Cuz we do LEGS on Monday! Try out this step up variation on the Smith Machine.

Using the SM eliminates having to balance free weights (barbell or dumbells) so you can focus on the muscle being worked. BLAST THOSE QUADS!! 🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever

Gotta love this Cali fall weather. 🌎😍🌎 All black everything cuz imma bout to murder this back sesh.

🖀🔪 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

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Most days you’ll go in a training session and smash it.

N once in awhile you’ll get a day where everything is just off. Results don’t happen over night. What’s important is showing up every single day and giving 100%. Consistency is the🗝. My boxing coach @hitman_huseman working me on the mitts. 🙏🏻💥🥊 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk #boxhaus

Excuses burn zero calories 👊🏜😈👊🏜 @mealprepkingz #Teammpk #mealprepkingz

Get after it. Then clean ur room. 😭 @ease_label #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

Kick some ass this week! LVFT Thai Boxing Gloves are here! 🥊 Super comfy.

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Lose yourself. Let your passion consume you. 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

LVFT •Terry Hoodie
•Viscose Tank
•Active Shorts

Happy Birthday to my little bro Miguel. @djpure U aint makin no hits anymore but the old ones still bang.

😂 #scorpiogang

Brushing up on some Muay Thai with @scolesdang before heading out to Thailand next month.

Not getting enough in. 💥🥊 #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Live Fit Cut Off Hoodie V2 has been RESTOCKED. @live_fit_apparel use code: FLEXXLVFT 👊🏜

Live in the moment. 🌹 @mvmt #jointhemovement

Outfit paired with @mvmt Weekend Shades and Rose Gold and Brown time piece. Use code: PHAMFLEXX15
Red Dress: @bre_ilagan 🙏🏻

Who’s ready for Halloween?! 🎃This was a fully painted body suit done by @danybear_mua.

🎚 The whole piece took 10 hours. 😅 U da man Dany! N I am Iron Man. 💥 #halloween2017 #ironman #marvel #superhero #phamflexx #superphamflexx

LA Bound 🎥 #lifestyle #la

Hoodie and beanie weather is finally here. 🍂 Stay comfy. Stay cozy.

@live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit


Workin some drills with my boxing coach @hitman_huseman.

💥🥊Foot work, jabs and power shots with a shuffle. 😅 Huge thanks to @jeremiah.maestre all the way from NYC dropping some serious knowledge today. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @joanguzman007 #LVFT #teamallmax

Lift sesh with my bro! #supmybro #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

We are LIVE people!! Fall Collection @live_fit_apparel is available NOW!! GO!

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A vision without action is a dream. 🖀 #lifestyle

A little sneak peak of The @live_fit_apparel Fall Collection:

Modern Crew Neck 🍂🔥 #LVFT #teamlvft #lvft

No complaints. Why? Cuz it's burger day in Laguna. 😎🍔🌊 #jointhemovement 🕶Shades:

Runway @mvmt
⌚Watch: Silver @mvmt

Discount: PHAMFLEXX15

Push it to the limit and then go some more. Gotta be willing to put in that overtime to get what you want.

@live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Puttin in some work on the sheild with @hitman_huseman today. 💥🥊 #LVFT #teamallmax

Operation LEAN MACHINE 😈🔪 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

The Fly Collection has been RESTOCKED in all sizes!!

🕊Also for all you guys not in the USA, we are now shipping WORLDWIDE! 🌎Link to cop in bio, GO! @ease_label #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu #phamflexx

I now believe in love at first sight. 🐶😭😍💀 This Silver @mvmt Watch is pretty dope too lol.

⌚ #jointhemovement

Save $15 by using code: PHAMFLEXX15 👊🏜

People assume a lot of things when they see sh*t on social media. Am I a model?

Occasional pics are taken of me. Am I a fighter? Imma Lover. Am I a bodybuilder? Im an Athelte. I perfect what im good at and work harder on what im not. I follow my passion. It's a lifestyle. This is me. 🖀 #phamflexx #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

LVFT Trucker
Viscose Tank
Varsity Shorts

Training legs has become my favorite day in the gym.

Been havign some issues in the right during have squats so decided to go light sumos on the Smith Machine. If you are having some pain or discomfort doing certain exercises, ADAPT and find different machines, angles, grips or stances that work the same muscle painfree. Cuz not working is not an option. 👊🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Rockin the LVFT Performance Tee 💥use code: FLEXXLVFT n save

Eat like a king. 👑Train like an animal. 🊁 @mealprepkingz #teammpk #mealprepkingz #mpk

Everyday we WORK 🥊 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

Birthday Boy @hitman_huseman on the mitts. 💥
👖LVFT Varsity Shorts
👟Reebok Buck Boxing Boots

Tactical Backpack 😎🎒🔥🔥🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit



Happy Birthday to the best surfer I know @briannacope !!

Hope you are catching some wicked waves in Japan right now! 🏄🏻‍♀🀙🏜 n thanks for my autographed skate deck!! 😁 #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Discount: FLEXXLVFT @live_fit_apparel 😎

Livin' Life 😎 #californication #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

Clear your mind. Eliminate distractions. Focus. Win.

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The wait is over! 🔥🔥🔥The highly anticipated IMPACT Pre-Work Out is HERE!!

💥🔚 @teamallmax Stop by any @wholesalenutritioncenter and cop! #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday #impactigniter 💥Explosive Pre-Workout Stimulant
💥Muscle Swelling Pump Activator
💥AFT™ Active Fat Transporter

Everything u got. 💥👊🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit



Food = Happiness 😁 @mealprepkingz #teammpk #mpk

W O R K. Filming today in HB for the launch of our NEW @teamallmax IMPACT Pre-Workout!!

💥 It'll be hitting the shelves this week so make sure you get ur hands on this!! HUGE thanks to @riseabovefitness for the hospitality. 🙏🏻 #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday #impactigniter
My boy @jacobhuizar behind the camera. 🔥 #iphone

The T A C T I C A L Backpack is HERE!! 😎💌🔥 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

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Muay Thai Fridays. Do it till its second nature. Working on different kick techiniques with @scolesdang.

Gonna get this right! 💥🀛🏜😈 #LVFT #teamallmax #teamoyama

Flexin on em! 💪🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit


📷: @pazalex_

Keep it Cool. Keep it Clean. Keep it Classic. @mvmt ⌚ #jointhemovement


Black Silver

ROW to GROW. 🚣🏻🚣🏻🚣🏻 Went lighter than usual today. Yes LIGHTER.

Focusing on the squeeze and pulling to the hip. 💥💪🏜 #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Rockin the White Viscose Tank @live_fit_apparel. Code: FLEXXLVFT

Black or White Viscose Tank⚫⚪ 🀔💭 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit


Working on footwork, head movement and staying off the center line today with @hitman_huseman 💥🥊 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

Mondaze 💭 @ease_label #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

Took a couple much needed days off of diet and training for my sanity.

Ready to come back strong tomorrow and hit it hard. 💪🏜 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

Unwind #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk #aeblmedia #myodetox

If you wanna grow, CHANGE SH*T UP. Lighter weights, switch your grips, different angles and faster/ slower tempos.

@live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Get comfortable with being comfortable. The Fly Collection has the perfect blend of fabric to allow maxim stretch and comfort.

Find them in the link in my bio. @ease_label 👊🏜😎 #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

Relaxing by the pool after a super successful launch this morning.

Changin it up and rockin my Weekend @mvmt Shades. 😎🔥 #jointhemovement

Save $15 by using code: PHAMFLEXX15

Super excited and humbled to bring you guys The Fly Collection by EASE Label and Myself.

@ease_label We've been working some serious overtime to bring you guys a piece that was designed with an emphasis on Quality, Style & Comfort. A piece that can be worn as comfy streetwear as well as a cleaner , dressier look. We are now LIVE!! Head over to the @ease_label website your piece of the 500 units made for this collection. Link is in my bio. 🕊 #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

Make every rep count. 💪🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit
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V I S C O S E Tanks available now in ⚫⚪. Super comfy with the perfect fit.

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Post Olympia Vibez 🀘🏜😝 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

The Fly Collection. 🕊 EASE Label x Pham Vu. 9.21.17. #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

What a weekend!! Swipe left for a recap of The 2017 Olympia with my @teamallmax squad!

Thanks to everyone who came out n supported! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Always a blast meeting and choppin it up with you guys. 👊🏜😎 #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

We out here!! Stop by booth #909 n say waddup!!! @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Dare to BELIEVE. Fly Collection by EASE Label & Pham Vu. 🕊 Dropping 9.21.17. @ease_label

#flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

"The Pre-Workout Made Me Do It" Tee dropping this Friday and Viscouse Tank available NOW!

Super comfy material with the perfect cut. 👌🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

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You can never go wrong with adding a little camoflauge to your outfit.

😎 The CAMO @mvmt Piece has a unique band that adds some subtle fun to a dressy/ casual look. 👌🏜 #jointhemovement

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Learn To Love The Pain. 🖀 @live_fit_apparel Shirt completely drenched after tonights pad session.

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5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

5 Days till @mrolympiallc 2017!! Stop by Booth #909 ! See yall there!!

💪🏜 @teamallmax #teamallmax #allmaxstrong #allmaxallday

Brothers 😎 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit


FLEXXLVFT and save 💰
📷: @pazalex_

Workin on some S P E E D today and breakin in the new @sabas_fightgear focus mitts with @scolesdang.

💥🥊🐆 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

Dare to DREAM. ✹Fly Collection by EASE Label X Pham Vu. 🕊Dropping 9.21.17.

@ease_label #daretodream #flycollection #easelabel #phamvu

Keep ur circle tight, vision bright and hustle right.

💯 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Randall in the Athlete Cut Off n im in a Hooded Jersey. 😎 Use discount code: FLEXXLVFT and save 💰

Morning pad work with @scolesdang. 💥🥊 Favorite way to start my day.

😈 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk #teamoyama

Not the biggest. Not the most shredded. Fuk it. 🐺 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Fitted in @live_fit_apparel head to toe. 😎 Use code: FLEXXLVFT and save 💰 📷: @pazalex_

Peep this clip of Team @live_fit_apparel Rockin the Runway this past weekend at the 1st Annual Westca Fashion show.

#LVFT #westca

Good vibez only 😎 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit 📷: @pazalex_

WOW!! What an incredible night last night was! The 1st Annual @westca_ Fashion Show/ Grand Opening was defintely one for the books.

Thank you @toryfitness and @meaghankarabatsos for oraganizing an amazing event. 🙏🏻Already looking forward to rockin next years runway!! Also want to send a special congratulations to these two on their new engagement! Wishing you guys lifetime of happiness and success. Love you guys. ❀ #LVFT #westca

Team workout done. @live_fit_apparel 💪🏜See yall soon at the @westca_ fashion show.

😎 #lvft #teamlvft #livefit

LVFT Originals 🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

CEO @randall_pich and I rockin BLVCK on BLVCK Althete Cut off/ Active Shorts paired with Stamped LVFT Crew Socks. 😎🔥 Code: FLEXXLVFT and save 💵

BTS of yesterday's @live_fit_apparel shoot with my bro @randall_pich.

⚡⚡ #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Keep it clean. ✹Keep it classic. ⏱ Keep it cool. ❄This White Silver @mvmt Piece will do it nice dressed up or down.

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Shootin at the @live_fit_apparel warehouse today. 😎📞 #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

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Gettin back into form. 18 days until The O! 😈🔪 #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk

Spread your wings. 🕊 #theflycollection #lifestyle #ootd

Rusty as hell but not bad for no boxing in a month. Gotta get that conditioning up lmao.

😅 My man @cjfitlegend on the mitts. 💥🥊 #LVFt #teamlvft #livefit

Rockin the new @live_fit_apparel Cut off hoodies. 🔥 Use code: FLEXXLVFT n save 👊🏜

Abs or Cronuts?? 🀔Abs are way too overrated man. 😭🥐🍩 #liveFAT

Cuz you can never go wrong with all B L V C K everything.

🖀 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Discount code: FLEXXLVFT 👊🏜😎

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Be different. Be you.

🖀 Went with The @mvmt Runaway Clears for this fit. Raw, clean and simple. 🕶 #jointhemovement 😎Save $15 by using code: PHAMFLEXX15

Sunset dinners with my girl. 🐶🍱❀ @mealprepkingz #teammpk #mealprepkingz #eatgood #lifestyle


No seated cable row? No problem. Set it up this exercise on the cable machine.

Be sure to start the exercise with a nice stretch and get a good squeeze at the end of your rep. Move the cable setting up and down to target different areas of the back. 👊🏜💪🏜 @live_fit_apparel #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Discount code: FLEXXLVFT and save some 🍞

I make @teamallmax Vita-Stack part of my everyday routine to ensure im getting the vitamins I need for performance and recovery.

💪🏜 Time to go to work!! #teamallmax #allmaxallday #allmaxstrong

Its all about the details. 👌🏜 Swipe left to peep how I put todays fly fit of the day together.

@live_fit_apparel 😎🔥 #LVFT #teamlvft #livefit

Save some 🧀 and use code: FLEXXLVFT 🀙🏜

You gotta want it. Thanks coach @scolesdang for always letting me beat on you.

😂🙏🏻❀ #LVFT #teamallmax #teammpk #teamoyama