Shemar Moore


@petramalepizza My boxing trainer of 20 years
 my asshole friend!!!!

His mouth makes me want to punch him out!!! But he’ll kill me in the ring!!! 🥊!! He has a good heart
. And he makes THE BEST PIZZA IN LA!!!! Show him some love!!! Try his pizza!!! And tell him to be nicer to me!!!! 😅🀷🏜‍♂

Homies, Fans, N Baby Girls!!! @swatcbs SEASON 4 is available now on DVD & DIGITAL 

Just in time to catch up before SEASON 5 premieres OCT 1st!!!!! 🔥🔥💣💣

Pissing off my neighbors
 because today was a GOOD DAY!!!! 😜

When the worlds of Shemar and Hondo collide 💣 💣

Aaayyeee!!! @swatcbs Season 5 premiere goes down FRIDAY OCT 1st 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #SQUAD UP 💯

This cowboy swag ain’t no game 
 me n my #SWAT pops @obbababatunde keepin it swaggy on set 🀠🀠

Quiet before the Beautiful Storm.. it’s coming.. I can see it n feel it!!!

And I’m gonna dance my ass off in the rain!!!

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! My little fun and romantic movie THE BOUNCE BACK is streaming now on @hallmarkmoviesnow 

Fellas grab your ladies, ladies grab your girls 
.. and have some laughs with Me, @nadinevelazquez @billbellamy and @sherylunderwood 🍿😜😂 #thebounceback #hallmarkmoviesnow #romcom #romanticcomedy

Swipe up on my last story for the full @people feature!!!

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🎥 @marsmediallc 🔥🔥

Hi baby girls 🙋🏜‍♂😉😏😜🀣🀣🀣🧡

Challenge me
. I always WIN and SMILE in the end
 until the end!!! 😁🀠🙏🏜💕🀩

. For no reason
. 🀷🏜‍♂😉✌🏟

I’m kinda digging this cowboy swag!!! It’s Happy Hour Ladies.. Let’s ride!! Micheladas on Deck!!


Who wants to ride a cowboy??!! 🀠🐎😉😈

Viva la Mexico!!! 🇲🇜 it’s MAGIC here
. Doesn’t look real on film or in person
 but it is a true Paradise with sooooo much Culture, Tequila, history, nice people, and the land is spectacular!!!

“There’s a New Sherif in town
 and his name is Hondo”
. 🀠🐎🇲🇜 SWAT season 5 🔥🔥🔥

Buenos Diaz Senor n senoritas 🇲🇜 

 and just because
. Voulez vous couchez Avec moi MAINTENANT!!

🇚🇊🇫🇷 🀠😜🐎

Hondo got a new look in Mexico
 Season 5 Swag!!! 🀠🐎🀩🇲🇜

Aaayyeee!!! Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! SEASON 5 of #SWAT is back OCTOBER 1st!!!

Get ready for an INCREDIBLE season premiere 💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yeah I’m different
 and I like it.. just a mood
 that’s all!!! Until the next mood

How bout them Crocs tho!!!! #shoegame @crocs 😜

What do they call it? Ummmmmm
.. “Thirst Trap Game” 

I call it just being a goofball and playing 😉😏where my Baby Girls at tho?! 😘😈   edit
. “Yes I’m just in a silly goofy mood”😜

Had to repost
. Thank you @shemarsplayground 🐎🀠


Swipe up on my latest story
 or click the link in my bio to see how ya boy stays in HONDO shape for each season of #SWAT 👊🏌💪🏌 @menshealthmag came by and caught up with me and my trainer Jon Aranita of @intrainingla 💯

Let’s ride!!! 
 and somebody get me a silver belly 🀠😂🀣😅

My trainer, my on screen pops, the horse whisperer himself @obbababatunde in action 🀠

Hondo Eastwood in the Buildin 🀠🀣

#training #horseriding #hollywood

I’m out here
 what’s the next move?! Let’s gooooo 😏


Aaayyyeee!!! Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! Your boy is excited to be a part of the #SonicMovie2 cast along with @james_marsden @tikasumpter and @natasharothwell 🊔💚💚😎😜

Shout out to @luckybagscornhole for swaggin’ out the SWAT crew!!

These custom bags and gear are straight 🔥!


#luckybagscornhole #treyburchfield #surefire #swatcornhole

It’s almost GAME TIME 💯 Get your popcorn 🍿 and your Dranky Drank’s🍻 ready and TUNE in at 10/9c for the SEASON 4 @swatcbs FINALE and we’ll see you this fall on FRIDAY NIGHTS for SEASON 5!!!!!!


IT’S GOING DOWN TONIGHT!!!! @swatcbs Season 4 FINALE 10/9c on @cbstv ..

Don’t miss it 👊🏜👊🏜🔥🔥💪🏜💪🏜

FINALE DAY BABY!!!! 10/9c on CBS 💥💥

One night away from our Season 4 FINALE!!!! Who’s Ridin with ya boy tomorrow ?? Drop those 👊🏜👊🏜

Homies, Fans, N Baby Girls!!!!! TUNE IN FOR THE @swatcbs SEASON 4 FINALE THIS WEDS 10/9c🔥🔥 LET’S GO 💥💥👊🏜👊🏜 #FINALEWEEK #SWAT #LAPD

Smiling because it’s Sunday FUNDAY 🥳 ... and FINALE week for SEASON 4 of @swatcbs baby!!!!


Mood.. 😜🀩🙏🏜🔥🔥a Blessed mood... a woke mood!!! A Dranky Drank Mood....

🍹Don’t ask no questions... just appreciate and rock with me... PERIOD!!!! 😘❀✌🏟 #Congratulations 😏 .. SONG BY: Joyner Lucas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @joynerlucas .. (featuring Chris Brown @chrisbrownofficial ).... #respect

@hollywoodreporter Part 2 // @rezvanimotors @mercedesamg @ferrari @goskooza // 📞 by @shayan.asgharnia

💥💥 Hot off the press baby 💥💥 @hollywoodreporter PART 1 // Featuring ya boy and a couple of the toys 🏎💚 ..

Big shout out to the photographer @shayan.asgharnia and the entire team for making it fun and seamless!!!

GO TIME @swatcbs !!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Don’t stop chasing your dreams .. push through the struggle ..

you CAN make it happen // @hollywoodreporter x @shayan.asgharnia x @ferrari

SWAGGY 😎 // @hollywoodreporter x @shayan.asgharnia x @rezvanimotors

Work in progress... my six pack been shy lately... 😀 #humpday 😉

Squad up and tune in TONIGHT 10/9c for @swatcbs !!!!

Only TWO more Episodes and then we are back to filming for SEASON 5 very soon .. which moves to FRIDAY NIGHT at 8PM this FALL!!! 👊🏜💪🏜 .... Let’s GO!!! #swat

Tune in TOMORROW NIGHT for some SHEMAR vs @michaelbeach DRAMA!!!!

👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜 @swatcbs 10/9c

Real Life @nfrealmusic

All geared up and ready for an ALL NEW @swatcbs this week!!!! ONLY 2 EPISODES left!!!!

WED 10/9c on CBS 👊🏜🔥 #swat

Give NO F**** selfie SWAG!!!! G’nite ✌🏟

Just Posing for no reason... Happy Saturday 😎☀

Almost go time 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜 .. You know what to do #swat fam 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @swatcbs

Just a few more hours...You don’t wanna miss it 🥵👊🏜💪🏜 @swatcbs #swat

Who’s ready for an action packed and intense episode of @swatcbs TONIGHT!!??

10/9c on @cbstv 🔥🔥 #swat

🀓Hey Baby Girls 😉😘😏🧡

Tomorrow night is gonna be wild 👊🏜💪🏜🔥 10/9c on @cbstv // @swatcbs #SWAT

Suited up and ready for an ALL NEW @swatcbs this WED 10/9c 🔥🔥 DON’T MISS IT 👊🏜👊🏜

A quick little tour of my crib... just being cheeky 😉

ALMOST THAT TIME ..... you know what it is!!! DROP THOSE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 if you’re tuning in!!!!


Just patiently waiting for tonight’s episode of @swatcbs ...

the CALM before ⬅ the STORM 👊🏜👊🏜 10/9c on CBS 💣🔥

Who’s ready for a DRAMA filled and ACTION packed episode of @swatcbs tonight as tension builds between Hondo and Deacon ?!

10/9c on @cbstv 🔥🔥👊🏜👊🏜

We are back tomorrow night with an ALL NEW @swatcbs 🔥💣 10/9c on @cbstv

My MOOD for the whole summer ... It’s a vibe💯😜🥳 ALL NEW SWAT WED 10/9c on CBS 👊🏜✌🏜

#swat #swatcbs #lapdswat #lapd #hollywood #chaseyourdreams #summertime

I mean....... enjoy yo life!!! LAUGH!! Now!!!! It ain’t forever or easy.... but make it FUN!!!!

😂🧡🎉🎉🎉🎉 @americancornholeleague

“Dis how we do it round Dese Parts”!!!!! 🍹😜🥲🀣🀣🀣

JENGA BABY..... first time Big Blocking!!!! Me and Freddy the Pimp got 35 levels on our FIRST try!!!

No tumble Baby!!! The record according to Siri is 40 levels.... oh, we gonna beat it... BABY!!!! 😜🏆

Family is EVERYTHING..... My Bday was SPECIAL with my Boston Family!!!

Celebrated me, mom 🕊, my new home, friends, and each other...... and Me and Uncle Steve WON the doubles tournament in Corn Hole!!!! Uncle Steve took the championship belt back to Boston!!!!” 🏆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🧡 .. (Yup this side of my family is just a lil bit brighter than me... I get chocolate n delicious in the sun... the sun turns them into heat stroke strawberries 🥵🀣🀣🀣🀣🀷🏜‍♂) #Bostonstrong

Who else is getting excited for @genentech ‘s #msvisibility Virtual Concert this SAT 4/24!!!

We could all use a little positivity, so check out the sneak preview of the amazing lineup including @siedahgarrett + @ptxofficial and join me in celebrating the MS experience! RSVP using the link in my bio

💥💥 BOOM 💥💥 HERE WE GO!!!! ALL NEW #SWAT right now on the EAST COAST ...

See the rest of you at 10/9c 🔥🔥🔥 .. Who’s ready?! @swatcbs

We are back in the ACTION with an ALL NEW @swatcbs TONIGHT!!! 10/9c 👊🏜👊🏜💥💥💣💣 Let’s go!!!!

51 Years Young..... Quite the journey so far... let’s see what the rest of this ride Looks n feels like...

4/20 Baby.... Puff Puff Pass... “I miss you mom... Thank you for giving me this life and loving me n protecting me and believing in me thru this life... I’ll take care of the rest and continue to make you proud”!!! 🕊 ....... Thank You and Much Love to ALL my Homies, Fans, and BABY GIRLS for having my back n rooting for me 🧡😘✌🏟🀩👊🏟👊🏌👊🏻👊🎉🎉🎉🎉

Aayeee !!! 🔥🔥🔥 @ktm.posters is at it again with this crazy dope #swat poster for Season 5 ..

got us lookin like action hero’s 💥💥👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜

#Repost @davidbradleylim
This is 🔥! Incredible artwork by @ktm.posters to celebrate our Season 5 pickup. 🙌🏜

Even though we’ve wrapped filming, we still have FIVE episodes left to air, starting this Wednesday! So stay tuned fam... 💥💥💥 #SWAT

Hi...... just me... baby faced swag!!! Nothing left to prove!!! I Been there n done that...

won n lost... stay WINNING!!!! If you love me, I love you back... if you hate me, I love you anyway 🧡

Ayyyyeee!!! And just like that... It’s a wrap on season 4 ...

We have the dopest, hardest working crew in the business and truly are a FAMILY!!! We busted our asses all the way through COVID without shutting down and it took each and every one of us to do it!!!! I have nothing but LOVE for all of you 🀍 See you all again soon for SEASON 5 💥💥💣💣🔥🔥👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜✌🏜✌🏜 #rollswat @swatcbs

Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!!

Don’t miss out on @genentech 's first ever free #MSVisibility Virtual Concert on 4/24 which will feature an amazing lineup of very talented and special guests and shine a light on the members of the wonderful #MS community my Mama Marylin was apart of for many years... Be sure to RSVP by clicking the link in my BIO!!!

Aaaayyyeeee!!!! Sunday FUNDAY!!! Let the weekend begin!!

@donjuliotequila set me up with my favorite 🥳🥳 #donjulio1942 🥃 THANK YOU @officialdonjulio

SWAT SWAG on a SATURDAY in the streets on DTLA #lapdswat #swat #cbs 💣💥🔥

My Baby Girls are undefeated 😂🀣

GOOFBALlIN on a FRIDAY!!! Yeeehaaawww !! 🀠🀣😂

A great day for filming at the legendary @paramounttelevisionstudios shooting the #SWAT SEASON 4 FINALE ...

and... did you know that @swatcbs is now available for streaming on @paramountplus 👊🏜💪🏜💯
📞 @jayharrington3

Thank you all for tuning in last night!!! Let’s get that Season 5 🔥 of @swatcbs

📞 @davinophotostudio

You know what day it is!!!! #SWAT Wednesday!!!! LET’S GO!!! Drop that 🔥🔥🔥 if you’re tuning in!!

When the action slows down and the drama begins it gives @davinophotostudio time to focus on these eyebrows 😜😈😅 ..

Happy Hump day y’all!!!

💥💥 ALL NEW SWAT TONIGHT 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs 💥💥 #beastmode LET’S GO!!!

SQUAD UP!!!! ALL NEW @swatcbs this WEDS 10/9c 💥💥💣💣🔥🔥

Happy Easter ... 🐰 😉

From the #swat FAM to you.... Have a great weekend 👊🏜👊🏌👊🏻💯 @swatcbs

Come here Baby... don’t run!!! I’m harmless 😉 Getting my birthday suit ready for my Bday....

burning ALL my shirts for the spring n summer ☀💊😜🔥🔥🔥

HONDO’s got HOPS on a Saturday 💥💥 #bts #swat

Aaayyyeee!!!! It’s about that time #SWAT FAM 💣💣💥💥🔥🔥 Get ready for an adrenaline ride tonight at 10PM ...


TONIGHT 10/9c 🔥🔥 Let’s go!!! @swatcbs

Tune in TONIGHT for an all new ACTION PACKED episode of #SWAT on @cbstv 👊🏜💪🏜🔥 #bts #rollswat

All new #SWAT tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS.... If you don’t tune in HONDO’s gonna put you in the hot seat next 👊🏜💪🏜💯😜

Let me stick it in your corn hole!!! 😜💍 HAPPY MONDAY 🀩 (Corn Hole is a bean bag toss game...

look it up if you don’t know... Relax in the comments... I’m being goofy not nasty.... sheesh 😅)

The squad is back this WED!!! 👊🏜💪🏜💯

Work in progress... Half Bucky Naked Season is around the corner.... heeeeey Baby Girls 😉😏😘

HOMIES, FANS, n BABY GIRLS!!! HAPPY FRIDAY 🥳😎🍻 ... Hope you find a reason to smile today!!!

All new #SWAT next WEDS 10/9c on CBS 🔥🔥

Saturday work mode on 💯🔥
@swatcbs Weds 10/9c on CBS

Goatee Swag back in da building.... Still Hondo 😠 but.... ALWAYS Shemar Muthafukkin Moe!!!!


Aaayyeee!!! It’s about that time .... Join us for all the fun at Jub Jubs Fun Factory TONIGHT !!!!

East Coast.... You’re up first!!!! 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs #swat

ALL BUSINESS TONIGHT on #SWAT 👊🏜💪🏜 10/9c on @cbstv

Go ahead Deac ... you jump first!!!
@swatcbs TONIGHT 10/9c on CBS 💯💣🔥

Taking this time out between scenes to let you know there’s an ALL NEW #SWAT TOMORROW NIGHT 👊🏜😎 10/9c on @cbstv @swatcbs

Ohhhh it’s about that time!!!! HERE COMES THAT MAN 👊🏜💪🏜 ...

Tune in for another fast paced and adrenaline filled episode of #SWAT tonight!!!! 10/9c on @cbstv 💣🔥

HONDO and DEAC .. We some BAAAAAAD BOYS and we comin’ for ya!!!

Tonight 10/9c on @cbstv 👊🏜👊🏌💪🏜💪🏌

Just doing #SWAT things on a TUESDAY!!!! 💣💯

Taking @swatcbs to new depths this WEDS .. Tune in for an action packed episode 10/9c on CBS 🔥💣👊🏜

It’s not a true season of @swatcbs without our Black Hawk 🚁 Tune in Wed 10/9c to see why we need this bad boy 👊🏜💣🔥

I ain’t done defying the odds.... Here come that man..... AGAIN!!!! 💪🏜🀩🧡

@champagnepapi #lightskinaintnevergoingout

It going down on WEDNESDAY .. Literally!!! Tune in for an all new @swatcbs 10/9c on CBS 💣🔥👊🏜

“You are a light. You are the light. Never let anyone – any person or any force – dampen, dim or dimmish your light
 Release the need to hate, to harbor division, and the enticement of revenge.

Release all bitterness. Hold only love, only peace in your heart, knowing that the battle of good to overcome evil is already won.”

– John Lewis



Aayyeeee!!! #swatwednesday .. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 TUNE IN 10/9c for an all new @swatcbs ...

Let’s go !!!! 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜💣💣🔥🔥

I’m not angry, I’m just PASSIONATE 🥵😡..... Tune in Tomorrow night for an all new @swatcbs 10/9c on @cbstv #swat


#SWAT 💣💣 .. We are back this week with an all new episode on @cbstv 10/9 WEDNESDAY

I’m sorry Poppie 🀷🏜‍♂😉🀣🀣🀣
@kaitchilders 🀣😘

Selfie for absolutely no reason.... i’m diggin my new orange suede boots!!!

My 2021 closet is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Rehearsal.... Real Shit coming in the near future... SWAT baby!!!! SEASON 4!!!

🔥🔥🔥🔥 f**k COVID!!!!

Talked to momma last night on the beach during the sunset at her place...

she said to me to my spirit, “Boy, get yo ass out there n finish what you started... You still got shit to do n show the world!!”...... Momma here I go!!!! Shemar Muthaf****n Moe!!!! ❀🕊🀩

One Year.... Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore (September 6 1943 - February 8 2020) ❀🕊 Mom loved life, people, her family, her friends, her wine, weed.....

and me!!! And the Ocean!!! The Greatest, smartest, funniest pain in my ass I have ever LOVED with all my soul and heart!! Mom you lived an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE and gave so much LOVE❀❀ I miss you soooooo much.... ALWAYS will... until I finish making the rest of my dream come true... then I’ll come dance and talk shit and laugh with you in Heaven ❀🕊 your one and only “Boo” 😘

Showing a little extra love to my Baby Girls today ❀ ...

I started Baby Girl as a way to show love and support for my Mama, and to help give back to the MS community... So we are going to keep doing exactly that ❀
Click link in Bio - Discount automatically applied to orders over $25.
#babygirl #babygirlbysfm #mssociety #nationalmssociety

I love Mahomes... and he will rule the next decade.... but... tonight was a lesson in....

RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!! #GOAT #12 BRADY!!! GREATEST EVER!!!! White boy can’t run to save his life!!! But... 43 years old and SHUTTING MOUTHS!!!! ... PURE RESPECT!!!! 🏈🏈🏈🖕🏟🖕🏟🖕🏟🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🀩🀩🀩🀩

Happy #SUPERBOWL Sunday y’all!!!! Hope everyone has some fun today 🥳🥳 ...

Get your Dranky Drank on and enjoy the game!!! 🍹🍺 .. It’s gonna be a fight 🏈👊🏜💪🏜 .. here’s a lil throwback to some pregame fun from Super Bowl 2 years ago!!!

Reppin Momma’s Birth place.... and nothing but BIG LOVE to my Uncle Stephen Wilson for the Boston Hat and to my entire family in Boston....

I LOVE and MISS you all ❀🍻🍻🍻 Go BRADY #12🏈 MAKE HISTORY #GOAT (I love Mahomes BUT just not tomorrow)

TGIF - Ready for this SUPERBOWL Weekend 💯 - who ya got? 🏈

Check out the new crib baby!! Photos via @people Mag .. Art by my lil bro @thejonmoody

Ayyyyeee!!!! Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! Go pick up the latest issue of People Magazine featuring ya boy 😎 ..

It was an honor having @people in my home and working with an amazing team of creatives on this feature. Much Love 💛

Photographer: @rogerdaviesphotography
Stylist: @brandwills
MUA: @annafleiner
Featured art by: @thejonmoody

No shame in my mask game 😷😳🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

Aaayyeee!!!! #SWAT WEDNESDAY is here and that means it’s time to drop that 🔥🔥🔥 in the comments for ya boy if you’re watching tonight!!!

LET’S GO 👊🏜💪🏜 @swatcbs

Feeling a lil blue 😎🎩🀷🏜‍♂😏 ( my blue gear y’all.... I’m feeling good)

Hold on for one WILD RIDE tonight on @swatcbs 💯👊🏜🔥

Got some new Fedoras Y’all 🎩😁🀩 fedoras by PETER GRIMM 🔥🔥

#SWAT FAM!!! Get ready for an all new episode TOMORROW night 10/9c on CBS!!!


RIP LEGEND Larry King... truly an honor to have had the opportunity to sit one on one and have a candid honest conversation with Mr King 🧡🕊🕊🕊🕊

You may find this message to be powerful... some may find this uncomfortable...

I see it as REAL, MEANINGFUL, SAD, NECESSARY to share, yet BEAUTIFUL in it’s HOPE, STRENGTH, and OPTIMISM for a more UNITED and PEACEFUL FUTURE 🙏🏿🙏🏟🙏🏜🙏🏌🙏🏻🙏❀❀❀❀❀


2019,2020, and Covid put me on a knee... new crib, new year... the next and last 50 years...

I’m standing!! Hmmmm... Bring it... I’m here for it!!! 🙏🏜🀩🧡❀

The one and only @thejonmoody has blessed my New Home with his incredible artistry and special talent!!!

He was able to capture my visions and learn my personality and spirit.. He is on his way to GREATNESS! 🀩

Get ready for an explosive episode of @swatcbs to set the tone for the rest of season 4!!!

🔥🔥 Let’s go!!! 👊🏜💪🏜 #swat 10/9c TONIGHT

Things get a little heated 🔥 TONIGHT on our first episode of the new year!!!

Tune in 10/9c on CBS 👊🏜💪🏜 @swatcbs @cbstv #swat

We are back with an ALL NEW #SWAT tomorrow night 10/9c ...

and your boy is back at work getting his “HONDO” stank face on 😡😡😅

COVID Free!!!! Now it’s time to go back to work!!! Blood Sweat n tears....

My Entire Dream is calling.... “Hello”

Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!! It’s a new year and that means @swatcbs is coming in HOT with an all new episode this WEDS 10/9c to kick off 2021!!!!!

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who’s ready??? #swat

Smile and Shuggie Boogie Swag!!! IMMORTALIZED!!!! 😁🐶🐶🀩 art by the one and only super artist on his way to Greatness @thejonmoody 🔥🔥🔥.......

Portrait of MOE is in the works 🐶🧡🕊🕊

Next chapter... New Beginning.. the Dream ain’t over.. just altered a lil bit.. stay Dreaming!!

Always a work in progress... don’t figure this Sh*t out... then what?! Just embrace the journey... 🙏🏜🧡✌🏟

2020 f**k OFF!!!! 🖕🏟🖕🏟🖕🏟

Pimpin ain’t easy!!! Covid quarantine at home SWAG!!!

“I got style Fool” 😎😂 The robe is a collaboration between @moniece_slaughter & @omgitsharveyj for @daddyrobes

Covid tried to disrespect a Brutha.. covid is a brutal test... it’s rough!!!

oh but I’m riding this quarantine at home out and I’m passing this test DAMMIT!!! Covid ain’t shutting down my swag... SH*T!!! 😅💪🏟🙏🏜🀩 #wearamask (in them streets)😷

Whenever I would talk sh*t about how great I am or something I thought I was good at... or...

would jokingly brag about my smooth talk Ways..... MY MOTHER would always call me a “JACK ASS”... and say to me.... “YOU DIDN’T INVENT THE SHIT SHEMAAAAA (Boston accent)..... I miss that!!! ....... (a good friend made this sweatshirt for me) 👊🏟👊🏟🙏🏜🧡❀🕊🕊

Thank You for loving on me!!! 2020 can kiss my whole entire 🍑 (art by @thejonmoody ...

good friend/lil brother and a BEAST as an artist.... Jon, THANK YOU for blessing the walls of my new home!!!)

🎅🏜🎅🏜🎅🏜 Merry Christmas to all my Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!

I hope you are all having an amazing, relaxing, and meaningful Christmas with your loved ones... What did Santa bring you for Christmas?? 🎄🎄🎁🎁 .. Let’s get our cuddle on Nana 🀗🀗😘

Jazzy 🎄🎁🎉🎉🀩

Ho Ho Ho 🎄🎅🏟 may we all count our blessings... appreciate n love unconditionally our truest friends and family...

remember those we’ve loved and lost... Covid SUCKS!!! But be merry anyway!!! 2020 is about to be in the rear view mirror.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 🙏🏜🙏🏌🧡❀🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🕊🕊

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10 footer in the new crib on the way... 🌲🎅🏟

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Hondo and Deacon are always ready for a little action 💥👊🏜💪🏜 ...

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New week... New Grind .. Get after it 💯 #SWAT @swatcbs

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ready for SUNDAY FUNDAY at Casa Del SHAM 🥳🍹🍻

HERE WE GO!!!! Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!! Get ready to tune in for the @swatcbs SEASON 4, 2-hr PREMIERE!!!

East coast is up first .. Let us know what you think in the comments 🔥🔥💣💣💥💥👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜 #rollswat #swat

TONIGHT!!! .. CBS .. 9PM .. Don’t miss our special TWO HOUR season premiere 👊🏜👊🏜

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Suit up and get ready to roll #SWAT tonight at 9pm on @cbstv for our 2hr season 4 premiere 💣💣🔥🔥 @swatcbs

The wait is almost over!!! Tune in for the very MEANINGFUL, HEARTFELT, and STRONG ❀👊🏜💪🏜 2 HR SEASON 4 PREMIERE of @swatcbs Tomorrow night 9pm 🔥💣💥

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Character Matters 🙏🏜🙏🏌🙏🙏🏟🙏🏿🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 In Complete Darkness we are ALL the same...

It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us.... don’t let your eyes deceive you................. Mom I know your smiling and dancing up in Heaven 💃🏻🕊💕

6 days and @swatcbs is back in ACTION!!!!! Let’s go!!! #rollswat #swat #swatcbs 💣💣🔥🔥💥💥

ONE WEEK until @swatcbs BIGGEST PREMIERE EVER!!! ...

You gotta stand up for something or you’ll fall anything ..... Tune in Wednesday Nov 11th at 9pm for our TWO HOUR season 4 premiere!!! 🔥🔥💣💣💥💥 #swatcbs #swat #humanity


#SWAT SEASON 4 Premieres NEXT WED NOV 11 at 9pm .. Tune in for 2 hrs of the baddest team on television 💣💣🔥🔥

SEASON 4 PREMIERE // NOV 11 - 9pm 💣💯
🎚 @rahalarts : DOPE POSTER 🔥

Did someone say ROLL #SWAT ?? We comin for ya!!! Nov 11 at 9pm on @cbstv 💣💣🔥🔥 #rollswat @swatcbs

Who’s ready!!!??? 2 WEEKS AND HONDO and the @swatcbs squad is gonna be back to kicking A$$ on CBS ....

SEASON 4 of #SWAT kicks off NOV 11 at 9pm with a 2hr PREMIER 🔥🔥💣💣 #rollswat
@maevavd2015 🎚

I did it momma 🙋🏜‍♂🙏🏜💕🕊

That’s a wrap on an amazing weekend with @ferrariraces at @thethermalclub 🏎💚💚💚 #ferrari #thethermalclub

Aaayyeee!!!! At @thethermalclub learning how to push the limits in the new F8 Tributo and 812 Superfast.....

Let’s go baby!! 🏎💚💯 @ferrari @ferrariraces

#SQUAD UP !!! Season 4 of @swatcbs hits your TV’s NOV 11th at 9pm 💣💣🔥🔥

Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!!!!

Here we come 💣💣🔥🔥 Season 4 of @swatcbs is just around the corner and we are gonna ROCK your screens with our signature ACTION, DRAMA, and REAL HUMAN & GROUNDED STORIES... THIS WILL BE our GREATEST season yet!!! TUNE in NOV 11 at 9pm for the 2hr season premiere!!!! Let’s go!!! #rollswat #swat 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜🔥🔥
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Funky New Selfie Mirror just arrived.... 😉😎 Yo IG STOP changing all the settings!!!!

I’m confused!!! 😳🀷🏜‍♂😅

It’s official!!!! @swatcbs is back NOV 11th and 9pm with a 2 HOUR PREMIERE of SEASON 4 !!!!!!

💣💣🔥🔥👊🏟👊🏟💪🏟💪🏟 Here we come!!!!! #swat

Yooooo !!!!! Hondo and Shemar Moore in The Buildin’ 😡😎😄😜🀪🀣😂 @thejonmoody is one talented brother!!!

Go show him so LOVE 💯

There he goes!!!! There go that man!!!! Come get your man Baby Girl!!!! Come get HONDO !!!

Season 4 of @swatcbs is coming to your living rooms in NOVEMBER!! 👊🏟💪🏟💣💥🔥

Happy Friday y’all!! 😎😜🀪🥳 Season Four of #swat @swatcbs is cookin’ away!!!!

You can catch up on @hulu .. ALL THREE SEASONS are streaming NOW!! #quarantinelife #warchswat #swatcbs

@champagnepapi 😎😎🀷🏜‍♂🀷🏜‍♂

#Repost @theshaderoom

Y’all, which two zaddys did we combine to make this extra FINE zaddy?! 👀😩🍫

Taking a knee... Taking it ALL in... come so far... weathered the storms.. enjoying the sunsets..

stay Dreaming and Believing.. 🙏🏟💕😎🀩

New home, new toys, new chapter, Dream is the same...

Never stop believing, work your ass off, grow, love, stay humble, but celebrate yourself... be proud!! And love yo momma.... I miss mine... I KNOW she is proud!!!” (My new gift wrapped toy is a Ferrari F8.... a RIDICULOUS ride) Dream Hard.... Work Harder!!! 💕🕊vroom vroom 🏎 🏎 💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥🔥🀩

Phat boy slim and your boy SFM swaggin it out .. please go show my cuzzo some love and lie to him and tell him he’s handsome ..

he likes to be called BIG SEXY 😎😎 @marketing_kings

Happy Heavenly Birthday Momma Marilyn... 77 today... I Love You...

You affected so many lives with your Brilliant Light, mind, Love, Sass, heart,and keeping it cute and elegant all day everyday. I know you up there puff puff passing and sipping that wine.... 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💕💕💕💕🕊🕊🕊


Do you see color??? Of course you do!!! So do I..... do you judge by color???? I DON’T!!!

I judge by “Content of Character” (MARTIN LUTHER KING JR)... Black n White.... YES.... I... AM!!! ................. in the words of (JANET JACKSON).... “In complete darkness, We are all the same... it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us... don’t let your eyes deceive you”..... MUCH LOVE!!!! ❀💕💕💕💕✌🏟✌🏜✌🏌✌🏻✌

I wish my white mother and my black father were both still here to witness this moment...

my father was not there for me or my mother.. but he is, was, and always will be my only father who without either of them, I would not have MY LIFE... my mother MARILYN JOAN WILSON MOORE, my BEST FRIEND, MY PARTNER IN CRIME (RIP ❀🕊🕊🕊😇)....would be soooooooo FUCKING PROUD to see a woman, a black woman (a mixed woman) with this opportunity... my father would be too...... #HISTORY #POSSIBILITY #BELIEVEINDREAMS ..................................... PLEASE do NOT get political or negative with any comments on my page!!!! ........ just....... VOTE!!!! (For Whoever and whatever you believe in) 🙏🏜✌🏟✌🏿✌🏜✌🏌✌🏻✌💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🇺🇞

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! #SWAT Season 3 DVD is available now ...

with exclusive deleted scenes and blooper reel! Check it out by clicking the link in my bio 😎👊🏜💪🏜

Out here Free Styling... No Tan Lines... Keeping the Peace... and... Living My Best Life...

Happy Monday 😉🀩✌🏟

This COVID-19 thang got my dranky drank game all messed up!!!!

🀬 I gotta cut a hole in my mask for a straw!!! sh*t!!!! 😉😳🀣🀣🀣 Hondo Swag AINT Shemar chill Swag!! It’s hard out here in these streets!!! 😅...... but SERIOUSLY... I ain’t never gonna be political or religious or racist or negative on social media... but... simply spreading love.... wear your mask n STAY safe!!!! 😷😘🙏🏜💕✌🏟✌🏿✌🏟✌🏜✌🏌✌🏻✌

OH THERE HE GO!!!!! HONDO is BACK!!! Day 6 of #SWAT @swatcbs SEASON 4 👊🏜💪🏜🔥

Defying the odds!!! That’s just who I am!!! It ain’t easy no more...

This TRYING TO STAY SEXY n HEALTHY SHIT.... F**k’n HURTS!!! but I’m staying in this game by any means necessary!!! 🙏🏜💪🏟😷😡🀩

Tan tryin’ to steal my shine 🀷🏜‍♂😜😂🀣 .. Let’s do this!!!!! @davidbradleylim

HONDO is back in da buildin’ filming Season 4 of @swatcbs ..

We have a lot of challenges to overcome to bring you the #SWAT that you know, but we are gonna grind it out, keep it safe, and continue to bring you the ACTION and DRAMA that you love 💯💯👊🏟👊🏟💪🏟💪🏟

BACK AT IT 💯 #swat @swatcbs

Car selfie (at a stop light.... shhhhhhh 🀫) DAY ONE of HONDO/SWAT shooting SEASON 4... DONE!! ...

the gang is back together and GETTING IT DONE!!!! 🀩😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dig Deep!!! My Dream is calling me back to the grind!!! 🙏🏟💪🏟🀩

HONDO body💪🏟... HONDO face😡... HONDO beard (no grays)😉... “Momma here com dat Maaaan” 😜🀩 ....

SWAT SEASON 4 starts shooting this coming Tuesday 8/4!!! 🔥🔥🔥

ONE WEEK and the @swatcbs #SQUAD is back to filming for SEASON 4!!!!

It’s gonna be one hell of a challenge, but we are gonna do what we do and GRIND it out 💯 and continue to bring you the most ACTION packed and GROUNDED cop drama on TV!!!! #rollswat #swat

Quiet Night... thoughts... come so far... crazy time right now.. patient... careful.. woke... and...

The Journey Continues... Blessed (We Are) 🙏🏜💕🊅🊅🊅

Hondo😠😡 vs Goofball😁😜

If you ain’t a Baby Girl... Keep scrolling... 😜 #operationnotanlines 😉

It’s Ya Boy!!!! ✌🏿✌🏌✌🏻✌🏟🀩💕

2020..... WOW!!!! #muchlove Fuck the politics!! Just #Staysafe .... 👊🏌👊🏜👊🏟👊🏿💕

Getting ready for SEASON 4 with my BROTHA @davidbradleylim ... Here we go 💯🔥

#Repost @davidbradleylim
...Hondo and Tan cut the lights, tap up, and breach. Cue the theme song... 💥🎶💥
We’re back to work in two weeks, for our most challenging season yet. #rollSWAT #Season4

Season 4 of @swatcbs will be back before you know it 🔥🔥🔥 This FALL, Wednesday’s at 10pm on CBS ...

Who’s ready for your favorite #squad to hit the TV screens 💥🔥💯 .. let me hear you in the comments while I go get HONDO ready in the gym 👊🏜💪🏜😎 // Thank you for the dope artwork @ktm.posters

SWAT SEASON 4!!!! Begins filming in 3 weeks 8/4 🔥🔥🔥(unless COVID-19 goes crazy on us and we get shut down)🙏🏜 SWAT is set to air this Fall on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS at 10pm on CBS!!!!

🎉🎉🎉🎉 and..... Bringing my smile back for my Baby Girls 😘😁😁😁

Get yo ass over here Baby Girl 😏

Don’t Call it a come back.... I’ve been here for years!!!!

Get up off of me!!!!

COVID-19 ain’t stopping HONDO from putting in that work!!! “Momma, here come that Baaaaaad Man”!!!!

💪🏟😠😉🀩 thanks to trainer and friend of 20 years John Aranita 💪🏟💪🏟💪🏟✌🏟 #respect

Ebony n Ivory!!!! 👊🏟👊🏌 #brothers @odiegallop

Selfie for no reason.... slowly getting my mojo and smile back💪🏟😁... crazy times for ALL of us!!

Stay safe... MUCH LOVE!!!! 🙏🏜💕😏

Hump Daaaaaaay 😉😏😎✌🏜

BOYS n TOYS!!! My boy @davinophotostudio FINALLY got and earned his Dream Car... Nissan GTR...

So Happy and Proud for him... work hard.. play hard!!! Congrats my dude!!!!! Yup... that’s my New Crib in the background... life ain’t easy... but chasing your dreams NEVER STOPS!!! #believeindreams #journeyofadreamer 🙏🏜🀩🏎💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥

🔥🔥🔥 Aaayyeeee!!! LATIN AMERICA!!!! SWAT SEASON 3 premieres on WED, June 17th @ 10PM on FOX CHANNEL @foxchannel ..

Don't miss it!!! 🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣 #swat #herewecome


I really wish we could see each other beyond the color of our skin... crazy time for ALL of us!!


🇱🇷 Memorial Day with the the #SWATSQUAD @davidbradleylim @odiegallop and my guy @milesinla 🐶 ...

💪🏻💪🏌💪🏜 #goofballin

#swatsquad Your boy HONDO 😜😎🔥 .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs .. LET’S GO!!!!

#swatsquad @jayharrington3 .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs

#swatsquad @linaesco .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs

#swatsquad @davidbradleylim .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs

#swatsquad @thekennethjohnson .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs

#swatsquad @alexrussell .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs

#swatsquad @patrickstesprit .. SEASON 3 FINALE TONIGHT 10pm on CBS @swatcbs

TONIGHT!!!! 10PM on CBS .. #SWAT SEASON 3 FINALE 💣💣🔥🔥👊🏜👊🏜

Who’s ready for some NEXT LEVEL ACTION tonight in our @swatcbs SEASON 3 FINALE??

Tune 10/9c on @cbstv #swat 🔥🔥💣💣💥💥

My eyes looking a lil lit from laying in the sun... I was born 4/20....

but I swear I don’t puff puff pass 🀷🏜‍♂😉🥺😜🀣🀣... and ... Join my HOMIE @davidbradleylim for a LIVE Q&A on the @swatcbs Instagram at 6pm PST just before the Finale Episode.... your boy HONDO 😎😜 is going to join him as one of his guests 👊🏜💪🏜

Salt n Peppa Swag... slowly bringing HONDO back 😠🀩😏✌🏟💕 .. and ...

Join my HOMIE @davidbradleylim for a LIVE Q&A on the @swatcbs Instagram at 6pm just before the Finale Episode.... your boy HONDO 😎😜 is going to join him as one of his guests 👊🏜💪🏜

You Feelin’ Lucky .. Rabbit? We ain’t messin around Tomorrow night 10/9c on @swatcbs 🔥💣💥 #swat

ONE MORE DAY ... @swatcbs SEASON 3 FINALE .. 10pm on @cbstv 🔥🔥🔥 Don’t miss it 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜 #swat

Homies, Fans, N Baby Girls!!!! This week is “The Winters Family” theme week on Y&R ..

Tomorrow they air my first episode... so here’s a look at my very first scene of my first episode of Y&R and it’s with my brother KRISTOFF ST. JOHN.... 🙏🏌🙏🏌 Tune in tomorrow to watch the full episode!!! #theyoungandtherestless #malcomwinters

🔥 BIG THINGS GOING DOWN this week on the @swatcbs SEASON 3 FINALE ...

Tune in 10/9c this Wed on @cbstv #swat

Happy Friday y’all!! 😎 .. Get ready for an EXPLOSIVE SEASON FINALE next week!!!

💥💥 WED, MAY 20th 10pm on @cbstv
#SWAT @swatcbs @swatwriters @sptv

Homies, fans, and BABY GIRLS for life!!! Stay safe 💕💕💕💕🙏🏟🀩

Remember me??!!! Quarantine life... stay chillin!!!! Missing momma...

🕊🕊🕊 yet fueling my soul for the rest of my journey... whenever they open the doors to get out there and SHOW OUT!!! In the meantime, much love to EVERYBODY... stay safe!! We in this TOGETHER!!! 💕😘✌🏟😎🀩🙏🏟

#SWAT FINALE IN ONE WEEK ☝🏜👊🏜🔥🔥 10pm on @cbstv @swatcbs ... Who’s ready?!

#swatcbs #hondo #finale #lapdswat #sonytv #cbstv

Momma Marilyn loved and lived on the ocean... and her Hat game stayed Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👒👒👒👒👒💕🕊🕊 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ❀😘

Gone too soon 💔 Marilyn Joan Wilson Moore..... you always told me you were in the front of the line when God was handing out sons and you gave me life...

I always responded saying “No momma, I cut the line to get to YOU!! I Love You and miss you sooooooo much!!! You did the dam thang!!! I promise to finish what we started! Dance, keep shaking yo back side, sip that wine, puff puff pass, smile.... while I do what you would want me to do... Show the world what you taught me and made me believe that anything is possible and go get it.... Journey of a Dreamer..... HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to ALL mother’s out there.. and... up in heaven.... we are nothing without the love of a mother! 💕💕💕🕊🕊🕊🕊 #partnersincrime ❀

🔥🔥 SEASON 3 FINALE MAY 20th at 10pm on @cbstv 🔥🔥 .... with SEASON 4 on the horizon baby!!!!

Thank you to all the HOMIES, FANS, N BABY GIRLS for watching every week and continuing to ride with your boy!!!!! Don’t miss the CRAZY end to this season!!! Much Love 🧡😎

🔥🔥 Aaayyyyeeeee!!!!!!! Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!!!!!

We did it and it’s only possible because you ride with us every week!!!! Season 4 .. HERE WE COME ... HERE COME THAT MAN 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜💣💣🔥🔥

Happy Friday Ya’ll !!! Thank you for ridin’ with us on @swatcbs this week!!

Here’s a little BTS 📞 from this weeks episode. MUCH LOVE 🧡😎✌🏜

🔥🔥 ALL NEW @swatcbs TONIGHT 10pm 🔥🔥 LET’S GO !!! 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜

#swat #rollswat @cbstv @sptv @swatwriters

Only good VIBES today 💯
ALL NEW @swatcbs TONIGHT 10pm on @cbstv

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! You don’t want to miss Tonight’s adrenaline filled episode!!!

Tune in at 10 pm on @cbstv 🔥💣💥

Go ahead.... Try me 💥👊🏜💪🏜
ALL NEW @swatcbs TOMORROW NIGHT 10/9c on @cbstv

Just hangin out, waiting for #swatwednesday so HONDO and the @swatcbs squad can kick some ..

Well... You know!!! 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜💥💥
ALL NEW #SWAT THIS WED 10/9c on @cbstv

🔥🔥 Tune in for an ALL NEW @swatcbs THIS WEDS with some crazy, edge of your seat ACTION 😬😬!!!!

Don’t miss it.... only ONE more episode after this!!!! 🔥🔥

Aaayyyeee!!!! Thank you to all the HOMIES 😎, FANS 😜, and Baby Girls 😘 who tuned in last night and made it one of our highest rated and viewed episodes of the season ....

and we still have TWO more EXPLOSIVE 🧚 episodes to go!!!! #rollswat @swatcbs

#swatwednesdays .. It’s going down TONIGHT!!!!! Only two more episodes after this one...

so all my HOMIES, FANS, N BABY GIRLS... get that popcorn 🍿 ready maybe a little Drinky Drank 🍷 and tune in at 10/9c on CBS!!!! #quarantinelife #swatcbs #rollswat @swatcbs

Another look at Tonight’s action packed and drama filled episode of @swatcbs ...

Tan’s been marked and we got his back 👊🏜💪🏜💥💣🔥

Hondo ain’t messin’ around TONIGHT!!!! Tune in for all the action 10/9c on CBS 👊🏜💪🏜💥 @swatcbs

ALL NEW #SWAT TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Tune in at 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs

The Big 5-0 ... Always tryin’ to keep my black from crackin’ ..

I appreciate all the love from my Homies, Fans, N Baby Girls.... not just for my birthday but through all the years..... this last year and a half kicked my ass .. I’m coping, still standing, and always fighting for my joy.... I wish all of you nothing but love, health, and safety..... Appreciate everything you’ve got and who you LOVE.... and stay your ass in the HOUSE and get your drinky drank on!!!!! Much Love ❀🧡✌🏜😎

#SWATWEDNESDAY IS HERE 💣🔥💥 Tune in tonight for the rerun of one of last seasons most EXPLOSIVE and EXCITING episodes “Rocket fuel” ....

10/9c on CBS @cbstv @swatcbs @sptv

Geared up and ready for an ALL NEW @swatcbs in TWO weeks!!!!

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A special message from our @swatcbs cast .. please.. there is no shame in seeking help 🙏🏌

Tune in TONIGHT for an ALL NEW.... Very SENSITIVE and EMOTIONALLY driven episode of @swatcbs ..

“Stigma” .. Written by Ryan Keleher .. the episode deals with the important topic of mental health and suicide awareness especially within the police force... don’t miss this very special episode 10/9c on @cbstv #mentalhealth #suicideprevention #swat #rollswat

Kicking A$$ .. taking names... and doing what it takes to find BUCK ..

Tomorrow night 10/9c on @cbstv #rollswat

The #SWAT boys coming for you this WEDS with an ALL NEW and SPECIAL episode!! 10/9c on @cbstv

This WED on #SWAT .. we rush to try and save our original team leader BUCK and bring him back home ..

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How are all my Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls doing out there?!

Hope everyone is hanging in there and doing your part to stay healthy 🧡🧡

Spread the love... WE WILL BE ALRIGHT!!! Be safe, smart, kind, listen, stay home..... for now....

and find reasons to LAUGH!!! MUCH LOVE!!!!!! This shit ain’t easy BUT we will TOGETHER... BE OKAY!!! 💕🙏🏟🀣🀣🀣

Thank you for ALL my HOMIES, FANS, n Baby Girls who rocked with us last night for a lil’ entertainment during this Quarantine ⚠⚠.....

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💥💥 ALL NEW TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! Season 3 is a wrap but we still have more #SWAT every WEDS at 10/9c until the end of APRIL!!!!

... Ayyyeeee!!! And look who’s in the trailer... THAT’S RIGHT... my Assistant’s @shar_tee Crazy dope and talented Daughter @selenathurmond ... Congratulations on your first big job Selena 😘🧡 #rollswat

Hi 💔💗💕🕊🕊🕊🙏🏟🔥🔥🔥🀩🀩🀩🀩

HONDO’s out here making sure everyone’s staying safe during this COVID-19 craziness!!!

Panicking doesn’t fix anything.... stay optimistic & safe.....and try to have some FUN and enjoy your families and loved ones along the way ✌🏜🧡

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Posted with the homies #squadup 😎💯

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This weds these two FUNNY AF Homies @billbellamy and @kareemgrimes join us on #SWAT and bring us some good laughs ..

Tune in 10/9c Tomorrow NIGHT!!!! @swatcbs

Stay STRONG, face your fears, and chase your DREAMS ... you only get one shot at this life ...

Make it happen 💯👊🏜💪🏜 .. All new #SWAT this WED 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs

Here we go!!! Tune in for our Mid-season premiere that kicks off 9 explosive @swatcbs episodes in a row!!!


Getting closer to go time 👊🏜💪🏜 #swat #letsgo

Aaayyyeee #SWAT is back tonight ... and your baby boy is having better days one day at a time ....

tune in TONIGHT for our mid-season premiere 10/9c on CBS

All new @swatcbs Tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS ... We are back with 9 episodes in a row!!!

Let’s GO!!!! #swat

Your Baby Boy got hit in the mouth by the rough side of life... and death... but...

I WILL keep pushing and winning!!! And SWAT IS BAAAAAACK THIS Wednesday 10/9c !!!! ....Momma you only made one baby, but you made a strong determined proud Muthaf*****!! ... Everything I have ever done was for my momma.... everything I do now going forward is in honor of the Greatest Lady I have ever known.... Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore 💗💗🔥🔥🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊😇

I am who I am because of you MOMMA 🙏🏌❀ I miss you 🕊 🕊 🕊 .. and my brother Kristoff too....

Forever 🧡
If you want to see the whole interview of me by KRISTOFF St. John click the link in my bio, and I will post it on my FB page. 🙏🏌🙏🏌

My Mama always said “I was at the front of the line when God was handing out sons” ...

and I always said “Mama, you know I cut the line to get to you!” ❀ I love you mama ❀

Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore, my mother, best friend, and partner in crime passed away Feb 8th at 76 years old...

I miss her more than I ever thought possible and I don’t know how to do this life without her ... but I get my STRENGTH from her and I will be OK because of HER. Mama.... here come that man!!!!! What I do from this day forward is for YOU!!!! I’m going to continue to LEAP and pray that the NET appears!! It was too soon ... and it hurts so bad.... but I know you are with me and will continue to give me strength... I love you mama ❀

Throwin’ it back to the #SWAT pilot for this one....

we’ve changed, we’ve grown, and we still have FUN in this game!!!! Nothing but love for my #swat fam!!!!! 🧡👊🏜💪🏜


One year..... I miss you STOFF!!! I always will... I hate that I can’t pick you up on my shoulders and talk shit with you anymore..

but One year.. two years.. Ten years.... for the rest of my breathing life, I will ALWAYS carry you in my heart!! Keep Dancing and White Boy Rapping and being a Goofball up there.... ✌🏟👊🏜👊🏜🙏🏟🧡🕊🕊🕊🕊😇 I LOVE YOU n MISS YOU n HATE that you’re not telling me what i’m doing right or wrong!!! Till we meet again... and we Will meet again... THANK YOU!!! ✊🏟✊🏟♥

Thank you all for tuning in to last nights special #TOKYO x @swatcbs episode!!!!

We had a GREAT time filming in this AMAZING city!!! Thank you to all our Japanese FRIENDS and FANS who showed us LOVE while we were there 🇯🇵🇯🇵 Much Love to you ALL 🧡✌🏜

Oh it’s about that time on the East Coast
 Tune in for @swatcbs x TOKYO 🇯🇵 ....

and I just want to give a huge shout out to @maevavd2015 for this pro level artwork in celebration of our Tokyo episode 🔥🔥🔥🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 #rollswat #swat 10/9 on CBS

Swipe 👈🏌 for a BTS preview of tonight’s episode of #swat 🔥💣💥 ... Who’s ready!!!???

#rollswat #tokyo

Future’s lookin’ bright ✹ ... so is tonight’s episode of #SWAT 💯

Join me and this BEAUTIFUL baby girl @rila_fukushima TONIGHT on @swatcbs at 10/9c ......

It’s gonna be a good time 🇯🇵💥💣👊🏜💪🏜 #swat

Tokyo swag was on point 😎😎... ALL NEW #SWAT tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS

Keep that Shemar Muthaf**kin Moore Smile on BLING!!!!

😁😁😁😁😁 thanks to Doctor Anthony Mobasser in Beverly Hills... he’s an expensive BOSS 😅

This squad’s got your six ... even in TOKYO, JAPAN 🇯🇵 ..

Tune in this WEDS at 10/9c for a WILD and FUN ride 🔥💣💥👊🏜👊🏌👊🏻 #swat

No words can fix this!!!! But LOVE and COMPASSION for Kobe and his Family...

and RESPECT to his GREATNESS!!!! I am humbled and sad!!!! Life is Right NOW!!! For ALL OF US!!! Wow!!! RIP to one of the GREATEST and his beautiful young daughter😢🏀.... and the OTHERS who were on that chopper.... they ALL MATTER..... GONE TOO SOON 💔🕊🕊🕊🕊🙏🏟🧡 FUCK!!!!! 😢😢😢😢

Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!!! Next week #SWAT takes you to TOKYO, Japan 🇯🇵 !!!

You’re gonna want to tune in for one of our biggest and FUN episodes of year!!! 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!!!

It’s almost that time for your boy HONDO and the baddest squad on TV to LIGHT UP your TV Screens with another ACTION PACKED episode of #swat TONIGHT 10/9c on CBS 🔥💣💥🎥💯 #rollswat

Loyalty is everything to HONDO and tonight it’s tested!! 😡👊🏜💪🏜 10/9c on CBS #swat

Run n Hide ... We will find you! 👊🏜💪🏜 #SWAT takes it to the next level tomorrow night!!!!

💯 Don’t miss this one 10/9c on CBS #letsgo #rollswat 🔥💣💥

Tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS!!!! The drama and action continues with another INTENSE episode of @swatcbs 👊🏜💪🏜🔥💣💥

#SWAT .. Open for Business this WEDS 10/9c on CBS ... Be there 🔥💣💥👊🏜

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! THIS WEDS the story continues ...

you don’t want to miss how this ends for STREET and the TEAM!!! Tune in WEDS NIGHT, 10/9c on CBS !!!

Happy Friday Y’all !!! Here’s some BTS stills from this weeks episode of #SWAT !!!

Thank you for rollin’ with us!!! 👊🏜💪🏜🔥💣💥

Happy Birthday to my TV Mama... the Beautiful and Legendary @therealdebbieallen ..

you Inspire me and teach me. Much Love 🧡 #SWATFAM

TUNE IN TONIGHT!!!!! We are BACK with our signature ACTION packed THRILL RIDE 🔥💣💥 Here he come Mama!!!

Here come that man!!! 👊🏜💪🏜 Who’s ready?! 10/9c on CBS

🔥 🔥 Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! #SWAT is back next WEDS, January 15th, 10/9c on CBS ...

who’s ready to have this squad back on their screens?? 💣💣

🧡🊅😏😉 Honest Eyes.. but... my smile is right around the corner... 2020 Baby... LET’S GET IT!!!!


To my Australian Fans n Baby Girls.... These photos speak a thousand heartbreaking words...

I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to you all during this catastrophic and hard time.... and to ALL of my FANS... if you would like to donate in any way here are some links to help: -
And to my friends Tamika, Carlyle and MAX @senor_maxi who lives out there.. Stay safe my friends!!! 🧡
Much Love 🧡 Shemar

Much Love Always!! 2019 tested the shit out of me!! I PASSED muthafukkas!!!

Not without some tears and scars and lessons learned... but HERE I AM... I Passed the tests... always will!!! BLESSED n STAY HUNGRY for LIFE and JOY n CHASING GREATNESS!! It’s 2020 BABY!!!! I have no idea what’s coming, but I’M READY!!! This journey and My Dreams continue!!!! I wish you ALL nothing but GOOD in 2020.. slap “Bad” in the mouth and KEEP IT PUSHING!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!! 🧡🎇🎉🎉🎉🎉🀩

SHERROD FRANKLIN “FREEDOM” MOORE.... The Man who helped give me life.... My Father... RIP...

🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊..... I wish we had made time to get to know each other... but... we didn’t................. I am grateful for you giving me life... I respect your service 🇺🇞....... Then there was silence..... Regardless, I found my way to Stand up and find ME..... “Walk a Mile in a Man’s Shoes”.... I hope you’re FINALLY dancing in your FREEDOM!!!! 🊅🊅🊅🊅 Peace Out Pops 🕊🕊🕊🕊✌🏟👊🏟👊🏿

Thank you to ALL the HOMIES, FANS, N Baby Girls for another AMAZING YEAR of your Support!!!

2019 was a crazy n hard year for me..... but 2020 is going to be a year of SUNSHINE and GOOD!!! 😎🀩 ... Where ever you are and whatever you want to do in LIFE.... Get out there and make 2020 the year YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN..... STOP WAITING!!!!! Go and GET IT 👊🏜💪🏜💯 .. Much LOVE ✌🏜🧡

I will NEVER quit.... just KEEP Growing and Evolving... 2019 Beat My Ass... but I took every hit...

STILL STANDING!!!!... 2020 brings 50 and THE BEST OF ME... yet!!! TRUST n BELIEVE!! .... Believe in YOU..... By Any Means Necessary!!! MUCH LOVE!!! 🙏🏟🧡👊🏟👊🏜👊🏌👊🏻
Video by @prince_ea - Thank you 🙏🏟

Momma Marilyn and her little Brother/My Uncle Stephen.... not perfect...


This Man!!!! My Uncle Stephen Wilson 🇺🇞 ( My Mother’s Brother/West Roxbury Massachusetts/Boston ) A Marine...

A Father... A Grandaddy.. the best uncle ever... to me.... A LOYAL husband... A School Teacher... A Postal Worker.... the Man who taught me baseball.. A once upon a time brawler ... but now a softy.... The Man who taught me that, “you can be Right or you can be Happy... but you can’t be both.. you must choose which one is most important to you each time”..... Stephen Wilson, I love you and salute you!! 👊🏟👊🏌 I am a loooong way from 71 years of Greatness .. but I aspire to be like YOU when I grow up!! This Christmas was SPECIAL with you and ALL the FAMILY!!! Go Red Sox ⚟ 🧡

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to My Homies, Friends, Family, Fans, and Baby Girls 🎄🎁🙏🏟🧡🎉🎉 to:

Marilyn Wilson Moore...You are why I am who I am... you made me, taught me, and believed in me...and continue to drive me crazy... I love you 🧡 My Father: Sherrod Franklin Moore... RIP (9/4/41- 12/11/19) 🕊🕊🕊 You made me but we never really got to know each other.. I wish you peace n freedom ✌🏟🊅
Mel Harrison (my high school baseball coach)... I know you’re dancing like a fool up there.. 😜You are in my heart and memory everyday. 🧡 Kristoff St John: my tv brother who started my career, hugged me when I was scared and you told me “you got this”... I miss you and will always aim to make you proud and laugh your ass off 👊🏟👊🏟. Grandma Marie: I stay drinking that Baileys like we did after midnight mass.. “Grandma wants just a pinch of that baileys”.... 12 pinches later we got to giggling and talking sh*t 😉🧡🍹. Shug n Moe 🐶🐶: Daddy Loves you and thinks about you everyday... Thank You for farting, slobbing, and loving on me for 12 years💩😳🧡. SG: I’m sorry I lost you.. Wish you nothing but a shit ton of success and joy🧡. My Friends, Family...... and Fans: THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏟🧡. Hollywood: I ain’t going nowhere... so Let’s keep dancing🀩 SWAT BIOTCHES!!! 2020: BRING IT ON!!! 🔥🔥🔥 “Momma, HERE COME DAT MAN”!!! 😏😠😎😜😅

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! Thank you for your support and ridin with us this year!!!

#SWAT 2019 WE OUT ... see you next year!!! WED Jan 15th 10/9c 🔥💣💥✌🏜 @swatcbs

Homies, Fans, and Baby Girls!!!! How good is your HONDO face??!!!

Do your best Hondo SCOWL and post them up on your Instagram/stories with the hashtag #hondoface and I’m gonna post the best ones on my stories!!!! Let’s see what ya got!!!

#BGOTD .. BABY GIRL of THE DAY!!! Show some love to these two SILLY N SEXY Japanese BABY GIRLS ..

Miki - @tokyobutterfly and her friend . Rockin’ their Baby Girl tee’s all the way in TOKYO 🇯🇵 ❀ .. It’s amazing to all the International LOVE from my fans and the support for Baby Girl!! .. Thank you both for your LOVE and SUPPORT in the FIGHT against MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 👊🏜💪🏜😘😜
Get your Baby Girl Gear at and send BGOTD submissions to BGOTD

Y’all better have a SEXY FUN weekend or we gonna have a PROBLEM 😡👊🏜💪🏜😎😘🧡

Thank you to all my Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls for tuning to last nights Mid Season Finale of #swat ..

“MONSTER” 😡💣🔥 Thank you for your continued support.... We’ll see you back on screen WED, JAN 15th 10/9c

There’s a monster in all of us .... but it’s the STRONGER man who can keep that monster at bay!!!

😡👊🏜💪🏜... Tune in TONIGHT for our MID-SEASON FINALE !!! 10/9c on CBS #swat #ROLLSWAT

Good Morning 😎... #SWAT Wednesday baby!!! Who’s ready for the FALL FINALE TONIGHT!?

10/9c on CBS 🔥💣💥

Monsters do exist... but they don’t always lurk in the shadows...

sometimes they hide in plain sight... Tune in tomorrow night for the @swatcbs FALL FINALE 10/9c on CBS #SWAT

Bringing LOVE ❀ and DRAMA 😡 to LIFE with two LEGENDS @therealdebbieallen and @obbababatunde tomorrow night on @swatcbs 10/9c #swat // 📞 @davinophotostudio

Getting ready for WHATEVER is coming 💯

Monday Mood .. let’s go 👊🏜💪🏜 #swat

TUNE IN THIS WEDNESDAY 10/9c for the @swatcbs FALL FINALE 🔥🔥 Where we deal with one of our DARKEST and most TWISTED criminals yet!!!

You don’t want to miss it!!! #swat 🔥💣💥

Tonight... Tune in for one of our most heartfelt 🧡 and special episodes of #SWAT from season 2 called “School” ....

if you missed it last year, please don’t miss it Tonight!! 10/9c on CBS

My guys @johnnycostumes @davinophotostudio going through puberty tryin to get their Hondo voice on....

but they balls ain’t dropped enough to get right 🀣😂😡

Full of Turkey and sweet potato pie... and jet lagged... happy to be home...

thank you Japan 🇯🇵 for Welcoming Hondo and Team SWAT to chase bad guys through the streets of Tokyo... Epic memories! #Pinchmeproud HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🙏🏟🧡🊃🍗🧇🏈🍻✌🏟😎😎😎

Happy Thanksgiving from our #Swat Fam to yours...

we hope you are all enjoying you FAMILIES and LOVED ones and eating like royalty 👑🊃🍁🍜 .. A special thanks to our new friend @megumiageishi for all your help in Tokyo 🇯🇵 .. Much love 🧡

About last night 💯👊🏜💪🏜 .. if you missed it, be sure to catch up on #SWAT over the Holidays on the CBS ALL ACCESS APP or

HONDO and DEAC comin’ to get you!!!!! 👊🏜👊🏌 TONIGHT 10/9c ... #SWAT on CBS ... Let’s go!!!


Better hang on tight for tonight’s episode of @swatcbs 10/9c on CBS #swat #rollswat 🔥💣💥

We picked up an extra band member in TOKYO 😎😜 ...

Thank you to our Tokyo crew for ALL of your HARD WORK in making this such a seamless and successful filming experience in Japan!!!! #SWAT OUT ✌🏜✌🏜

🔥🔥 @swatcbs is gonna be one WILD ride tomorrow night with this #squad 💣💣

#blackhawk #helicopter #swat #lapdswat #rollswat #blackops #nightvision

All new @swatcbs TOMORROW NIGHT 10/9 on CBS 🔥💣💥 #rollswat

Aayyeee!!!! That’s a wrap on #swat in TOKYO 🇯🇵 ... Arigato Japan!!! ...

for your amazing hospitality and letting us film in your BEAUTIFUL country!!! We had a great time!! 🇯🇵✌🏜👊🏜 @swatcbs

Mario Kart is real baby!!! Your boy’s having fun and taking over #Tokyo 😜😎🀪✌🏜🇯🇵 #swat #swatinjapan #japan

The “Blasian Twins” at it again in Tokyo 🇯🇵✌🏜✌🏌

DAY 2 of FILMING @swatcbs in TOKYO!!! LETS GO!!! #swat #tokyo



Team SFM in Tokyo 🇯🇵👊🏜👊🏌 My guy JD International photographer getting those HERO shots!!!!

@davinophotostudio LET’S GO!!!!! #SWAT

Aayyyeee .. It’s about to go down in TOKYO 🇯🇵 ...

the BOYS are here and we about to light this city up with some #SWAT ACTION 🔥🔥💣💣💥💥

🇯🇵 Tokyo #SWAT squad!!! We’re here BABY!!! Kickin it off with a press day!!!

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! IT’S ON TONIGHT!!! Tune in 10/9c on CBS for an all new INTENSE and DRAMATIC episode of @swatcbs 💥💣🔥 YOU don’t want to MISS what we have in store for you tonight!!!

See you there 👊🏜💪🏜

Tomorrow night!!!! Tune in for @swatcbs at 10/9c to see HICKS ( @patrickstesprit )throw down in the field with the SQUAD!!!!!

🔥💣💥👊🏜💪🏜 #swat

Homies, FANS, and Baby Girls!!!! What’s good?! 😎😜👊🏜💪🏜

Who’s rollin with HONDO and the @swatcbs squad this WED?! .. All new #SWAT 10/9c on CBS!!!


Here we go!!!! New week NEW @swatcbs !!! 👊🏜💪🏜🔥💣

Happy Birthday my dude!!! @jayharrington3 You talented Handsome MuthaF*****!!!! 👊🏜💪🏜 #swatfam


😘 Congratulations on pushing your LIMITS and competing in your first fitness competition at 40 YEARS OLD!!! 💪🏜💪🏜💪🏜AMAZING!!!! .... and Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT in the FIGHT for the CURE of MS .. (Multiple Sclerosis) 💪🏜💪🏜👊🏜👊🏜😘😘 .... Much Love 😘❀❀ #BEATMS #fashionforacure #multiplesclerosis
// // send #BGOTD submissions to bgotd

Hi Shemar. First off, I want you to know how inspirational and motivating you are. The videos you post about pushing boundaries, believing in yourself, and never giving up on the dreams you have, really resonated with me. I’ve always wanted to compete in fitness competitions, but kept putting it off. I’ll be turning 40 in July, and two weeks ago I took part in my very first competition. I pushed away all my doubts and fears, and accomplished one of my dreams (Placing 3rd in the Masters division). Now to work towards Nationals 😬 I’m super proud and just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for being you! Playful, light hearted, humble, and most importantly..... a true motivater and positive influencer. Your positive mindset has never changed though out the years. From being in magazines, to Y&R, movies, Criminal Minds, and now S.W.A.T. Your inspiration is a breath of fresh air! You always strive for the best and you make others want to do the same.
Baby Girl Nation is what it is because of you, and the fight for MS continues, because of you and many others that fight for those they love. I’m honoured to continue supporting you and the this clothing line, because of what it stands for. Ohh... and I finally fit into these shorts🙌🏜 I now wear them with a little sass. Lol!! Thanks again,
Forever your Baby Girl
(Bowmanville Ontario 🇚🇊)

Thank you to the Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls who tuned in for @swatcbs last night!!!

If you missed it, catch up with the CBS ALL ACCESS app!!! Much Love 🧡👊🏜✌🏜

💥💥 Who’s tuning in with us TONIGHT???!!!! #ROLLSWAT Let’s GO!!! 💣💣

SFM and HONDO .. The BEFORE and AFTER series continues 😎😡 ..

Tune in for another episode of #SWAT TONIGHT 10/9c on CBS

18 years .... my assistant @shar_tee is pretty DOPE 💯😘

#SWAT !!!! We comin for ya ya TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! ... Hondo and Deacon got your six!!!!


We move as ONE 💯
#swat #rollswat @swatcbs

No Monday BLUES here baby!!! Just SMILE with ME and show em’ whatcha workin with and go get this WEEK 😎😜😆👊🏜💪🏜

Stay humble yet hungry... everybody has a story... the race is only with yourself..

you better WANT it And GIVE IT YOUR ALL to get to that finish line!!!! How bad do you want it? There are folks out there HUNGRY for what you might eat everyday.... KNOW THAT!!!! ... reposted from @VT

TURN UP the volume and listen closely.... and somebody tell my HOMIE #charlesbarkley that @swatcbs moved to WEDS NIGHTS 10/9c!!!

Much Love and Thank you for the support my brother!!! 👊🏜💪🏜💥💣🔥

Homies, Fans n my Baby Girls!!!! It’s almost time for THAT MAN and THAT TEAM to go kick some A** ...

and look at TAN... lookin like the asian James Bond 😎😎 ... It’s #SWAT Wednesday... LET’S GO!!!!! 🔥💣💥💯 @swatcbs

#SWAT WEDNESDAY is ALWAYS a GOOD DAY 💯 .. who’s ready for an all new ADRENALINE filled episode of @swatcbs TONIGHT!!!


You fools better jump n get to swimming or it’s a wrap!!! 🔥💣💥 #SWAT tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS

Lil’ #SWAT HOMIES in da BUILDIN’ .... Show em how it’s done youngsters!!!

😎👊🏜💪🏜 Thank you all for your support 💯 @hookemjoeman @jc3basketball @tterie @swatcbs 💣🔥💥

I’m BEGGING you to Let me finish my Dam coffee!!! Then and only then will I become HONDO......

DAMMIT!!! 🙏🏟😠😡🀣😎🎬

#BGOTD Baby Girl of the Day @lovelair_ gettin her early morning grub on in her BG Pullover Hoodie!!!

... Now bring your boy some Pancakes N Syrup 😜🀪😘
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Happy Sunday to my Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! Check out this CRAZY Dope VIDEO “We’re Just Savages” made by a fan (njhxjames on YouTube) Huge Thank you and shout out to you!!!

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You feelin’ lucky? PUNK!!! 😡😡👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜 HONDO ain’t playin GAMES!!! #SWAT

Okaaayyy!!! HERE WE GO!! New week, New #SWAT episode this WEDS 10/9c on CBS!!!

Next week!!! #SWAT vs THE CHAOS POSSE .. who you got?? 👊🏜💪🏜 WEDS 10/9c on CBS

Aaayyeeee..... FRIDAY BABY!!!! 🀪😎🥳

This is me bragging.... the tired eyes of a Man who does not know how to and REFUSES to quit or fail!!!!

MUCH LOVE!!! 😅🥺🙏🏟🧡🀓🀩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

It’s me... just me 🧡🀓

1998..... never forget where you came from... when nobody believed except yourself...

My Dream continues... NO END IN SIGHT!!!! 🙏🏟🧡😅😎🎬🀩

Thanks for rollin’ with us TONIGHT!!!! ✌🏜✌🏜✌🏜 #SWAT

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ALL NEW @swatcbs TONIGHT 10/9c !!!! Meet me at HONDO’s House 😎

Black n Asian... Blasian TWINS!! Teammates.. Brothers.. David Lim @davidbradleylim aka Tan..

makes me proud to watch him grow and shine... I tell him all the time that he is the younger me... on his way to Greatness... yes he’s a pretty Muthasukka... but his talent is REAL and UNDENIABLE!!! 👊🏌👊🏟

Not Today! NOT TODAY!!! .... Tomorrow at 10/9c on CBS #SWAT 👊🏜💪🏜

@swatcbs @swatwriters #rollswat #lapd #lapdswat #losangeles #shemarmoore #shemarfmoore #photooftheday #instagood

NO DAYS OFF 💯 .. training yesterday with my dude @tarantactical , and @jadestruck ..

being timed by the beautiful @jocelyn 😎👊🏜💪🏜

All new this week!!! @swatcbs WEDS 10/9c 🔥💣💥


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Hi Shemar,
I have always been a fan of yours. You are the only reason I watched Criminal Minds and I stopped watching it when you left. Lol. I am happy I have another show to see you and all of your sexiness. I wish I was able to meet you like my sister did when you came up on stage with her while she was singing.
I love the down to earth and caring person that you are. Much love to you!! Quiana @Lushusqt24

Oh, I have a body pillow with a pillow case with you on both sides. 😂

New week... New Episode! Weds 10/9c on CBS .. Let’s get after it!!!! 👊🏜💪🏜💯

Still on the HUNT for my Baby Girls!!! Where ya at?! 🀩🀪👀

It’s FRIDAY baby... And I’m looking for my BABY GIRLS!!!!! .. GOOD MORNING 😘😜😎

Thank you to all my Homies, FANS, and Baby Girls for tuning in last night!!! Much Love 🧡😎💪🏜

ALMOST GO TIME - ROLL #SWAT !!!! 💯💣💥 @swatcbs

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let me know who your watching @swatcbs with !!!! 👊🏜💪🏜💯

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Monday MOOD!!! 💯 - this dude right here, Ryan “Props”

and the whole props dept keep us Locked and Loaded each week!!!! Let’s GOOOOO!!!! #swat #rollswat

Next WEDS on @swatcbs 10/9c 🔥💣💥 #rollswat

Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!! SWAT is going to JAPAN!!!!

That’s right, we are going to film a SEASON 3 episode in JAPAN and YOU have the chance to WIN a trip ... to come hang out with ME and the cast and crew ON SET in TOKYO!!!! Airfare + Hotel + $1000 spending money 😱🀩😜 .... All you have to do is answer a question each week so be sure to keep tuning in every WEDS 10/9c for more clues!!!! Don’t just sit there!!! Click the link in my bio and ENTER NOW!!!!!! @swatcbs @swatwriters

Thank you for rollin with us last night!!! #rollswat .. Be sure to tune in EVERY WEDS at 10/9c ...

We are just getting started and each week is gonna get BIGGER and BETTER .. you’re not gonna want to miss what we have in in store for you each week!!!! .... You can also catch up or rewatch each episode on the CBS ALL ACCESS app or!!!! #SWAT @swatcbs

#SWATWEDNESDAY 💣🔥💥 Let’s GO!!! Roll SWAT!!!

The boys are back in town .. TONIGHT 10/9c on CBS #rollswat

HERE WE COME!!!! ALL NEW @swatcbs TONIGHT!!! 10/9c on CBS #SWAT #swatcbs #rollswat 🔥💣💥

Who’s RIDIN with me tomorrow night?! Let me here ya 📥👊🏜💪🏜 #SWAT #CBS

Rehearsal VS Action 🎥🎬 #bts #SWAT @swatcbs

BABYGIRL OF THE DAY!!!! #BGOTD Show some LOVE for this SILLY n SEXY Baby Girl, BELLE ANGEL!!! ...

she’s rockin the ORIGINAL Baby Girl NIGHTY with a some style😘 Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT in the FIGHT for the CURE of MS .. (Multiple Sclerosis) 💪🏜💪🏜👊🏜👊🏜😘😘 .... Much Love 😘❀❀ #BEATMS #fashionforacure #multiplesclerosis
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Dear Mr. Moore: I am a single parent, 2 sons who ADORE me so I resonate with the LOVE for your MOM. Each year for my April's birthday I pay it forward to a cause. Multiple Sclerosis needs serious funding for Stem Cell cure. I am praying for your beautiful Mother.
FYI I love my BabyGirl cap n nightwear n photo of you I got for my donation. Thanks Team SFM!!! Rocking it in Miami.

Also, SWAT is a great show, I ran into costar Kenny at Big5 last Friday, he is cool.
I am Mommy BELLE ANGEL (yes my legal name) @ktylershoes

MONDAY, LET’S GET IT 💯💪🏜👊🏜 // ALL NEW @swatcbs this WEDS at 10/9c on @cbstv #SWAT #shemarmoore

NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! Tune in for an all new #SWAT and watch as we go HEAD to HEAD with a TWISTED CULT LEADER 💣💥🔥 // @swatcbs @swatwriters #rollswat

Thank you ALL for tuning in to our @swatcbs SEASON 3 PREMIERE this week!!!

If you didn’t get to watch it, make sure to catch up on CBS ALL ACCESS this weekend!!!! Have a great weekend y’all MUCH LOVE 🧡 😎 ✌🏜

Me and @mariolopez had to settle the... your mama said this, my mama said that feud once and for all!!

👊🏜💪🏜😜 .. Full @accesshollywood @accessonline interview on Facebook! #boxing #accesshollywood #mariolopez #shemarmoore

SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 HERE WE GO .. ROLL SWAT!!!! Fill the gaps, stay liquid 🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣 West Coast ....

see you in three hours!!!! #SWAT #Rollswat #lapdswat #season3


It went down on @thetalkcbs Today 😘😜😂🀷🏟‍♂ @realbrigittenielsen #nicetomeetyoubrigitte

💣💣🔥🔥 TONIGHT is the NIGHT 🔥🔥💣💣 Get ready for another ACTION packed, HEART FELT, and STORY DRIVEN Season of @swatcbs !!!!

SEASON 3 Premiers TONIGHT 10/9c !!!!! SO FANS, HOMIES, & BABY GIRLS..... TUNE IN ....tell your FRIENDS and FAMILY.... and don’t forget to set those DVR’s so you can go on this WILD RIDE with US every WEDS NIGHT!!!! 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜 #ROLLSWAT #swatcbs #swat #lapdswat

It’s almost go time baby! Meet me there tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS 💯 @swatcbs // 📞 @davinophotostudio

It’s gonna be a GOOD TIME tomorrow night on @swatcbs . Just ask my POPS @obbababatunde !! ...

Tune in for the SEASON 3 PREMIERE at 10/9c @cbstv 🇺🇞 and @globaltv for all our Canadian 🇚🇊 FANS!!!!

BOOM 💥 SWAT SEASON 3 premieres THIS WEDS, OCT 2nd at 10/9c on @cbstv ....

and in CANADA 🇚🇊 same DAY same TIME only on @globaltv !!! Who’s ready? 🙋🏜‍♂ #swat #swatcbs #globaltv #canada #lapdswat #rollswat

HERE COME THAT MAN ... HONDO ... IN 3 DAYS!!! Let’s go!!!! 💣💣🔥🔥💥💥 @swatcbs #swat

Have a great weekend y’all!!! Only 4 days until #SWAT season 3 premieres!!!!

Rehearsal vs Action .. aka..... SHEMAR 😎 VS HONDO 👊🏜💪🏜 The transformation of Shemar to Hondo.

#BTS #behindthescenes #swat #lapdswat #lapd #hollywood #sfm #makinmovies #swatcbs #acting #film #transformation

WE ARE BACK IN ONE WEEK with an ALL NEW SEASON of @swatcbs 💣💣🔥🔥 Get ready for your favorite GOOD GUYS to KICK SOME BUTT 👊🏜👊🏜💪🏜💪🏜💥💥 Tune in WEDS OCT 2nd at 10/9c for the season premiere!!!!! #swat #swatcbs #lapdswat

Happy Hour Friday 🌅🧡😎🍷😘✌🏟

HONDO and STREET, Bad Boys BACK AGAIN!!!! @swatcbs Season 3 - OCT 2nd 10pm // @alexrussell // 📞 @davinophotostudio

SWAT FAM!!!! Your favorite Badass TEAM is back in 2 weeks with SEASON 3 ...

Tune in at 10pm Wed, OCT 2nd for the season premiere !!! #SWAT #swatcbs #lapdswat

15 Days until HONDO and TEAM are back for business 👊🏜💪🏜 #SWAT @swatcbs

BABY GIRL OF THE DAY !!!! #BGOTD Show some love for the BEAUTIFUL @tay.usa 😘😘 She’s rockin’ her Baby Girl Loose Tee!!!

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Hey Shemar, I have been a HIGE fan of CM since forever, and just recently started rewatching every episode in order!! Also a MAJOR fan of you 😅😏 LOVE THE WHOLE “Baby Girl” thing you’ve got going on (and for a great cause)! 💕 XO

Golf is exhausting 😜😅😉🏌🏜‍♂


Saturday Swat Golf with my homies @flynryan @72tmc @patrickstesprit and a bunch of the SWAT FAMILY!!!

What a FUN and GREAT DAY 💣💥👊🏜💪🏜 Thank you to everyone that came out and had fun today.... Producers, Crew, Writers, and Cast!!! #swatgolf #hondowoods #swatfamily

HERE WE COME!!!!! 👊🏜💪🏜 Weds at 10pm on CBS starting OCT 2 💣💣 #swatsquad #rollswat #swatcbs #lapdswat #lapd

Selfie for no reason... because I missed you SILLY... SEXY... COOL... NAUGHTY... MF’s...

I mean HOMIES, FANS, and BABY GIRLS!!!!!! ✌🏟🧡😘 HONDO switched up to the GOATEE as of episode 6 SEASON 3... just for Sh*ts n Giggles 🀷🏜‍♂😅 I’ve been QUIET lately WORKING HARD and doing EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to give you SWAT FANS the BEST SHOW POSSIBLE!!! As A Leader/Producer, I fight HARD for this show to WIN.... on and off camera!!!! ..... SEASON 3 SWAT is just around the corner 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Peek a boo 👀😉😘🙋🏜‍♂🧡

REPOST.... get yo Giggle ON!!! 😘😜🀷🏜‍♂🀣🀣🀣😂😂

Repost 🀣🀣🀣🀣 I’ll be back... handling business... in the meantime.... Get yo Giggle on!!!


Better think twice before talkin’ to HONDO sideways 😡👊🏜💪🏜 @swatcbs SEASON 3 💣🔥💥 #swat #swatcbs 📞 @davinophotostudio

BOOM 👊🏜👊🏜 @swatcbs SEASON 3 starts with a BANG 💥💥 Premieres WED, OCT 2 at 10pm!!!

Let’s go 👊🏜💪🏜 #swat #swatcbs #lapdswat

When LEGENDS speak, you LISTEN 💯 ... ALL NEW SEASON of @swatcbs rolls out in ONE MONTH on WEDNESDAY OCT 2 at 10pm!!

#swatwednesday #swatcbs #season3 // 📞 @davinophotostudio

I don’t just wanna be a cool actor shooting fake bullets on TV...

I wanna LEARN and SHOW RESPECT to the use of a gun... to feel SAFE!!! I take my CRAFT, LIFE, and other peoples lives VERY SERIOUSLY!!!.... Guns are NOT A GAME!!! Thank you @tarantactical for teaching me how to do it RIGHT!!! 🧡💥🎯 check out @orin_julie she is NO JOKE!!! The REAL DEAL!!! And almost as pretty as me 😜

Keeping it TIGHT!!! THANK YOU @tarantactical for teaching me skills, safety, and RESPECT!!!!

🔫💥💥💥🎯🎯🎯 @orin_julie she is a BEAST and a PRO!!! You helped me, motivated me, challenged me, and made today FUN!! 😅

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SORRY...... I haven’t posted in a while.... but.... laugh Got Dayumit... LAUGH!!!!!

I’m WORKING and FIGHTING for things you are GONNA complain about... LATER!!!! But SMILE about... once I WIN THE FIGHT!!!! LAUGH!!!! 😳🀷🏜‍♂😂😂😂😂🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🙏🏟🧡

Runnin to the weekend #SWAT STYLE 👊🏜💪🏜 .. We ready for some Labor Day FUN 🏖🍹 ..

Who’s with me??!!

BABY GIRLS of THE DAY !!! Show some love for this TROUBLE TRIO of #SWAT P.A.’s @indiraevans @_erika_marie_g @tayylor_the_creator ...

Rockin’ their Baby Girl hats while they run around and LOCK IT UP on set!!!!
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HONDO in DA BUILDIN’ 💯💪🏜👊🏜 Who’s ready for SEASON 3 of @swatcbs ??!!!

OUR PREMIERE episode is on WEDS, OCT 2nd at 10pm....... then you can ROLL WITH US every WEDS at 10pm on CBS 💥💥💣💣 #SWAT #ROLLSWAT #LAPD

Got caught slipping.... I mean sleeping 😳🀷🏜‍♂!!!

My assistant @shar_tee and @davinophotostudio messing with my beauty sleep!!! 🀣🀣🀣😂😂😂😎😎

Here He come Momma!!! 🛎💚💚💚💚💚💚 @goskooza 🔥🔥🔥🔥 THANK YOU Jay and Melissa 😜🧡✌🏌✌🏟🀙🏻🀙🏟

Thank you to Jay and Melissa of @goskooza for helping me MAKE MAGIC happen for my #SQUAD !!!

For the DOPEST scooters in the GAME, Check them out!!!! SKOOZAAAAAA!!!!!! 👊🏜💪🏜✌🏜💯 @marketing_kings
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ATTENTION Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!

I am posting this video in support of my boxing trainer and long time FRIEND, and the AMAZING GOOD WORKS he is doing, feeding the hungry in Santa Monica!  He and his team make HOMEMADE full course hot meals every Sunday for the last 15 months in Christine Reed Park in Santa Monica where they serve the hungry for two hours 
. But, the Santa Monica CITY MANAGER, RICK COLE, IS TRYING TO SHUT THEM DOWN!!! These folks are hungry and have no other means for food over the weekend
. THIS IS WRONG!!!! By LAW Steve can feed up to 150 people of his friends and family without a permit
. THESE PEOPLE ARE HIS FRIENDS!!!! If you’d like to support my dude, you can show up at CHRISTINE REED PARK, SUNDAYS at 1:30pm, or call/email the City Managers office to let them know this is wrong at manager 310-456-8301. Go get em, STEVE, you’re doing a BEAUTIFUL THING!!!!! @petramaleboxing

💥💥 BOOM 💥💥 @swatcbs SEASON 2 available on DVD and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD next Tues, AUG 20th 💥💥 get your copy and BINGE ALL the ADRENALINE filled episodes before SEASON 3 airs on OCT 2!!!!


The Game AINT leaving me behind!!!! I will do what I gotta do to stay WINNING!!! 💪🏟🙏🏟😀🧡

REAL SWAT VS FAKE SWAT (Swipe Left)... who you got ??

🀷🏜‍♂🙋🏜‍♂😎🀣💥💥 @odiegallop @swatcbs .. Tactical Training with @tarantactical @chrysti_ane 👊🏜💪🏜🔥 Much Love

Climb to your Mountain Top... By any means necessary.... GO GET IT!!!

🙏🏟💪🏟🙋🏜‍♂✌🏟🧡😎 This DOPE inspirational video is by @trentshelton 💪🏟👊🏟

I’m here because I NEVER QUIT!!! Life smiled at me AND Shit on me along the way... YET....

I’m Staying, Fighting, Winning, and ALWAYS finding reasons to SMILE!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! 🀷🏜‍♂😁 JOURNEY OF A DREAMER 🙋🏜‍♂🧡✌🏟

BABYGIRL OF THE DAY!!!! #BGOTD Show some LOVE for this SILLY n SEXY Baby Girl, NANA!!!

😘 Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT in the FIGHT for the CURE of MS .. (Multiple Sclerosis) 💪🏜💪🏜👊🏜👊🏜😘😘 .... Much Love 😘❀❀ #BEATMS #fashionforacure #multiplesclerosis
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Dear Shemar,

Just wanted to say you are the most beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for putting smiles and love all around the world.

Love you lots💕

Nana @sheedevil0706

🔥🔥 SWAT BABY !!! Here’s an INCREDIBLE STUNT Highlight reel of the last two seasons of @swatcbs ...

BIG CONGRATS to our BAD A$$ EMMY NOMINATED STUNT TEAM... these guys help keep our show ACTION PACKED and ADRENALINE FILLED every day!!! We couldn’t do it without you! Much Love!! @austen.brewer @swlotail , CHARLIE BREWER 🔥🔥

49 vs 20..... when you’re broke, You’ll get paid and let someone take your picture in ANYTHING!!


It ain’t how you start or how you finish...... it’s the vision and journey of chasing your Dreams...

NEVER STOP!!! .....thanks for the post @maevavd2015 😜😎

Wake up baby 😘

Hondo’s MEAN MUGGIN FACE 😡😡 is gonna be BACK on your TV screen in just over 2 months ...

NOW on WEDNESDAY’S at 10/9c ... @swatcbs SEASON 3 Premiere is OCT 2!!! Who’s ready? 🙋🏜‍♂👊🏜💪🏜

Rollin in my 64’ 🀣😂 keepin the goofball ALIVE in between scenes 🎬🎥 @swatcbs

This Baby Girl Got the back seat Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🀣🀣🀣 Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!!

Video via: @zoie_curls // @fun_bestvids

Ummmmmm 😳 Hondo might need a few more guns for this BIG O’l Giant!!!

😅 Michael Todd #1 in the WORLD Heavy Weight Arm Wrestler!!! 💪🏟

#BGOTD BABY GIRL OF THE DAY!!!! Show some love for the SILLY n SEXY @whoizshi1degroat reppin’ her Baby Girl SWAG in style!!

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Can’t stop, won’t stop, gonna be playing this “GAME” till the end!!! @swatcbs Season 27 tho?

Nah... You gonna have to DRAG Shemar MuthaF’n Moore out of his Back Yard and away from his Dranky Drank kickin’ n screamin’ 🀣😂😜😜

Sometimes you gotta kiss some booty 😘🍑 To get to the top 😜Happy Cheeky Monday 😏

BABYGIRL OF THE DAY!!!! #BGOTD Show some LOVE for this BEAUTIFUL Baby Girl, Lucy, from The UK 🇬🇧😘 Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT in the FIGHT for the CURE of MS ..

(Multiple Sclerosis) 💪🏜💪🏜👊🏜👊🏜😘😘 .... Much Love 😘❀❀ #BEATMS #fashionforacure #multiplesclerosis
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I’m a huge Shemar fan and have been watching Criminal Minds since it
first started. SWAT season 1 is finally airing here in the UK so I’m loving having Shemar back on my screen as I’ve missed him.
Many thanks
Lucy Jerwood

Sleep with The Angels 😇.... or... Stay awake n “Get it in” with the Devils 😈.. hmmmmmmmm 😉