I get asked all the time about which books I recommend for healing and growth so I decided to share in my latest YouTube video.

Check out this book I recommend from @wejustwill and others!

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Oddly enough I felt more comfortable posting bikini pictures on IG than I did walking down the street fully clothed.


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I’ve never met my grandmother but my family tells me that’s where the women in our family get our shape from.

I think of her whenever I’m feeling judgement of my body.

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Slides reposted from @fatblackluxury

Come through thrift store fit!!!!! Come through blue liner!! Come through bun!!!

I’m so proud of that one little swirl! 😂

My hair is my crown! I love how curly and unruly she is.

🦁 But with that said, I have to be honest I do *not* always take the time to moisturize like I should. But now that I have bleached my tips I have to be diligent about keeping my hair moisturized and loved on!

I loveeee the moisture I get from @RxHairNaturals plant-based products. Check them out and use my code 'SHELAH' to get some money off your order at checkout💗

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My wish for you today is that you feel genuinely appreciated in the exact way you need it the most.

Candle from @soulfulvibesco

Just your mid-week reminder to check out my book “A Positive You” available wherever books are sold!

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I’m very selective about the products I use in my hair and would only recommend things I’ve personally used and enjoyed.

@RxHairNaturals definitely passes the vibe check!

These products are formulated by a Black woman pharmacist (we love to see it 🧑🏾‍🔬) and even better they are plant-based!!
The products I used from their line kept my hair moisturized and soft, and they smell absolutely amazing. Check them out ASAP.

Because I love y’all, I made sure to get a discount to save you some coins. Use code 'SHELAH' at checkout: www. 💗 #ad

And I oop! Do y’all agree with this?

I think this is a very valid statement.

From my perspective, some white women respond to the shifting dynamics of privilege and power with “Karen” type of behavior (deflection, denial, defensiveness, etc). Similarly, some Black men respond to these shifts in the same way. Cc: The Kevin Samuels wave. Every day there’s a room on Clubhouse with some wack ass title who’s only function is to shame Black women and remind us of our *place.*

Comment YES to accept. ✨Today I am sending you lightness and laughter.

I hope you have a week that’s a little lighter and a little easier than you expected.

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This is exactly why I started @curvycurlyconscious ✨

Untouchable ✨

Photo by @mrsrobinv

We did good, right??

All of it. ✨

Repost @sageandjaide

What are your methods for hiring people to work with/for you?

My problem is that I don’t always know how to predict what I need, I have a very unpredictable schedule AND I find it hard to gauge if a person any actually execute!

I’m about to start the hiring process for an Event Producer for @curvycurlyconscious The UNRULY Retreat and a virtual assistant for myself — and chile I don’t know where to start 🥴. But the time has come make our next UNRULY happen so I need hands 😂.

What has worked for you for finding the right person for the job?

Being a Black woman is...

😂😂😂🤣 Ace don’t ever let me sleep either


Happy Father’s Day Ace ❤️

A return to myself.

When I started my healing journey in 2015 I was so severely depressed and anxious that I didn’t even know there was another way to live.

I thought it was a given that everyone didn’t sleep through the night, or beat themselves up relentlessly, and re-played the worst possible scenario on a loop inside their mind.

I’ve reached a place in my spiritual journey where I’ve “regressed” back to a previous state in order to heal and clear it more deeply.

It’s not pretty and I’m not okay.

It’s mad lonely. I’m not able to keep up with daily functioning. Being around people is stressful. Creatively I’m blocked. And many days I miss things because I can’t get myself out of bed.

So I’m returning to myself. I’m returning to the version of myself who courageously started this whole journey because she knew that she deserved better. Without knowing any steps to take.

I’m starting with returning to my daily 30-45 sits in silence. Sometimes twice a day. And also returning to my yoga practice that i abandoned. These simple steps is where I started and this is where I’ll begin again.

Normalize Black women asserting their boundaries with no apologies. @therapyislight

We have to bring The UNRULY Retreat back!

It’s been two years since I’ve produced a retreat with @curvycurlyconscious and I am going through serious withdrawals!

Our retreats are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. A safe, non-judgmental, *fun* space for Black women, by Black women. The problem for me is I don’t have the time, skill set, or energy to manage, produce, create content AND host the retreat and hiring/firing has been a challenge for me in the past.

I don’t know how just yet but it is my intention to attract the right women who can help bring this retreat to our community who is ready for some connection, community and turn up!

Tribe said “we been solo traveling catch up sis!”

@tashahnicole went to visit the mural @iammariellew did of me! I need to hop on a flight ASAP!

I promise you my whole life I searched for someone to love me, only to find out that it’s an inside job.

It’s Wednesday, right? 😋

Please comment ✨YES✨ to accept. Today my wish for you is that you are always evolving beyond your current conditioning.

Photo by @lbornephotography

One of the most transformational practices I’ve learned is how to make peace with my sexual energy.

For women, it’s crucial to feeling safe, accessing our creative genius, creating healthy bonds and experiencing *pleasure.*

This month in ✨Soul Study with Shelah✨ I will guide you through a meditation technique that you can use to make peace with your sexual history and clear and bonds or attachments no longer needed.

Swipe for information! Exclusively on my Patreon. ❤️

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We work *really* hard at this. Celebration is a must.

📸 @insurgovisuals

Who gon help me convince @tashahnicole to move back to Miami?????

Pics by @insurgovisuals

Spent thirty minutes trying to do fancy edges and the wind demolished them in 2.8 secs flat 😂

You know I love a dramatic sleeve!

Rawr. 🌴

Tap photo for details.

Honestly I am HONORED at the response I’ve gotten since ✨A Positive You✨ launched!!

I love seeing you with your journals & I enjoy hearing how much you’re growing already.

Do you have a favorite prompt from the journal? Let me know in the comments.

If you haven’t gotten a copy for you or the special women in your life click the link in my bio. ❤️

📸 by @insurgovisuals
👗 by @touchdolls
Earrings from @edit_thelabel

Today I feel such a quiet, yet overwhelming sense of ✨joy.✨ I decided a few years ago that I was going to have a healthy relationship with my mom PERIOD.

Not perfect, not to anyone else’s standards, but healthy for us.

We’re both a little awkward. We can both randomly burst into poorly executed accents, we both love coffee, we both have a history with severe depression and anxiety, and we both have a way of showing up exactly as we are, for better or worse.

With new eyes, I can finally grasp how much my mother tried to make a place in the world for me & how much she truly loves me.

I fully accept and appreciate my mother exactly as she is, right now, because this is the same grace I extend to myself. I am sending grace and acceptance to all the mamas/daughters/bonus moms/soon-to-be moms/moms in the making/etc. ❤️

Many of you have asked how you can support me beyond buying your own copy of the book.

One way you can really make an impact is to write an honest review of the book on Amazon.

Customer reviews lend credibility to products online. They also help people who are on the fence decide if this book is right for them. Thank you for your help spreading the word about ✨A Positive You!✨

By leaving a review, you’re helping the book reach the hands of folks who most need it. You can order a copy and leave your review via link in my bio.

📸 @mscourtneyariana

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Today I wish you the ability to release shame and the tendency to judge yourself.

Taking accountability does not require shaming yourself.

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Mood when I see y’all receiving your journals!

Posted as a reel so you can see my exquisite footwork. 😂

Tomorrow my book, “A Positive You: A Personal Growth Journal for Women” officially releases everywhere books are sold.

People who have never met me, will be reading the prompts and exercises that I wrote - in a physical book that you can hold in your hands.

Because of Imposter Syndrome I nearly bulldozed passed this special moment, finding any reason to justify why this isn’t *that* big of a deal.

I have always admired women who just seem like they’ve always had confidence in themselves. I wonder what that would have felt like to be experiencing my whole life thinking mostly good things about myself, or mostly believing in abilities. It’s hard to even imagine what life would be like without this relentless inner critic.

But you know what the best part of this story is? I did it anyway. I put the critic in the back seat and I did not let her decide the destination this time. And I have to say, I’m really proud of myself for that.

Thank you to everyone who’s purchased already, it really means so much to me. Cheers to politely putting that critic in the backseat (or even out of the car because she can surely catch an Uber!)

It's GIVEAWAY time! To celebrate the launch of my new book, ✨Positive You:

A Personal Growth Journal for Women✨ I'm giving away a free copy! AYEEE!

To enter for your chance to win, you must:
📌Tag three ladies on this post
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Giveaway ends on April 23, 2021 at 12AM EST and the winner will be chosen at random by April 25, 2021.

No purchase necessary. Open to US residents. Est. retail value: $14.99. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. 

You can learn more and get a copy via the link in my bio. ❤️

Bday camera roll dump. ✨

I am feeling more secure and grounded in my purpose than ever in my life.

This year I feel I have stepped into a new kind of groundedness and boldness that will energize my divine purpose more than ever. YESSS!!!
Including becoming an AUTHOR — lol yes me who has the grammar skills of a fifth-grader 🥴. I may not be the best at grammar (thank God for my editor) or spelling, but I am confident in my ability to create a journal for my community that WILL HELP YOU GROW. 🌱
If you pre-order my book send me a screenshot! 🙂

Link in bio


Yes this exactly how I feel. 😝

Set from @touchdolls

One thing fellow @Patreon creator @laurahesp and I have in common is, we do not have fans or have followers, we have ✨communitities.✨

👉🏾 A way one, top down exchange from creator to fan.
👉🏾 There are no rules of engagement or expectations of fans.

👉🏾 A reciprocal relationship between the creator and community. You show up for them and they show up for you.
👉🏾 There are expectations about how to show up in the space.

If you are a creator looking to develop your own community, then check this episode out because @laurahesp drops major gems throughout!

Anybody relate to this?

#CreatorChronicles #Patreon

It was at this moment I started to rethink my decision to try step for my workout today 😂

No, thank YOU!

Also reminder from here on out I would like them to be called by their proper title of “yitties” 🥶

I used to hide myself: my body, my light, my ideas and my energy — in order to not offend others.

I used to shrink myself for the gaze of men. I used to put myself into corners in order to give space for others to love me.

There’s a part of me who always wanted to take up more space, to shine more and to not be f*ckin sorry about it.

Well now is that time. I’m shedding the resentment I had from engaging in these minimizing behaviors and learning to embrace myself on a deeper level. IDK who said your 20’s was the best time of your life but I am LOVING being in my 30’s. This is how I am coming from here on out PURR!!!!

Photo by @mrsrobinv

After a LOT of hard work behind the scenes for the past several months, I'm so excited to finally announce that I have a new book coming out, ✨Positive You:

A Personal Growth Journal for Women✨I would love you to support my book. You can pre-order your copy via the link in my bio.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks in the coming weeks! I’m so excited! 

If would have told myself ten years I would be here I wouldn’t have believed it.

So grateful for growth, transformation and healing. ❤️✨

Please comment ✨YES✨ to accept. This week I wish you the ability to easily and effortlessly release anything which no longer serves you.


When I started out on IG people always said, “it’s just Instagram” or “this isn’t real life” and I always had to ask, “real life according to who?”

It was my intention to create a space for myself online where I could *genuinely* connect with like minded folks, and for the most part that’s exactly what has happened. I have that on my @patreon and I have that here. My community inspires me just as much as I inspire them, because we show up, we do the work, and we have a level of vulnerability with each other.

Who inspires you? I’m tryna see sum


...and the bully is white violence.

It’s almost Aries SZN 🔥

Photo by the lovely @mrsrobinv

Look, I already spent enough time criticizing and judging my body.

From here on out only love appreciation for all my body does for me.

Tell me what you love about your body. 🥰

📸 @mrsrobinv

Energy all 2021 ⚡️

📸 @mrsrobinv

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend except that kid Adam from “Your Honor” on @showtime

Edit: I may change this opinion I haven’t gotten past episode 5 🥴

Who made this? 😂

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One thing about Ace is he gon make that smoothie by any means honey! 😂

Can you focus on me? 📸 @mrsrobinv

I literally do not care about what any man has to say about Lori Harvey.

Sky blue ☁️ @elevynthirty

🤎 @elevynthirty

Pretty sure I’ll be trappin this whole weekend. 😇

Still searching for words to describe what our first year of marriage has been like, so I will let this amazing wedding recap video from @bricksgroup handle it in the meantime!

“Crabs don’t naturally occur in bowls.” @storysellercomics


This clip from @therealnoreaga’s #DrinkChamps latest podcast episode is so profound to me!

What do you all think?

PS. It’s almost a year now Papi 🙃

I feel like this comes up in almost every single conversation I have with Black women.

I wonder if this is why so many of us are overworked?

Do you relate to this?


Song: “Get Gone” by @rnbgroupideal

@whitehouse what time should arrive?

I am so happy to be a part of
Black Women Like Us, in collaboration with @patreon and @blackcreatorsmatter.

BWLU will be an evening of community and discussion featuring a panel of black women who are making major moves in the influencer and social media industry.

I will be participating in the panel alongside @remel_london & @kelechnekoff , as well as leading a breakout room aimed at providing you with ways to stay centered in the midst of chaos (timely to say the least!)

This is a free event open to the public, I highly recommended tapping in! Link in my story or head to

*SWIPE* I don’t think you’re overthinking at all @demetriallucas , I agree with your original caption — it’s that most things aren’t thought about enough.

I find it strange the amount of “is Ace okay with you posting this or that” messages I get. First of all, I don’t consult my dad before posting so why should I consult my husband? 🙃 You wanna know what they both have in common? They trust and respect my decisions as a sensible adult.

I think everyone should do what’s best for them and for me it’s imperative I have the freedom to express who I am. Fully. Not a “married” version.

I was trapping before I met Ace and I shall trap until my knees no longer allow because *I* like being sexy and visible. That’s what I like.

And I don’t know about y’all but I am here for more women allowing themselves to have what they want (married, solo or whatever!) Also not judging any other videos because that’s what *they* like and I’m an advocate for individual choice.

I couldn’t resist 😂 #Buss

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This week I am sending you clarity of vision and thought.

To be able to know very quickly and without question what it is you think & feel about a given topic.

I say it all the time, me and @acehood’s as adults go at it sometimes, but our inner children play so well together.

✨You don’t really care about the goal, you want the feeling behind it.✨

I had to share this clip from my interview with @wejustwill for his ✨40 Days of Transformation✨project for two reasons:

1. You still have until tonight to join @wejustwill and transform for the next 40 days. ✅The link is in his bio!

2. If you are interested in this type of goal setting I am doing an IN-DEPTH workshop on this month on my Patreon. I will teach you exactly how to reverse engineer your goals. We meet the last Sunday of each month (1/31/2021) at 7pm EST. ✅ Link in my bio!


My 2021 wish for you:

1. That you have the courage to be true to exactly who you are.

2. That your bravery is rewarded publicly and privately in exactly the ways you desire.

3. That your experience deep, long lasting, unshakeable inner peace.

Please comment YES to accept this wish for yourself.

Photo by @islandboiphotography

When I tell you he broke this down! Lol I need to check and make sure @derrickjaxn doesn’t have cameras in my house because his breakdown was too on point 😂

Oh yeah, it’s pronounced “Shee-Lah” 💪🏾

Sending you all the love, all the joy, and all the abundance you desire today. ❤️✨

When @acehood was last on a major recording label they were excellent about celebrating wins.

Ace has so many plaques in the house from that era. Since Ace went independent, he hasn’t received any plaques for his projects. Ace is too damn talented not to have his flowers while he can smell them.

I got plaques made for his first two releases (Trust The Process 1 & 2) since going independent because in this house we don’t wait on the validation we want — we give it ourselves. I love you @acehood.

Only took 20 tries 😂

Comment YES to accept. ✨Today I am sending you the energy of miracles.

May you be reminded that you have the ability to call forth miracles easily and effortlessly.

I am not sure of the backstory here but regardless this is a mood.

😂😂😂😂 #repost @nerissanefeteri

This is why we make merch with brown Santa’s on it. Representation matters! 🥰

Videos from @bruinmom22 & @trapptwins

Customer appreciation time! Thank you to all of my @curvycurlyconscious fam who’s purchased merch and we ❤️ when you send us pics and videos!

Check out the second swipe for a review on our customer service. I think of all things that makes me the most proud because @hashtagluv and I really, really care about our community.

If you haven’t purchased yet our store is CLOSING SOON. The last day to purchase in order to guarantee Christmas delivery is 📌 December 10th! or LINK IN BIO.

For this week I send you unexpected joy, unexpected kindness and unexpected abundance.

✨ Comment YES if you accept.

Meditation candle (and a variety of wellness products from @soulfulvibesco ).

I do it naturally, with @bombdaesthetics of course. 🥰

We stan body and skincare products that are:
🙋🏾‍♀️Black owned
👩🏾‍💻 Small business
🐰 Cruelty free

We see you @dade2shelby looking like a stunning pair in your @curvycurlyconscious Meditating Santa Sweatshirt!

30% off the ENTIRE site all day Black Friday! @curvycurlyconscious

Use code:

SANTAZADDY at checkout

We are giving our Thanksgiving freestyles a rest this year but here’s my fav highlights of our past four years doing it!

I hope you have a wonderful day ❤️

Have you ever tried putting Florida Water in your mop water?

From my understanding, Florida Water is named after the fabled Fountain of Youth in Florida. There’s conflicting stories and how exactly this water got to be a staple in spiritual community, but it is said to be able to clear stagnant and dense energy. If you happen to have any more info on this please share in comments ✨

In a convo with @soulfulvibesco the recommended that I use it to clean my floors if I ever feel any stuck or dense energy. I pay close attention to corners and any areas where I could envision energy sitting if that makes sense. You can use it to clean your altars, your hands after having an exchange with any low vibrational folks.

I add this to my mop water. You can use it with any cleanser you already use.

When I’m done my house feels so much lighter and smells good too! I got mine from @soulfulvibesco

That moisturizing hit different when the products are:

🐰 Cruelty free
👨🏿‍🌾 Vegan

🏡 Small business
🙋🏾‍♀️ Black owned

I am also working on getting this stomach back because BAY BAY! 😂

I’m experimenting with giving content in reels. Here’s a quick exercise to do if you struggle with low self-esteem or negative self talk. Link in bio ✨ @curvycurlyconscious

I can’t change THE world. But I can create A world with you. @acehood ✨

IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME @curvycurlyconscious ! Say AYYEEE if you’re ready for some holiday merch.

#representationmatters #meditatingsanta

Because “I Know That’s Right” IS actually a dope affirmation.

🤪 Available on all streaming platforms.

I adore these flashcards from @beautandbeastco ! I love learning, I love teaching and I am a firm believer in teaching young people about their history.

Not only for the sake of being familiar with important historical context — but for developing their own self-esteem and self-confidence.
@beautandbeastco is a small business created by a teen mom who wanted to become more than statistic.

Atticus Freeman and Letitia Fucking Lewis. @lovecrafthbo #lovecraftcountry

This clip from @trapkaraoke deserves it’s own post.

Every time Ace does that smile I feel so supported. Because of my long term battle with low self-esteem it’s beyond comforting to have some who ✨genuinely✨ smiles for me.

I tell him all the time, our adult selves be going through it sometimes, but our inner children are best friends! I love this clip so much.

Full video in my previous post.

Sis you haven’t heard any of my meditations yet? WYD?

Links to all my Meditation Mixtapes in my highlights. Link in bio for my latest release for healing racial trauma. ✨✨✨✨

I don’t trust other women.

I don’t really get along with women like that.

I really just stay to myself.

This I what I hear the most when I ask women why they have a hard time making and maintaining friendships with other women.

What if I told you these aren’t really the reasons at all? And the real reason is something much deeper?

I’m so excited for this month’s Soul Study with Shelah with @melissaifilllcsw where we will be talking about our original sisterhood wounds, how to heal them, and what steps we can take to create strong, genuine bonds with like minded women.
✨Soul Study with Shelah✨ the last Sunday of EVERY MONTH on my Patreon. This month we will meet via Zoom October 25, 7-8pm EST. Sessions are recorded in case you can’t make them live.

Link in bio.

I was really nervous but I knew I would regret not doing it later!

I don’t know why but no matter how old this dance gets it still makes me feel so happy 😁

I’m THAT friend 😂

Watches @savagexfenty fashion show once.

Held. @photosbyreem

When I started meditating I was so anxious that I couldn’t even close my eyes.

As soon as I shut them I would hear an onslaught of negative self-talk would trigger a panic attack. I had trouble managing my emotions, I would have fits of rage where I would break anything near me (I cannot count how many of my OWN phones I’ve broken) 🥴. I was having extended periods of sadness and hopelessness. It was rough.

I will never sell you a quick fix, but I will share with you anything that can promote genuine, lasting change.

I recorded my Meditation Mixtape series (check my highlights) so my community could practice meditation with a voice they’re familiar with. We deserve peace, healing and wholeness just like anyone else.

Thank you for all the support, the messages and love! Swipe to the end to see the cutest meditation video ever 😇

Link in bio for my latest release (not available streaming only for purchase).

This episode of @lovecrafthbo was hands down the best episode yet.

This felt like a movie in an episode. There’s so much to say I don’t even know where to start but give everyone involved all the awards.

And does a black girl warrior adult summer camp exist cuz I wanna go 😫

The reception I’ve gotten from releasing Black Lives Meditate has been just ::chefs kiss::

🥰 Shout out to everyone who’s purchased already!

I truly believe now is the time for us to be as centered as possible, and in touch with our intuition.

Read full article by clicking link in bio. ✨

When I first started meditating I couldn’t find barely any meditations recorded by Black practitioners.

In response to that I recorded my Meditation Mixtape, and subsequently a mixtape for kids and another for teens.

I believe in the power of meditation. Especially now. Where it can be tempting to lose hope.

✨Black Lives Meditate✨ is a series of creative visualizations (think guided daydreaming) to free you from the constraints of a chaotic world and invite you into the field of unlimited possibilities that exist in your inner world. This is for anyone who is feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, angry, or distraught.

I want you to be able to tap into the divine part of you that connects us all and know that you are worthy, you are capable and you matter. I am here to remind you of your power to unplug from the collective reality and create your own, no matter the circumstances.

👉🏾Link in bio or

Photo by @lbornephotography

If you’ve ever struggled with loving yourself raise your hand? 🙋🏾‍♀️

Self-love is a buzzword that’s everywhere right now — but what does it even mean? It can feel like an abstract concept that’s hard to grasp.

I found that tapping into your ✨Goddess Energy✨ is a very direct way to experience self love. It’s also crazy empowering because you start to realize how much queen/goddess/diva/ & maybe a little hot girl energy you posses right now.

I’ll be doing a ✨Goddess Activation✨ for my Patrons at the Soul Study with Shelah level Sunday, September 27th 2020 at 7pm EST. If you like to join click the link to join my Patreon. See you ladies there!!!


Breathing in miracles into every cell in our bodies ✨

4-7-8 breath and a mini word on letting go.

Four part breathing ✨+ positive vibes.

I’m strange. I will 100% not pick up your call — but I love engaging in conversations over dinner.

What do you call that? 🙃

Photo by @insurgovisuals

Had such a fun day at the beach! Thank you @touchdolls for the family swimsuits 🥰

#repost @theslowfactory #lebanon #beirut

What do you think?

#repost @theqgentleman

It’s become increasingly clear that we need to speak with our dollars.

I am not going to lie and say I don’t like designer goods that aren't attractive to me, but I definitely was disappointed when I heard we got right back to spending our dollars with companies who don’t care about The Black Community beyond pandering and performative activism.
Full conversation & more as part of The UNRULY Retreat or link in bio. #TheUNRULYRetreat

Emmys so Black this year! It was an excellent year for Black Cinema. And #watchmen deserves EVERY.

SINGLE. AWARD. #euphoria #insecurehbo

✨ @curvycurlyconscious presents: A virtual healing experience created by Black women, for Black women.

Join me and my colleagues for #TheUNRULYRetreat July 29 - August 1!

✨4 days of healing and community, crafted with you in mind. Sign up at

📌Recorded Fire Side Chats with Shelah Marie & her expert colleagues
📌Daily live link ups with Shelah Marie
📌A FULL DAY live event on Saturday, August 1
📌A private UNRULY Group Chat
📌A private UNRULY cocktail and twerk hour!
📌A Virtual Gift Bag full of discounts and goodies from our speakers and sponsors!

✅ @dr.ajitarobinson- Grief & Trauma Expert
✅ @drebonyonline - Licensed Psychologist
✅ @modernmoneyadvisor , Financial Advisor
✅ @djempressrah - Official UNRULY DJ
✅ @tatiannatarot - Healer
✅ @koyawebb , International Holistic Health Coach & Author
✅ @youbettaglowgirl , Personal Development Coach & Writer
✅ @sexualessentials - Founder of Sexual Essentials, Sexual Educator
✅ @sunnispeaks - Vegan Chef
✅ @soulairawellness -- Fitness Instructor
✅ @melissaifilllcsw -- Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Register at

I cannot wait to share these talks with my UNRULY ladies.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Fireside chats I recorded with @drebonyonline - Licensed Psychologist.

✨4 days of healing and community, crafted with you in mind. Sign up by Sunday, July 19 to get the early bird rate!

📌Recorded Fire Side Chats with Shelah Marie & her expert colleagues
📌Daily live link ups with Shelah Marie
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One of the main lessons I am learning right now, on a deeper level than before, is how connected we are.

I loved talking with @tatiannatarot about what she calls, The Age Of Sankofa. Looking back to see forward.
Full conversation & more as part of The UNRULY Retreat or link in bio. #TheUNRULYRetreat

I’ve always found it difficult to create a budget as a freelancer because every month is different.

Some months there’s a lot of revenue, and others not so much. And now with COVID, the complexity of creating and sticking to a budget… (i dunno how to finish this sentence and don't care lol)
In the past I would let this overwhelm me and not even try to create a budget. Shout out to @modernmoneyangela for breaking this all the way down!
Full conversation available as part of The UNRULY Retreat. or link in bio. #TheUNRULYRetreat

I love how daring kids are. Seeing them all over the place made me wanna flip too.

Lol not ready to flip on land but this was my first time ever so it a back flip today!! I started with side flips and just kept trying from there. Who knew I could flip this wagon over!? 🤗

I only freestyle for the best. @bombdaesthetics

As always, @bombdaesthetics is:

🐇Cruelty free
🏡Family owned
💵Small business

Turned off comments because this is not a debate and I do not want certain energy on my page.

Feel free to debate elsewhere on the internet.

I’ve been having this conversation with friends a lot lately. I’m always perplexed at working class folks defense of billionaires. It’s interesting to me. Maybe tucked inside the defense is the hope that they could maybe be a billionaire one day? IDK anyway these slides are excellent.

#repost @emilyisliving

Whew chile!! I loved the way @sexualessentials broke down the connection between shame, sex guilt and manifetstaion.

This topic is the most requested topic from my community hands down. Sex: everybody’s doing it but nobdy’s talking about it. And many women have trauma related to sex that prevents them from experiencing sexual pleasure and manifesting thier desires.
Full conversation & more as part of The UNRULY Retreat. or link in bio.

*Please drop a 👁 if you see this post. Many people are saying my posts no longer even show up in their feed due to IG algorithm.

Hi. Go look at at my last post 🥰

Today I would have been on a flight to Mexico 😔for The UNRULY Retreat, presented by @curvycurlyconscious.

As sad I was I was to have to postpone the retreat until next summer, I still thought it was important to provide a space for Black women to have fun, turn up and heal — regardless of whatever bullsh*t is happening in this world.

I finished recording all the Fireside Chats & these conversations are LIFE CHANGING! I learned so much talking with each expert, and I cannot wait to share these talks with my UNRULY ladies. Here’s a sneak peak of the Fireside chats I recorded with:

✅ @dr.ajitarobinson- Grief & Trauma Expert
✅ @drebonyonline - Licensed Psychologist
✅ @modernmoneyadvisor , Financial Advisor
✅ @tatiannatarot - Healer
✅ @youbettaglowgirl , Personal Development Coach & Writer
✅ @sexualessentials - Founder of Sexual Essentials, Sexual Educator

📌Recorded Fire Side Chats with Shelah Marie & her expert colleagues
📌Daily live link ups with Shelah Marie
📌A FULL DAY live event on Saturday, August 1
📌A private UNRULY Group Chat
📌A private UNRULY cocktail and twerk hour!
📌A Virtual Gift Bag full of discounts and goodies from our speakers and sponsors!

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I feel like we really need to record this tho @acehood 😂

Back story:

we’ve been focusing on teaching the kids thing we are familiar with since they missed so much school. Ace has been teaching then songwriting. Lol this is their first draft.

Melanin drip. ✨

You know what 🤣

Video from @ikeslimster

Yesss I’m loving how fast you all are registering for The UNRULY Retreat: Virtual Edition!

Just a heads up — ✨Early Bird Pricing ends Sunday night ✨

Link in bio!

See previous post for details.

✨ @curvycurlyconscious presents: A virtual healing experience created by Black women, for Black women.

Join me and my colleagues for #TheUNRULYRetreat July 29 - August 1!

✨4 days of healing and community, crafted with you in mind. Sign up by Sunday, July 19 to get the early bird rate!

📌Recorded Fire Side Chats with me & expert colleagues
📌Daily live link ups with me
📌A FULL DAY live event on Saturday, August 1
📌A private UNRULY Group Chat
📌A private UNRULY cocktail and twerk hour!
📌A Virtual Gift Bag full of discounts and goodies from our speakers and sponsors!

✅ @dr.ajitarobinson- Grief & Trauma Expert
✅ @drebonyonline - Licensed Psychologist
✅ @modernmoneyadvisor , Financial Advisor
✅ @djempressrah - Official UNRULY DJ
✅ @tatiannatarot - Healer
✅ @koyawebb , International Holistic Health Coach & Author
✅ @youbettaglowgirl , Personal Development Coach & Writer
✅ @sexualessentials - Founder of Sexual Essentials, Sexual Educator
✅ @sunnispeaks - Vegan Chef
✅ @soulairawellness - Fitness Professional

Link in bio!

Thank you for this @miamartin2 !

You guys are seriously the best. I made ONE post in support of The People of the First Nation on the Navajo Tribe Reservation yesterday, hoping to raise some funds for barrels of water.

It’s not talked about enough, but 30% of the residents living on the land do not have access to running water or electricity AND many who do have access to running water unfortunately have access to water that is contaminated due to abandoned uranium mine fields and other environmental issues.

You all sent so much money that now they will be using the funds towards the purchase of their first water truck. I am really proud of my community and I am honored to be an ally to all of my Native brothers and sisters. Thank you @mindfulskatergirl for helping to make this happen. #pandemicoflove

Grateful. ✨

#repost @mindfulskatergirl // If you want to truly honor this (stolen) land on this day, please

consider doing something meaningful and tangible and going to and donating a barrel of clean drinking water to the First Peoples of the Navajo Nation. With the highest rate of COVID-19 infections, 30% of the Natives living on the Reservation DO NOT have access to running water or clean water. We’ve partnered with Water Warriors (watch the video) and have helped them fund hundreds of deliveries and pay for flatbeds. It’s $100 a barrel, and if you can’t afford it perhaps you can find 9 friends who can Venmo you $10 each.

👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾If you cannot purchase a barrel for $100 you can cash app me $ShelahMarie and I will pool resources and purchase the barrels. #pandemicoflove

“Hi nice to meet you. Do you have your long form birth certificate?”

Help these children got me on tik tok 😅 #isaidwouldnever #nowlookatme

Of all work I do, my in person events produced by my company @curvycurlyconscious are my absolute favorite.

I am extremely proud of the space we are able to create that is non judgmental, fun and powerful container for Black women to heal.

I was heartbroken that we had to postpone The UNRULY Retreat this summer, but in the meantime, you ask I deliver!

If I were to do virtual edition of UNRULY, who would you like to see a speaker or workshop leader? What workshops or sessions would you like?

Sorry come again?

Repost @valenciagunder

Today was a good day. 🏄🏾‍♀️

I only get sage from @soulfulvibesco so it works like a charm 🤪

Happy Father’s Day to my hubby!! @acehood


I first heard of the work from the brilliant @dr.joydegruy from @primediscussion.

Her work completely changed the way I conceptualized race in America, via what she calls Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

I tried to find words to share how I feel about this clip, especially the part about how Black mothers talk about their children — and I found myself just, hurt.

Most days I am overwhelmingly optimistic about the future, I have been blessed to be doing very well during this weird ass lockdown — but today things caught up with me. Oddly enough, the lynchings (over the past two weeks not hundreds of years ago) and the unending stream of the videos of murder aren’t the worst part.

The worst part is the huge push to get over this. The strange way in which business is expected to continue as usual. The urge to bulldoze over the reality of White Supremacy in this country. That’s what hurt me today.

#repost @socialxchangemiami

I was like, “this shea butter is trash bro” 😂

I’m getting higher and higher, lighter and lighter, freer and free — yo this bish really had some nerve 🤪

Y’all are alright with me just no more eating Tide pods. 😅

Thank you @chethinks

I have been feeling this heavy.

At the beginning of the pandemic I did a tapping session with @galadarling and one phrase stood at to me, “what if you’ve been preparing for this your whole life and you didn’t even know it?”

I have a history with severe depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. For years I used to think, “I’m just not made ______ enough for this world.” If you would have gave me a 2020 forecast a year ago I would have thought this would spiral me into a deep depression.

But strangely, I feel I mostly grounded, strong and optimistic. I do not take credit for this fully, I think it’s largely the steps I’ve taken to keep my body alkaline (okay aside from the Hennessy but shit stressful sometimes okay? 😅), my meditation practice and my communion with my ancestors.

Can you dream with me for a second? For any of my followers who have struggled in the past with feeling out of place, what if this is the shift to a world that we were always meant for? What if all this chaos is actually reorganization? And maybe we were preparing for this new world all along.

What do you think?

Image: @pinkcatdaily

Can’t wait to go back @nihisumba

I used to resent Mother’s Day, always watching everyone around me celebrate with their moms and do normal things like go out to eat or get together with family.

I used to refer to our relationship as toxic. I used to dread any communication, knowing that it would likely be an open door for me to be criticized or reminded of my faults in some way.

I used to hold the hurt, anger and resentment very close to my heart, like a little fence to protect myself.

I used to. But my primary purpose on this earth is ascension. My spiritual evolution comes before anything or anyone. And at a certain point it became time for me to shift this narrative and heal my inner child who was still wounded.

I have chosen to have a loving, healthy relationship with my mom with boundaries. She hasn’t radically changed or apologized — but I have. It’s truly a gift to be able to think of my mother fondly, look forward to Mother’s Day, to not be a prisoner of pain.

I’m on my way later today to drive by my
Moms house with gifts and in some ways it’s such a perfect metaphor for what a mother/daughter relationship can look like that was formerly toxic.

✨Happy Mother’s Day ✨to all the mamas out there (all types of mamas) and to any daughters out there with a little fence around your heart I am hugging you too. I understand. ❤️

I’m deleting my account @mystergiraffe

I love ya crown. 👑

Photo by @insurgovisuals

A concept.

Wow I looked like a real life Bernstein Bear as a kid. 🐻

Eyebrows was fleeky tho 😆

I feel attacked 😅

Repost @thirdeye.quotes

This was a birthday to remember.

Huge thank you to all the ladies who came to my virtual birthday party!

This was cool experiment in feeling connected to people and feeling celebrated during these times.

When I was growing up we didn’t really have celebrations or family gatherings so they are extremely important to me as an adult. I acknowledge that I thrive off of celebrations. Today was super dope! We played, we laughed, we drank and of course we danced!

I feel called to try to keep my vibration as high as possible now, and some days are harder than others. Some moments I just want to cry, sometimes I feel personally hurt by the way we treat each other on a global scale, some moments I don’t feel like being here — and then I’m reminded of times like today.

The reason I decided to do a zoom party and not on IG live is because I am 100% committed to providing safe spaces for Black to experience joy and community. And no matter what happens in the world I’ll never stop doing that. Ladies tag yourselves in the comments so you can stay connected ❤️

Video by @bricksgroup
Bridesmaids earrings: @shop_accessorized

Wedding dress & bridal accessories: @pantorabridal

Custom flower girl crowns:

Custom flower girl sneakers + bride sneakers:

Bridal bridal robe: (if this is you please comment so I can tag you)

Custom bridal slippers: (if this is you please comment so I can tag you)

Dancers: @Pris_curls + @therealtiffanymonique

There’s an abundance of anxiety and fear in the air right now and if you are anything like me, this can effect your sense of well-being and interrupt normal sleep patterns.

I love using my platform to share wellness resources and I think the @calm app is an amazing tool for managing anxiety and stress.

The app has tons of guided meditations, meditations for sleep, music & sounds — it’s really comprehensive. Head to my story for a mini-tour through the app.

If you click the link in my bio, that link will get you 40% off a subscription to @calm. ✨


Tap pic for details. ❤️

Feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready for this next phase of life.

This honeymoon was everything we needed and more. I thought the wedding was the big event — but being in our own little world, trying new things together, taking a break from all the constant demands of life, this was invaluable.

Thank you @ritzcarltonbali for the peace and tranquility we needed. 🌴 #rcmemories #ritzcarltonbali

Robe from @pantorabridal

It’s the little things. @ritzcarltonbali #rcmemories #ritzcarltonbali

Ok last one.

Also @acehood I’m sorry for ever doubting your videography skills.

Also dear timeline we gotta fulfill contracts so just two more days of honeymoon posts and we are out your hair 😂

Song: Frequency by Jhene Aiko

I’m usually pretty good at avoiding tourist traps but The Bali Swing got me 😫.

I love these pics but it’s literally chaos behind the scenes trying to get them.

Pero mami with that said these are cute, no? 😂

Giving thanks for all the good vibrations on this beautiful day at @ritzcarltonbali

#rcmemories #ritzcarltonbali

I do not own the rights to this song. 🤟🏾

Aye @theestallion this new drop FIRE🔥. Perfect for a lil married trappin!

The best advice I got during wedding planning was, “plan your honeymoon first.” @hotelwhisperer

(honestly she’s like the travel fairy godmother I never knew I needed) helped me plan our honeymoon months before I even started finalizing wedding details.

I am so happy I did. I could see how easily a honeymoon could get lost in the chaos of making a wedding happen. The wedding was more about community, this is all about us.

The staff at @nihisumba has provided us the best service we ever received hands down. We thought we were just going to dinner and we were surprised with a dinner under the stars with a finale of FIREWORKS!!!

Beyond grateful for this special experience ❤️

#nihigram #ontheedgeofwilderness #nihi2020

Today we did the Spa Safari at @nihisumba (more on that later) but for now I had to share this stunning honeymoon villa with you!

I still can’t believe this is real!

#nihigram #ontheedgeofwilderness #nihi2020

“If we take off now we can catch the sun.” 🌴


In my past, I was an educator for over ten years and it really brought me so much joy.

Ive also been blessed to work internationally: raising enough money to provide a scholarship to a student for a full year at the only school in Dakar, Senegal (at that time) for students with disabilities, teaching art therapy in San Rafael, Haiti, raising money to bring three stellar students from Jamaica to perform at The United Nations HQ in NYC.

I’ve shifted career paths but I will always have a deep love for education and for children so when @hotelwhisperer suggested @nihisumba for my honeymoon I was elated to find out that they have @sumbafoundation which provides clean water, food, health clinics and educational resources to the Sumbanese community.

Today filled my heart with so much joy thank you @sumbafoundation for having us.

FYI: we asked for permission from the staff and all the teachers before taking any photo or video. They were happy for us to share.

I almost don’t want to share this hidden gem on the island of Sumba but it’s too beautiful not to.

Just stunning. @nihisumba #nihigram #ontheedgeofwilderness #nihi2020

Honeymoon in FULL effect. @nihisumba #nihigram #ontheedgeofwilderness #nihi2020

Caption this 😂

#AceMeetsQueen honeymoon starts tomorrow!!

Photo by @insurgovisuals

Wow I’m having a fan girl moment anyone who grew up in South Florida you know @trinarockstarr was such a major female figure in music.

Hearing her speak on me was super dope. Thank you @99jamzmiami @djnasty305 @trickdaddydollars

My dinner date so fine 😝

Outfit from @touchdolls

Shoes @thekendallmiles

Today marks five years together and one week exactly married!

Happy Anniversary to my husband who accepts exactly as I am and never tried to dim my light! May we both experience this in greater abundance. ❤️

Also vow renewal party every five years it’s lit!

Learning how to love myself will most likely be a life long journey for me.

I wouldn’t describe where I came from as not loving myself — but more like self hate. Which breeds crippling anxiety and bouts of depression where it feels like there’s no end and no beginning.

Because I had internalized such low thoughts about myself, I chose and attracted men who were abusive, who belittled me, and took advantage of my kindness because this is what I was doing to myself first.

At the end of my last abusive relationship I remember thinking, “this will never happen to me again. I will never be in a relationship with a man like this again, because I am changing my relationship with me.”

I started practicing yoga, reading anything I could find on self help, started practicing meditation (at that time I was sitting for 45 mins a day twice a day!), I just wanted something better for myself. I was tired of hearing mean thoughts, tired of looking in the mirror and hating the reflection, and tired of missing out on the joy and love I saw around me.

Before Ace there was me. I wasn’t taught how to be nice to myself and treat myself kindly so my adult years have been a crash course in that.

I know it sounds cliche but it’s true: the relationship with yourself sets the tone for all other relationships in your life. If you can, find a moment today to truly love on yourself. Honor yourself. Be kind to yourself.

Sending love & light to everyone who may having a less than perfect Valentines Day. I love you. 💕

I can’t wait to get more video, but for now I will share this beautiful recap, which shares the essence of our wedding.

What I am most proud of is that our wedding was very US. Everyone there was like, yeah this is very Ace & Shelah. We didn’t incorporate anything that didn’t feel true to who we are. We didn’t let others control our decisions. We FOUGHT at every step to make sure our wedding had the right energy and embodied us as a couple.

@bricksgroup this video is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I always look forward to @curvycurlyconscious retreats, but this year will be the best year yet because we have put a great amount of care and effort into curating the group.

Good vibes, no judgement, community, meditation, and just the right amount of turn up.

If you’ve never been to a @curvycurlyconscious event or retreat (hey, boo, hey to all my new followers) then click the link in my bio to learn more about past retreats AND all the info about this year!

***Applications are open till Friday***

I love my custom gown from @pantorabridal so much that I wore it to the club after.

I have also warned Ace that I may or may not take it out from time to time to wear to Target. 😂

@andrea_pittercampbell designed this custom gown literally in hours. She also made special care that I could twerk in it because that was my main priority for my dress. If I tried on a dress and couldn’t practice my #MegTheeStallion knees in it — it was not the dress for me lol.

The beaded fabric, the custom veil, the accented sleeve with skin tone invisible mesh, the detachable overskirt, down to the earrings and headpiece — @andrea_pittercampbell got me right!!!

Highly recpmmmed @pantorabridal. Black female owned and operated and they specialize in curvy brides. ❤️

This moment isn’t just about Ace and I. It’s a moment that embodies a part of my life’s mission — to inspire healing, happiness & joy.

My heart is so full.


#healthyblackfamilies #acemeetsqueen


@photosbyreem was INCREDIBLE to work with.

From beginning to end our experience with Reem has been exceptional. So grateful to work with him and his wife. #acemeetsqueen

So after our wedding is the after party.

We were SMACKED 😂

Photos by @insurgovisuals


Welcome all my new followers, and 👋🏾 to all my loyal ladies!

I wanted to share this beautiful video for last year’s Unruly Retreat to give you a clearer insight on what The Unruly Experience.

All details about pricing, location and agenda are available on or link in my bio. ❤️ @curvycurlyconscious

The best part of red carpet is when they say’ “okay great can we get him by himself?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wow this video very caught me off guard Shanice shanice.tyria thank you for including me in your birthday video.


When I first starting dating Ace, the relationship between him and the mother of his children was very strained. I didn’t know what I was getting into fully but I learned quickly.

I’ll never forget when the blogs first posted our picture. I got hundreds of comments calling me a “home wrecker” and just tearing me to shreds. I was devastated.

No one ever knew. But behind the scenes I always fought for her. Because to me, the happier she is, the happier the kids are.

I used to see pictures of Kevin Hart and his blended family and wonder if that could ever be us.

Shanice, thank you for this public acknowledgement it means so much to me and I also want to publicly acknowledge how much you’ve grown and shifted this year. 2020 is going to be our best year yet!! ✨
#blendedfamily #coparenting

This book was my favorite present for @acehood this year.

I think @hoorayheroes has an amazing concept and the ordering is very streamlined and easy.

I was able to customize their names, what they look like, the narrative, and to choose Ace as the narrator within the book. ❤️

Also this is not a paid ad I bought the book full price no promotion, I just really love it.

I find that women especially are conditioned to constantly apologize for the space they take up in this world.

I’m not doing it in 2020 period.

How to express my opinion without tearing someone down. For all my super opinionated folk:

have you dealt with this?

I’m so happy that people find value in my Meditation Mixtape!

Even more so because I just submitted my Meditation Mixtape for Kids and my Meditation Mixtape for Teens for distribution yessss!!!!

All projects will be on all streaming platforms including YouTube. Link in my highlights for my Meditation Mixtape that is currently out. 🧘🏾‍♀️

This whole discussion kinda makes me think of Slim’s line in the movie “why Black people always gotta be excellent why we can’t just be ourselves”?

Question: I think it was a really well made film, why should it also be expected to be a tool for healing?
Lemme know what y’all think.

1. @touchdolls is having an extended cyber Monday sale do not sleep on it!


This is a bodysuit. It’s a little thick and very stretchy. I love it.
3. I’m wearing a medium in bodysuit and pants.

4. I am going to keep this character/outfit thing going because I am really enjoying putting my theatrics to use 🙋🏾‍♀️

Last night I started to spiral a little. Couldn’t sleep. Felt old patterns start to creep in.

This morning, I got up. Went to look at Christmas trees, did a meditation from my Holiday Thrive Guide and *chose* to have a great day.

Literally, this was the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in years. We did it our way. We made food we liked, didn’t over-consume or over-extend — and it felt great.

I focused on joy, gratitude and being present. What a gift.

I hope you had an amazing day. 🍁

Happy Family Day!!

Lol this took so many takes my “just a little not too much” came out in the second video 😂😂😂

Everywhere I go I meet the most talented, hardworking, resourceful, intelligent, hilarious queens

that at the same time aren’t afraid to hit a slight twerk in the middle of taking press photos (swipe for video 😂)

Thank you for having us @mycleotv !

Pants and bodysuit from @touchdolls

Good afternoon🌟

Curvy, Curly, & Conscious Cuties ❤️

Both wearing @touchdolls (small in both)

I don’t know why certain outfits make me turn into a character 😝!

And I can’t be the only one who peeped way back Paula Dean was outta pocket 😂

Top from @touchdolls. I’m wearing a small.

Use code SHELAHDOLLS for a discount.

Which one you relate to more? One or two?

Imma go with two 😂


“Make it look like I’m not looking”

For years I swore up and down I never wanted to be married.

I think it was my subconscious way of protecting myself because at the core I didn’t really think marriages worked. That‘s what I saw in my experience.

When the proposal happened, for weeks after I just kept experiencing waves of emotions. Turns out — I was repressing the desire. I didn’t know how much I wanted to be married. Not with a partner — but a husband.

After years of being a feminist and being actively aware of how men have oppressed women inside of marriage — I had to come to peace with the fact that even though that’s been true — I still want to see what new dynamic I can create for myself. And having a husband matters to me (lord the Aries in me has a field day with this shit because we do not like the idea of being controlled AT. ALL.)

So I’m going to see what we can create. I’m going to work at navigating this idea of husband/wife. The concept of submitting to each other.

Do you have fears around marriage? 👀

Photo by @photosbyreem

Recap from The Unruly Retreat presented by @curvycurlyconscious

🗣YESSSSSSSIIIIIIIRRRRRR #repost @curvycurlyconscious

This is fire @sd_creative 🔥

I think it’s pretty ridiculous that me and Ace aren’t in somebody’s natural hair campaign yet.



A Friday message from @curvycurlyconscious ⭐️

When I recorded my Meditation Mixtape (check my highlights to listen) I literally just sat down at my laptop, started writing, and recorded it by myself in my room.

I had no idea so many people would actually listen to to it. I just wanted some guided meditations that were in a voice I could relate to. I just want to thank you for all the hundreds of emails, DMs, tweets, etc that you send me. More on the way soon. ❤️

Slide 1: A little smooshie (that is my term for all children 😂) listening to my mixtape.

Slide 2: “We listened to your Hurricane Meditation for morning meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️ @culturalgivingtree we are a Afrocentric Child Development Center located in Charlotte, NC we thank you Queen.”

Slide 3: My bonus daughter meditating with her mom because she didn’t feel well. ❤️

#TheUnrulyRetreat presented by @curvycurlyconscious was featured in @essence today!

Link in bio. ❤️

Gemini rising? Oh hell no.


I’m a grown 👏🏾 ass 👏🏾 woman.


You can find us somewhere in between Real Hot Girl Shit and Quantum Meditation 😜

Video by @storyofkai

This is what we do. @curvycurlyconscious

Okay so hear me out right? I’m tryna create a world where Black women see each other as allies instead of threats, collaborators instead of competition, supporters instead of enemies — who’s with me?

All my ladies agree say AYEEEE 🙋🏾‍♀️

Pics are from #TheUnrulyRetreat presented by @curvycurlyconscious (join our mailing list or mine to stay updated on the next one. Link in my bio or CCC bio)

Photo by @rubyellaphoto

...of course, it’s only natural. ❤️


Bodysuit from @whimbyaree

I got your back. ❤️


“Love is an action, never simply a feeling.”
bell hooks


Is it only hood dudes from Florida that wear socks EVERYWHERE?


Engagement shoot wouldn’t be right unless we got a shot with Ace shirtless 🤷🏾‍♀️

Excited to see how the pics come out I know they’re gonna be amazing @photosbyreem !

1. Yes this is all use my expensive ass theater degree for these days and I’m okay with that.

2. I did a twist out on blown out hair and wand curled.

3. Dress from @touchdolls

4. Makeup by @shelby.rose.artistry


I never knew what to call it. But I was always interested in people. Why people do what they do.

As far back as I can remember I studied human interaction.

Most kids rushed home to watch cartoons, I rushed home to watch Oprah 😂

Of all the things I do, the retreats I produce with @curvycurlyconscious are my favorite. Because I get to create a world. A world that I’ve always thought about, where Black women have a safe space to commune, so some much needed self-work, and feel honored.

Photos by @rubyellaphoto

It’s easy to get swept up in the collective panic.

I recorded a 12-min meditation to help you stay centered and at peace during this time. Link in bio to get it. ❤️

Sending much love to everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Man somebody bring me back 😫! I just wanna be in the pool with almost 150 queens who are working on living their best life, with a shot of Henny and a chorus of “AYYYEEE” every five mins 😂

So proud of what we have created @curvycurlyconscious #theunrulyretreat ⚡️

Photo by @rubyellaphoto

Shine bright ✨

Photo by @rubyellaphoto


Natural hottie.

Welcome to @curvycurlyconscious #TheUnrulyRetreat starring @_ajaimani 😂

Buys one eyeshadow palette. 😂😂😂

Ohhhh y’all just wait till I watch these YouTube eyeshadow tutorials!

The secret to this bun is a LOTTTTT of eco styler gel, a good brush and some elbow grease.

We hosted our first 💦Water Wars💦 day and I’m definitely making this an annual thing!

We had so much fun reliving our childhoods 😂

I learned that you definitely need to buy tear free soap for the slip n slide 😅. Also, slip n sliding while being blindfolded is hard AF.

We played water balloon toss, a game where you pass cups of water in a line, water balloon hot potato and of course — freeze dance 💥

I got all the supplies on Amazon, Five and Below or Dollar Tree.

Those kiddie pools take forever to inflate even with a pump!

Shout out to all our friends and family for coming through! And thanks to @ash_garnto , @derick.garnto and @baha930mama , for helping assist for the day!

I’ve been taking it slow these past few weeks. Feeling cloudy on my vision. Needing more silence.

Today I visited @artechouse (they have locations in Miami, DC & NYC). It was so therapeutic. I was reminded of what I miss most about NYC. I lived in Brooklyn for five years with no healthcare, no shopping budget but best believe I saw every good show in town! I used to eat and breathe dance, theater, opera, indie films etc etc etc. Art was all around you all time, even when you didn’t want it to be at 8am on the packed A train into the city.

I never really thought about it until today. Why I’m having so much trouble feeling creative or having clear ideas right now. I miss free thinkers. I miss revolutionaries. I miss that energy. —
I’m creatively dehydrated.

Today was nice. I was inspired. Invigorated. And reminded that these types of things matter to me. It is not only sitting behind a laptop, sales funnels, budgets and presentations. Art is on my hierarchy of needs FACTS!

The two days leading up to The Playshop DC I didn’t sleep at all.

The Playshops were our HARDEST event to sell ever. I felt like a failure. I was having panic attacks and was losing hope. In the middle of the night I informed the entire team that I would no longer be running @curvycurlyconscious. I was discouraged, feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing, weary of constantly convincing women to invest in their healing, and doubting my abilities.

The Playshop went as planned and then the final few minutes (this wasn’t even in the agenda) a few women started sharing. The first shared how she identified that she had severe anxiety through hearing me share my story, another shared that she had CCC on her vision board (swipe to see the actual board) and that she had been working on manifesting women who she could connect with, and the last woman shared that she had planned to commit suicide, but then saw me talking about also having those feelings on my IG story — where I recommended the book “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping. She downloaded the book and finished it in 24 hours.

She said it saved her life.

I am not sharing this for praise or because I think I’m some kind of guru (I am not). I am sharing this to say thank you to DC, and all the women who continue to support me, who take my webinars, listen to my mixtape, come to events in every city, sell out our retreats.

Because I got the message loud and clear that I cannot give up. That I have to keep going and figure this shit out lol. I am truly grateful.

A special thank you to: 🎧: @djchan_don for providing straight vibes! 📸: @rubyellaphoto for capturing the day
📹: @jazz.monique for turning the day into a beautiful visual! (Video coming in a separate post).

Happy Father’s Day, @acehood.

It’s been a journey for sure! Four flights in one day.

13+ hour travel days on the most unpredictable airline of all time — and always during the busiest travel times. Rearranging tour schedules to accommodate travel.

That one time TSA closed (didn’t even know that was a thing) and we had to rent a car and drive overnight because it was the holidays.

Birthday parties. Sleep overs. Freeze dance. Finding the balance between giving your children the world and also teaching them responsibility and accountability.

It’s been a joy to watch you grow as a father and become more and more confident in who you are as a man and as a dad. Happy Father’s Day Zaddy.



There are so many things in my life that feel like no.

So many times I fail, I feel not good enough, I self sabotage.

Thankful for this bold display of YES in my life.

I may or may have not watched this consecutively on a two hour plane ride and cried the whole time who knows?

Thank you @polopistola for this beautiful video.

The full video is on my YouTube. ❤️

Thank for @sistercircletv for having me! These ladies have such amazing energy it was such a pleasure!

Shout out to my publicist @ashliepw

And thank you @noorface for my makeup ❤️

...but continue.

The nerd in me is sooooo tickled by these 😂😂😂😂😂

Repost @midwestgreeklifestyle

This is my favorite picture from our Playshop. It represents what I am MOST proud of when I think about what I’ve done with my company.

It’s not about me. Not about influencers. Not about ticket sales.

What I’m proud of is the space we’ve created for women to be human together. There’s a portion of The Playshop where women share and the group has been instructed to simply listen. No feedback. No advice. Just active listening.

There’s already enough advice going around, enough opinions, enough ten-steps. In this moment what matters is just feeling of being important. Important enough to be heard and seen. We see you. We hear you.

So excited for the next Playshop in DC! (Link in bio)

Photo by @lmstudiosco

Thank you to everyone who attended/supported @curvycurlyconscious Playshop in ATL!

Thank you @polopistola for capturing these special moments for us. ❤️

I don’t miss no meals, ok?

Swimwear from @touchdolls

Later I will gather thoughts. For now watch me get so distracted trying to remember Formation choreo that I don’t realize I’m getting proposed to.

To be fair, the Happy Birthday threw me off lol.

And then when we got home Ace played this video (swipe) from my Dad/Stepmom.

I’m marrying my best friend YESSSSSSIRRRRRR

Life can be hard. I think our approach to healing should be fun and dynamic.

Most of my work is online, most of the time I am in a room alone with a laptop.

This is really the payoff for @curvycurlyconscious , to meet all the faces behind the comments, to feel the collective energy and to be re-reminded of why we work so hard.

We are only doing TWO Playshops this year, one in ATL and another in DC. I’ll also be leading an online version which is the same activities just online — for all my ladies who can’t make DC & ATL.

Last slide has all the details.

Link in bio for more info. Can’t wait to meet you. ❤️

Hey Tribe!

We are looking to finalize our swag bags & sponsors for The Unruly Retreat/Playshops.

I am proud to stand behind the fact that our events are one-of-kind and produced FOR Black women BY black women.

Our attendees are multi-generational and advocates for living in
work/life harmony. They are conscious, savvy shoppers and prominent influencers in their communities. They prioritize self-care, excel in business, and have goals toward financial freedom. They are culturally diverse individuals on a path of continuous personal growth and development.

We have a variety of options for small and large brands alike, please email hello to view the sponsorship deck or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Age Range: 51% are 25-34 | 54% women
+1.2 mil weekly impressions on IG alone

Please address all inquires to hello or you can click the “email” tab directly from my page.

There’s a beautiful thread about this going on at @empressak’s page right now, so I thought I would continue the discussion here.

So much generational healing happening!

For me, I will apologize to my children when I’m wrong. I will be honest with them and let them know that just because I’m older and their parent, that sometimes I’m wrong and make mistakes like everyone else. I will allow them to see that level of honesty and self-acceptance in me as a model for their own lives.

Let this not be about blaming but rather about envisioning a new way. Our parents did their absolute best❤️

I’ve been getting some requests to repost about this course so just gently bringing this back into your awareness.

For people who think A COURSE ON SELF LOVE LOLZ WHAT?! I would just ask you to look at how that person’s life is going. Do they look like they have a healthy amount of love for themselves? The truth is most of us don’t, we were never taught these things and we are just expected to know how.

Click link in my bio❤️


I’m sorry were you saying something?

Swimsuit from @touchdolls

Everyday is #internationalwomensday to me. ❤️

We hear the term “f*ck boy” everywhere now but what exactly is a fuck boy?

I sat down with two ladies who basically have a PhD in F*ck Boy 101.

Shout out to @fancypatrice and @aishthalia

Link in bio ✨

When your Bluetooth randomly starts playing Dream Girls and you can’t fight the divine order in synchronicity so you just decide it’s time for an ALL OUT sing along!

I didn’t get this damn degree in theater for nothing 😂

Also do yourself a favor and go listen to the original version performed by Jennifer Holiday. Sheesh!

It’s been interesting to see how much this upsets people.

I used to invest a lot of energy into convincing people or explaining myself. Now, I take responsibility for what’s mine, do whatever steps I need to take to maintain my own integrity, do some cleansing meditations and that’s that.

If you are don’t agree, don’t understand etc I send you light and love and then continue living my best life. 🤷🏾‍♀️

More often than not, these conversations are more about them judging or shaming your choices and I feel the world would be a more productive place overall if everyone worried about taking great care of their lawns, and spent less time checking on everyone else’s grass.


Thank you @xonecole for allowing me to share my story with your community.

❤️ This was my most open and in-depth article to date! Head over to @xonecole ladies and let me know what you think of my feature.

New video up on my YouTube! ❤️ Link in bio

Shot & edited by @jazz.monique


This fit truly makes me feel like I’m an extra in an 80’s music video 😂

Swipe for some truly mediocre dancing.

I’m dyinggggggg to announce The UNRULY Retreat! We will be announcing the official date and location very soon.

In the meantime here’s some 🍑.

Photo by @dioburtophoto

I see you “lemme zoom in headass” 🤓

We attract the light. ✨

Everything real. 💖

New video up on my YouTube! Link in bio. ✨

Shot and edited by @jazz.monique

My “Ask Shelah” video is up! In this video I touch on my skincare routine, how I did my big chop 🤦🏾‍♀️ and the BIGGEST misconception about me.


Link in bio. Let me know what you think!

Shot & edited by @jazz.monique



Reindeers on the loose! 🎄

The Polar Express was basically two hours of me not trying to cry and say “aww” at everything.

Especially Sailor and Jr giving the boy “The Gift of Friendship” 😫

Sending light and love to everyone during this Holiday Season. ❤️

It’s getting cold out there y’all! Do NOT get caught slippin this cuffing season.

Get you one of the NINE (that’s right only 9 left) Meditating Santa Zaddy sweatshirts before they’re gone.

We are not restocking this year, but next year we got surprises in store! or link in bio.

Also I don’t want NO SMOKE with Adam’s wife ( @latoyaforever ) so y’all be respectful in these comments lol

Tending to my own garden all 2019. 👩🏾‍🌾

This one for my spiritual girls 😂

Watched too many @treynkennedy videos had to make my own.


Happy Birthday to my little sister @tiffany_tm

Growing up in a home like ours was not easy. Our mother worked so much to provide for us that a lot times we raised ourselves, and I raised you (that’s why you always called me your sister-mother).

Is that your real sister? Are you adopted? We always had to explain and justify that we were in fact REAL blood sisters (my mother is white/Cuban and she remarried a white man and that’s why we have different complexions.

I packed your lunch with so much junk food that the school called Mom and told them to please give you some real food. I styled your hair with Blue Magic Hair grease for picture day because I didn’t understand we had different hair types (if you find that pic please send it to me lol.)

My favorite story of us is the one mom told so many times. She went into the store for a minute and told me to watch you in the car. You were a newborn. I thought you were so beautiful. You started crying. I was only five years old but I instinctively knew you needed a diaper change. I took you out of the car seat. Changed your diaper and strapped you back in. When mom got back in the car she said, “how was she?” I calmly told her, “good she needed to be changed.”

Caring for you, loving you, protecting you always came natural to me. I am so proud of the mother you are and the woman you are creating day by day.

Happy Birthday Sister-Daughter. I love you. ❤️

Honestly just really proud of myself for being more mindful about my eating and committing to taking Bootcamp classes.

My issue in the past has been two steps forward, one step back.

I realized it’s because I put too much pressure on it and it felt like work. Now, I just frame it in my mind as an easy, fun part of my life.

I don’t have a diet plan. No, I’m not vegan. I don’t have a specific workout plan. I just try to eat mindfully most of the time (I just ate Panda Express so there’s that) and exercise three times a week.

Ladies if you need a dress for grocery shopping I got you!

This gown JUST GOT RESTOCKED and I’m sure it will sell out again. Head to @touchdolls and get you a Target run fit for the holidays.

#smallbusinesssaturday ✨

Happy Thanksgiving Part 3


It’s 2017. Think of Meditating Santa idea. Hire a designer (hey boo @ambrojah !).

Work with a fulfillment company. It doesn’t work out. Receive sweater samples for the promotional photo shoot ON THANKSGIVING! Be angry the printing wasn’t as promised. End up having Ace’s daughter shoot all the promo photos (she’s really good lol).

It’s. 2018. Try again. Get mock designs from five different designers. End up going with the original designs, just upgraded (hey boo @ambrojah again). Find a DOPE ass printing company that does an amazing job. Get 16 boxes of sweaters in time to do an actual photo shoot (hey @dioburtophoto !). Label and package the first 157 orders incorrectly. File for a refund on all shipping fees. Get it. Re-label and package the orders.

Almost sell out sweaters before Black Friday even hits. We spent ZERO on marketing.

So excited for you guys to get your sweaters, first batch of orders went out!

Ace said it’s too early to buy a tree. 🙄

When do y’all buy your Christmas trees?

Sweater from by @curvycurlyconscious. Link in bio.

Designed by @ambrojah

Photo by @dioburtophoto

N O V E M B E R 15!

Make sure you are on the mailing list at (link in bio) so you’ll be the first to know.

These sweaters WILL sell out.

No kids sizes this year, Santa Bae and Santa Zaddy are too busy traveling and settling in for that right now but next year 👀

Photo by @dioburtophoto

Makeup by @shelby.rose.artistry


Sak ap fet?

Wearing “Sea Mermaid Gala Gown” from @touchdolls

Photo by @larrypazart

Mermaid vibes. ✨🧜🏾‍♀️

Wearing “Sea Mermaid Gala Gown” from @touchdolls

I’m wearing a medium.


Why I started @curvycurlyconscious. ✨

Also I love panels.

Panels are my favorite thing ever. When I was young I was always told, “you talk too much” but it’s that same talking that has created a career for me and has connected me to hundreds of thousands of dope ass women.

Thank you @boohoo for joining me in celebrating women!

I never got so many DMs to post a story series. Here you go tribe!

Life is our experience of the stories WE CHOOSE to believe about ourselves and the world. Choose ones that serve you.

So I had a BEAUTIFUL gown and then decided it wasn’t the right look for the #bethiphopawards.

Last minute @touchdolls came through with this gorgeous dress and earrings (also shoes and clutch you can’t see in this video).

I’m wearing this to Target tomorrow and no one can stop me!

Dress from @touchdolls called “Love Lies Gown”

Always gotta be a damn daredevil. 😈

Top from @kemeticknowledge

Fam last chance! Sales for my course “10 Steps to Self Love” with @motivationforblackpeople end TONIGHT at midnight!

I’m excited for all the healing that’s going to happen yay!

Go to to purchase ✨

Flashback to the most lit summer ever. 😂

I don’t know where the notion came from the public figures (or whatever you call me) should take disrespect and rudeness because we “asked for it,” but just don’t bring that over to my space.

I’m into healing and wellness and I love women but I also don’t tolerate any disrespect period.

The real question is, what’s going on at your house that you feel compelled to come over and focus on mine? 👀

@dcyoungfly fired my ass up life is good!


100% woman.

Swipe for video. 👙💦

A concept.

Thank you @dripswimwear , the OFFICIAL swimwear sponsor for #BARERetreat !

They gifted all the ladies without their signature swimsuit which is designed specifically for curvy girls and can be worn 6 different ways!

Photo by @crownmeroyalxo

SWIPE for video 🙇🏾‍♀️

I’ve wondered this my whole life. Exceptions: I understand if you’re tall and you really need to stretch.

Or maybe the flight was long (gonna say 5+ hours).

I’m really talking to y’all people who somehow think if you get your stuff fast enough and stand in the aisle that imma let you off the plane before my row. Ain’t gon happen captain. We gon leave just how we got on. ONE 👏🏾ROW👏🏾AT👏🏾A👏🏾TIME. 🙇🏾‍♀️


Super facts.

Suns out buns out.

Where is the lie?

When you are a powerful woman on a bold path you threaten those who are choosing not to harness their own personal power.

When you live boldly and transparently you will magnetize people to you who also want to live that way and they will support your journey. But, you will also upset some, because you are a direct representation of what they lack. Seemingly lack. Because we all have everything, just some choose to tap in and some choose not to.

As I continue to grow the coolest thing that’s happening is I am becoming less and less concerned with the naysayers. The funniest thing I heard people out here saying is that I am “not a woman of God” because I worship “trees and plants” LOLZ. By the way, I DO worship trees and plants because they are God but I digress.

Point is. Keep going. Move forward with grace, honesty, a pure heart and the best intentions. People will love you. People will hate you. And most of it will have nothing to do with you.

SUPER SIDENOTE: I think if you identify as a Christian you should automatically be an environmentalist but what do I know? I’m just a crazy tree hugger lady. BRB finna go hug my tower garden.

Photo by @dioburtophoto

You can have your opinion. But the slightest ounce of disrespect and you will be blocked beloved.

Black Girls don’t travel.
Black Girls ain’t friendly.
Black Girls don’t swim.


Where? Where they don’t?? Cuz I just left a trip full of women of color who are making strides financially, who take care of themselves, who are friendly AF (we were together 5 days and had absolutely ZERO drama or side eyes.) And for the record we was all out in the ocean living life. Shit we had life vests on but 👏🏾 that 👏🏾ain’t👏🏾 the 👏🏾 point! Lol

I’m still marinating in the good vibes from #bareretreat and am more confident than ever in my ability to attract what I desire. And what I desire is a new story about what it means to be Black + Female. One that is open & full of possibility.

#ave51 #bareretreat

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

There’s so much to look forward to. ✨

Bikini from @touchdolls

Shout out to @tashahnicole for her design work for #bareretreat !

I was really proud of her since she’s not a designer by trade. One of the coolest things as a CEO (what — who am I???) is watching the skills of the women I work with flourish. Sky is not even the limit ladies!

I choose freedom. ❤️

Take me back.

#bareretreat @ave.51 @curvycurlyconscious

Photo by @crownmeroyalxo

Thank you @dripswimwear for our swimsuits and @curlcap for our caps for curly girls!

I always get kinda nervous before events and then when the ladies start arriving I just feel so happy and calm.

Like a mom who’s kids are coming home from college for the summer lol.

The BARE Retreat has officially began ladies now cocktails on us! 🍹 #ave51ladies #curvycurlyconscious #bareretreat

Outfit custom from @socialitestyled

This bodysuit from the Amber Rose X Fashion Nova collection hugs the curves juuust right.

🤗 @fashionnovacurve

Wearing a medium.

When bae says we going out to eat.

Somebody said I like look I got caught boosting from Saks 😂

I’m happy AF right now fam! We got the repart to give us TWO extra rooms for the #BARERetreat !

They are first come first serve (no DM’s please).

If you are interested email bareretreat2018 ! #curvycurlyconscious #ave51ladies

Photo by @dioburtophoto

Bikini from @forever21

Thank you for providing me a space to speak about Black women & wellness.

Check my story for the link. ❤️

Because all good things happen in threes.

This def @acehood fault this time. #illneverwalkdownahallwayagain

Watches Beyoncè once.


Spring Break was a vibe!


When u got a slight fupa this evening but life’s too short not to love your whole entire body.


Dress from @touchdolls


Self love is the best accessory.

Photo by @dioburtophoto

Bikini from @forever21

With or without awards or acknowledgement I will get up everyday and work towards creating & holding space for women.

Thank you @glitzngirlpower for honoring me.

Thank you @irossta for this video.

Thank you @acehood for being my biggest fan.

I really miss doing my YouTube videos!

The topic of this video was “How to move on after a breakup”

YouTube: Shelah Marie


Photo by @dioburtophoto

Bikini from @forever21

Hair by @hairbybellamarie


Jeans & jacket from @touchdolls

Caption this.

PS. Someone at #CCCATL gifted me this @alexandani bracelet that said “Trust The Process” and I loved it so much!

But in usual Shelah fashion I misplaced it. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Live by this. #rp @teacherbae

I love what I do.

Ace tells me sometimes he gets in the “zone” and he gets so lost in his music he forgets to eat etc for 12-14 hours.

I got so jealous. I kept asking myself, what’s my “zone”? When do I ever get to be so engulfed that I forget to eat (lol what)?

At #CCCToronto I was reminded of my zone. My zone is providing spaces for women of color to heal. I live it. I breathe it. When I’m meditating in a room full of women I feel alive, I don’t think about anything else other than connecting. My favorite part of every single event is when I get to go around and put my hand on their hearts.

I try not to cry at my events because I want to maintain centeredness, but I become overwhelmed with how much love I feel and how grateful I am.

Thank you to every single person who’s ever trusted me with your hard earned energy, time and money.

I have so much in store for you in 2018.

Special thanks to @afrochicto for bringing us out!

Video by @unsgnd @dymikaharte

I take chances on myself. Religiously. I do things that scare me, challenge me and ask me to re-think who I am.

We were nervous about doing our first #Curvycurlyconscious out of the US but y’all turned OUT Toronto! I got to meet women who have been following me since my Periscope Days.

I will continue to take bigger chances, dream bigger and scale up so I can continue to make beautiful events for women of color to heal themselves.

Excited for all the plans in store for this year including our RETREAT!

On our way to see #BlackPanther like.

#CCCToronto we ready.

In every city we go to we find talented, intuitive, kind women to help run our event.

#curvycurlyconscious is a carefully curated event from top to bottom because I firmly believe that women (especially Black women) deserve the best.

We could not accomplish this without people who believe in us (like the ladies of @afrochicto who are responsible for bringing us to Toronto) and our volunteer squad.

Really looking forward to meeting you all this coming Saturday and to freezing my tits off.

PS. I miss these ladies from CCC Miami!

Yes. #curvycurlyconscious @brujatip

I don’t know about you, but in my school we barely learned about African history outside of slavery — and that was like one chapter.

That’s why I love these flash cards because they are the perfect tool for introducing young people to a diverse set of important figures from the diaspora that aren’t covered in school.

To purchase a flashcard set click link in bio of @beautandbeastllc or go to

Use code SHELAH for 10% off promo code expires 02/13 at 11:59 PM EST. #ad

I love what I do. #curvycurlyconscious #Queens @curvycurlyconscious

Bruh I can’t waiiiitttt to turn up for my first time ever in Toronto and our first ever @curvycurlyconscious presented by the amazing queen’s of @afrochicto !

Link in bio to grab your spot, Toronto Queens!


Been thinking this my whole life. @nayyirah.waheed


Dress from the Deliano Collection at @touchdolls (the fabric sucks you in like a movie!)

Just counting down till when I can wear this @touchdolls swimsuit in my backyard. 🙏🏾


Holiday season in FULL effect. @acehood

Y’all to old to be still on that tbh. And half of the men I met that are threatened by a woman hindering their success don’t really have nothing to take tbh.

Real men have the confidence invite a strong woman or partner in their life. I’m gonna need men to stop blanket statement blaming women for their poor choices in relationship partners.

Good morning!

One year later. Still can’t dance. Happy Thanksgiving!

Instrumental @remixgodsuede

Caption this. 😂 #curvycurlyconscious

Photo by @cloudnaiii

It’s almost time, fam. @acehood

I’ve been watching @acehood behind the scenes these past few years just grinding, staying in his own lane, avoiding drama, eating greens, learning meditation, training like an athlete, buying less fucking shoes and making it happen.

Consistently inspired by you Papi.


Bathing suit and coverall from @Touchdolls


🌟 @curvycurlyconscious @trendallday #trendingallday

Holy shit this made me cry lol. It's really hard to explain how much love I have for women.

How much joy I get from being able to help us heal and grow in creative ways.
When I saw this video all I could think about was young Shelah who wasn't Black enough for the Black kids, White enough for the white kids, Cuban enough for the Cuban kids -- and didn't feel at place at home. Young Shelah who knew the neighborhood police officers by face because they came to our house so much, etc etc etc. I am BEYOND grateful I had wonderful women intercede on my behalf and tell me "you are beautiful" "you are smart" when I didn't believe it. And I thank God for whoever the fuck it was that introduced me to meditation lol because it saved me from ending my life.
Woman. I love you. You are worthy. I have so much in store for you!
Thank you to the amazing folks at @trendallday for this feature. #trendingallday

Couldn't help it. Had to post. @miilk.honey

This is why people think I'm tall when they meet me 🤷🏾‍♀️

1. Happy @touchdolls is back open after Irma so I can get some more fits for the plum.

This makes me want to color my hair again.
3. This bodysuit should come with a bodyguard lol

I love our squad. Like none other. ✨ @curvycurlyconscious

Where is the lie? 😂😂😂😂😂 @acehood

I was first approached inappropriately (by a member of my own family 😔) around 6.

*This is a safe space for women to talk to each other. If you have anything negative to say or anything that distracts from that goal you will be blocked without any attention or fanfare. Love you.
#repost @missshari_r

The look you make when you almost get talked out of your own intuition. 😂

My decision to stay in Miami was an exercise in trusting myself, despite what the outside world was saying. It was scary too, because social media would frighten me, the news, yall comments -- but when I got quiet. When I got centered -- I always heard, "you are safe."
When I asked my spirit guides about evacuating, I was told I can go TO somewhere else if I want, but I'm not allowed to run FROM anything. A decision made from fear will ALWAYS be the wrong choice.
For my personal experience, the storm played out almost exactly as expected in my area. I am really glad I stayed (Ace and I's entire family are here too!) and I developed another level of trust in myself.
And then all the media coverage about Florida is like the apocalypse when there are many people that did just fine.
I learned a powerful lesson from Irma, which I am grateful for. It's time for change or else Mother Nature will purge us all. Lol and we will not win a fight against nature.

@curvycurlyconscious LA. Our very L A S T tour stop this year. ✨ Link in bio.

Because where else can you meditate, have real talk with dope women, do trap yoga, spend money on all Black female business annnndddd turn up?

I'll wait 👀
Lol see you in LA for OUR VERY LAST stop!
🎥 by @e_mortal_

Don't take my word for it. @curvycurlyconscious ✨

I focus on helping women heal themselves because women are the foundation of strong communities.

Heal women. Heal the world (no lie fam). #curvycurlyconscious
Photos by @gdemerittephotography

@curvycurlyconscious #curvycurlyconscious

Fun facts.
I drink way too much sparkling water (I don't wanna hear nothing bout it lol).

These balloon arches really coming along hunty!
That's our signature CCC blend of essential oil coming soon!!!!
It's a movement. #curvycurlyconscious

I set out to create a piece of the world I wanted to see.

One where women judge themselves less, judge each other less, are open to positivity and abundance, and not one side eye or shady comment!
We can say with certainty that a CCC self-love day party is like nothing you've ever experienced! Ask anyone who has attended, volunteered, or sponsored. When we come to your city, come vibe with us!! ✨
Visuals courtesy of @e_mortal_ | @emortal_pics | @emortal_art ✨
Tag yourself if you were interviewed!✨
CCC LA is happening Sept 17! Come experience:
Guided Meditation led by @theshelahmarie
💭 Engaging Panel Discussion & Breakout Session with @wifecomplex
🥗 Light breakfast, lunch +snacks
🤸🏾‍♀️ Trap Yoga with @trapyogabae
💆🏾 Complimentary Mini- Massages
🥂 Cupcakes & Cocktails
❤ Self-Love kit worth $100 ™ @curvycurlyconscious

Atlanta you were amazing. #curvycurlyconscious

Had such a dope time filming for @fox5atlanta today! Segment airs this Tuesday.

Thank you to my CCC cuties for supporting us!
@tahpeness @lavenusnoire16 @sterlingxsilver @n_i_r.v.a.n.a

FOUR MORE DAYS before the CCC Vibes descend on Atlanta!

Don't miss your chance to experience it for yourself ✨
Video courtesy of: @e_mortal_
You'll experience:
✨ Guided Meditation led by @theshelahmarie
💭 Engaging Panel Discussion & Breakout Session with @lovecoachdanispikes + @mimijonline
🤸🏾‍♀️Trap Yoga led by @trapyogabae
🥗 Light dinner + snacks
💆🏾 Complimentary Massages
🥂 Cupcakes & Cocktails
❤ Self-Love kit worth $100
Tickets for ATL (8/20) and LA (9/17) are available at the link in the profile! ✨

Caption this. Lol.

Growing up I was always criticized for talking too loud & too much.

I used to be ashamed of that but as I deepen my spiritual practice I realize that the things that come easiest to us are the traits that gives us power. #goddontmakemistakes
When someone asks me what I do for a living I can say many things -- but what I really do is talk! I get paid to travel, talk and share my journey with women.
Point is do not internalize people's opinions about what you should be doing or how you should be living. Get centered. Get quiet. And get connected with what YOU want & like. And lowkey send a nice F YOU to anyone who doesn't understand. Namaste. ✨

If you're trying to start meditating but just "can't focus" or "can't stop thinking" guided meditations are a great place to start.

I created my #MeditationMixtape just for beginners. Guided meditations for healing and growth in a voice you can resonate with.
Available at, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal & Apple Music. ✨
Swipe for testimonials.

✨ @ivebeenthatgirlonline

So proud of my interview with @urbangirlmag ! I definitely shared a lot of myself and my journey in finding meditation and yoga.

Ladies! It's summertime and y'all know I'm pretty much gonna live in bathing suits for the next two months.

@touchdolls is having their end of Season Sale 40% off until Sunday! DISCOUNT IS IN-STORE ONLY! Visit @touchdolls for location and hours. ✨

Yesterday was an interesting day. My uncle (who found my family though a movie credit I had) unexpectedly passed away and a really close friend had an emergency delivery.

I thought about how much I like and feel the need to control things. About how much I focus on stuff that really doesn't matter (what so and so thinks, blah blah) -- and I was struck with a real reverence for life. And the overwhelming message I got yesterday was LET GO.
The more I push, the more I tense, the more I restrict energy flow. Today I am focusing on being present, having gratitude and letting go of expectations.
Photo by @islandboiphotography

Thank you @naturallylovinthissss for this amazing video of Curvy, Curly, Conscious Chicago! ✨

Absolutely loving all the love I'm getting from @21ninety 's tribe today!

Check out my interview I did with them. Link in bio over at @21ninety. #curvycurlyconscious #itsamovement

Thank you for the feature @ukafrolista !

Meditation Mixtape available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & Tidal. Or for purchase at

Thank you @ukafrolista for the feature. ❤ #curvycurlyconscious

Can't...stop...posting...trap yoga @trapyogabae

Had such an amazing interview with @abc7Chicago about @curvycurlyconscious !

Thank you @melvapr_pro !
Dress and shoes from @touchdolls , earrings from @thirdcrown

Experience sisterhood and healing with the CCC Chicago tribe✨
Our day party includes:

✨ Guided Meditation led by @theshelahmarie
🤸🏾‍♀️ Yoga with @trapyogabae
💭 Engaging Panel Discussion & Breakout Session with @itstracyg @itssimplyjackson , @noirsxtherapist & @afrobella
🥗 Light breakfast, lunch & snack
💆🏾 Reiki & Energy Healing
🥂 Cupcakes & Cocktails
❤ Self-Love kit worth over $200
Hit the link in the profile to get your tickets now! ✨ #GetLitGetEnlightened
📽 Video by @e_mortal_

Can't wait for @curvycurlyconscious Chicago! We are going to have so much fun, we are going heal, we are going to vibe and we are going to learn to love ourselves more fully.

Video by @e_mortal_

I got soooooo many compliments on this @touchdolls bodysuit and jeans.

These jeans are clutch for Curvy girls. No waist gap in the back and high waisted to compliment the curves. ✨

I love what I do. @curvycurlyconscious
Photo by @aquasimages

Have you ever mediated about your future with almost 100 women in the same room?

It's transformational.
I am so proud of @curvycurlyconscious and the little world we are creating where women get lifted, they have fun, they make friends and they leave with skills and tools to live happier, healthier lives.
See you in Chicago on June 11th.
Video by @e_mortal_

👂🏽 #repost @atonulion

So many people write me and ask how to get started in meditation.

I always recommend guided meditations, there are great ones on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.
And of course I recommend my Mediation Mixtape, which I recorded specifically for beginners. But don't take my word for it! (Reading Rainbow voice lol)
Available on and wherever music is streamed.

Curvy, Curly, Conscious Miami was amazing. Chicago tickets are on sale now, we have so much in store for you.

Thank you @e_mortal_ for this beautiful recap video. ❤

@curvycurlyconscious It's a #movement.

✨My Meditation Mixtape✨
The perfect way to start your meditation practice.

Guided meditations in a voice you can connect to.
Available wherever music is streamed and sold. ✨

Can't quite put into words how I feel.

The energy in the room yesterday was incredible, we laughed, we cried, we shook out the negativity, we meditated, we prayed for our sisters --- and most of all we planted the seeds for healing and growth in our life.
Thank you to these queens (and baby Aura) for dropping gems ALL DAY.

Never would have imagined all this when I sat down in my room and recorded this mixtape. ❤

I fight for women.
I fight for women who like men.

I fight for women who like women.
I fight for women who like (insert whatever the fuck you like).
I champion for women who agree with me and those who don't.
For the mothers, daughters, strippers, those you call hoes, momprenuers, girlfriends, baby mamas, small business owners, women of all religions, artists. All of y'all.
I love women. Regardless of if I agree with your life choices or not.
I specifically speak to Brown and Black women because that is MY TRUTH (do not @ me) but I love & support women of all hues.
I don't use the term queen only for those who have natural hair and bodies because I have acrylics right now B & definitely have color in my hair. And when I have time I'm going back to get more cellulite treatments. I don't believe in tearing other women down to build yourself up.
I love you. I support you. And I will continue to do so with any and all of the resources I have available to me. #curvycurlyconscious
Photo by @islandboiphotography

Thank you @karencivil @lupelooove & @livecivil for this feature about @curvycurlyconscious on @livecivil !


Had such an amazing interview with @roxynbc6 today for #6inthemix !
Side note:

thank you waist for looking snatched.
Other side note: sorry my volume is a little low didn't wanna talk super loud since I was mic'd.
#curvycurlyconscious it's a movement.
Thank you @melvapr_pro ✨

Full article on Thank you @livecivil @karencivil ✨

Hi Bae. 🌸
#repost @bodyposipanda

Drapes are wedding dresses sewn together. ✨

Photo by @islandboiphotography

#repost @nerissanefeteri

I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop /

Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor /
Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretchmarks /
- @kendricklamar

Happy Anniversary to my baby @curvycurlyconscious !

We held our first event May 1, 2016 and one year later we are gearing up for a four-city tour that will impact the lives of 100's of women in person and 1,000's more online.
Last year our surveys reported that this was the first time many women had ever meditated. Others it was their first time doing yoga -- or trying vegan food.
My goal with this event is to be your gateway drug 🕺🏾. Lol I want to introduce you new ways of loving yourself and loving healthier in a fun, light way that doesn't feel too serious. After all, building yourself up should be fun!
Thank you to every single woman who donated, supported, shared a flyer, gave your time, have me advice, lent a hand, donated a product. I thank you so much.

Shout out to @luxeradar for interviewing me about @curvycurlyconscious ✨

This never gets old to me. #throwbackthursday 😂

Wild thang. @touchdolls

I admire bold women, so I've become one. ✨


Wise words from @lovethediosa ✨❤
Inspired by @aishathalia

SWIPE for entire passage.

Today's workout inspired by @qui2health ! Put a little peach in there for added value 🍑

@liforme yoga mats are the absolute best.
Photo by the lovely @lbornephotography

Still have a ways to go but getting closer to my fitness goal. #ificouldjiststopeatingfries

Swimsuit & cover up from @Touchdolls

#CozyCuteGang @touchdolls

Has this happened to anyone else? @airbnb

Caption this.
Photo by: @lbornephotography

@adoch @danielledarlynn @lidiyayohannes_ @thisisjemise @classyfied_style @liltainogyall

#IMPORTANT #repost @stills0brooklyn

Thank you @rockstarr_diva for having me at the #glitzandgirlpower awards. ✨

Outfit from @touchdolls

I've thought about this a lot, but especially in planning @curvycurlyconscious.

Why don't women think they deserve nice things? I have to note that I believe Black women experience this in a very specific way. In what I see, three themes emerge:
1. We don't believe we are good enough for nice things, so even though we can give them to others, we deny ourselves that same luxury.
2. We get something nice but we subconsciously sabotage the experience. Do you know someone who every time they get something nice there's a disaster? New car. They wreck. New shoes. They lose them. Etc.
3. The fear of not being good enough drives us to become completely obsessed with material possessions to the point that they own us.
Full thoughts on my YouTube Channel (Shelah Marie). New videos every Sunday. ✨ #soulstudywithshelah


Flashback to Vegas with my ❤
Bikini from @redstarcollection

This is @iamoslife 's 7-year old son doing the 4-part breathing I teach in my #MeditationMixtape.

I am pleasantly surprised by how many of my tribe members meditate with their children. It's super dope! I plan on incorporating meditation and breathing with my future children starting in the womb.
A volume two of my #MeditationMixtape series is already in the pipeline. Let know what topics you'd want covered. 👇🏾
Link in bio for #MeditationMixtape or anywhere music is sold and streamed. Search "Shelah Marie"

Stay in the light. Photo by @lbornephotography

Swipe to see how my #MeditationMixtape is changing lives. Link in bio. ✨

This week I'm talking about emotional eating -- what it is and what we can do about it.

Please like, share and subscribe ✨
I wanna hear your thoughts about this so I'll be on Periscope tonight at 8:30 PM.
YouTube: Shelah Marie
Periscope: Shelah Marie

Building a company I would want to work for, with people I love working with, doing things we love to do.

Very exciting news next week y'all. ✨

We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.

#rp @thinkgrowprosper

#MeditationMixtape link in bio. ✨

Thank you for all the messages and kind words. And THANK YOU for the support. Link in bio. ✨

Cozy cute in my @touchdolls

My Meditation Mixtape is out everywhere where music is sold/streamed.

Link in bio yo purchase directly. ✨

#baecation coverall and bikini from @touchdolls. Use code SHELAHDOLLS for 10% off.

Photo by: @lbornephotography

So happy people are enjoying my Meditation Mixtape!

7 Guided Meditations + a breathing technique for centering and anxiety. ✨
Link in bio.

One of the most requested topics I've ever gotten. HOW TO MOVE ON AFTER A BREAK-UP.

Up now on my YouTube channel (Shelah Marie).
My advice: 1. See what there is to learn, 2. Reclaim your space and 3. Focus on yourself.
I post new videos every Sunday with content that's more in depth than I can get on Instagram.
Please check out this video, like and subscribe. ✨
YouTube: Shelah Marie

Perfect for those just starting mediation & prefer a little structure while meditating.

✨ 7 guided meditations designed to help you love yourself more, overcome fear and connect with your highest self.
✨Link in bio.
Thank you @Tracey.renee for this cover art!

If I could pick one book that has changed my life. It would be "Radical Forgiveness." #soulstudywithshelah

Strong & flexible is the goal. Photography by @lbornephotography

New video every Sunday. "Why I Started Meditation"
YouTube: Shelah Marie

Handstand practice. ✨

Baby Shelah & Baby @tiffany_tm #realsisters #yes #weare

Always in that damn phone. Photo by @lbornephotography

What you focus on you magnify.

Shout out to Curvy, Curly, Conscious! Thank you @womanista !

I'm average sometimes. And I'm ok with that. I'm really great at making metaphors.

Not so good with grammar. I can express myself really well and I'm pretty damn good at impersonating my family. Stomach looks flat from the front but from the side I have a nice sized FUPA. I have a small waist, but I also have very stubborn cellulite all over my thighs. Great at starting things. Not so great at finishing them. I can be really organized but I forget things -- A LOT.
Many of us expect ourselves to be great at everything ALL THE TIME. Which sets us up for failure because that's impossible. That is not human. Try to appreciate life and yourself in moments. You have a great dinner, that performance went really well, you got a compliment from your boss -- take those in and realize that no one can be a the Michael Jordan of life all the time. These perceived flaws or weaknesses are what connect us deeply to each other and make us interesting bih!
Photo by @allencooley


So excited for this segment to air! Thank you @douxdame for being my cheerleader.

You can watch tonight at 11pm on NBC or on



God of Thunder // Goddess of Beauty & Love :::both costumes almost completely locally sourced and produced.

Thank you @touchdolls

This video LOOKS calm. It looks like a serene, peaceful ride though the desert.

Let me tell you I was using ALL of my meditation techniques. Our driver was drifting and doing all kinda tricks. It was amazing.

The thing that makes Kanye so interesting is he's not afraid to walk the line.

The lighting and set design was so evocative because I couldn't tell if he was "Jesus" descending on his disciples or these were souls being summoned upward towards the Ultralight Beam or something.
The predominate visual was Kanye bringing light to the masses, almost like a deity. And it makes me wonder? Who told us we were not God? And why does that idea scare us so much?
I did feel like I was in a live, hip hop episode of #StrangerThings tho. Like is a bih in the underworld or nah?

Forearm Friday.

Lol why y'all can't believe my bae could flourish? 😂

One hundred percent in support of #blackboyjoy ✊🏿

This is a TRUE Shelah smile. Had so much fun at @alldefdigital today! These dudes are so talented.

Thirst trap level: FATALITY FINISH HIM 💥👊🏾💥
Bikini: @redstarcollection

#TBT my first movie role ever. He was so sweet. #transporter2

A sentimental throwback Thursday to my time working in Dakar, Senegal at a school with students with special needs (ESTEL).

I raised $5,000 in the US and used that to fund one student to attend the school for free for one year.
I connected so much with those students my regret is that I couldn't do more for them long term.

The highlight of the #suicidesquad block party. Will Smith performing "Welcome to Miami" in Miami and "Summertime" in the summertime.

Also I need bruhs skincare regimen ASAP. 😊

Don't mind me. Just cheesing extra hard while holding down two glasses of champagne with @johndwashington.

This is for all the ladies who snapped, texted, DM'ed me to get a pic of him lol.

Thank you for having us @blacklivesmattermiami. We appreciate you.

I love this picture. I used to be so insecure about my dimples, looking into surgery, creams etc.

But for what? I ain't never met a REAL man that was bothered by some dimples. I am working out more and the appearance is changing but I love my legs with or without them. Ladies, be nice to yourself and don't let these IG pics fool you! We all have imperfections. And thank God we do.
Photography: @allencooley
Makeup: @noorface
Hair: Me
**Taken March, 2015**

#curvyncurly #curlbox

I always "talk" to people on social media, typing comments, talking to a screen -- very rarely do I get the chance to interact with my tribe in person.

I was slightly overwhelmed by how many people knew me. People quoted my characters I used to do, they remembered my struggles -- it was so touching!
I love you tribe and was so happy to meet so many of you at #curlfest2016 ! SQWAHHHH

Oh. And @knarlei you are the cutest damn thing ever. #curlfest #curlygirlcollective

Photography by @mark.c. #curlfest2016

Getting in formation at #CURLFEST @curlygirlcollective

Loving my @redstarcollection bikini. ❤️💛💚

Me and @baha930mama ready all summer 16 in our @redstarcollection bikinis. 🙌🏾

This @touchdollsmiami bodysuit is giving me life. Thanks @aishathalia now I need security! Lol

#curlbox #curvyncurly

When your combover is life. My nephew so damn cute can he please stop growing 😫 @tiffany_tm look at your son 😍

💅🏾 #curlbox #curvyncurly @curlbox

Just over here queenin 👸🏾

Photo by @allencooley.
Makeup by @noorface.

I am so proud of the man you are, excited for the man you're becoming, and so happy I get to be by your side during it all.

You amaze me. Happy Birthday, kid.

I basically got the whole concert on my snap. Shelo3. #formationworldtour 🔥




If you build it they will come. #tribe #curvycurlyconscious.

Thank you @dino_teme for the beautiful image.

Mama Hood came to support ❤️ #thesacredspacemiami

Thank you for the feature @miaminewtimes ! #curvycurlyconscious

It's a celebration.

#acroyoga #couplesyoga #CurvyCurlyConscious

Photo by @allencooley
Makeup by @noorface

You are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with.

Choose people that push you to be greater.

Women write me all the time and ask me about how I got my shape. I'm always gon keep it real bruh! Your body shape is your body shape. No amount of waist trainers or diet teas will change that. Maybe A LOT of surgery can. You can get into YOUR best shape with exercise and proper nutrition. Slow and steady wins the race. ❤️

#ialmostdied #ionlyrunifimbeingchased 😫

#BTS of my shoot with @allencooley. Makeup by @noorface. Say hello to awkward dancing Shelah.

LOL These pics bout to be FIE 🔥 Don't say I didn't warn you. 😈

👙Bra by @victoriassecret
👖Jeans by @topshop

Thank you @noorface and @allencooley for making me feel and look beautiful.

C: "You are beautiful."
S: "I'm just trying to get like you."
C: There's nothing to get.

You got it!" #squad

Yeah I got dimples sometimes. Yeah I'm posting. Yeah I love them.

No, I am not going to wait until my body gets to some imaginary place of perfection before I am proud of it. Next question. 🙃 #curvyncurly #nofilter

Black & Sexy Edition ✊🏾

Go best friend


My king. ❣