I voted today for the election in the state of Texas, even though I'm already registered, time to turn Texas blue!

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That face you make when you don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Ken Paxton.

I’ve worked really hard to get the top lawyer in Texas fired. #childishvoter #ivoted #ifarted #thebigplantation #verminsupreme #paxtonforprison2018 #notoriousdad

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The Attorney General of Texas blocked me on Instagram. 🤷‍♀️ 🤔 #paxtonforprison2018 #kenpaxton

Fixed it. #fixedit #kenpaxton #paxtonforprison2018 #notoriousdad

The boys and I were headed to the driving range and lookey here what we found!

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A friend of mine is a staunch Republican and voted ALMOST straight ticket.

Send me pics of you NOT voting for Paxton. #paxtonforprison2018 #kenpaxton #firekenpaxton #texasattorneygeneral @texasattorneygeneral #notoriousdad

No shit. Due to three counts of fraud (dating back 3 years) Ken Paxton can’t legally own a gun.

THIS IS TEXAS! #paxtonforprison2018 #gunrights #notoriousdad #texas

I’ve been quiet about Paxton for a few months, but apparently more and more good parents are caring less about party and more about doing what’s right.


July 21, 2018 at 8am. Steps of the Texas Capitol. #pushpaxtonout #kenpaxton #paxtonforprison2018 #deadbeat #childsupport #definition

Event scheduled via fb. Hope to see you there. #pushpaxtonout #kenpaxton #crook #paxtonforprison2018 @texasattorneygeneral hope to see you there, loser.


#paxtonforprison2018 @texasattorneygeneral Ken Paxton, the deadbeat AG of Texas is a crook and up for re-election.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. #PushPaxtonOut #beach #equalparenting #childsupport #crook #portaransas

When you’ve put in a 16 hour day in the #oilfield and you’re sick of @texasattorneygeneral Ken Paxton’s shit.

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The #deadbeat AG of #texas #kenpaxton @texasattorneygeneral better sharpen his resume because I’m coming for his job.

I just got home from a 16 hour day. I’m beat. I’m tired but I’m never giving up. This #crook stole my bank account and now both of my truck titles. #paxtonforprison2018 #notoriousdad

Texas AG @texasattorneygeneral Ken Paxton is a fraud and I want to show him the power of social media and pissed off little people, such as myself.

This crook, in addition to being under a federal grand jury indictment for fraud, stole my bank account and refuses to give my attorney the signed paperwork after I was awarded primary custody of my youngest son, Blaine by Judge Billingsley ten months ago. 100 shares and I’ll do 1,000 push-ups on the steps of the Austin Capitol. 1,000 shares and I’ll do 1,000 push-ups on the steps of the Austin Capitol in a full Deadpool costume. 5,000 shares and I will formally ask @blakelively out on a date and let @vancityreynolds roast me into an oblivion. @deadpoolmovie 2 premiers this Friday, so get your tickets now, cross party lines and vote the Deadbeat Paxton out. #PaxtonForPrison2018 #FireKenPaxton #NotoriousDAD

By mutual agreement, Hayden now lives with me in Odessa.

I’ll be enrolling him at Permian High School on Monday. The Deadbeat AG of Texas Ken Paxton is in a real pickle now that I have primary custody of two of my three minor children. All of this was settled out of court and cost me maybe a hundred bucks in gas to pick him up in San Antonio. Life is good. Never give up. #NotoriousDAD #mojo #familycourt #fireKenPaxton #paxtonforprison2018 @texasattorneygeneral #deadbeat

The jackfruit tree is the largest fruit bearing tree in the world.

Falling jackfruits have killed people. This jackfruit weighs 22.4 lbs and sold for $1.29/ pound. A Pennsylvania man named Jack R. Fruit died at the age of 91 in 2008. The cashier freaked the fuck out when she saw this jackfruit. 10 people stopped me in the grocery store to ask me what it was. Two people were goddam jackfruit experts and told everyone all about it. Ve*ans sometimes substitute jackfruit for beef. You now know more about jackfruit than 95% of your friends and Ken Paxton @texasattorneygeneral is a deadbeat AG who’s going to lose re-election. #paxtonforprison2018 #jackfruit #veganrecipes #butthurt

I’m Ken Paxton, Texas AG and I seize bank accounts from good parents of Texas, for a living.

My family should be ashamed of me. I’m running for re-election in November and I’m going to lose cuz some little shit head nobody who goes by Notorious DAD, is exposing me for the fraud I am. I’m currently under a grand jury indictment on three counts of fraud. I was arrested in August of 2015 in the Collin County jail. I have a mugshot and I am embarrassed by it. That fucking Caleb Leverett isn’t embarrassed at all about going to jail for his kids. I’m so screwed. Please share so all Texas voters know not to vote for me. #PaxtonForPrison2018 #kenpaxton #prisonlife #lizardpeople

Look at this motley crew. The boys and I got haircuts, courtesy of the old man and Texas AG Ken Paxton is still a deadbeat.

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If you’d like to see me debate deadbeat AG of Texas @texasattorneygeneral Ken Paxton, check out my latest video on my YouTube channel.

Paxton is currently under a grand jury indictment on three counts of fraud and yet still running for re-election in November. #paxtonforprison2018 #kenpaxton #notoriousdad #texas

London surprised me the day after Christmas and came home with Parker.

It was the day before I got paid. She asked me to take her to Whataburger because she’d not eaten all day. I told her I didn’t get paid until tomorrow and she said “it’s ok, Daddy. I have a gift card”. So we drove on the Ice at 4am and ordered. Her card was declined. They took her food and I’ll NEVER forget the look on her face. We went back to my apartment and i broke out a giant bag of quarters and took her back up there and got her burger. She laughed so hard counting out $12 in quarters to give to the clerk. I got in at 2am this morning and am already headed back to work. I’m going to win and the deadbeat AG Ken Paxton will lose. Stay strong. Stay vigilant. #NotoriousDAD #PaxtonForPrison2018

Send me your vid about how @texasattorneygeneral Ken Paxton made your life harder.

#PaxtonForPrison2018 #NotoriousDAD

Hey, Ken Paxton. Look who just showed up from San Antonio.

Its my second oldest son, Hayden but you already knew that. Stalker. #paxtonforprison2018 #notoriousdad

Happy new year from one sexy mutherfucker to another. Stay happy in 2018, my friends.

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Just saw “The Greatest Showmen” with London. OMG, it was awesome!

Not bad for a deadbeat dad, wouldn’t you say Ken Paxton? #fatherdaughterbonding #NotoriousDAD #paxtonforprison2018 #firekenpaxton

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a deadbeat”. -Notorious DAD

I’m stuck out on another long job and if I didn’t have Parker to help me with Blaine, I don’t know what I’d do. Assholes like Paxton who keep putting road blocks in my way are only making me stronger and more determined to win. Paxton has been indicted by a grand jury. His trial has been put off for three years. He’s running for re-election in 2018. #FireKenPaxton #PaxtonForPrison2018