An update on a product I received for testing in July.

I was sent the Perricone MD Rebalancing Elixir for free from @influenster and @perriconemd in exchange for review. Unfortunately it’s not shown to be a good fit for my skin. Despite being targeted for sensitive skin types, something in it irritated my skin slightly. I also experienced a few breakouts from using it. It might be good or even great for others with different skin sensitivity issues than mine, but for my particular skin it’s a no go. Regardless, it’s fun to have the opportunity to try out new products. #influenster #influenstervoxbox #perriconemdvoxbox #perriconemd #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreeskincare

Recieved my #perriconemdvoxbox #complementary from #influenster first time trying out their products and so far I'm very impressed.

Tried their #CBDgentlecleanser

I can’t wait to try the new Perricone CCC voxbox.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes #influencster #voxbox #influenstervoxbox #perriconemd #perriconemdvoxbox

Thanks @influenster for this great #VoxBox from @perriconemd 😻

I'm really excited to use and review this elixir!

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Can't wait to receive my #voxbox from @influenster soon #influenster #perriconemdvoxbox #complementary #skincare

Influenster sent me a complementary sample of Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Sub D Neck cream for testing purposes.

I loved the professional packaging of my full size sample. This powerhouse thick cream comes in a black colored glass jar with a screw on lid and modern white writing. Ladies, we are so worried about signs of aging on our face that we forget about our neck and chin. This is considered a multi-tasking powerhouse cream because it’s a liquid crystal delivery system which visibly sculpt, firm, tighten, and contour the Jawline and neck area. Thanks to my Perricone MD VoxBox I have been using this product for 3 weeks so far. I always apply this thick rich formula on a dry clean face and neck. I place several small pea size amounts on the front of my neck and nickel size amount on the back of my neck. I start by rubbing in the cream along the bottom of my neck and collar bone and softly massage the formula in a circular upward motion toward my jawline. Then at the chin and jawline I massage the formula in by simply going back and forth and pulling upward Towards my ears. I also use this formula to go along the cheekbones and the contour of my eyes. I use Perricone MD Cold Plasma in the morning and at night before bedtime. It’s a lightweight and fast absorbing cream that hydrates my skin. I have noticed my skin is firmer, smoother, my jawline is more defined, and all around tighter. Also, it has a very light earthy smell that reminds me of sitting along the banks of the Mississippi River. The price of this product is a little high but if you consider the fact it will last up to 6 months it is about the same price as other products you purchase for $25 a month. This formula is parabens, talc, and cruelty free. This neck treatment uses DMAE (firms and plumps skin) Peptides ( improves thickness ) and encapsulated Caffeine ( energizes and gives chiseled appearance) which helps to improve lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, sagging and crepiness. Just look at the results from the clinical trails. #influenster #influenstervoxbox #perriconemd #perriconemdvoxbox #reesetishas2cents #Reesetisha @influenster @perriconemd @reesetisha #necktreatment #complimentary

📦📦Influenster VoxBox Product Review📦📦
I was very excited to receive this item for review from @influenster and @perriconemd but I was skeptical as to how quickly I would see results.

I began using this upon its arrival, incorporating it into my nightly beauty routine. The cream is soft and smooth, albeit a little thick. However, once applied, it did not feel heavy or greasy. The smell wasn’t bad, but slightly medicinal. A little bit goes a long way. I noticed within the first week that the fine lines and dullness in my neck and jawline looked less prominent. It was a subtle difference. My skin looked less aged after the 2nd week of use. By week 3, I noticed enough of a difference that I’m convinced this is a miracle cream. My neck and under jaw area are noticeably smoother and less “papery” looking. The skin in this area is soft and supple, not dry or rough to the touch. Did it cure all that ails this area? No, not yet. But, I think with longer use, this will make a dramatic difference to an area I’m bothered by. I took points off for the smell. I’m not a fan of the medicinal smell. It stuck in my nose for about 30 minutes after application. I didn’t like that. I’d still highly recommend this product if your neck and jaw areas are problem areas for you!
Pro-tip: I applied a small dab to 2 fingers on each hand and massaged product into neck and jaw line in circular motion until absorbed to ensure even and thorough distribution. *Received product from Influenster for free for review purposes*
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I received this product for testing purposes @influenster #Voxbox #influencer #perriconemdvoxbox #influenstervoxbox #Influenster

Yesterday I’ve received this @perriconemd_uk Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum from @influensteruk and I’m really excited to include this in my skincare routine.

🤩🤩 It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see the results! ⭐️
*This was sent complimentary for testing purposes

Recebi ontem da Influenster esse serum da marca Perricone MD. Eu nunca testei nada de skincare da marca mas já ouvi falar MUITÍSSIMO bem! Adorei a proposta do serum e já vou colocar ele na minha rotina. Depois venho contar o que achei! 😉
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[Gifted] I’ve recently been testing the new High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum from @perriconemd_uk which is a encapsulated retinol serum.

So far I’m pretty impressed. I’m loving the fact that I can use the serum both morning and night (always wear SPF) and I haven’t had any irritation from it. That said, I’m a hardy retinol/retin-a user, so my skin is used to my beloved vitamin A. If you’re new to it, go slow and build up use, buffering with moisturiser if needed.
What I like about it is how lightweight the serum is, that it soaks into the skin quickly and that I’ve seen results quite quickly. In just over a week of daily use I’ve a lovely glow to my skin and I’m seeing a softening in texture.
There is a slight herbal fragrance to take note of (for those who don’t care for fragrance) however this dissipates quickly and a slightly gritty texture at first but this blends away on application. This is a pleasant retinol serum that I’m certainly enjoying using and keen to seen further results. Plus I love a Dr brand. [I was kindly sent this to consider for review by @influensteruk ] #perriconemdvoxbox
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Just received today so I am so excited to try it out just had my first application after my normal

face cleaning routine and must say a little goes far, it's smells lovely and packaging is also pretty, I will post before and after pic within the next week x @influenstervoxbox @influensteruk @influenster @influenster_members #perriconemd #firmingandlifting #serum #perriconemdvoxbox #highprotein @perriconemd @perriconemd_uk

Just received today so I am so excited to try it out just had my first application after my normal

face cleaning routine and must say a little goes far, it's smells lovely and packaging is also pretty, I will post before and after pic within the next week x @influenstervoxbox @influensteruk @influenster @influenster_members #perriconemd #firmingandlifting #serum #perriconemdvoxbox #highprotein @perriconemd @perriconemd_uk

⠀ Cool beauty box прекрасный и незаменимый органайзер для хранения вашей косметики)

⠀ На фото наглядно показано, что доступный по своей цене beauty fridge, продлит жизнь дорогой и качественной продукции🌸
⠀ Небольшой анализ: в холодильнике косметики больше чем на 50 000 рублей и это, естественно, не весь арсенал🙈холодильник стоит в разы меньше и будет служить вам и вашим любимым средствам не один год ☝️, мы за умные покупки 🛍
⠀ P.s когда крем неправильно храниться его срок годности уменьшается в разы и вы можете не заметить как ваш любимый продукт перестал «работать»
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@influenster gifted me a @perriconemd NO MAKEUP lipstick 💄 Influencer is looking for honest reviews & opinions soooo , I wasn’t a fan.

But let’s get Into the good before the bad. Because over all it wasn’t HORRIBLE. This is a Spf 15 lipstick with Hyaluronic acid & neuropeptides to nourish & plump the lip. Giving you a serious smooth pout. With its natural based ingredients & mineral Spf this is definitely something that I’m sure most people would enjoy. The cap screws in place which I like very much. I hate loose caps.
When I had opened it like “Omg this is to dark” when in fact it had 0 color payout & what ever is applied is gone in a matter of one sip of water.
Now I get the NO MAKEUP, makeup thing it’s like my saving grace yet COMEON I need some color. For the few min it stays on my lips felt super pretty, soft & definitely hydrated. I see this in my back pocket, refreshing my lippies at the beach. They say over time your lips will naturally become soother & plumper (I like that)
The price tag is awfully high too but that’s typical for @perriconemd I have several of their skincare products & I had the serum/foundation & tbh it was one if the best things I’ve ever used.... oh & GOOD NEWS I have a influencers code I’ll put up in my bio if interested.
Thanks again, @influenster & @perriconemd #voxbox #makeupassmartasyouare #yourlipsbutbetter #freegift #influenstervoxbox #influenster #beauty #lipstick #giftedbybrand #brandreview #perriconemd #perriconemdvoxbox #MakeupAsSmartAsYouAre #YourLipsButBetter #contest #complimentary @perriconemd @Influenster

Nuevos tonos NO MAKEUP
Foundation y Foundation Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 20 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️.

Una formula que mejora tu piel a la vez que proporciona una cobertura adaptable sin enmascarar la piel.
Un acabado hidratante y una cobertura transparente semi-mate que crea una tez más uniforme alisando visiblemente las arrugas✨.
#perriconemd #perriconediet #drperricone #perriconemdvoxbox #perricone #dietaperricone #drperriconemd

Piel apagada y envejecida? Hoy os presentamos una mascarilla facial anti edad que devuelve la luminosidad a nuestra piel de manera instantánea, en una sola aplicación 😲❤️.

Queréis saber de qué mascarilla se trata??
De #chloroplasma de #perriconemd

Gracias a la tecnología de plasma combinada con microcapsulas de Fitonutrientes, esta maravillosa mascarilla facial desintoxica y purifica la piel de manera intensa, minimizando las arrugas y reduciendo los poros✨
#perricone #perriconediet #drperricone #btcperriconemd #perriconemdvoxbox #dietaperricone

I LOVE MY PERRICONE MD VOXBOX from Influenster for FREE for testing purposes!

@PerriconeMD @Influenster @voxbox #PerriconeMD #Influenster #voxbox #influenstervoxbox #perriconemdvoxbox

#influenster #perriconemdvoxbox love my new freebie from influenster

Excited about the new product I’ve been asked to try and give a review for. Stay tuned!

#influenster #voxbox #perriconemd #perriconemdvoxbox

Once I turned 40s, I started to feel the sign of aging, therefore I was so excited to collaborate with @perriconemd , which known for pushing the limits of scientific innovation.

Shortly after I started to use the The Essential Fx collection, which includes the Essential Fx Deep Crease Serum, Rejuvenating Moisturizer, Smoothing & Brightening Eye Cream, Eyelid Lift Serum and Intensive overnight moisturizer, I noticed that my skin looks brighter, smoother and even toned. The unique and powerful ingredients as molecule Acyl-Glutathione and a nourishing Vitamin F Blend, combined with macadamia, flex and chia seed oil have a big impact of the skin texture. It creates a healthy glow and soften the fine line. 🎁 The FX collection is very effective, especially when your skin start aging. #perriconemd #perriconemdvoxbox #essentialfx #antiaging #antiagingskincare #vitaminf #acylglutathione #skincaretips #skincareover40 #treatyourself #holidaygiftguide #holidaygiftsets #bbloggers #brandcampaign